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The Road Taken
by Paul Branton

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After nearly a year of planning a million details that Mr. Right wouldn't notice, but that Beth and I would, I met Jack at a charity golf event. Jack was handsome, well-mannered, recently divorced, and, most-important, had a sense of humor. Somehow I didn't think that this could work out well with a guy who didn't have a since of humor.

Thereafter, Jack and Beth and I played golf a few times so that Beth could get to know him. After a round of golf one afternoon, Beth decided that he was Mr. Right and invited him to our home for dinner.

That evening, we sat on our patio where we ate and relaxed for a few hours. After awhile, Beth asked Jack if he would excuse us for a moment and I dutifully followed her into the kitchen.

Beth asked, "Well, what do you think?"

"He seems like a great guy. If you're happy, I'm happy."

"I'm anxious, but I'm getting pretty warmed-up. Do you think he'd be interested?"

"I think so. Why don't you go and get changed and then come back and join us."

I returned to the patio while Beth changed her clothes and lit candles in our bedroom. I remember that when she came outside to join us, she looked like a million dollars. Beth walked over to Jack and sat on his lap, but he seemed only partially surprised by the gesture. As the three of us talked for a while, Beth stayed on Jack's lap and was overtly playful with him. It wasn't too difficult to notice Jack's fingers caressing Beth's beautiful legs and I think that it put him at ease that I was at ease with what they were doing.

Beth asked if he had enough to eat and he said, "Yes." She asked if he had enough to drink and he said, "Yes," and then she asked, "Uhm . . . would you like to join us in bed tonight?"

"Damn," I thought to myself, "that took guts." But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Jack responded, "I'd love to," and with that they embraced and began to kiss. Jack had his hands on Beth's waist and she kissed him without any apparent self-consciousness about my presence. If she was nervous, it didn't show.

As Beth unbuttoned her blouse, Jack kissed her chin and then her neck and then her chest and cleavage. I just sat there and admired the view. Jack slid his right hand under Beth's skirt while she lifted her breasts out of her bra. Then Jack kissed her breasts and nipples. As Jack began to slide Beth's panties down from under her skirt, he stopped kissing her, turned to me and asked, "Are you happy with this?"

"Not yet," I smiled, "but I think I'm gonna be."

With that, I suggested that we retire to the bedroom. Because Beth's panties were down around her knees, she almost fell while trying to stand up and so Jack picked her up and carried her to our bed.

She was a sight; I could hardly believe how beautiful and carefree and wonderful she looked. Her blouse was open, her breasts were peeking out over her bra, her panties were around her knees and she was grinning like the Cheshire cat. I knew I was a lucky man.

When we got to the bedroom, Jack laid her on the bed and began to kiss her, but she quickly stopped him. "I want to be naked," she said and so he removed her shoes and panties and skirt while she took off her blouse and bra.

Being (at least for the next half hour or so) more familiar with my wife than Jack was, I suggested we both undress and so I removed my clothes. As I moved toward Beth, I suggested that Jack do the same and in no time flat Beth had my penis in her mouth. It was delightful to watch her as she moved her tongue back and forth between my penis and Jack's like she had two ice cream cones.

Beth then laid down on her back. Jack laid down beside her on one side and I laid down on her other side. I couldn't help noticing that we made a Beth sandwich.

As Jack kissed her on the mouth and fondled one breast, I kneaded and kissed the other. I knew how much Beth liked to have her nipples caressed and kissed and nibbled on and so I suggested that Jack work on one while I worked on the other. After just a few moments of having us nibble on both her nipples, she let out a sigh that let us know that so far the evening was going well.

I whispered in Beth's ear, "I'll be back. I just want to make sure that everything's perfect," and I moved so that I could put my head between her thighs. As Jack continued kissing her, I prepared her to receive him and relished my responsibility to do so.

After a few minutes, Jack looked at me quizzically and without his saying a word I knew exactly what he was thinking . . .

Dear Abby,

I have a question of etiquette. I'm currently in bed with a woman and her husband. Right now, she and I are clearly ready to go.

Question: Would it be impolite for me to take her first, which would, of course, leave sloppy seconds for the husband, or does tradition dictate that the guest should wait until the hosts are done. I know the rule for dancing with a married women, but I wasn't sure if it applies in this situation.

I'd really appreciate an answer because a faux pas would be so embarrassing.

Sincerely yours,
I'll Be Blue If I'm Number Two

Frankly, I didn't care what Abby would advise, or what custom might dictate because for me and Beth this was an issue that was settled long ago. I told Jack, "Guests first."

As Jack rose to his knees, I laid back down beside Beth and kneaded her breast and kissed her. I could feel Beth quiver in anticipation of the act that was about to begin. If she was quivering, the sight of Jack kneeling before my wife, before her open legs and glistening vulva, made me feel awe, for although Beth and Jack were about to achieve a new level of intimacy, so were she and I. That my wife would share with me her lust for this man, her coupling with this man, and her ecstasy with this man made me feel closer to her that I had ever felt before.

Jack grasped his penis with his right hand and held Beth's thigh with his left and ever so slowly began to rub his glans up and down, back and forth, between her lips. Then as he gently pushed his penis down, Beth yielded and the tip of his cock disappeared within her. She looked at me and smiled.

Slowly and gently Jack leaned into her: an inch or so at first, and then more, and then more until their pubic hair entwined. And as these first-time lovers rejoiced in their mutual lust and the novelty of each other's bodies, Beth wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled every morsel of him into her.

As their tempo quickened and their breathing shallowed, it was apparent from Beth's expression that no one had ever hungered so desperately, so longingly, as she hungered for the semen that Jack would soon give her, and when his thrusting became more urgent and he arched his back and grimaced uncontrollably, her nipples stiffened and her chest flushed as she shuttered in gratitude of the streaming gift she was receiving. She looked radiant.

As their tension eased, Jack leaned over and kissed her tenderly, once, in affection and respect before withdrawing from her.

Turning to me and smiling ever so slightly, Beth whispered a little anxiously, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," I replied, which was the understatement of the day, for witnessing my wife's rapture on this man fueled my lust for her uncontrollably. "And I love you," I added.

"Be with me?" she asked a little nervously and in need of reassurance.

Intoxicated with affection, burning with lust, and awestruck from just having seen my wife, my beautiful wife, catch another man's sperm, I took the helm. Perhaps in a subconscious attempt to recreate the glorious event that just occurred, I too grasped my penis in my right hand and held Beth's thigh with my left when milky fluid began to ooze from the vestibule of her vagina. I didn't need a hint to know what to do.

I then used my penis to spread the milky fluid into her lips--the fluid that was the proof of Jack's fulfillment, the fluid that still coated Beth within, the fluid that waited inside her, impatiently, for mine to join it--and in one effortless motion I slid all of the way in.

There it was. I did it. I was finally within her . . . in Jack's cum within her . . . and a profound sense of bliss overwhelmed me.

As we rocked together, the warmth and wetness of Beth's cunt, the memories of our planning for this day, the stiffness of my cock, our devotion to each other's lust, and the musky smell of Jack's semen brought us to the brink of our destination.

When I sensed her orgasm begin and her vaginal muscles tried to rip my cock off of my body, I felt the familiar sensation of that first gush of cum as it raced through my urethra. It was then that I honored my darling wife. By spurting three strong jets into her cervix to intractably mix with Jack's waiting semen and her own abundant juices, she knew, in a way that words could never express, that I loved her totally and unconditionally and forever.

As I withdrew from my dearest love, a rivulet of Beth and Jack and me, all mixed together, flowed from her and she was pleased.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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