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The Ride to New York
by IndianAsian

I suppose I should consider myself lucky. Not only did I have one of the nicest girlfriends around. I also happened to have one of the hottest girlfriendıs, too. Let me explain. I met Amanda (Mandy) when we were in high school. We were both virgins at the time, but we soon remedied that affliction. We had plenty of time for lovemaking. Mandyıs mother had died when Mandy was a young girl, and her father spent a lot of time away from home since he was a top salesman for a local electronics firm. Many a night, Iıd sneak over to her house and weıd fuck ourselves silly until morning. It would always make for an interesting next day; both of us going through the school day with sleepy, but contented smiles on our faces.

Mandy was not a beauty queen by any means. But she was cute. She had long sunshine blonde hair that she tied back into a ponytail that traved halfway down her back. She stood about 5 feet with a couple inches more thrown in. God had not endowed her with big breasts, but her figure was well-proportioned, with an ass you just wanted to squeeze every time you saw it. Though totally unintentional, her mannerisms were very sexy. The way she would stand with one hand on her hip and the other on her thigh always drove me crazy. She would flutter those eyelids of hers, accenting her sky blue eyes. She had full lips that invited kisses...and my cock.

It was early in our sexual relationship that I learned Mandy had an excellent talent for oral sex. She gave blowjobs that were totally unbelievable. She was a little shy and hesitant about putting my cock in her mouth at first, but after her first timid try, she discovered that she loved it. It gave her a sense of sexual power that she never knew she had. She took great pride in taking my limp dick, licking it, giving it little nibbles, drawing it in her mouth, and causing it to become big and hard. Her technique was excellent from the very beginning and only got better as time went on.

Getting a blowjob from Mandy was always something special. I never knew exactly what to expect when sheıd begin sucking my cock. Sometimes, sheıd give me a quickie, bobbing her head up and down rapidly, making me spew my hot cum within a few minutes. Then there were times her blowjobs seemed to last forever. I kid you not, dear readers, when I tell you she once sucked my dick for two and a half hours. She began sucking my dick about 11:30 one night, and was still going strong at 2 in the morning. It was the most exquisite torture I had ever experienced. She sucked and licked my cock very slowly, her head moving at a snailıs pace up and down the length of my swollen organ, up and down and up and down. Then sheıd quicken her pace, taking me to the brink of orgasm, only to stop and return to that slow tempo all over again. She would bring me to that fevered pitch, again and again and again. Each time, Iıd be so close to shooting my load, and each time sheıd put on the brakes right before I came!

I was delirious. Iıd start grabbing her head trying to control her movements, trying hard to get my rocks off. But she refused to let me run the show. Sheıd back off, indicating that SHE was in charge, and that I would come only when she was damn good and ready. All I could do was moan and groan in splendid misery. When she finally did bring me off, it caught me totally by surprise. By that time, I was so charged up with sexual energy, I felt like I had shot a bucketful in her mouth. I had no idea an orgasm could last that long, but I just kept coming and coming and coming.

Speaking of coming in her mouth, Mandy had very strong feelings about the swallow vs. spit issue. Mandy was definitely not one to spit out my jism when I came. I truly believe she could be called a spermoholic. She craved my semen. Why? I donıt know. There were a few times she would ³share² it with me; that is, she would take a load in her mouth and then give me a big old french kiss and let me taste my own cum. I wasnıt turned off by allowing her to unload my cum in my own mouth, but it wasnıt what I would call a taste treat for me. But she loved it. And she told me so. She said she loved everything about my cum. She loved the taste and the texture. She even loved my cum on her face. Sometimes when sheıd suck my dick, sheıd pull off her mouth just as I would begin to come, and aim it at her face, letting the white, hot, sticky goo splash all over her cheeks and nose and eyelids. Then she would take my spent cock and use it to rub my cum all over her face. She would look incredibly sexy afterwards. If cum were black, she wouldıve looked like Al Jolson in a minstrel show. Her love of cocksucking was so insatiable, I believe she would suck my dick at the drop of a hat.

Which leads us to the tale I want to share with you. What you are about to read is a true story. Only the names and places have been changed to protect the ³not-so-innocent.² Mandy and I once took a bus trip from Richmond, Virginia to Buffalo, New York to visit her aunt, uncle and cousins. Those of you who are familiar with the route know that it is a very long overnight trip. The bus makes many stops along the way at little towns in Maryland, Pennsylvania and upstate New York.

On such long trips, the bus company (you all know the one - the one with the dog on the side of the bus) provides blankets for the comfort of the passengers. Being young and horny at the time, we wasted no time getting down to some heavy petting under the blanket once it was dark and the other passengers had begun to settle down for the night to sleep. There was enough light even in the dark from the floor lights to see other passengers and for them to see us if they so chose. We both had gotten pretty hot from touching each other outside our clothes that we began unsnapping, unbuttoning and unzipping clothes under the blanket, opening shirts, and pulling our pants down enough to get at each other's genitalia and other erogenous zones.

We were very quiet and subdued at first, caressing each other above the waist. I was able to put my head under the blanket to suck Mandyıs delicious nipples until she started squirming in her seat. Eventually, it got to the point where I had to lay back in the seat and stretch out my legs while Mandy began to stroke my dick under the blanket. From time to time I had glanced at the seat across the aisle to see if anyone there was awake or paying attention. Although I tended to be somewhat of an exhibitionist, I was only half interested in putting on a show at that point, being afraid of getting a negative reaction from whoever might wake up and suddenly see what was going on.

Everyone within eyesight seemed to be asleep, so we continued our little fun and games under the blanket. Things really got interesting when Mandy, the spermoholic, lifted the blanket and ducked her head underneath to take my cock in her mouth. I was a little nervous, as you might imagine, since we were in such a public place. Anyone sitting nearby or walking down the aisle to use the restroom could easily surmise what was going on underneath the blanket. Though her head was not bobbing very fast, it would be obvious to any onlooker that the steady movement of Mandyıs head under the blanket could only mean one thing: I was getting a blowjob.

And I mean to tell you, folks: I WAS getting a blowjob. Mandy was sucking my dick like nobodyıs business. Mandy used to joke that she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. I believe she could. Slowly and steadily, Mandy increased her speed. Her head began to bob up and down on my cock faster, her tongue painting circles around the head of my dick, and her lips squeezing the shaft ever so firmly. At some point, as I was nearing orgasm, I glanced over and noticed the woman directly across the aisle from us (I was in an aisle seat, and she was in the opposite aisle seat.)

She was around 25 years old or so and had been asleep with her body and head facing away from the aisle. Then she turned toward the aisle and with a quick glance, I saw that she had woken up, and could see the movement of Mandyıs head under the blanket. I was way too close to coming to want to stop the great blowjob I was receiving from Mandy. You readers know that point - that moment when there's no turning back. Mandy sensed that I was close to coming and began bobbing her head on my dick even faster.

Shortly before I came, she did something I had not expected her to do. She quickly pulled back the blanket, and then we were totally exposed to the woman across the aisle who must have surely been watching the action. I was afraid to look. Seconds before I shot my load, Mandy pulled my engorged cock out of her mouth and began stroking me. Then I exploded. I could feel my cum rise from my balls and blast out of the head of my dick. At the peak of my orgasm, I suddenly looked to my left at the woman across the aisle. When I turned my head, I saw her looking at my cock as I was spewing semen all over Mandyıs face. Several huge blasts of cum shot out onto Mandyıs face, coating it with my hot, white frosting. Then the woman and I made eye contact.

This moment was an experience beyond belief. A woman I didnıt even know had just seen my erect teenage cock drench my girlfriendıs face with thick gobs of semen. The woman continued watching me come until the last drop dribbled down from my cock to Mandyıs hand. The look she gave me was a strange combination of lust, shock and a little bit of disgust. The eye contact only lasted a few seconds as I was only able to maintain it when I was coming. Once the orgasm had subsided, Mandy lifted her head to look at me. There she was, her face covered with my hot, white cream. She gave me a little sexy smile, then quickly grabbed a tissue from her purse to wipe the cum off of her face. I indicated to her with my eyes to look across the aisle where she saw the woman looking at her and her cum-covered face.

Mandy very casually wiped a bit of my cum from her chin, put it in her mouth, and gave the woman a big grin. Then she helped me adjust my clothing and hers, covered us up with the blanket, and we turned toward the window and pretended to sleep. I was feeling a little sheepish about looking at the woman again. In awhile I did fall asleep, and when I woke up, the woman had apparently gotten off at one of the stops on the trip. I'm sure she had a tale to tell her family or friends. For me, it was one of those moments that happened so fast, I could only truly appreciate it afterwards. I think if Mandy and I had been older, we might not have gotten away with it, but I guess the woman figured we were just crazy, horny teenagers and didn't report us to the driver. But I will never forget those short few seconds I looked her in the eye while I was cumming. I have never had an experience to equal that one.
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