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"What am I doing?", I asked myself for the hundredth time that night. "What am I thinking" was soon to follow. I don't even know this guy! True, I contacted him first... it's not like he started this. I was the one that read his stories online and couldn't resist contacting him. I had agreed to this meeting... he had even re-routed a business trip to meet me... it was simply too late to back out now.

The phone rang at exactly 6:30pm -- just like he said it would. "I'm just outside of Hagerstown, I'll be in Martinsburg in 30 minutes. This is what you will wear... high heels, no hose, no panties, a short skirt -- not TOO short, I don't want you to look like a whore! -- a sweater or jacket that buttons or zips up the front, a bra or slip -- black. I'll call you when I check into the hotel, come prepared to stay the night. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I barely managed to reply.

"Good girl. I'm already hard." And with that, he hung up.

It seemed as if I was moving in slow motion... and time had stood still. Even though I was rushing to get ready, that 30 minutes seemed to take an eternity. I was frightened, I was nervous, and I felt the most incredible sense of desire I had ever experienced.

The phone rang again. "I'm at the Holiday Inn, Room 108. I'll expect you here in 15 minutes." Again he hung up.

At the door to Room 108, I was shaking. Will he like me? Will he like what I picked out to wear? Will I be able to please him completely? Questions were running like TV static through my head, while my body seemed to take over and knock on the door of it's own accord. He opened the door immediately and motioned for me to come in. Neither of us said a word... he didn't by choice... I didn't because I couldn't speak. Once inside I placed my small bag on the floor and turned toward him as he shut the door. He turned to face me, a smile barely detectible on his face. He reached forward with one hand and unzipped my jacket in what seemed a lightening-quick movement. "Very nice," he commented on my choice of attire. I had chosen a black skirt and black slip under a deep burgandy jacket.

With one hand, he grabbed the front of the slip, with the other, he grabbed my left tit and freed it from the material. He released my right tit in the same manner, then spun me around to face a full length wall mirror I hadn't noticed before. He reached around from behind me and played with my nipples, watching us both in the mirror. My eyes closed involuntarily and I leaned my head back on his shoulder. "No, no, dear girl... open your eyes and watch," he gently ordered. The endearment should have comforted me, but it alarmed me more than I care to admit. The warmth from my cunt was rising dangerously close to my heart. If I could have found my voice, I would have screamed, "PLEASE, don't be kind! Don't make me care for you!"

As I was fighting this war against his unexpected gentleness, he turned me so I was facing him and asked, "Do you remember what I told you I wanted you to do as soon as you arrived?"

"Yes," I replied. I dropped to my knees in front of him.

"Good girl," he praised softly. Then placed a blindfold over my eyes. "Do you remember which sense I told you was most important?"

"Smell," I whispered.

"Very good. You may touch me through my pants, if you so desire." I did. I slid my hands slowly up the insides of his thighs, surprised when I felt his cock stretched down one pant leg reaching to the middle of his thigh. He had warned me about his cock. He said it was quite large... but I could already tell that was a bit of an understatement. Had I been given even one moment more, my sense of self-preservation would have made me panic at the thought of this huge penis entering me. As with his stories, however, he seemed to read my mind... he unbuttoned his pants and let them slide to the floor. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to him. "Smell my cock, smell my balls... you love that smell, don't you? You love the smell of a man. It makes you crave the taste, doesn't it?"

He didn't expect an answer... didn't need one. He was right, the scent was driving me crazy. His grip on my hair was holding me close, but just far enough away that I couldn't get my mouth on him. "PLEASE!" I begged, out of sheer desperation. He rewarded me with a moan from somewhere deep in his throat, and shoved his cock in my mouth.

It was all I could do to control the gag reflex, as he pumped hard past my tongue. He did have the biggest cock I had ever experienced. He jerked the blindfold off my head and ordered, "Look at me!" I raised my eyes to meet his and could see the extent of his desire and pleasure reflected there. He suddenly losened his grip on my hair, stopped pumping, and let me stroke him slowly with my lips and tongue. His sudden gentleness gripped my heart again, and tears formed in my eyes from the unexpected emotion. I shut my eyes tightly, trying to control the flood of tears that threatened to spill over.

"Open," he said, far too softly. I could not. I knew if I looked into his eyes again, I would not be able to control the tears. I tried desperately to focus on pleasing him, sucking and licking him... longing for the first sweet drops of fluid I knew would come. "Open," he repeated. He was not to be denied.

I opened my eyes and looked up... the hot tears flowed down my cheeks. "You are mine to have and control tonight," he stated simply enough. "You will NOT hold back with ME! I want it all... your body, your heart, your spirit... your pleasure and pain... EVERY emotion!" The harshness of his voice was contradicted by the soft touch of his hand as he wiped away the tears.

He pulled back, sliding out of my mouth, and directed me to stand at the foot of the bed. "Bend over," he ordered. I complied without hesitation, and he reached down to lift my skirt up over my hips. It seemed I was standing there, exposed for his inspection for an eternity. He touched me... stroking my hips, spreading my cheeks, lightly stroking the small puckered opening of my ass, edging ever closer to my pussy. I had never before experience such anticipation. My legs were shaking, my heart was pounding. I had never felt such intense need in my life.

I gripped the bedspread in my hands, on the verge of begging him once more... when he suddenly grabbed my hips and buried his cock deep inside my cunt in one hard stroke. I cried out at the shock and pain. My vaginal walls were fighting to adjust to the assault... muscles contracting then expanding in order to accommodate his size. I came immediately, increasing the conractions around his cock. He groaned at the sensation, then slapped me hard on the ass. I cried out again as the sting of the slap almost made me cum again. A couple more hard thrusts and a second slap brought on my second orgasm. I could hardly stand any longer, my legs were getting weak from pushing back against him... meeting him thrust for thrust.

Feeling me tremble, he plunged hard inside me and shoved me down onto the bed. He continued to fuck me hard, but his rythm had changed to smooth, even strokes. I could feel another orgasm building, and moaned in anticipation. "Oh yeah, Baby... fuck me!" I begged. Although he could have done nothing else -- his own breathing ragged and shallow. His voice strained with the effort, "You belong to me, Kelli."

The sound of his voice saying my name while he was deep inside me sent me over the edge. My vagina contracted around his cock for a third time, making me cry out in pleasure. Just as the spasms hit their peak, he pulled his cock out of me and I heard a long, low groan as I felt hot semen splashing on my back.

What must have been minutes later, still laying there trying to catch my breath, I was surprised to feel a warm, wet towel rubbing gently across my back. When he had washed away the last of his semen, and carefully wiped away my own wetness from between my legs, he joined me on the bed and cradled me in his arms. I felt another wave of emotion threaten to pull me under. Why was it so easy to accept such hardness, but so difficult to accept such gentleness?


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