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The Ranch Ch. IX
by C. L. Carne

None of the men were willing to 'pitch' when Luc decided to try the Go-round a few days later.

So he quickly asked Lissa to put on a harness, and play the man's part. Luc seemed oddly enervated as he fastened her up, with a hefty vibrator in her pussy and one only slightly slimmer in her ass.

He tried to fit her with a hard, massive phallus for himself but Thomas stopped him, and fastened a long flexible rod to her loins instead. The vibrations within her, made Lissa spasm in tiny orgasms, even as Gable and Colin sat Luc down and prepared him.

When he was lifted, Gable lashed him as he spun around, the stinging strands of the flail catching him randomly on the sides and legs. Lissa lay down carefully, a pillow slipped under her to ease her well-stuffed backside, and raise her hips. Even so the pressure on the flange of the vibrator made her moan. Gable caught Luc by the legs and lowered him, hard and fast, while Colin guided the long black rubber shaft into him.

The pressure on her clitoris from the bump on the base of the dildo was the last straw, and Lissa bucked and screamed, slamming into Luc just as he began to spin. Colin sat beside her and bent low, offering his support, as Luc screamed and begged to go faster. Looking over she saw half the people in the room were already fucking as they watched, only Gable seemingly cool as he held the remote in one hand and the whip in the other.

Luc came, splattering them as he whirled about, and still he pleaded for them to keep going. Lissa felt Colin bury his face in her hair, his strong arm holding her secure. Closing her eyes, she ran her hand down his chest and found him erect. Each time Luc spun, her clit was tweaked. Every nerve in her body seemed to be rubbed raw by the vibrators. Her hand clenched on Colin as she screamed out her anguish and delight, her eyes flying open in time to see Luc stiffen, bellowing something in French as he tried to pull away. Thomas came and took the remote from Gable, stopping the turning and releasing Luc.

Gable dropped to his knees and began to unfasten the buckles of the harness, easing the vibrators from her quaking body. Luc glared at them, seeming to blame them for something and Lissa wondered what he was angry at. Colin waited until Thomas and Charlie helped the actor from the room, then whispered in her ear. "He begged them to stop, he asked for mercy."

She understood, remembering Luc's scorn for the people afraid to try sodomy on the contraption. The fact that she had done it made him jealous and enraged. The fact that she - and Colin - had Gable's affection seemed to aggravate him no end.

Lissa shook off the notion. Luc was a fellow intimate of the Ranch, and as such was entitled to her body whenever he wished, for whatever purpose. She wished that she had kissed him.


The following Sunday Colin disappeared with Gable, Charlie and Gunner. Lissa's curiosity got the better of her and she went looking for the men.

She ended up in the 'viewing room' next to Cara's room.

Cara and the men were lounging about, their attention on the large screen TV, as a football game played out. Lissa stood and watched, chuckling at the incongruous picture they made. The beautiful men in their seductive garb, sitting around drinking beer as though it were an ordinary game day.

"Silly game." Luc's accented voice came from behind her and made her jump. "Come to my room. I will show you a game you will appreciate."

She followed the Frenchman, quelling her apprehension about him, partially because he was a fellow Intimate, and partially because he was irresistibly, dangerously fascinating.

Whatever he wanted her to do, she would do. He couldn't, by the laws of the Ranch, really harm her. She could take whatever he could dish out, she told herself.

In Luc's room, the plastic was down, and the IV pole was ready. Lissa swallowed hard. Before, when she had done this, the burning cream had taken all choice from her.

Now she was faced with the memory of her stepfather's 'cleansing' sessions. Luc looked at her coolly. "If you don't wish to... I will understand." He seemed to be taunting her, daring her to continue.

"Do whatever you want." Her voice was sultry as she picked up the thick rubber hose. "I'll go first if you like, do you want me naked?"

"Y...yes." He seemed taken aback by her attitude. He stroked the ridiculously large rubber bag and laughed. "Bend over and grab your ankles, this burns a little harm...I assure you."

"Save some for yourself." She had stripped and bent gracefully, offering herself to his macabre appetites.

"Plenty for both of us, I think." He pushed the outsized caricature of a nozzle into her forcefully and began squeezing the bag. "We'll go into bathroom for the messy part." He nodded toward the mirror that covered one wall. "Some things we don't want anyone to watch, ehh?"

Lissa gave herself over to the situation, long practice making her able to distance herself from the most grotesque aspects of things like this. She would give him pleasure, and take some for herself if she could. If she couldn't, well that's what the ranch was about too. Helping others achieve their fantasies.

She never told them - Colin and Gable - what occurred, glad the worst of it took place on the tile floor of the shower where no one could see. When they both had been filled to bursting, Luc had lashed her with a strap. Then in the bath, he had removed the plugs seconds before he began to fuck her savagely on the cold floor of the shower. The results had been inevitable and disgusting, and she could find no trace of satisfaction in it. She did, discover a talent for acting she didn't know she had, and faked an orgasm for the first time.

Luc seemed disappointed in her reaction and jumped up, turning on the showers. When she was clean, she approached him with the fluffy sponge in her hand, brushing his lips with hers. He slapped her face and stalked out.


For the next few days they didn't see much of the handsome, neurotic Frenchman, he stayed away from the Ranch on business.

The musketeers lazed about on the deck, making love with each other and anyone else who cared to join in. Unless they were requested to join in with some activity, they removed to thier room and enjoyed each others company. The three of them became inseperable, spending long nights watching movies, making love, playing games, only some of them sexual.

Today they swam. Colin soon tired and lay sprawled on the air-mattress, watching as Lissa slashed through the crystal water with Gable. Her sinuous white body playfully circled the magnificently brawny man, like a water nymph teaseing Neptune. She swam nude, as free and graceful as a mermaid did. Gable cut the water with masterful strokes, swimming as purposefully as he did everything else.

They were so athletic, so physically perfect, incredibly sexual and intense. Colin could only watch and wonder... they both loved him... these two sublime creatures. He laughed as his beloved wife was hoisted out of the water and thrown, cursing like a sailor into the deep end. Resplendent, they might be but they were also quite mad.

Thomas came by and asked Colin to join him in the stables. The last time he had been there they had watched as the horses were bred. It had been an awesome scene, the giant purebred stallion advancing, his monstrous penis extended. The skittish young mare fleeing, until he caught her, biting her flanks and mounting her as she screamed. By the time it was over, and the copious semen gushed from both the stallion and the quivering mare, the people around the paddock fence were imitating the horses.

Colin had been stunned by the violence of the animal's coming together. When he looked around, the others were already going at it. The women were bent forward and roughly plowed by whatever man was close-by. It was primal, this frantic need for release.

Usually, there were more women than men in the stables, the women seemingly fascinated by the horses. Today, however was cold and windy and only Betsy, Karen, and of course Lissa had ventured out.

Thomas had already started to fuck Karen and Betsy and Lissa had had Charlie and Luis acting like stallions, pounding into them from behind. Luis was caught by Lissa's orgasm, obviously startled by the violence of her clenching, grasping pussy. Colin had to grin as the young man bellowed and dropped back, his prick drooping and leaking. His Lissa did have an amazingly tight little pussy.

She was still shaking, as Gable slipped into the warm sheath, slamming home only a few times before he raised his sights. His lathered prick angled down into her vulnerable ass, not stopping until his belly was hard against her back. Charlie had finished with Betsy, and was replaced by Josh, who followed Gables lead and opted for a less traveled road.

Colin had considered reaming Gable when he spied Thomas, still slamming Karen into the paddock fence. He stepped over to Lissa and kissed her and Gable, stroking her steaming slit and gathering the creamy mixture of cum and Lissa that flowed there. Spreading it on himself he quickly approached Thomas and shoved his huge, rampant prick home.

Thomas hollered and tried to pull away. "Hey! Careful...that ah... hurts."

"But it feels good too, doesn't it." Colin leaned forward and whispered, as the chill wind whipped over them.

"God...Yes! But easy, you're too big. Oh!"

Colin redoubled his powerful thrusts, enjoying having the imperious Thomas at his mercy. Thomas always seemed to be the one who was in command, but now he could only stand and take it, harsh and hasty. Even when Thomas came, and Karen sidled away from him, Colin stayed seated deep inside the leader's body. When he finally reached climax, Josh, who had eagerly waited, prick throbbing with excitement, instantly replaced him.

Today as they walked through the sunshine to the barn Colin remembered that cloudy day, when Thomas was as well fucked as the three women. Only a slashing rain had finally stopped the wild scene, the women and older man barely able to do more than stagger back to the main building.

Colin wondered what on earth he wanted, wondered if he too was remembering that day, until Thomas announced, "Betsy wants to be mounted by a stallion."

"That's nuts, it would kill her." Colin looked incredulously at Thomas. Surely he couldn't mean what he was saying.

"I KNOW that! It is why I asked you for help. Could you come up with something to help her with her fantasy, something realistic but harmless."

Colin was fascinated by the challenge and began pondering how it could be done. "I would need your you know, as large as she could take without harm."

"I have just the thing." Thomas assured him, laughing at the younger mans reluctance to say the word dildo.


Colin kept it secret, lest Becky find out and ruin the illusion. He and Luis spent the next day preparing a platform and finding just the right horse. When he went to get Betsy he looked for his wife, but she and Gable were swimming, racing each other. He and Charlie cuffed Betsy's hands and stripped off her clothes. While Luis was blindfolding her, Colin motioned for Karen.

She was watching Lissa swim and reluctantly came over to him. "Tell them," he pointed to the two swimmers, "tell them to come to the arena when they're done." He cast one last, loving look at the figures slicing through the clear water, then followed the others to the arena.

Betsy was shivering with excitement as they led her to a platform in the center of the floor. She was drawn forward onto the high padded bench, her hands pulled down and fastened to the front legs while her ankles were pulled apart and tied to the back legs. A crowd had gathered and Colin gestured for quiet. "Tonight we see our Betsy experience a profoundly different lover. Betsy is going to be mounted by a stallion."

There was a scattering of comments and Thomas silenced them with a look. "Betsy has volunteered to attempt this and we must let her take the risk."

Colin winked and held a finger to his lips. He wished that Gable and Lissa would hurry up and get here, they were going to miss the show.

" will be careful." Betsy lifted her face from the padded bench, her breasts pushed flat on the leather, and her pussy gaping as it protruded over the end. "It won't really damage me, will it?" She gulped nervously.

Thomas patted her cheek below the blindfold. "We are almost certain. Shall we start."

Luis led out a mare, chosen by him for it's placid nature and love of being scratched. The bench was the exact height to let the mare stand over it, her plump belly just brushing the person on it.

Betsy heaved forward when she felt the coarse hair of the horses' chest push over her buttocks. "I don't...go slow, please."

"Hold it," Colin yelled fearfully, as a grinning Luis prodded the sleepy mare forward.

"I can't hold him." Luis tried to sound panicked as Colin took the dildo, and kneeling pushed it into Betsy's vagina."

"AAARRRGGGHHH!" Betsy shrieked even though the staff had been well lubricated. Colin had to admit the size of the thing was daunting. Thomas had assured him that Betsy not only could take it, but also already had several times.

The deaf old mare began to lurch back and forth, as Luis scratched her side. Colin kept time, pushing the giant dildo deeper each time the horse leaned forward. Betsy screeched as if she were being killed, even as she had a pair of violent orgasms. Luis backed the horse away and Colin handed him the dildo.

When he was gone, they untied Betsy who was still jerking with aftershocks of delight. Everyone cheered his or her approval, no one spoiling the fiction.

"I'm sticking to man sized pricks from now on." Betsy took a shaky bow and left holding on to Charlie's arm.

Thomas patted Colin on the back. "My boy, that was inspired. Very inventive."

Colin wished that Lissa had been here, now he would have to tell them what happened. Them - how often he thought in those terms lately, Lissa and Gable, the people he loved most. How he dreaded the thought of leaving here, of leaving Gable.

Not finding them on the pool deck, he looked in the dining room, then their quarters. Since Phil and Karen were also absent he went to the 'viewing' room next to theirs, but it was empty. He shrugged and returned to the dining room. Who knew what those two were up to he thought, smiling.

In the dining room he relaxed and watched as Josh and Sarah were tied to benches and fucked by Charlie and Gunner. Those two loved an audience; he pondered even as Cara took a paddle to the men hunched over the young couple. Lissa would enjoy this - and do a much better job on Charlie and Gunner's asses.

He sat alone until Rachel came over and began to kiss him. She offered to come to his room with him, since he was going to be alone.

"What do you mean - alone."

He held her away from him and she gave him an ornery grin. "Your little lady and Gable are helping Phil and Karen reach new depths of discomfort."

"Where?" A nagging feeling of concern made his voice sharp.

"I don't know." Rachel slouched into the chair next to him. "Karen asked them to come with her. They'd just climbed out of the pool, and didn't even dry off."

Why didn't Karen give them his message? "Gable and Lissa just went off with her?"

"Yeah. You'd think her and Phil would be fucked out after spending the whole day with Luc."

Something made his heart beat faster, a premonition that something was wrong. There had been a strange tension in the air, between Luc and Gable, and lately Lissa had seemed uneasy about the actor, too. "Luc returned...when?"

"This morning."

Colin jumped up and paced out of the room. He headed for the little room next to Luc's, staying only for a moment. The scene that confronted him made him reel.

Lissa stood at the foot of the bed, bound spread eagle to the posts, sagging as if barely conscious. The front of her body was covered with welts, some welling blood. Karen knelt at her feet, her hands and face buried between Lissa's thighs.

Gable's hands were bound to a ring in the ceiling, his feet chained to one in the floor. He faced Lissa, his muscles tense and rock hard. His rugged features were drawn and pale, his powerful body heavily streaked with blood and bruises.

Colin took all of this in, for a moment wondering if it was some sort of elaborate scenario, faked for Luc's pleasure.

Luc paced back and forth, a thick rod in his hand. He lashed Gable across the front of his thighs, narrowly missing his flaccid penis. Gable tore at the metal handcuffs that held him, raging aloud only when Luc turned to Lissa. For a few stunned seconds Colin was frozen with shock until the screams of pain and rage jolted him into awareness. This was real. Dear God, this was real!

Colin ran from the two-way mirror, and charged into the next room. With an inarticulate grow of rage he grabbed Luc, and pushed him away from his wife.

Lissa screamed and Gable shouted, "look out!" Colin turned, just in time to see Phil swinging a wine bottle at his head.

Pain and pressure made his head pound as he awoke, bent almost double over the heavy chair back. His hands and feet were tied with cord to the four legs and someone was whipping him viciously. He struggled wildly and felt blood start to seep from his wrists. A ball gag made his jaw ache as the slashing blows came harder and faster. He heard Lissa and Gable shout and wondered absently why they weren't gagged too.

The deranged actor thrust into him and Colin gave a shrill muffled groan at the massive dry invasion, fresh tears starting from his eyes.

He could hear Luc cackling behind him, as vomit burned his throat. He fought the urge, knowing that vomiting could kill him with the gag in place. He could smell fear and blood and sweat and something like kerosene.

"Karen, love. Show him." Luc's voice sounded almost normal, even as he continued to pummel his helpless victim. Colin's hair was grabbed and his head lifted. What he saw made him dizzy with fear.

Phil had a torch, a propane bottle with a bright blue flame dancing at the top. He held a metal rod in the flame and seemed fascinated by the result. He scuttled over and showed it to Colin while Karen held his aching head aloft.

Glowing white-hot were three conjoined initials each about an inch high. "I had it made specially, for the three musketeers. See - an L, a C and a G, it is beautiful is it not."

"You God-damned freak!" Gable panted, his breaths labored.

Luc stopped fucking Colin, and there was the sound of fists battering flesh and bone. "Be still Gable, ladies first." He walked away and Colin heard Gable bellow, seconds before Lissa screamed in agony.

Colin went wild and tore at his bonds, trying to move a chair that was bolted to the floor. "You're next pretty boy." Phil whispered as he returned to the torch. Colin could smell the odor of scorched flesh, and worried at the silence.

"Luc," Gable shouted frantically. "It's me you're pissed at. Let them go, for God's sake. Please?"

"It really kills you doesn't it. Seeing them hurt like this." Luc's voice was savage.

"It's ready," Phil strolled over and Colin could feel the heat on his ass. Luc undid the gag and then walked slowly around the helpless man, his fingertips trailing over the tender skin at his side. Colin heard Gable's frenzied shout, then his own scream. Pain so ferocious it made his vision redden and blur, hit and then receded as he started to black out.

"" A voice called out weakly. Colin was shocked when he realized that it was his own. He could smell the burnt odor again and hear Gable cursing violently.

"Somebody help us." It was Lissa, this time. Her voice was faint. "Don't!" Then Gable's hoarse strangled shout and the smell again as the white-hot iron was pressed deep into his flank.

"What in hell is going on here." Thomas' voice echoed through the room. "Charlie, Gunner, untie them. Luc, what have you done?"

Gable started to explain haltingly. "Thomas...Karen asked us to come...she tied us, told us it was Colin's idea... and then Phil and Luc..." Gable broke off as the bonds holding him were released and he slid heavily to the floor.

"They wouldn't stop, they...we said uncle." Lissa was crying, as she was gingerly laid next to Gable. The two cowboys seemed at a loss. They couldn't touch them without hurting them more.

Colin joined them on the cool tile floor as Charlie lowered him from the chair. He struggled to rise up, to see them and reassure himself that they were all right. He could barely support himself, and the sight that greeted him made him reel. They were bloody and battered and shaking with shock.

Suyen ran in, looked down and gasped something in Chinese, then knelt and began rummaging in a black medical bag. She filled a hypodermic and gave Lissa a shot. As she moved to inject the men, she glanced at Karen who started to shriek. "I didn't want to. They made me!"

"This will make you sleep." Suyen ignored her and gave Gable the next shot, then checked Colin for concussion before medicating him also. The pain started to recede almost instantly and he relaxed. Gable turned his head and looked at him with glassy, dilated eyes. "This is why you always use spotters."


Lissa spent the next few days in bed, between Colin and Gable. Unfortunately, they were in separate beds and sleeping most of the time. Their wrists and ankles were bandaged and they were covered in salves and dressings.

Suyen had been caring for them, with help from Thomas and Gunner, who was a surprisingly good nurse. During a lucid moment, Suyen had assured her that there was no permanent damage, no scarring except the burn.

Lissa had groaned at the memory, and Suyen had apologized yet again. They offered to arrange for a world famous plastic surgeon to remove the brand, he was a Ranch intimate and could be trusted.

"Trusted!" Colin snapped from his bed. "Luc was an INTIMATE!"

"Luc was...We found out that he was wanted for questioning by the police in France. Something about the disappearance of an actress."

"Marianne." Gable seemed to know what was coming.

"Yes, that was her name. They found her in his apartment, she'd been dead for some..." She broke off, realizing they didn't need to hear this now.

"Charlie and Luis dropped him off at the Vegas cop shop." Gunner grinned at Gable, as he began to arrange their dinner trays. "After we beat the shit out of him."

"Phil...Karen, what about them?" Lissa asked weakly, afraid they might still be nearby.

"They were sent on their way, a bit worse for wear," Suyen glanced at the smirking Gunner. "They were told NEVER to return."

"What if they tell what happened?" Colin frowned looking at his bandaged wrists. "Out of spite, or something."

"Phil is a politician, with a strong fundamentalist voter base - I don't think they will talk." Suyen smiled secretively, but said no more.

Lissa breathed a sigh of relief and tried to eat some of the excellent food on her tray. She hated Luc, but felt pity for Phil and Karen. She knew first hand how seductive the Frenchman could be. The naive couple had become his pawns in the quest to revenge himself on Gable, and by association Lissa and Colin.

"Damn shame the French got rid of the guillotine." Gable's voice was dead serious as he lay back and closed his eyes."

"I'm sorry about Marianne." Lissa whispered softly.

"She sold her soul long ago." Gable turned on his side, away from her.


Lissa had packed and was starting to dress when she turned and looked at her naked backside. The burn had healed, but the scar was still an angry red. Linking the C and the G was an L, burned deep into the smooth whiteness of her hip, about an inch below her waist.

She turned away with a shudder, scolding herself. Don't look at it, you will have it erased and forget about it. It was not something she would ever, ever have chosen. She hated tattoos. Her ears weren't even pierced. She pulled on her panties and bra, suddenly anxious to be gone from here.

It's your own fault. She looked in the mirror flinching at the haunted look in her own eyes. You thought you could play at pain, she berated herself, slap and tickle - with the emphasis on slap. Oh Lissa, you loved discipline but never considered that others wouldn't respect your limits. Hell - you didn't even set limits. Look at that depraved scene with Luc in the shower. No wonder he thought he could do anything to her. Why didn't she see that Luc couldn't differentiate between cruelty and discipline? Between games and torture.

Gable was disciplined, he could discipline. And now you're leaving him. He's probably glad to be rid of you both.

Colin couldn't wait to get out of here, and didn't seem interested in Thomas's offer of free visits for life. How could he ever look at her again, and not be reminded of agony and helplessness.

Thomas and Suyen were utterly distraught over the whole affair. They thought they could let people live out their darkest desires, and still control the outcome. Telling customers to be unrestrained, but only a little, when we say it's all right.

The Ranch had commanded a heavy toll from them, in exchange for the joy they had found here. Now, Lissa would have to say good-bye to Gable, they would have to say good-bye to him. It kept coming back to that. That would be the hardest.

As soon as he was capable, Gable had left the room, saying they didn't need him around to remind them of the pain he'd caused. They tried to assure him that they didn't hold him responsible, but he was adamant.

Lissa finished dressing and took one last look around the room, before leaving. Her narrow skirt made her steps short, and her high heels pinched as she walked quickly away, her hand trailing along the mosaic decorating the hall.

Colin was waiting for her in the main hall, looking disturbed. "He won't even come to say good-bye."

Lissa didn't have to ask whom. She walked into her husband's arms and held him. Gable wasn't coming. Without looking around, they walked arm in arm to the waiting limo.


A tall figure watched from behind the curtains in their empty room. His broad shoulders slumped, and his face, usually a mask of control crumpled. "I'm sorry." He said it again, as if they could hear him. He didn't ask for forgiveness, what he had let happen... Gable shook his head... it was unforgivable. He let the curtains fall, and whispered. "Be happy."

To Be Continued...


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