The Best Erotic Stories.

The Ranch Ch. V
by C. L. Carne

Lissa's gait was wobbly as she walked into breakfast on the arms of the two men. She felt an odd pride as all eyes turned toward them. She wished that everyone could have seen her triumph the night before. The power she had felt when she made tears flow from Gables pale green eyes, and forced Colin to scream with pleasure.

She had never felt so strong as when she surrendered herself to them, to do with as they would.

They surprised her by grabbing her hands and taking her to the glass walled shower, and turning on the multiple showerheads. They stood as the hot water sluiced over them, and soaped one another.

"I have to pee." Lissa started to leave the stall.

Colin took her arms in his big hands and held her, looking down into her eyes. "Go!"

The warm liquid washed down the insides of her legs and she blushed. Even when she was finished she still felt it and looked down to see Colin letting loose a steam of golden piss. She stepped back in time to see Gable arc a stream of urine catching first Colin, then her. Instantly the water washed them clean and she shrieked and danced away. Lifting a hand she playfully directed a stream of water into their faces.

Colin lifted her in his arms and held her as she squealed and giggled. Gable detached one of the showerheads and adjusted the spray. He brought it over and held it against her pussy, urging her to spread her legs. He played the water over her clitoris until she thrashed so hard that Colin almost dropped her. Gable released the hand shower and helped support her, kissing her deeply as he pressed her between them. Colin's lips and tongue followed the line of her jaw and throat, searching out her mouth, and somehow joining Gable in a three-way kiss.

Gable soaped his hand and stroked between her legs his long fingers slipping into the tight channel of her vagina. As Colin tightened his grip with one hand he began to bugger her with soapy fingers, the burning sensation making her feet kick in ineffectual little circles several inches above the tile floor. Each man had circled her narrow waist with a powerful arm and she was unable to move, not that she wanted to. Even though their pricks were flaccid, worn out from the evening's strenuous activities, they still managed to make her shriek with pleasure.

Just as she felt herself nearing completion they stopped and stepped away from her. Her knees were weak and she looked from one to the other, the water still lashing her body from all angles.

Colin looked regretful but Gable suddenly seemed stern as he spoke. "Come!" He directed Colin to exit, then walked out leaving her to turn off the water and follow. "Wash this!" He handed her the snake, holding it by the ring and forcing her to touch the soiled length. Both men had dried off and wrapped towels around their hips. "And stay wet. I want you wet."

She washed the snake and resoaped it, knowing somehow this was what they wanted. When she returned with the clean and soapy 'snake', Gable already had the whip in his hands so she handed the sex toy to her husband. She waited for their command, her head bowed. Colin's voice was gruff when he barked, "Go to the foot of the bed and take hold."

She did as he ordered and stood bent at the waist her hands trembling on the wooden rail. When Colin started to feed the snake into her she almost came; the sensation of fullness combined with the slight burning of the soap was maddening. She squirmed as he finished, and was rewarded with a slashing blow from the flail. Her bowels tried to eject the rubber that filled it but the last larger bump kept it in place.

"Count." Gable's voice ground out. He didn't tell her how many were coming, which was very cruel. Excitement made her pussy begin to leak cream. "One?"

"Start now." The 'one' this time came out as a moan. Before she could catch her breath the next blow fell.

"Two." Tears sprang from her eyes. Gable took his time before he struck again, this time aiming at the back of her knees. "Threeee." She screamed as she let go of the rail and stepped aside. "I'm sorry." She tried to return to her place, but Gable ordered Colin to bind her.

He cuffed her wrists and tied them to rings in the bedposts, leaving her bent over the rail, with her arms outstretched on either side.

"Now where was I," Gable played the lash over her smooth back as her breasts hung full and aching, brushing the oak rail with each breath.


"Of course. I will let you decide my dear. How many more?"

His offer surprised her; she could stop this if she wished. It would shame her in his eyes if she did, and for reasons she could not explain to herself, she didn't want to disappoint him. She could say twenty-two and match his courage but she feared it would be past enduring.

"Whatever you think is...appropriate." Her voice was not shaking which pleased her.

His hand ran over her bottom testing the ring in the middle and shaping the smooth skin with his long fingers. "I think five."

She tried to hide her relief and readied herself. Only two left to go.

"Five more. Starting," a blow came with surprising force, "now."

"FOUR!" She was afraid to lose count because she knew he would start over. This whipping was twice as painful as the first, the flail reawakening the raw nerves, still irritated from the previous flogging.

On and on it when, until she had taken eight blows. She collapsed, sobbing only to have a vicious blow land on the back of her thighs where they met her bottom, making her strain at the bonds. "Nine." Five starting after the fourth lash she guessed as tears splashed onto the sheet.

She forced herself to stand as straight as she was able and looked at Colin. Amazingly his penis was growing hard, even after everything. Gable came forward and offered her the whip, which she kissed dutifully. He too was partially erect.

They lifted her, between them and flipped her onto the bed so that now she lay on her back with her arms still stretched wide over her head. The cotton sheet felt like sandpaper on her ass, it was so tender.

Colin got between her legs and lifted them over his shoulders. He kneaded the ruddy butt cheeks as he rammed his tongue into her cunt. Gable sucked on her nipples, as they stood enticingly erect. Between them they drove her to the point of madness.

Gable inched down her torso licking and biting at her velvet skin. When the two men met they kissed, then Colin went back to tonguing her vagina as Gable started to roll her clitoris between his teeth, his long prick banging into her face. Colin forced her widespread legs even further back until her knees touched her breasts and her ass was in the air.

The picture of Colin, in the dining room on the bench, being reamed in this position flashed in her mind. It was so vulnerable, so exposed. She started to climb toward orgasm and Colin began to pull the 'snake' out, slowly. Gable held her legs down against her belly, tongue fucking her as Colin tortured her ass. She bucked and it was all they could do to hold her as she began to come apart.

When she finally collapsed weeping and spread eagle on the bed the two men kissed her and praised her.

Gable uncuffed her and turning her on her side, lay down behind her. Drawing her against him, he soothed her as she shook with small post orgasm tremors.

Colin lay facing her and by lifting her leg over his he slipped his now hard penis between her ultra sensitive labia. He only entered part way and didn't move.

She felt Gable rubbing a soothing cream on her bottom and was not surprised when he too sank into her, the pressure causing her to catch her breath as he slid home and his pubic hair rubbed the heated flesh of her ass. He somehow pulled a cover over them all and she lay with her head on Colin's sinewy, smooth shoulder, with Gable curled like a spoon against her backside. He reached around and stroked both her and Colin with his hard callused fingers, and she sighed at how perfect it was.

It was a different sort of excitement, this peaceful coming together. It seemed like forever before they came, rocking slowly together, letting her internal muscles clasp the big pricks as they inched in and out in turn. They were still inside her when she came again and fell asleep.


There was a surprise the next day at dinner. A new couple had arrived, a young couple only a few years older than Colin and Lissa. The man was balding and a bit plump. The woman was small with large breasts and full hips.

Colin was startled when he and Lissa were seated next to them, after a few words from Thomas. Rachel, the brunette cowgirl who had ridden him the evening Lissa was 'punished' was eyeing the new couple hungrily. He thought she must like fresh meat.

After the introductions were made the man leaned over to Colin. He was wearing a black silk robe and was sweating. "What exactly goes on here. What's with those costumes, I mean they're great, especially on your wife." He ogled Lissa.

"They make life so simple." Colin took Lissa's hand and urged her to her feet. With a glance at Thomas her pushed her forward and ran his fingers down her ass, cupping her pussy and tugging on the soft curls. "Rachel, come here, please."

Lissa stayed where she was as he left, waiting to see what he was up to. When Rachel arrived he guided her between the couple's chairs, pushed her down and without foreplay drove into her pussy. It didn't matter; she was already wet and grunted with pleasure. The wife, Karen seemed shocked while Phil the newcomer husband watched hungrily.

Gable and Charlie came over and Colin thought one of them might do Lissa, but they took off the wife's negligee and lifted her onto the table, with her pussy under Rachel's face. Rachel pushed against Colin until he stepped back and she was able to eat Karen's pussy.

Charlie pulled the woman down and when she lay flat with her head over the edge of the thick plank table, he slipped his penis into her mouth, all the time kneading her pillow soft white breasts. Karen's legs came up and over Rachel's shoulders, who had to brace herself on her elbows as Colin fucked her nonstop from behind. "My wife's waiting, Phil." Colin felt an odd sense of power and pride. "Do anything you want."

Phil stepped behind Lissa and rubbed her backside, tracing the fading stripes with a finger. "Do we always eat here, on these tables." He seemed fastidious suddenly even as his fingers strayed into her wet pussy.

"You can eat anything you want, anywhere you want." Thomas laughed, "but if you're squeamish I'll tell you everything is disinfected before every meal.

Colin noticed that the prim Phil had pushed his tongue into Lissa's pussy, and was noisily eating her, his nose buried between the white globes of her bottom. He stood suddenly and tried to force his way into her ass, as if fearful someone would stop him.

He wasn't large but without lubrication the attempt made Lissa yelp.

The tables had been cleared after dinner and Phil looked around frantically. He went to the buffet and returned with a stick of butter. It was real butter and hard, so he ran the cold square shape over her asshole, trying to lubricate his path. Again he pushed into her, this time all the way and fucked her wildly. He kept looking over at Karen, as she was spitted on Charlie's prick with Rachel tirelessly tongue whipping her pussy. She had already come once and was starting to moan again.

Thomas moved behind Phil and slipped into his ass with surprising ease.

Before the evening was over Gable had pushed the whole stick of butter into Phil's ass and pounded it deep with his long rod.

Lissa hadn't come, Colin noticed, guessing Phil had been too excited to last very long. She didn't seem to care; happy to have helped Phil and Karen get started. Several of the others were still working on the new couple, but Colin and Lissa were exhausted.

When Colin escorted Lissa to their room they slept in each other's arms simply happy to be together.

The next evening Phil and Karen stayed in their room. After dinner Thomas directed Colin and Lissa to follow him and a few of the others. They went into a narrow dark room, and were astonished to see a wide window showing the interior of the new couple's room. The room was the same as theirs; the window corresponded to the location of the large mirror opposite the beds.

"You watched us?"

"Of course." Thomas stood at the window and looked on as the door to the room was thrown open and a group of cowboys and cowgirls stormed in. "Watch."

Phil leapt of the bed and stood between the intruders and his wife. "What...what do you want?"

"Shut up." It was Gables voice, the tone making Colin shudder. He tipped his head at the others. "Strip them and cuff them."

Colin sensed Lissa coming close to the glass, pressing against his side as she watched, as ardent as he. They watched as the couple were roughly bared and cuffed. Karen appeared to be frightened but Phil seemed aroused already.

"This is important." Thomas sounded for all the world like a professor lecturing his students.

"Watch, it will help you pleasure them in the future. Karen is secretly turned on by women, though she has never acted on it, at least until last night. Phil is a different story; he has buried a major fantasy life for years, using porn and masturbation to satisfy truly unusual fetishes.

In the room Charlie took Phil and held him with his arms behind his back. "We know what you want to see."

A nervous looking Karen was lifted and taken to one of the beds. Gunner already lounged there; half sitting as he absently pumped his huge prick, making it stand arrogantly from his thatch of dark blond pubic hair.

One of the girls dabbed some cream on the tip as two of the men held Karen suspended over it. She realized what was happening and shrieked. "I don't like this. We...we tried and had to stop. It hurt." Her words came out in a rush even as the men lowered her onto Gunner's lap.

"You can't say no, Karen." Charlie growled as he forced Phil to bend closer and watch the sodomy.

Jade, one of the cowgirls knelt between Karen's thighs and helped the men on either side of the bed guide the gasping woman down onto Gunners erection. "Go slow, slower. Oh, oh it hurts, careful." Karen wailed but didn't ask them to stop, Colin noticed.

After a long time she came to rest on Gunners lap. The men walked away and she flailed about trying to relieve the strain on her limbs. Jade lifted the moaning woman's legs and eased them up and over her shoulders. Then she buried her face in the plump little pussy between them. At the same time, Gunner reached around and worked on Karen's ample breasts, rolling the hard tips between his fingers, the twosome making the woman bawl with pleasure.

"You see," Suyen spoke from behind the watchers. "Karen, could never just let herself enjoy being with a woman, hence the display of 'force'. She had to be punished, by the sodomy, before she could accept the pleasure."

"That's punishment?" Lissa sounded incredulous.

"Not all of us are anal centric, dear Lissa." Thomas laughed. "You and Colin found your bliss, and Karen and Phil will find theirs."

Suyen ran her hands across their backs and stepped between them. "You'll find Phil has much in common with you."

In the room Karen's toes were pointed at the ceiling as she moaned with pleasure. Phil still watched his prick hard and ready.

Gable buckled a heavy belt around Phil's waist and snapped the cuffed wrists to either side. Then he clipped some sort of clamps onto the shaking man's nipples.

"Ahhh!" The sound came out like a pained sigh. Gable literally led him by his dick to the leather armchair and pushed him down over the thick roll of padding that ran along the top. Phil's face was almost on the seat as he hung helpless over the back of the chair. The burly 'master of discipline' reached between Phil's legs and handled the cock and balls roughly. He fastened some sort of strap around them binding them tightly.

Karen had come noisily and was still being double-teamed by Gunner and Jade. Now she watched, as her husband was man handled and bound.

Gable was only partially erect and so called on Charlie, whose prick he salved and steered into Phil. Phil began squealing as the massive invasion began. "Squeal like a piglet." Charlie laughed as he rammed home.

"That burns." Phil blubbered kicking back ineffectually at Charlie's legs.

"He thinks THAT burns, Gabe." Charlie didn't stop for a moment.

"Don't call me Gabe," Gable snapped. "Hold his head down." Rachel sat backwards in the chair and with her legs sprawled wide and held Phil's face down against her pussy.

Charlie stood straight and kept hammering into the helpless Phil, as Gable took up his favorite toy. He began to lash the exposed flesh; the white smooth back growing red as Gable struck with precision at first, then almost wildly, as he grew aroused.

When a few of the knotted thongs hit Charlie's prick, he backed away with a jerk, causing Phil to let loose a muffled scream as his ass was suddenly, roughly emptied. Gable stepped behind him and laid into the exposed bottom. First one side then the other, he viciously crisscrossed the plump cheeks with welts.

Lissa was pressed against the glass and Colin was getting turned on too. When Charlie had withdrawn so precipitously he could be seen wearing a ribbed condom. When Gable finally finished his discipline, he too pulled on a condom with shaking fingers. In this place, where birth control and disease were not a concern, Colin wondered why.

"They are using a stronger unguent than was used on you." Thomas lectured even as he began to fuck Suyen from behind, so they could continue to watch. "Phil has a taste for a different sort of discomfort. He truly longs to be tortured, and is fortunate to have come to us."

"Yesss!" Suyen gasped and then continued to speak. "He might have been killed had he gotten mixed up with the wrong people. The...the is very dangerous."

Gable battered Phil while the girl, held his head between her thighs, all the while raking his shoulders violently with her long red nails. Now, each time his ass was filled the man sighed, with a hollow wailing sound.

On the bed, Karen still impaled, lay limply in Gunners arms, with Jade lounging between her legs stroking her slit. She had come twice and was still being rocked by Gunner, as she watched her husband being abused.

"You see...ah harder dear...Karen will gradually come to associate pleasure with Phil's pain." Suyen stopped speaking and panted as her orgasm took over. Breathless she continued, "She will learn to dominate him, and enjoy it."

"All of you must think of ways to help them." Thomas ordered solemnly as he kissed his wife. "We are always looking for new ideas."

To Be Continued...


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