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The Shopkeeper
by rabbit108

Julie walked into the antique shop, she had seen a drawing in the window she felt draw too, a man of about 60 moved forward as she approached the counter.

"Can I help you mam"?

"It's the drawing in the front window, can I have a closer look please"?

"I'll get my son to serve you ,he knows more about it".

The old man shuffled away to be replaced by a young man of about twenty.

"I understand you're interested in the drawing"?

"Yes , I would like any information you have on it please"

As the young man moved to the window, Julie noticed his broad back, the muscles rippled as he lifted a box out of the way.

The drawing was of an Indian girl of about sixteen, she was naked, laid on an old blanket and attended to by seven men carrying trays laden with objects.

The strange look on the girls face was what drew Julie to it, she looked so scared.

"This drawing was done at the turn of the century, it was done by my uncle, this is a drawing of a girl who had rejected an offer of marriage from a man of eighty who wanted her to be his seventh wife".

"She was so repulsed by the old man she took her own life, this is the last time my uncle saw her, she was the daughter of one of his friends".

Julie looked at the photo, she must have it.

"How much would you like for it"

"I am afraid it is two hundred pounds"

Julie wrote a check out endorsed by her American express card.

I have a frame out the back, if you give me a few hours I will mount it and deliver it for you"

Julie smiled as she handed her address to the hunk, she would have another chance to see this man again.

Julie had showered and changed by the time the doorbell rang, he was there clutching the framed drawing.

Inviting him in Julie offered him a drink.

As Tony sat with his whiskey he looked at the other pictures and drawing on the wall, they all depicted young girls up to twenty, the strange thing was there expressions, they all were scared.

Julie noticed his interest with the photos.

"I love the thought of being in a position where my fate is decided by someone else.

Standing next to one picture that showed a girl tied to a tree and the man standing over her, she was partially naked, her breast was uncovered and the man had a stick raised.

"The ultimate sin is to say no," Julie smiled at Tony, "I love to be dominated, but not many men want to take on the challenge."

Tony was intrigued, Julie talked like she was amongst friends, telling Tony all about dreams she had as a child of being tied up. She was fascinated by the subject .

They talked for about two hours, Julie without realising, had told Tony all about her sexual frustrations, men were scared of her, many were afraid of being accused of forced rape.

Tony looked at his watch, it was gone twelve, he rose saying sorry about the lateness of the time.

Julie assured him she had enjoyed the evening, closing the front door she was sorry he was gone.

* * * CHAPTER 2 * * *

Tony thought about Julie the next day as he went about clearing some old boxes from the back of the shop,

He had cleared the house of an old man who had died, there were books of all subjects, and a few porno magazines, as he glanced through there was one that caught his eye.

The title was BOUND TO PLEASE, and showed a girl tied to a St Andrews cross. Her body was naked, a man with a huge hard-on stood by, he had a small paddle in his hand, she looked so scared.

Putting the magazine to one side he looked at the rest of the stuff in the box.

At the bottom of the box he saw some black leather cuffs chained together, further investigation revealed a full kit of bondage equipment.

He thought of Julie, he could just see her, half naked, chained to the bed ,his penis rose at the thought, she did have a sexy body, he was not into S&M but to have a girl helpless at your mercy made him rock hard, he decided to contact her again.

Ringing her doorbell he had second thoughts, maybe she would think he was a pervert and call the police.

To late to back out the door opened.

"OH hello Tony, nice to see you again".

Julie wore shorts and a blouse tied by the tails exposing her belly, dead sexy thought Tony.

"Hi, I don't want you to get the wrong Idea, but I found these in the shop", He produced a suitcase,

"come on in", Tony led the way to the front room and sat down.

"I feel embarrassed now, please don't be offended, but the way you were talking last night I thought of you".

He handed the case to Julie, "you have got me intrigued now" she smiled.

As she opened the case she saw the freshly cleaned leather cuffs and other stuff.

She gasped, "Oh my god Tony"

Tony got up to go thinking he had gone to far.

Julie sat on the settee, raising the cuffs to her nose she breathed the wonderful smell of leather, her fingers caressed the soft leather, "they are beautiful Tony thank you", rising up she kissed him quickly, "would you put them on please" .

Tony was gobsmacked, but she was smiling at him, reaching for the cuffs he tried to put them her.

"NO SILLY ON YOU , I want to see what they look like on a man"

Julie helped him off with his jacket, he felt foolish in this position, tying one wrist he held the other out for Julie to tie, soon both were on , it was a strange sensation , Julie's eyes sparkled, she held the small strap that bound the two wrists and pulled on it .

Tony walked as Julie led him into the other room, it was dark, the curtains were heavy lined, not a chink of light showed.

He followed Julie deeper into the room, she stopped, he felt click into place near his hands, suddenly his arms were being raised above his head, still further until he was on tip toes.

"What's goi" was all he got out, he felt a tape being put across his mouth and then she spoke.

"You are going to find out more about me honey, do as you are told the first time" was all she said.

He felt his shirt being undone and pulled apart, her hands caressed his naked chest, finding his nipples she tweaked them into hard buttons, he felt her wet tongue lick them, a tingle went to his loins, she moved away and left the room, he stood there silently wondering what the hell he had stumbled on.

About twenty minutes later a light went on flooding the room, he stood there blinking, as his eyes focused he saw her standing there, she was dressed in black shiny vinyl from head to toe, her breasts were naked, peeking through the holes cut into the material, her hips and thighs looked as if they had been poured into the garment, her sex outline was visible , her puffy lips bulged as the vinyl clung to her body.

Julie had that sparkle in her eyes again , moving closer she undid his belt, his trousers fell down exposing his boxer shorts, as he saw her eyes drop down he felt himself respond, kneeling down she pulled his shorts down slowly, his prick rising even though he was not sure what her aim was.

He felt her hands caress his ball sac, her cool hands rolled his balls around , his prick was at full length now, he felt her other hand tying something around his balls and prick, it was an Arab strap it held his prick out straight and tightly trapped his balls.

Her long nails scraped the full length of his trapped penis, he shuddered, he was so hard, she lowered his aching arms so he could stand on his feet, but not for long, she pulled his tied wrist forward and he went off balance and fell forwards onto a bed, he heard a click as she secured him to the top of the bed post, she produced a set of handcuffs and cuffed his left ankle to the base of the bed.

He was trapped, naked on the bed face down.

"This is what the girl in the picture must have felt, not knowing what was going to happen next," Julie spoke quietly.

"It might have been this", Tony waited with bated breath, "UGGGHHHHH", he moaned as he felt a sharp pain hit his buttocks, Julie raised the paddle again, "WHOOSH" another harder slap onto his naked ass, he caught his breath as the pain receded.

"Or maybe this," another pause, Tony steeled his body for another jolt, instead he felt her nails scratch his ass where the paddle had hit, the sensation was intense, tiny electric shocks ran through his body as the nails repeated their assault.

He felt her tying straps to his knees one by one, first the right, she then brought his right knee up under his body and tied the strap to the top headboard, undoing the handcuffs she repeated the sequence to his left leg.

He was on his knees, his ass exposed high in the air, her hand trailed across his exposed scrotum, he shivered as the fingernails scratched his anus, he had no idea what she would do next..

He felt soft breast push against his ass as she knelt behind him, her hands moved to his groin, taking his rampant prick she slowly wanked him, the vinyl gloves she had put on massaged the pre-cum along the length making it silky smooth, she kissed the centre of his back making her way down to his ass, her tongue licked the spot where she had paddled him, he was so turned on , he hated pain, but this was different, all the time he was waiting for the next assault, when it came it blew his mind apart.

Julie stood up from the bed, tying a strap on prick to her waist, putting a blob of gel on the tip she knelt behind Tony.

Her hand caressed his tight scrotum, her other hand leveled the strap on pick at his anus, suddenly she lurched forward, Tony screamed as he felt the massive rod enter his unsuspecting hole, Julie thrust again, the gel helped the rod enter deeper, with each thrust Tony yelped in pain.

Gripping Tony's hips Julie sawed in and out of the tight hole, soon, enough of the gel had lubricated the hole making it easier.

Tony felt himself respond, he could not believe this, his prick throbbed as the anal stimulus was making him respond, her hand slipped under him and gently squeezed his swollen balls.

He felt himself start to move against the thrusts, taking the solid rod deeper into his bowels, he whimpered as he felt his prick jerk, shot after shot of his sperm hit the bed beneath him, it was his most intense climax he had ever had , Julie squeezed a bulb attached to the dick, Tony felt warm liquid shoot deep into his bowels, he felt his prick jerk again trying to shoot more sperm as another climax shook his body, there was no more sperm to shoot, he just let the orgasm rush through his body and he collapsed in a heap out of breath.

Julie tied the straps of the dick to Tony's thighs, the prick was still trapped deep into his bowels, Julie turned the lights off and left the room, Tony fell asleep drained.

Tony woke with a pressure deep inside, he remembered last night , the bed was sticky underneath him with his cum, the dick deep in his ass.

The door opened and Julie entered, dressed in her dressing gown, she approached the bed and leaned over and kissed Tony , her tongue insinuated into his mouth, her hand pushed gently against the dick moving it slightly in his ass, he moaned as the thick rod moved.

Julie undid the straps and slowly pulled out the invader, cold air rushed into his anus as it gapped open, he shivered.

He felt the straps released from his legs and his hands released from the cuffs, he was free.

Julie led him to the bathroom and turned on the shower, she dropped the robe she was wearing and stood naked ,holding Tony's hand she pulled him into the shower, they made slow passionate love, Julie loved his solid prick as it entered deep into her waiting cunt, she had lived her dream to dominate a man for a short while, but this is what she wanted, a man to take control and treat her like a woman. As she felt his sperm shoot deep inside she knew Tony would be hers, he had liked to be assaulted and abused by a woman, and she knew the roles would be reversed in time, she was looking forward to it.


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