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True Squirter
by Sparky Kronkite

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

It was just about a minute when this hair pieced gent turned to me and said, pointing at his apparent partner, "you are beautiful and my lady would like to be with you." Heck, she was cute - and I still needed my first nut. I turned to Paul and asked him with my eyes. He just pushed me toward her, taking my towel off as I went . Her eyes sparkled as we kissed. Her tongue and mine softly fighting for feeling flesh. She pushed me down and my back and was between my legs in no time. Her mouth felt great on and in my pussy. I just closed my eyes and moaned. Paul got up and holding his member came over for a closer look. He stroked his cock with his left hand and rubbed the back of the pretty girl between my legs with his right hand. All the while the African and the blonde in the other bed kept going at it - she was moaning loudly now, her husband continued to beat off. My new female lover pulled her knees up under her for a better angle. I pulled my knees up and spread them wide. I saw Paul run his hand down the crack of her ass and stick a finger in her pussy. I could feel her moan into my wanting pussy.

Right about then "the couple," entered the room. Yes, that couple, the great looking ones. They were completely naked. They too started by sitting on the couch but I guess my little Greek beauty's ass, sticking up like that with my husbands fingers embedded in it was too much for "miss great looking," to handle. She got her brunette headed body of the couch, leaving her dark haired lover, came over to the bed we were on and got down and started eating out my Greek babes ass. Paul had to remove his fingers. I was a little miffed, a little jealous. But, I still had the Greek girls mouth on my pussy. I still was climbing toward my first orgasm. Paul took advantage of the situation. He now had a new and very beautiful ass in front of him, just a little further reach. Still standing and stroking his meat, he leaned in and put one knee on the bed - he later told me he tried to fist fuck the long, dark haired beauty. I heard her muffled moaning but could not see what Paul was doing to her. I glanced to my left and noticed that the hair piece guy was siting right next to me. I tell you - I was so fucking horny. I saw his dick, it could have been any dick at that point. I bent up, moved a little to the left and sunk my lips over his scrawny cock. It sprang to life under my masterful manipulations. About that time, this all seemed like it was happening at once - it was building toward a grand climax - the dark male over of the long haired brunette got off the couch. He grabbed his girl friends legs and spun her over onto her back. Paul's hand again lost its favored place. The dark one simply grabbed his ver large dick and rammed it into the brunette.

You got the picture? The dark guy screwing his babe of a brunette girl friend - she on her back eating away between the legs of the young Greek beauty who had my legs up in the air and her tongue in my pussy - as I suck the old wig hatted fart while my husband is just standing there and beating off. All the while the other threesome in the other bed, the blonde, the African and her husband were going at it too.

Moans of ecstasy filled the room. Single men kept opening the door for a peek or more. Paul would shoe them away reminding them that this was an invitation only room. They were polite about it.

Even though I desperately wanted to cum, I was thinking about Paul, just whacking himself. I gave up on the old guy, her was cool and tried to concentrate on the cute mouth between my legs. That's when babe bitch brunette took over and flipped the Greek cutie over and away from me and my pussy, my needs. That bitch. Paul cam to me to cuddle. We watched them go at it for a while - until the Greek cutie came all over the place. The close cropped blonde came over and told me that she just had to suck Paul's beautiful big dick. I said, "go ahead." She attacked him with her mouth, sucking hard, too hard. Paul made a cross eyed look at me but was polite and let her go at it for a couple of minutes. What a man.

Finally, we found ourselves alone on the bed. Most folks had left the room. Only the African guy, now siting on the couch was there. And another couple, a new couple, I don't know when they got there - they were in the room on the other bed. Paul was fucking me. I was on my back and he was pulling me toward him onto his waiting rod. He motioned to the African whose dick was still limp yet still fat. He came on over and knelt to my left side. He moved his cock closer to my mouth. I grabbed it and put it between my lips - it grew. He started to move, to pump into my eager mouth. Paul was fucking me good now. Paul knew I'd never had a black dick. Oh, I've had big dicks - just not black dicks. Paul nodded toward me and cocked his head in the direction of our new partner. I motioned that it was okay with me. Paul asked the guys if he wanted to trade places. He said sure. This magnificent black African stud was between my legs but he'd gone soft. He'd had a pretty good work out earlier. I kind of made a frown at him as he tried to stuff his huge limp dick into me and he said, "hey, I'm sorry I think I need a little rest," in a thick accent. Gosh! I began to think I wasn't going to cum on this fun night.

The African left the room leaving just us and this new couple. Paul and I went back to the couch. They asked if we wanted to play. They looked good. Not unlike us but darker and he had a bit more weight than I usually like. None the less, I was still super horny and neither I, nor Paul had cum yet. It was time to cum.

I started right in on the guy - orally. Paul rubbed her back, fingered her pussy (Was this his favorite thing now?) and she orally nuzzled up my ass and pussy. It felt great and I was getting high again - on sex. Finally I really needed a dick in me and I needed it - right fucking now. The girl knew what I needed and she turned to Paul and said, " Would you please fuck this woman, fuck your wife, fuck the shit out of her?" Paul got between my legs and started pumping his wonderful dick into my juicy love hole. I loved it. The husband, the guy I was sucking off (I presumed that he was her husband) he sort of "got lost." He was watching somewhere. She (the wife) now was rubbing Paul's back of all things, kissing him and whispering to him to fuck me, make me cum and for him to cum - she wanted to see his dick spurt. Paul was feeling good, I guess all her coaching was pushing him along. Paul announced that he was about to cum. She said, "Let me see, let me see baby." Paul pulled out and started stroking his super hard reddened cock. I love to watch my husband jerk off and cum - I was delighted, I began to rub myself. Paul was all there, all of a sudden he said, "Here it cums ladies." Big jets of sperm spurted from the end of his big pink dick. Our guest partner, she bent down and licked at the head of his dick. She rubbed his balls until he was completely drained. And, as it goes, things quickly cooled down.

So there I was - still no big O. I was a bit put off - I had yet to cum on this adventure.

I was giving up. Yeah, actually I was at that point. It was 1:30pm in the morning and we had to drive back to the hotel, and carefully too - we'd had a bit to drink. So, I gave Paul a look and we politely thanked our most recent playmates, grabbed out towels and made our way back to the lockers and our clothes. We got dressed, thanked Tim our tour guide earlier and headed for the door.

Interesting, in the entrance area, where you pay to get in - a cute young guy, very young, maybe too young - we pleading with the doorman to get in the place. We couldn't quite figure out what the problem was - no ID, no money, we didn't know. Anyway, we kind of just kept going, out the door and toward our car in the back parking lot.

When we'd just about reached our car that same young fellow, the one that couldn't get in at the door - he came trotting up to us in the parking lot. He asked us if we had a good time. If it was "worth it" in there. He asked us what the people looked like. He also told us that he was horny as frigging hell. At first I thought that maybe he wanted us to take him inside - just get him in the door. But then he suggested - hell, he almost pleaded - for all of us to get together and have some fun. Paul said to him, as he gave "me" a wink, "What do you want to do, do it here in the parking lot?" Uh oh, I thought Paul might be into this scene, that horny bastard. The young one explained that he had his parents car with him, a big Buick, we could use that. Jeeze I thought, this kid with - "his parents car! God!" But - he was real fucking cute though and I still hadn't gotten my nut yet.

This cutie pie guy was only about 5'5" at 140. He looked like he may have been Jewish - (I hope that doesn't sound prejudice, it's really not meant to be) - he had dark longish, curly hair, sparkling eyes and a fiery grin - he also had the personality to be genuinely persuasive and at this point it seemed to be working. Paul was sure grinning with interest. Paul came over to me, he put his arm around my shoulders and whispered to me, "You don't want to give this cute guy some head? Give him a thrill? You'd have fun too. Me too, I'll watch and take care of myself." "Yeah," I asked, "where the hell are we going to do this?" Paul looked around. I was dark of course and it was warm (again, we're in Florida) - and there was a back corner that we could go into and more than likely - not be caught. Paul gave me a kiss on the neck, I smiled and grabbed the guys hand and we slowly backed into the dark corner. It felt real sneaky. I was getting wet again.

The young one's name was Jeremy and I must say - he was really cute. A good firm body, like a gymnast. Man, was he horny. We barely reached the darkened corner when he grabbed me, spun me around and began to kiss me. His hand immediately went up my skirt and he dove into my steamy wetness, plunging two of his rather long fingers in past his knuckles. I groaned with pleasure. As I kissed him I opened my eyes to see Paul, unzipped and stroking his cock about three feet away. I reached for Jeremy's cock and it was right there, he had unbuckled his pants and let them fall to the ground. I felt his ass too. Super tight ass on this guy, one of the best ever. He fingered me good and I stroked his very nice cock - I had to taste it though. I bend forward, his fingers loosing their place inside of me. I took his cock into my mouth and slowly sucked him in. He tasted wonderful. He let out a low moan when I did this. I licked his head, swirled my tongue around it and then slowly plunged the length of it, as deep into my mouth as I could get it. Spittle dripped from my mouth and fell in strands to the ground. I began to finger myself when I felt Paul's hand on my ass - he was positioning me. I gladly followed his direction. Paul spread my legs and with his hand spread my pussy juices all over my pussy and ass. He got behind me and I could feel the head of his penis begin to slowly enter me from behind. I was in fucking heaven, to me nothing is better than two cocks (well maybe three) but two cocks are the ultimate.

I sucked on the young Jeremy with vigor, mind waving toward an orgasm as Paul pounded his dick into me, his balls slapping my clit with every stroke. I bent over more, trying to take as much of the length of Paul's prick as I could. By now I could feel Jeremy was about to come - Paul was about there too - and I had my juices running down out of my pussy and covering my thighs. I am a squirter, remember? It felt so damn good. Just about now Jeremy began to twitch and cum - my, he was horny - huge flushes of his sweet man cum filled my mouth. I gulped to drink it, I held my right hand under my chin to catch any overflow of which there was plenty. Jeremy was making so much noise, I only briefly thought of being found out - but I was way to far gone to think about it very long. Paul's dick continued to pound my now super drenched pussy. I too was about to cum. I had an idea - I pushed Jeremy down, pushing on his shoulders - he was now on his knees in front of me. I began to stand up a bit more and directed Jeremy to go down on me. I grabbed his curly dark hair with both hands and shoved his face into my twat. Paul's dick was still inside me from behind. Jeremy licked at my clit. I groaned at him - do it harder. I groaned to Paul to fuck me harder. They did so. That's when I announced to them that I was about to fucking cum. Finally, I thought! I shoved harder, down onto Jeremy's face - I could feel Paul cumming too - I could feel his dick twitching inside of me and he was grunting like a mad man. I came - big time. Huge jets of clear pussy liquid left the swollen lips of my pussy - drenching Jeremy completely - his face shined in the dim light and the collar of his shirt was soaked. Liquid poured from me. I violently shook and shot and splashed and came - holding young Jeremy's face in place. I worried he might drown. It was over and I began to come down.

I let one hand go of Jeremy's hair and braced myself on the wall of the building. Paul withdrew from me, dripping. I looked at my red dress, it was a fucking mess - literally. I was still in my heels but I didn't think I could walk in them now - so I took them off. Jeremy stood up. Man, you talk about a mess. He had my cum (and maybe some of Paul's too) all over the front of him. But he had a huge god damn grin on his face. We straightened ourselves up, there in the shadows and made our way back to our car. I kissed Jeremy deeply - I knew I would never see him again. He gave us a simple thanks and retreated to his parents Buick, waving to us. What a cutie. I wondered how he was going to clean himself up so his parents wouldn't suspect anything.

Oh well. I finally got my orgasm. The end of yet another great adventure.

By for now guys and gals. More true stories to cum.
Love, Marcy...

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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