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The Ranch Ch. VI
by C. L. Carne

Then Luc came to the ranch. The handsome French film actor was at dinner the next evening. He had a somnolent look as if bored by life, his light brown hair was long and artfully straggly, deep set eyes dark brown and compelling.

He sat between Gunner and Betsy and ate bar-BA-Que., as the other guests stopped by and welcomed him. Colin watched the man and felt oddly jealous. He had liked being the center of attention, as the newcomer, and wondered what Luc's secret was.

When dinner was cleared, and the man stood, both Colin and Lissa inhaled sharply. His body was perfection, sculpted and tall, with an uncircumcised penis that even flaccid, was spectacular. He strolled over to Thomas and Suyen and had a quiet intense conversation, after which he kissed them each passionately. Then he moved on to Phil and Karen. "I was told by the others of your spectacular bravery."

The couple blushed and looked at him hungrily. "Oh it was nothing." Karen simpered as he knelt and began to touch her.

"Nothing, she say's." Phil sounded huffy. "She almost killed me. I never came so hard."

"Perhaps later we will try this...this spinning thing." Phil gulped, making Luc smile. "Not tonight, though, I think you might still be too sore."

"Anything you say." Phil gave Luc a ravenous stare and Luc patted his cheek affectionately, then stood.

"And these are our other newcomers." He stepped between them and Colin saw Lissa scrutinize the man with a torrid glance. Luc looked at her and traced her lips with a finger. "Lissa, who loves the rod, and the inventive Colin. He perused Colin, his hot gaze lingering on the rapidly rising prick. "We shall push the envelope, soon. I must think of something special."

He noticed their companion and said tersely, "Gable."

"Luc." Gable didn't look up and it was clear he disliked the Frenchman. After he left, they quizzed Gable to no avail, he refused to explain the hostility.

Thomas stood and got everyone's attention. "What say we welcome Luc. Ladies line up here." He pointed to Luc, who was still not aroused.

Betsy rushed up and dropped to her knees, taking him in her mouth. Cara went behind him, tonguing his back and ass. In less than a minute Betsy pulled away and Karen replaced her eagerly. One by one they took their turns, until it was Lissa who swallowed the now massive erection, Colin looking on enviously. Suyen came last, and then she fastened the band around the base of Luc's prick. She stood up and asked him, "What do you want next."

"Everyone!" Luc grinned sexily. "Everyone, line up around the table."

The others stood facing the table and so Colin took his place between Lissa and Gable. What an ego this guy had, thinking he could pleasure everyone in the room. Luc asked Phil to assist him, handing him a box of condoms. Before Colin could wonder what was going on Luc put a wooden box on the table. Inside were four open glass jars, filled with odd smelling unguents.

"Phil, a condom please." Phil knelt and adoringly slipped on the ribbed latex. "Now which one first. Ahh, Karen I think." He dabbed some of the white salve from the first jar onto himself and stepped behind her. Karen hissed as he pressed her down and drove into her ass. After a few deep thrusts, he pulled out. "Keep both hands on the table, all of you." He ripped off the condom and let Phil replace it.

Karen started to gasp. "It's too much, oh it tingles." Her hands were splayed on the tabletop.

"It is harmless, they all are." Luc dipped into the second jar and then moved behind Suyen. After a few thrusts he stopped, leaving her nearly sobbing. "I have tried all of these and each has a different effect, all of them exciting." He laughed at the nervous looks he was receiving. "You people here have no appreciation for good toys."

Luc ran a finger over the four jars, lingering on each. "The first, as Karen can tell you is excitingly uncomfortable. The second, as Suyen has discovered, is stronger. How brave is Thomas, three perhaps." He dipped into the third jar and lavished some onto the condoms tip.

"Uhh, Luc." Thomas grunted as he was penetrated, just because these things cause no physical harm doesn't mean...ooh God that burns. Care...careful."

One at a time he reduced all of them to quivering, moaning animals. Finally, only the three musketeers remained. Luc walked over to Gable, and after a hard look slipped his finger into the unused forth jar. "I am the only one who has ever borne it, Gable. What do you say?" His hand hovered over his twitching prick.

"Screw you!"

"I'll take that as a yes." When Luc moved behind him, Gable began tense, reaching over to rest his hand on Colin's. Looking over he saw the tears literally squirt from Gable's green eyes. After a second, the hand tightened painfully, as Gable convulsed, his prick like iron even as he wept and shook. When he selected Colin next and reached into the third jar, relief made Colin slacken and Luc thrust into him with ease. Seconds later he straitened with a strangled cry as his insides turned molten. "Oh, that's...Lissa don't..." He looked down, embarrassed that his prick was stiff even as he groaned.

"Lissa, he doesn't want you to have the third jar." Luc pushed the box over in front of her, his hand hovering. "What do you say." His tone was challenging, and he wore a smirk.

Lissa who had been watching everything lifted her hand and pushed his into the forth jar. Now Colin had a new reason to groan. It was all he could do not to push Luc away from her. Only the fact that it was her choice made him stay in place. He was learning to let her explore her limits, even when it caused him anxiety.

"!" Gable ground out between his teeth even as Luc drove himself into her.

A tortured wavering scream tore from her throat and she clutched Colin's other hand, almost as tightly as Gable.

"It wears off, so I suggest you people start fucking." Luc laughed and pulled off the last condom. Besides burning like the devil, the stuff made everyone insanely aroused. Colin leapt up and grabbed Lissa, bending her over and stuffing himself as deeply as possible into her pussy. When he reached around and touched her clit she came, that quickly. He rammed in harder still when Gable took him with one long thrust.

All around them the people went wild. Everyone was going at it, Suyen being pounded from both sides by Gunner and Josh, while Thomas was ridden by a shrieking Betsy. Karen sat on Charlie's dick while Cara buried her face between her thighs, while she in turn was being... Colin stopped thinking about anything as he came into his wife. He slipped from her body, drained, as the burning tingle slowly abated. "Don't stop!" Lissa screamed as he left her. Gable tried to hold him, still plowing him from behind.

Colin was too fucked out to do more than take it. At last he was released, and Gable began to desperately scrub himself with a napkin.

The stuff must burn pricks too, Colin thought languidly, even as Gable thrust into Lissa's liquid softness, trying to find relief. Gable drew her legs up, rolled her over. She sprawled back, letting him hold her as he went into her like a battering ram. The others like Colin simply ran out of steam. They straggled out until only he and Luc remained, watching as Gable relentlessly screwed his wife.

"When does it stop?" Gable grunted, sounding exhausted.

"It doesn't." Luc said smiling wickedly. "I have to stop it."

Gable left the protesting and quivering Lissa, and advanced on Luc. "Make it stop!"

"Both of you, come to my room. Everything is ready." Luc had obviously planned ahead for this. "Not you, dear Colin, not tonight." He left and Gable followed him, carrying Lissa. He glanced back, giving Colin a meaningful look, as though promising to look after her.

All along Colin had sensed the animosity between the two men, and didn't care for Lissa being included in their rivalry. Following them to Luc's room, he watched furtively until they entered, then raced to the next door. As he had thought, the narrow closet like room offered a view of Luc's quarters. There was plastic over everything, and one of the steel carts sat next to an I.V. pole.

Inside, Luc ordered the pair to strip, and cuff each other. They were so miserable they hurried to do his bidding. He forced them to kneel and cuffed them to the leg of the bed, leaving them crouched there as he went to the cart. Luc lifted an outsized bag of liquid and hung it on the pole, attaching something to the end of the rubber hose. "You know," he said conversationally as he showed them the thick bulbous nozzle, "not everyone enjoys helping me with my little whimsies. This solution neutralizes the cream. Shall I?"

"Yesss." Gable sighed, and looked up pleadingly. "Her first."

"Yes, very noble." He slapped Lissa's bottom and ordered. "Raise your ass and hold still."

She arched her back and offered him entry. When she cried out, Colin couldn't tell if it was pain or joy. When Luc released the clamp the water must have started, because she gasped. "It hurts, no it feels...feels so, ahhh." She relaxed and let him fill her completely. When she could take no more, he did something to the nozzle and removed the hose. The bulb remained, plugging her effectively. As he reached around and massaged her belly she curled into a ball, making him chuckle. "Uncomfortable, I know, but actually quite good for you."

When he pierced Gable with a similar device, he pressed the bag hard to force every possible ounce of fluid into the man, then locked it in with a twist of his wrist. When he reached under Gable's stomach he cackled, "still hard, amazing."

Colin realized that Luc had not fucked anyone, really. After he had reamed them all, he had released the elastic band that kept him erect. Now he was so excited he was pulsatinging. He uncuffed them, and sat Lissa on the bed, lifting her long legs around his waist. Nudging past the engorged, deep rose colored lips, he began to fuck her. She lay back on the plastic, this time not so much out of weariness as surrender. Gable rammed into Luc with no preparation and the man only sighed, and winced. Gable caught Lissa's legs and pulled her toward him. Luc let them hump him furiously, until the three of them succumbed, breathless.

Luc slipped down and knelt at their feet, as Gable took Lissa by the arm and went into the bathroom. When they emerged sometime later, dripping wet from the showers, unplugged and in Lissa's case blushing madly, Luc was still kneeling, waiting. They looked refreshed and Colin thought, somewhat stern. "What do you want?" Gable looked down at the man.

"Anything, you want to do to me." Luc didn't look up.

* * * * *

Colin was having breakfast when Lissa strolled in on Gable's arm. Luc followed, looking worn out and happy. He was harnessed and when he sat awkwardly on a bench, it became apparent to all that he was penetrated by a large phallus. His bottom was crisscrossed with stripe. He wore cuffs on his wrists and ankles, and vicious looking nipple clamps. Still, everyone knew he was happy because his prick was hard even though it was, with his balls, tied to the leash that Lissa had used to lead him in.

"Colin, I couldn't return to the room last night, I..."

"I saw," he murmured and heard her intake of breath.

"You watched, I mean, everything?" She was blushing again. He loved it that the woman she had become last night, could still blush. She had been...frightening, and yet unbearably sexy.

Colin had masturbated as they whipped Luc, first with the flail -twenty-five- and then, after asking permission, ten with the rod. After, they salved a huge dildo with the most potent unguent and Lissa fucked him until he screamed for mercy. Then, they refused to neutralize the cream until he crawled and begged. Colin had come and weariness, plus a reluctance to watch what would follow, made him leave.

"You were brave, and beautiful." He reassured her with a kiss, then grinned as Luc shifted around on the bench trying to find a comfortable position.

To Be Continued...


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