The Best Erotic Stories.

The Ranch Ch. VI
by C. L. Carne

Colin spent the next morning in the dinning room with Gable.

The two men remained after breakfast, and in a flurry of hammering and climbing on ladders they were creating ...something.

Lissa was shooed out, after Colin rather cryptically said it was a surprise. "Well, don't electrocute yourselves." She laughed as they pushed her out the door with the promise that she could be first to try it.

She went to the room and put on the skirt that matched her vest. By tying the vest tightly, she was fairly well covered. Not that it mattered, the Ranch was well guarded, but still it would have been odd to walk around exposed when she was outdoors. For the first time since they arrived, she stepped outside. There was an arena and barns behind the main buildings and she decided to check out the former.

There were several women riding on the track around the inside of the vast building. Lissa watched the riders plod around the circle on mild looking quarter horses and smiled. This part of the Ranch was definitely 'dude'. To someone used to the more spirited mounts and the thrills of competitive jumping, this was all a bit tame.

"Is this where we learn to ride?" Karen came up beside her. "I really love horses."

One of the cowboys was watching Sarah and Rachel as they circled the ring. Lissa waved him over. "He should be able to find you a mount."

The man, Lissa remembered his name was Luis, strolled over. "Can I get you ladies something to ride."

"Just for Karen." Lissa decided to help Karen today. She had watched this woman orgasm repeatedly yesterday, while her husband was tortured a few feet from her. Now she seemed like a tourist out to enjoy something new.

"Help me get her mounted, she'll enjoy that." Luis winked as he led them to an alcove at the end of the building.

A sturdy bay mare was already saddled and stood patiently. As Lissa patted the silky neck and shoulders she looked a the saddle. It didn't smell like a saddle, but like...soap, or disinfectant. It was a western rig, high in back and front with an odd little seam running down the middle. Lissa frowned and ran a finger over the cleft, wondering.

"These go there." Luis held an enameled tray with an assortment of molded rubber dildos. "Which do you like?"

Lissa looked again at the women plodding and bouncing around the track and giggled. Karen frowned and looked unsure as she spoke. "I don't know...I'm not...I mean."

"Come on, this looks like fun." Lissa studied the tray and bit her lip. There was a jar of cream, the tingle kind, so she started there. Taking only a little she lifted Karen's skirt and dabbed just a bit on the woman's ass and pussy, feeling rather pleased at her own boldness.

Ignoring the woman's longing look, she chose a fair sized fake penis, trying it between her hands. It was very realistic with some sort of spring center to render it firm but flexible. She closed her eyes, and went down on it, only the faint taste of alcohol spoiling the illusion. When she opened her eyes she caught the others watching her fervidly. "This one, I think.

She handed it to Karen and returned to the tray. There was one that was long, almost as long as Gable's, (she smiled secretly) but much narrower. It flexed and whipped around when she lifted it and she nodded. "This, and this," she chose a long strip of soft rubber fingers about an inch long.

The cowboy took the strip and snapped it at the front of the slit in the saddle. Lissa was glad to see that she had been correct. The dozens of fingers stood like a brush, where they would tease the clitoris of the rider. The larger phallus was fastened in the center and the long thin one at the back.

The saddle looked truly menacing, and Karen swallowed loudly. "I don't know, I'm not much of a rider."

Luis was shortening the stirrups even as she spoke. "You don't have to worry about falling off." He laughed and brought up a mounting block. "Lissa and me will take care of everything."

He lifted the woman to the block and helped her set her boots in the stirrups.

Now Lissa could see why they were so short. By standing strait, Karen hovered over the tools bristling out of the saddle. Slowly they urged her down, first seating the long slender rod in her ass, then easing the larger into her pussy. They moved the dildos in the channel until they fit perfectly and she was able to slide down almost completely. Luis nodded to Lissa and together they eased her feet from the stirrups. Karen let out a little squeal as her weight dropped completely on the saddle and the tickler began rubbing her clit.

Luis lengthened the straps and helped her reset her feet, her legs straight. "I'll walk you around at first." Luis took the reins and led her onto the ring. She heard Karen catch her breath as she was gently bounced and vibrated by the horses gait.

Lissa was turned on but decided to wait until tomorrow to go riding. She was intrigued by the promised surprise, and liked the anticipation. She watched the other women for a while, thinking of how it would feel. To be on the horse, literally attached to the saddle by your sex. She shivered and smiled when Rachel whimpered and clutched the saddle horn as her body shook.

To Be Continued...


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