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The Ranch Ch. VIII
by C. L. Carne

The after effects of the previous evening were that everyone, including Colin, Lissa, and Gable, spent the morning in the hot tubs and pool. The salves made them feel as if they had eaten a peck of hot peppers.

Colin went off with Gable and Thomas, and didn't invite her to come along. Lissa watched them exit the hot tub, her eyes following the nude men until they entered the main building. As the teasing streams of hot silky water played over her, she leaned back and pondered the day ahead.

Deciding to put off going riding for another day, Lissa swam nude, something she had never done. Karen, Betsy, and Sarah joined her, and she enjoyed having a day to spend simply relaxing. They soaked in the hot pulsing jets of the tubs, returning to swim in the balmy, body temperature pool.

Jade and Rachel set up massage tables and everyone had a rub down. Cara and Suyen strolled out, hand in hand and joined in. Before long, the others had paired up, and the patio echoed with whispered cries and moans. Lissa floated in the pool and tried to rationalize her reaction. She loved it when someone went down on her and who better to know what pleased a woman - than another woman. She had an orgasm with Karen, but only after whipping her. Resting her forearms on the edge of the deck, she watched intently, trying to fathom what the women were enjoying.

Suyen and Cara had lay together on a soft pad, gently licking and stroking one another until they came. They saw her watching and gestured for her to join them. She swallowed hard and climbed from the pool, unable to refuse.

"Don't look like such a martyr, dear." Cara laughed and pulled her down between them.

"Tell me what you want, I'll do anything."

"Just lie still, let us handle everything." Suyen ran her hands over the wet, smooth skin and shared a smile with Cara. Lissa closed her eyes and soon felt the stirrings of pleasure. Her nipples were suckled and her breasts received a hundred butterfly soft kisses.

Slender fingers ran up and down the inner flesh of her legs, starting at her feet and stopping just short of her pussy. They teased her until she began to move restlessly, only then slipping into the blond curls. A tongue traced the soft line of hr belly, dipping into the navel then ever so slowly moving to the fold that hid Lissa's clitoris. She moaned and bent her knees, trying to let them in.

Something pushed into her, not a dildo, she could feel fingers move. They had put a hand - well most of one - inside of her. Still the mouth worried her clit, while someone else stuck a hand under her hips and pierced her ass. The hand in her pussy retreated, even as fingers slipped into her bottom, lifting, tilting her pelvis until she opened her eyes. "What, what are you? Owww don't...stop." The little hand, Cara's she saw, advanced further she felt tears fill her eyes. Suyen returned to her cunt, gently biting the erect nub that was now exposed. Lissa came even as she planted her feet and pushed away from the two older women. "What the hell..."

The women glanced at her then conferred with each other. "Gable was right, she is still small."

Cara was rubbing her fingers on a towel. "I couldn't even get in."

"But the pain succeeded in making her come. Amazing." Suyen looked at Lissa clinically, and she blushed.

She was going to sit in one of the hot tubs and soak, but they coaxed her out and led her into the building. "What now? Look...I'm sorry I pulled away, you can try again if you want. I was surprised, that's all." She had expected to be petted like a cat, and the business with the hand had shocked her. Maybe they were mad; maybe Suyen was going to toss her and Colin out. "I just didn't expect that..."

Suyen cut her off. "We are not angry."

"Are you wondering where the men are?" Cara grinned slyly.

"Now that you mention it." Lissa followed the women, leaving wet footprints on the terra cotta floor.

"The gymnasium." Suyen said, and Lissa saw that they had arrived."

The little room over-looked a gymnasium, full of equipment and pads and naked men. The three women stood close to the one way glass and looked on in awe.

Luis was standing at the 'horse', gripping the handles. His head hung between his outstretched arms as his muscular body arched, his ass cleaved by Josh. Gable moved behind Josh and pushed into him, making him groan. Luc spurned the jar of lubricant and knelt behind Gable, bathing him with his tongue.

Then as if aware that the others were waiting, he leapt up and slammed into Gable, his size and strength making even Gable bellow in distress. Colin returned the favor, eschewing the tongue lashing first.

One by one they joined the line as Thomas watched with interest from the sidelines. At last he joined them and they began to thrust, seeking some sort of rhythm, a chain of men - joined at the hip.

Lissa pressed her body against the glass as she watched. This had to be for Luc, she thought. The mans appetite was rapacious.

She longed to go and fling herself into the group. Her bare, damp breasts were crushed against the cool smoothness, halos of steam forming an outline of her hands and body.

How glorious they were, glistening muscular shoulders, tense and powerful, flat dimpled buttocks, pressed tight against thighs and flat, ridged bellies.

"She wasn't kidding when she said she'd be a queer, if she was a man." Cara laughed harshly from behind her.

"Hush, don't be nasty." Suyen ran her smooth hands down Lissa's sides, making her shiver. "We all have our secret desires, don't we my dear."

Lissa stepped back and answered honestly. "Men are so beautiful, together they are so..."

"Unlike your father and his women."

Lissa turned from the wondrous view and faced Suyen. "When my father...step father beat me - purified me - he would get excited and leave. I followed him once and saw him with the housekeeper and maid. It was disgusting. They laid there like corpses and he pumped away at them, and all the while telling them how filthy they were." She turned back to the window and sighed. "I had a summer at camp, when I was twelve. One of the counselors...well he was kind to me. I thought all men were like my father, but Tom was different."

"Tom was gay?" Suyen lay her cheek against Lissa's back.

"Sounds sort of simplistic, but it's true." Lissa didn't tell them about following the young man into the woods and watching as he met another counselor. They had been so alike, lithe and smooth bodied. They had made love and for the first time Lissa became aroused, watching as Tom swallowed the boys prick, making him come. How he had shuddered and panted, running his hands over Tom's shoulders.

And then Tom took his pleasure, fucking the downy, narrow ass as the boy stood holding on to a tree, bravely accepting Tom, even though it seemed to hurt a lot.

She stood mesmerized, her hand burrowing into her shorts, stroking her slit. Father had cautioned her not to 'play' with herself. If anything or anyone got into her little flower, he said he'd know. So she moved her hand farther back, and slipped a fingertip into her bottom, while rubbing her clit on her bony wrist. As she watched Tom's strong young dick enter that boy's tiny little hole, she came for the first time.

After that, whenever she was beaten, or 'purified', she imagined it was Tom, or some other handsome man, seeking his pleasure from her pain.

Now, her breath caught in her throat, as the men grew more inflamed and vocal. The center of her pulsed in time with their thrusts, and she felt Suyen's hand trace the cleft between her buttocks, moving forward until it touched her clit. Her thighs clenched, and a hot rush of creamy liquid poured out of her.

In the gym the men finished and sprawled on the mats. Some of them were still necking while others drew away. As usual, Colin stayed close to Gable and Luc watched them mischievously. He dropped down in the center of the men and began speaking animatedly.

Whatever he said made some move closer and some edge away. Luis scooted back quickly, making Charlie laugh. Finally Luc seemed to convince some of them, and still talking he raised his hand. Phil's hand flew up eagerly, Luc having become something of an idol for him. Luc barely looked at him but kept his gaze on Gable.

There was provocation in his stance, and Gable reluctantly raised his hand. The three stood and surveyed the rest of the group. Luc was talking and Josh raised his hand, clenched in a fist, then as reluctantly as Gable had, Colin. Finally Thomas raised his fist and began giving orders.

Charlie knelt and Gable stepped in front of him, letting him take him in his mouth. Luis knelt before Phil, and Gunner before Luc. The standing men bent at the waist and used the men sucking them for support. Thomas seemed to be instructing Colin and Josh about something. When they turned they were wearing almost invisible rubber gloves on one hand.

Lissa knew what was coming and turned to the two older women. "You knew! That's why you did that..." She was peeved and more than a little turned on.

Lissa...dear," Suyen was using her Doctor voice. "You must know how strong a homosexual preference Colin has."

As she watched, her husband put his left hand in the middle of Gable's back and slipped the fingers of his right hand into the tiny puckered orifice, extending the ring of muscle severely. The gloved, oiled hand inched into the big man as he grabbed Charlie's shoulders tightly, and bent lower. Colin was erect, even though he had just come, even though he was flinching every time Gable shuddered. He was trying - improbably - to be as gentle as he could. "Colin's gay. That's it, isn't it."

"No, he is bisexual, perhaps leaning toward men, but deeply in love with you." Suyen stepped closer and spoke quietly, seeing that Lissa was listening intently even as she watched her husband penetrate Gable. "You must learn to play the forceful lover, because at home he can not be with men. No one but fellow Ranch intimates."

Lissa watched in awe as Colin's big hand disappeared into Gable. The bald man convulsed and raised his head, his features contorted. "I should play the man, you mean."

"Sometimes, just as he will sometimes whip you, even though it is not really what he enjoys."

Lissa could see that Suyen was right. Colin was cringing again as if he were the one in agony; he didn't understand the wonderful release one found in suffering. He was aroused watching it - but his heart wasn't really in causing it. Lissa wished she were in his place. Gable was motionless now, but she could see the tears filling his eyes as Colin's hand inched deeper.

She glanced at the other pairs, Luc stood motionless, almost expressionless, and staring at Gable as Thomas sank his hand into him. Luis had to support Phil as he seemed to swoon, Josh into him halfway to his elbow.

Thomas said something, and the men seemed to withdraw. Only Colin's hand remained hidden, and when he pulled away Gable staggered back, away from Charlie. His prick spurted and cum arced, even as his lips drew back in a pained grimace.

"They make a fist, inside." Suyen informed her as she began stroking Lissa's pussy. "The person being fucked is unable to pull away until the hand is opened."

Lissa sighed heavily and watched as Charlie moved to Colin, and began to suck him off. Colin seemed lost and closed his eyes; standing slumped, letting Charlie support him even as his hand remained in Gable. When he came, his head snapped back, the tendons in his neck showing taut. His hand must have flexed because Gable expelled it, staggering away. Still half-erect, Colin collapsed to the mat, tearing off the glove and sitting with his knees drawn against his torso, his hands clasped around them.

The others kept at it, but she only had eyes for her husband. Gable sat gingerly next to him and threw an arm about him. Poor Colin, she smiled, sometimes he felt guilty about enjoying things like this. " you have one of those gloves?"


She never told them that she had watched, that she saw Colin test himself by letting, no, insisting that Gable put on a glove and return the 'favor' of the fist fuck. She never told them how she came, sobbing with pain and held fast by Cara's small fist, while Suyen knelt before her, licking her clitoris. How she stood bent, her hands splayed on the glass through which she watched the men avariciously. Watching as her husband wept, even as he seemed to collapse, with only his spurting cock to show his pleasure in the experience.

The next evening they ate in silence and watched Josh and Sarah fuck each other with large vibrators, then use harness to hold them in place. With the quaking rods buried in their bottoms, they tried to have sex standing up. Luc decided to help and with Karen's aid he cuffed them and drew their arms up taut. He helped Sarah mount Josh, and they went at it frantically. Lissa was reminded of that first night, that first dinner at the ranch.

Luc decided to take it one step farther and began to lash them with the flail. After the first few blows they came apart, dancing away from the stinging pain. Josh was still hard, and the couple didn't object when Karen guided him into his wife again. Luc handed Karen the flail and cuffed Josh's ankles to a ring in the floor. He stood and slipped his hands under Sarah's knees, pulling her tightly against her husband, holding her helpless. At his nod, Karen began to whip the girl. The flail lashed Sarah's ass repeatedly, until Luc called a halt.

He went behind her, and lifted her - a hand on each burning cheek - and with her legs spread wide, impaled her on her mate's steel hard prick. Hanging like a broken doll, she let him move her back and forth, controlling the fuck. Karen in the meantime began to whip Josh with a vengeance, the lash catching Sarah on the insides of the thighs occasionally. When they finished, and hung limp and sated, Luc snatched up a rod, and struck them both before Thomas stopped him, letting him continue only after Josh and Sarah gave their permission for one more stripe each.

Lissa, sitting between Colin and Gable began to masturbate the men as they watched. They returned the favor, and the three 'musketeers' found their pleasure quietly while the others joined in the orgy surrounding Luc. When the party moved to the pool, the three of them retired to their room, and lounged on the bed, watching old movies. It was one of many things they discovered they had in common.

The passion that always swirled around them had ebbed and risen time and again this night, and they joined at last, quietly, lovingly reaching consummation. First Gable and Colin drove her to the point of ecstasy with only their mouths and hands. Every inch of her body was stroked and kissed by the patient men, and she learned a new kind of agony. Time and again she was pushed over the edge until she was limp.

Colin declared himself much too spent to join in and Lissa and Gable took this as a challenge. After resting only a moment, the figures on the bed shifted, strong hands lifting Colin's flaccid penis, while his testicles where nuzzled and the nerve cluster behind them stroked. They refused to stop until he grew hard and Lissa's lips circled the broad tip. It was the best she could do to swallow half of the huge rod while Gable teased the rest, his hand under their victim's bottom.

Her jaw was beginning to ache, and she suckled harder, scraping him with her teeth gently, flicking and swirling the tip with her tongue. Gable's powerful hands grew more forceful and Colin bucked and moaned. He spilled into both of their mouths as they met in a kiss, sharing in their ardor for the charming and handsome young man.

Later as Gable and she lay awake, with a sleeping Colin still pressed between them, she whispered a question. "If you don't mind... I mean, what is it with you and Luc?"

"I was once a pretty square fellow - O.K. - really square. " Gable rolled away a bit and looked up at the ceiling. "I was working for Luc when I met Marianna, his latest mistress. I fell in love - really in love - for the first time in my life."

"Marianna Clare, the actress?" Lissa remembered reading of the tempestuous love affair between the two movie stars. Marianna was a stunning woman, with platinum hair and violet blue eyes.

Gable nodded, "we began an affair, secret I thought, until Luc joined us one evening. She...Marianna, convinced me that she needed both of us, and I fell for it. Hell, I'd only been with a few women, what did I know. At first we would take her between us, Luc never touching me sexually nor I him."

Gable sighed and closed his eyes. "Gradually, I as introduced to things, things Marianna insisted made her happy. I discovered that I had a talent and a taste for discipline. One day I was tied face down, being whipped by Marianna, when she 'insisted' that Luc bugger me. I thought I would die from the pain and shame, but I learned to appreciate it." Gable smiled sadly, and looked first at Colin then her.

"What happened?"

"We came to the Ranch, and I learned the truth. Marianna's taste really ran toward women, she only slept with Luc to further her career, she only slept with me to please Luc." Gable's voice became distant and oddly bitter. "It was Luc who wanted me from the beginning. I was 'so much the brute', he said. The whole time we were here, I did anything he asked things I didn't even know... existed. On the last night... I whipped them both, left them horny, and tied up - then I told them I was staying."

"You were a guest, and you just stayed here." Lissa raised her voice and Colin stirred, murmuring in his sleep. "I thought the cowboys were hired..."

"Help." He finished her sentence. "No, most of us were guests at one time."

"I didn't mean anything." Lissa was quick to assure him. "I just didn't realize that anyone could stay."

"Thomas thought I had certain talents."

"Discipline!" Lissa's insides wriggled at the thought. The very word had so many meanings, loving punishment, a specialty, or even education. Gable personified all these things to Lissa.

"There is more to me than that." Gable rolled back toward them and stroked Colin's arm before touching her cheek. "I had hoped you..."

"You are the best teacher, and best friend, and we love you, very much."

Gable's green eyes met hers and what he saw there made him swallow hard. "You don't mean that. You love Colin and he loves you."

"And we both love you." Colin's sleepy voice was muffled but sincere. He rolled over and faced Gable. "I mean it."

Gable seemed at a loss for words. He smiled at the picture Lissa made as she peeked over Colin's shoulder at him, his harsh features softening. He gestured for her to come to him and she scrambled over Colin, and landed on his heavily muscled chest. The three of them laughed as the dark and menacing Gable was sandwiched between the sleek young couple and kissed until he begged for mercy.

When he pinned Lissa under him and settled into the soft cradle of her hips, his hard length touching the very core of her, she almost wept at how sweet the sensation was. Colin ran his hands and mouth over them both, his tongue and fingers stroking and probing until the three of them collapsed into a happy, sweaty, sleepy heap.

To Be Continued...


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