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The Ranch Ch. X
by C. L. Carne

In the weeks following their return home, they didn't speak of the Ranch. In fact they didn't speak much at all.

They returned to work. Colin to the offices of his Computer Company and Lissa to her unpaid position as director of an outreach center. Colin threw himself into his work, even though the corporation had scarcely missed a beat in his absence.

He and Lissa had not been together - sexually, since coming home. He was terribly afraid she had gone back into her shell. Afraid that the Ranch had been some sort of dream a fever dream of passion and pleasure, not meant for the real world. Really, in the depths of his soul, he was terrified at the prospect of losing her.

Alone in his office, everyone else long since headed home, Colin was debating what to order for dinner. A knock on the door made him start as Lissa opened it and slipped inside. She was dressed in her work clothes, jeans and a fuzzy blue sweater with white sneakers. She was carrying a picnic basket. "I thought you might be hungry?" She said it shyly, as if expecting a rebuff.

"Starving." He stood his arms at his sides and let his eyes run down her long lean figure, making no effort to hide his yearning.

"For dinner?" Bolder now, she gave him a randy grin that made his balls tighten, and his groin ache.

"For you." His voice became deadly serious, and he saw her breasts lift as she caught her breath.

Desire burning in her eyes, she dropped the basket. "I thought you'd never ask." In a graceful motion she raised her arms and tugged the sweater over her head. She wore nothing under it and her full beasts tipped slightly as she held her arms aloft, dropping the garment.

He stood and took her narrow waist between his hands as her arms slowly twined about his neck. Running long fingers along her ribs he kissed her tenderly, his tongue tasting every aspect of her mouth. Pebble hard nipples rubbed against the heavy cotton of his shirt as she leaned in and pressed herself closer. Colin found the snap to her jeans and eased his hands inside. She helped him and wiggled her hips, the better to shed the pants.

His fingers found her hot, moist center and stroked the golden curls there. She was more than ready for him. As he cupped her dripping mound and compressed the throbbing clitoris between the swollen labia, she unbuckled his belt and opened his fly, releasing his pulsing hardness.

"Now!" Her tone was harsh with yearning. She rested her bottom on the edge of his desk and wrapped her long, silky legs around his hips.

He paused, glancing at the door, "What if someone..."

"I locked it on the way in." She pulled him closer, until his massive prick was at the entry to the narrow, rose colored core of her. "Please, I can't wait."

He could no longer bridle his enthusiasm and leaned forward, letting her guide him inside. The welcoming warmth of the tight passage made him moan with pleasure. "I love you so."

"And...I" He was thrusting powerfully, making her words come out in breathy sobs. After weeks of denial their craving was too strong. When she captured his rampant prick and held it with interior muscles clenching in paroxysms of pleasure, he lost control. He slammed into her one last time and began to spurt endlessly, holding her cradled in his arms, almost weeping from the sheer joy of finding her again.

He lifted her and went to the leather sofa. With her on his lap, he relaxed and leaned back, eyes closed. "That was great."

"Will it be enough, I mean...I know you like..."

"You are all I need to be happy." He sighed and stroked her back, his fingers brushing the slight ridge of the brand. "Will you ever want, you know - discipline."

"Only what you care to give." She let him rest for a while then slid off his lap and began to touch him again. Pushing his pants down, she took him into her hands. Her lips found his limp phallus and swirled her tongue around the broad tip. Her exquisite hands dipped between his thighs and lifted the heavy sac, weighing and testing the balls that filled the silken testicles. Burying her face in his lap she began to lick the sensitive, delicate flesh of his scrotum.

When he started to harden she turned playful, ordering him to kneel on the couch and lean over the butter soft leather of the arm. For a moment he flashed to the ranch, and the chair he had been tied to.

No! This was different; Lissa would never harm him. Entrusting himself to her, he lifted his knees to let her take off his trousers.

Then his shorts were eased off, slowly as if to prolong the suspense.

She knelt behind him and nuzzled his balls again, taking them each into her mouth. Then she began to explore him with tongue and fingers.

He longed to be taken, to be fucked as totally as he had fucked her. She pierced him with two fingers and he sighed, content to let her torment him instead, with her probing, questing hands and mouth.

Finally, she ordered him to stay put, close his eyes, and not turn around as she left the couch. He heard the basket open, and the jingle of buckles.

The skin on his back began to tingle with anticipation, as she returned to her position behind him. Shoving up his shirttail, she prodded him with her fingers, opening and stretching him.

Slender fingers spread him as an impressive hardness began to ease past the sturdy muscle that tensed his anus. A prick that rivaled his own pushed slowly into his ass making his eyes water. It was well oiled, but the size and the slow, twisting motion she used made him whimper and clutch at the leather of the sofa arm. With one last powerful plunge, she pushed it in to the hilt, then started to fuck him slowly, almost leisurely.

Her hands crept forward and took up his heavy erection, stroking in time to her thrusts as her nipples traced erotic patterns on the small of his back.

This is what I yearn for, he thought as he huffed and gasped the sweet pain of her penetration making familiar flashes of light dance behind his closed eyes. This feeling, so different from what he felt while fucking her. Then he felt strong and powerful, now he was vulnerable, open and helpless. Murmurs of pleasure, small plaintive sounds, came from deep inside him with each visceral prod of her tool.

As he grew accustomed to the depth and strength of her passion, he was able to move with her. When she thrust her hips forward he became still, trembling and expectant. As she backed away slowly, he waited until the big tool was almost out of him, then pushed back and impaled him anew. Even though he was stuffed and stretched almost to the point of pain, the pleasure was beyond belief.

He held on to his control, trying to make this rapture last as long as possible, secure in the knowledge that she could - and would - go on forever if he wished it.

He finally came, almost collapsing, trying unsuccessfully to fight back tears of joy. Her soft body lay over his back, and he could hear her breathing heavily, feeling each exhalation on the nape of his neck. He was still impaled, stretched by her rigid, unyielding phallus, until she lifted herself off him and withdrew slowly. She covered him with a cashmere throw, and after standing next to him for a moment, went into the bathroom.

He lay drowsing, motionless on the sofa, listening to the water running. He wondered what she was thinking. Was she unsure, afraid that she had made a mistake? Did she worry that he was shocked, or repulsed by her? He got up and shed his wrinkled shirt as he walked to the basket and looked inside. What courage it must have taken to come here, he sighed wistfully, and how brave to bring this.

He didn't knock but flung open the door and stalked inside. She stood at the sink, the harness askew about her hips. The massive phallus was detached, wet and soapy in her hands. She had been crying.

"Bend over and let me give you a taste." He made his voice as stern as he could, trying to mimic Gable in one of his 'masterful' moods. "Now!"

She didn't smile, of even stop crying. She just held out the tool, then without looking up turned her back to him. For a moment he was taken aback, the dildo was a perfect replica of his penis. It was flexible and incredibly lifelike. He fought back a grin and tried to look stern, determined to give her what she needed.

Pushing aside the straps and rings, he opened her and, eschewing the gentle method she had used, carefully, but forcefully rammed the foam covered shaft home. She grunted and clutched at the cold smoothness of the sink, a sharp little yelp escaping her as the big rod slid in to the hilt. He held it in place by tightening the harness, only the flat flange left showing behind the black leather strap that ran up the center of her ass.

Once more he took up the thing he had found curled in the basket, the thing she had brought from the Ranch. His hand conformed to the shape of the phallic handle, and the knotted leather stands swished against his naked thigh.

She heard and quivered slightly, in fear or anticipation of what was coming. As the thick mahogany door swung closed, the sound of the whip falling mingled with the ecstatic keening of a woman's rapture.


Lissa shifted in her seat, her bottom still stinging from the previous afternoon.

The woman across from her had a defeated slouch and two black eyes. Her boyfriend had put her in the hospital several times, but this time she had pressed charges. Now she was hiding out in the woman's shelter that Lissa helped run. The boyfriend Cal had jumped bail and was making serious threats against Betty - and Lissa.

After her experience with Luc, Lissa had a renewed understanding of the terror of abuse. To others it might seem ironic, a woman who enjoyed the lash, who sought out discipline, working to save women who were beaten. To Lissa it was the difference between sex and rape, if permission was granted and the hand that held the whip was a loving hand. And, if only one word could stop it instantly. It made all the difference.

Now Lissa was waiting for her beloved husband to arrive and deliver her and her charge, Betty to safety. The women in the shelter were in danger as long as Betty was there, and they had already suffered enough. Colin was going to deliver them to the airport, where Betty would take his corporate jet to Tampa, and a new job.

"Here comes the car, Betty." Lissa sounded more enthusiastic than Betty looked. "It'll be a chance for a whole new life. It's all arranged, your job and a place to stay."

"If you say so Lissy." Betty's tone was defeated, as she studied the gray-green BMW. "Sure is a pretty car."

Colin put the suitcases in the car, insisting on driving them himself. He had been frantic with worry over the deadly threats made to his wife since she had told him of them. She had broken down and informed him of her perilous situation, as he held her, sobbing and shaken on the floor of his office bathroom.

She had been living in fear for over a week, and the stress of keeping the secret had finally made her daring enough to risk approaching him. She had been terrified that he would turn away from her, that her love would not satisfy the desires the Ranch had fostered in him. That she would serve only as a reminder of torture and abuse to Colin, who was -she said - really a rather gentle soul.

When he had vowed to help her and protect her, she had melted. She had showered him with kisses, ending up with her head in his lap, kissing the red ridged flesh of the brand as if to remove the taint of cruelty. She had felt the solid weight of his torso as he gracefully leaned down and pressed his mouth to the healed burn on her hip, erasing forever any shame she felt about it.

He shifted until he knelt between her legs, his mouth exploring her aching center. When he slipped his hard hands beneath her and kneaded the fevered flesh of her smarting ass she shrieked with joy, coming as tears flowing into her damp hair. Over and over she wailed incoherent words of love until he quieted her with kisses and tender caresses.

Now, he had arranged everything. Betty would go to the small beachfront resort, where his company had a retreat. Then, he and Lissa would leave for their long postponed honeymoon cruise in the Greek Islands. They had only to deliver Betty, Lissa thought as she leaned back against the cream leather of the car seat, and then she and her splendid, wonderful husband could be on their way.

They had almost made it to the terminal when the shooting started.

A bullet shattered the windshield, spraying Colin and Lissa with beads of glass. Betty screamed as the side windows exploded and the car swerved against the row of parked cars. Pushing Lissa down with one hand, Colin drove blindly toward the sprawling terminal.

They were jolted as the BMW hit the curb and scattered the crowd there.

"Stay down!" A stern voice shouted as shots rang out on either side of them. Colin pushed Lissa down on the floor, covering her with his body. After an eternity, there was silence. Betty began cursing steadily from the back seat, as the shaken couple stirred and peeked out of the car. A familiar baldhead ducked into the window and glared at them disapprovingly. "I said stay down."

"Gable!" They whooped simultaneously, shocked and delighted to see him here.

"You two need a keeper." He shook his head disparagingly, as they jumped out of the car in a spray of broken glass.

"What happened?" Colin asked, his arm across his wife's chest, holding her close.

"What are you...why are you...?" Lissa was breathless, even as a brilliant smile lit up her beautiful face. They were all awkward, aware of the growing audience around them.

"I saved your asses," Gable pointed to two fallen gunmen, being examined by policemen. "Thomas's contacts told him you were being threatened, he told me." He turned his cool green gaze on Lissa.

"And you left the...I mean you came here for us?" Colin seemed incredulous, his voice a whisper. "You were so distant those last days in Nevada."

"I've been here, oh, two days. You were never supposed to see me. I thought I'd spare you that."

"Spare us!?" Lissa was shrilly bellowing into her savior's ear. "You come here and don't even tell us."

"I a professional body guard. It was the least I could do after the trouble I caused you."

The crowd was milling around them, with sirens screaming, and officers grimly shouting questions. Betty had gotten out of the car and was screeching obscenities at the wounded Cal, who was flopping around on the tarmac.

Lissa was half crazed with relief and amazement. Imagine, she marveled, Gable, who she missed more every day, turning up just in the nick of time. To save them.

Colin got the police officers attention. "Mr. Gable is a private security consultant. He works for me." His tone brooked no argument, and the officers backed away. Lissa was so proud of him at that moment; he was very dignified and authoritative.

Gable flashed her an imperceptible smile, and brushed the glass off her shoulder. "That's our boy." He whispered, without moving his lips. To all appearances he seemed a watchful, impersonal guardian, concerned only about his employers.

Colin went into string-pulling, name-dropping overdrive. Still, it was an hour or more before they left. Questions had to be answered, tempers soothed, Betty's trip postponed, and Cal and his cohort trundled off to the prison ward.

Gable directed them to his car and ushered them into the back seat. "After I see you home, I'll go."

"Like hell!" Colin growled squeezing Lissa's hand.

"What he said!" She joined in emphatically.

"I let you down. Worse, I caused your injuries." Gable drove grimly, without turning. "It goes against everything I am. I protect people, but when it came to those I love most, I failed - miserably."

"You just saved us." Lissa leaned forward, trying to see his face.

"But Luc hurt you both, because of me."

"Screw Luc!" Colin snapped. "You made one mistake. Trusted the wrong person, underestimated a miserable little psychopath - you were the only one who even began to see him for what he was. He fooled everyone else."

"We love you Gable." Lissa exchanged a look with her husband.

"Both of us." Colin rested a hand on Gable's shoulder.

"Stay, please." She had started to sniffle, the day's events catching up with her. "Be our keeper."

"You, you both want me to stay." Gable's voice softened, his tone almost disbelieving.

"I know it's asking a lot to leave your job at the ..."

Gable interrupted Colin. "The Ranch will always be there - to visit. I'll gladly take care of you, BOTH of you, for as long as you want me."

"Forever." Colin smiled.

"My bodyguard?" Lissa giggled, leaning forward to kiss his cheek.

"Forever!" Gable wheeled up the tree-lined drive to their house. He stopped at the front door, got out and opened the door for them, every inch the perfect employee. Once inside, he crushed them in a bear hug, lifting them both off the floor.

They showered kisses on him, growing ever more passionate as they tore at each other's clothes. Lissa kissed him repeatedly, loving the rugged, craggy features. His massive arms made her feel tiny and fragile, and safe - very safe.

He eased her down to the Persian carpet, hesitating only an instant before entering her moist softness. His arms framed her body as his strong hands cradled her head tenderly. Lissa ran her fingers along his broad back, then straightened her arms in a silent plea to Colin.

He stood and watched as Gable settled into the welcoming haven of soft belly, silky hair and sleek thighs. They were so beautiful together, so opposite in appearance, so alike in appetites. At last he took her hands and let her draw him into the charmed circle. He kissed the wide shoulders and neck, thrilling to the power he felt coiled there. Slowly he ran his mouth down the deeply defined spine until he reached the sculpted hardness of the ass.

Gable tensed, causing the buttocks to flex and dimple as he thrust into Lissa. Colin traced the muscular cleft, lowering himself to the floor. He gently lifted each testicle, and marveled at the size and weight, his lips able to feel the pulsing tightness of unreleased passion there.

From his position he could glimpse the long blue-veined penis as it penetrated the gold and pink of his wife's feminine core.

When he could wait no longer, Colin got to his knees. He used his mouth and tongue to moisten the way, then guided his erection into the tiny bud of muscle, between the brawny ass cheeks. Lissa began to spasm, her legs stretching toward the ceiling until he caught them.

With a hand behind each knee, he began to lift her, setting the rhythm for the three of them. He would ram into the big man, then almost withdraw. When he did, he would lift his wife's hips off the floor, impaling her deeper each time. Colin was fucking them both, and he and Lissa were fucking Gable.

"I love you." He breathed as Lissa came yet again and the big man bucked beneath him.

With one hand Lissa held Gable's head tight against her heart, while the other reached for Colin. He was still plowing the shuddering Gable as he took the offered hand and laced his fingers through hers.

Lissa was content to lie there, glorying in the feel of him, heavy and solid. Holding him close while Colin finished reaming him; she listened to the little huffs he made each time he was penetrated. "I love you." Her voice was musical with

Gable had buried his face in Lissa's long blond hair, content to be held between them, to be fucked so thoroughly by the dearest, most beautiful people in the world. His golden girl, he called them in his most secret thoughts, and his golden boy. When Colin filled him with a hot burst of semen and collapsed, he closed his eyes and in a clear, loud voice said, "I love you, both of


"Terminal rug burn!" Lissa grumped as they lay in their king-sized bed the next morning.

"Poor baby." Colin commiserated with playful sarcasm.

"Let me kiss it and make it better." Gable's tone was earnest. He flipped her over and studied her back. There was an angry looking rash across her shoulders, but her bottom was surprisingly, beautifully unmarked.

"Next time, somebody else gets to be on the bottom." She tried - and failed - to sound aggrieved.

"Bitch, bitch, bitch." Colin sniped, then laughed when she loudly slapped his flat belly.

Gable grinned as he left the bed and went into the bathroom. In the cupboard he found an assortment of lotions and shampoos, the scents reminding him of Lissa and Colin and making him smile. Selecting a jar of antiseptic cream meant for use on sunburn, he returned to their bed - his bed too, now.

Colin helped him apply the white cream, soothing her shoulders while Gable started at her feet, working his way up her legs. Before long, she was almost purring, like a cat being petted. Colin was nearly erect, so Gable pushed him back with a kiss, urging Lissa to mount him, carefully guiding her down, onto her husband's penis.

"Come...join us." Colin held out his hand entreating the big man to be with them.

"In a minute." Gable's voice was gravely and strained.

"The drawer, top left." Lissa raised up, until she was kneeling upright, straddling Colin as her knees sank into the soft mattress, making small circles with her hips. She was fucking Colin, but looking at Gable, her eyes meeting his, challenging him.

When he opened the drawer he had to hide a grin. She knew him, Lissa did. She knew he needed this even if he didn't want it any more.

He needed to exorcise the specter of Luc, to prove that he was in control. She trusted him and the knowledge of that made him swallow hard. The knotted leather strings stung his leg as he stood, watching them for a moment as they made love. Gable shook himself, blinking rapidly. In a ragged, uneven voice he ordered. "Hold her!"

Colin pulled her down into his arms, holding her fast. He stopped moving, even though he shook with the effort. A small sound of surrender escaped her as she shut her eyes. Gable stepped close, running his hands over the smooth white mounds of her bottom. His fingertips traced the scar on her hip, the three conjoined initials marring the flawless flesh. Bending, he brushed his lips over the brand, then straitened.

"Count!" Without warning he struck a slashing blow that made Lissa and Colin yelp.

"One!" It was rather too soon to be whipped, since Colin had let her have it only yesterday. Although the physical signs had faded, her bottom felt like a mass of exposed nerves, the single blow almost unbearable. Nevertheless, she could not deny Gable this. He had to know, beyond any doubt, that she trusted him totally.

Nine more times the lash fell, Lissa screaming out the last numbers as Colin held her face in his hands, kissing her wet cheeks. Gable crouched behind her and briskly rubbed cream on her backside and anus.

He lifted her, his hands hard on her throbbing bottom. Only the tip of Colin's penis remained inside of her as she knelt, sniffling and quivering in expectation. Gable reached between them, and touched the ridged scar on the other man's hip. It filled the narrow spot where his muscular thigh met his side. He didn't need to see, it was the same as the brand on his own body, burned deep into the same sensitive flesh.

Make them happy make her happy, he thought. Well versed in giving her pleasure, he roughly parted her and drilled fast and deep into her tight anal sheath, not stopping until his coarse pubic hair was rubbing her aching ass. She howled in delight as he pulled out slowly, letting her slide back down onto Colin's rampant prick.

In a moment they fell into the old rhythm, one man almost withdrawing as the other rammed home. Lissa went wild, pleading with them to go slower, then faster as a series of small orgasms hit her.

"Pleeeese, don't...don't stahhhhhp!" Anything as long as they didn't stop. The last convulsive throes of release slammed through her, making her fall limp into Colin's arms. The potent contractions of her strong inner muscles gave the men no choice. They spurted together, hot streams of cum bathing her full to the brim insides.

Gable's strength deserted him and he fell forward, his chest heaving. For the moment he just wanted to hold them close.

"Guys?" Lissa's voice was muffled. "GUYS! Oxygen...deficit."

They chuckled as they rolled over, taking her with them. Momentarily exhausted, they stayed close, Colin studying her face intently. "Are you all right?"

"I'm better than all right." She tried to silence him with a frown.

"What's going on?" Gable knew them too well.

"I just thought...well I gave her twenty...well you know...yesterday." Colin always had trouble talking about such things, even after he did them, in this case very thoroughly.

"TWENTY!" Gable rolled her over to face him, making her wince as her butt scraped over the soft percale of the expensive sheets. "You should have told me. I know how tender twenty lashes can leave you."

"Colin was trying to make a point." Lissa didn't want Gable to blame her husband. "He was trying, very sweetly, to make me happy."

"I wasn't sure how many, and she wouldn't say stop, or mercy or whatever it is..." Colin lay back, throwing up his hands.

"I know whose fault it is." Gable struggled to look annoyed, but a grin stole over his face as he looked at them. "Just don't keep secrets, O.K.?"

"Sorry." Lissa tried and failed to look contrite. "I'll just have to think of some way for you two to make it up to me." Mischief played across her features, making the two men smile nervously.

"Oh dear, we are in for it, I fear." Colin laughed, and rolled back onto his side, facing them.

"One rule. Seriously." Gable's expression turned pensive, as he kept watching them. "Passive bonds for me from now on. I will never be bound so securely that I am unable to help you. I thought I'd go mad when I couldn't..."

"Whatever you want." Colin understood instantly, he panicked a little at the thought of being helpless too.

"We don' need no stinkin' bondage!" Lissa giggled, trying to lighten the mood, by reminding them of an old movie they'd watched. "We're much to brave."

Gable pulled them into his arms and hugged them fiercely. "I'm not so brave. I love you two - so much it scares the shit out of me."

"Seriously, loves." Lissa ran her hands over the powerful bodies on either side of her. "I just wanted to show you...both...that anything was O.K. and I trust you and..."

"You aren't afraid of us." Colin finished for her.

"You need never worry about me." Gable smiled gently, kissing her. "I don't need anything except to be with you. I trust you to tell me when to stop."

She could see that Gable still feared being thought of only as a sexual partner in this relationship. "Stop." Lissa shared a look with Colin, then sighed deeply. "I would stay with you both, even if you never made love to me again. Sex, in all its strange and wonderful aspects, is grand, but I can live without it. I thought I needed pain to find pleasure, pleasure to find happiness, but I was wrong. All I need is your love. If I lost you..."

She was kissed into silence as the two men sought to reassure her. "Never!" Gable looked at her with such love in his eyes that she gulped. "The world will think I am the most loyal and caring bodyguard in history."

"In fifty years," Colin laughed. "The staff at the rest home will wonder about the three of us. Two horny old farts and a glamorous old broad, sharing the same rooms." He leaned back and laughed at the picture he had created, Gable joining in with his deep rumbling chuckle.

"Colin, I think we'll need some security on that cruise. Our lives are definitely in danger."

"Brilliant, darling!" Colin started to plan, as the other two watched in amusement. "An adjoining room for our fearless bodyguard. He'll have to follow us everywhere."

"We live in fear!" Lissa pretended to huddle close to Gable.

"It's probably not a bad idea." Gable smiled indulgently at his darlings. "Kidnapping is a serious problem."

"See!" Lissa crowed in mock vindication. "He's going to have to stay really close to us."

Colin joined her as they pressed their long graceful bodies against the stoic Gable. "I feel safer already."

The day stretched out before them, the first of so many yet to come. Lissa climbed leisurely over Gable and snuggled between the two men, sheer contentment making her laugh out loud. "WE are going to live SO happily ever!"


Don't bet on it!


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