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Teaching Sheila
by Misty Angel 77

Master had spoken to her many times on the thrill of being bound, tormented delightfully and Sheila was all excited. Her body was extremely sensitive, the slightest erotic touch send her into orgasm.

The knock on the door came quickly, Sheila stood there with a smile on her face. Entering the room, Master pointed to the floor and she quickly fell to a kneeling position. I watched as Master reached out and stroked her hair. "Little one here is going to undress you, then you will lay on the bed with your feet apart," he said as he pointed in my direction.

I approached and slowly begin to release the buttons of her blouse that hid her large breast. The cool air of the room made her shiver or perhaps it was the excitement of what was to come. Motioning for her to stand, I slowly released her skirts buttons and let it fall to the floor. Slowly as if teasing her, I slipped my fingers into her panty elastic and slid them down. As expected, her cunt was not shaven. I smiled to myself, walking behind her I released the clasp on her bra and her heavy tits swaged from their freedom. Gathering her clothes, I put them away and then sat on the bed across from where she had laid down. Master attached the spreader bar, leaving her cunt gaping to his whims.

"Slave were you not told to have that cunt clean shaven?" asked Master in a stern, almost scary voice.

"Yes Sir I was." Sheila replied.

"Five swats to that cunt young lady, you will lay perfectly still or I will start all over! Pet come hold her hands above her head so she isn't tempted to try to protect herself."

Taking her hands in mine, I grasp tightly and sank to the floor to use my body weight to hold her in place. Master took aim, directing his blows directly on her cunt. The first blow took her by surprise, she squealed and jumped. Expecting to hear the word two also took her by surprise as Master started over his count as promised. By the time he had gotten to three you could hear the squishing sound of a wet cunt as the crop made contact. She was indeed turned on by being used this way.

Climbing straddle Sheila, Master pointed to me to get the heating balm. I knew what he wanted without words. Slipping between her drenched cunt I pried her pussy lips apart and applied the ointment to her clit, her moans soon filled the room as she bucked against the heat. Master filled her mouth with his erect cock as I used my finger to stimulate her clit even more.

"Bitch I better not feel any teeth on my cock and you are not to cum till you beg permission!" growled Master as he lost himself in the soft wetness of her mouth. This was total agony for Sheila, my teasing her clit and Masters hard piece of meat was sending her into orbit. I could see she was fighting the urge to explode at any minute.

Lifting his cock from her lips he let his heavy cum filled balls fall to her lips, eagerly she sucked them as I climbed onto the bed to tease her thumb sized nipples. Rolling them in my fingers and pinching and pulling till she moaned past Masters balls. Leaning forward I slowly let my tongue roll around the areola and then softly sucked the nipple into my mouth while my hands kneaded her other breast. She was ready to scream from the need to cum.

Slipping off the bed, Master motioned for me to lay at the top and for Sheila to roll over on all fours. " You are going to suck little ones clit while I fuck that cunt of yours, if you cum without permission your nipples will pay the price bitch, it that clear?" demanded Master.

Sheila buried her face in my pussy, eating it like a pro. Her tongue flickering my clit then sucking it deep within her mouth till I was soaking wet. Slipping on a condom, Master begin to slowly inch his cock into Sheila's pussy. Her groans accenting her pleasure. The smell of female juices filled the room, the sound of Master shoving his cock deep within her and the smacking of his balls against her ass checks seem to amplify with each passing moment. Reaching around and through Sheila's legs Master squeezed her clit. Her head came up and a howl replaced her moans, losing control she came without hesitation, squeezing Master cock that was buried within her pussy.

Pulling himself free of Sheila's seeping cunt, he rolled off the bed and removed the spreader bar, pointed to the floor with a look in his eyes that made Sheila squirm. She had cum without permission. Walking over to the dresser he retrieved the nipple clamps. Easing up behind Sheila, he reached around and squeezed her huge dangling tits, roughly kneading them and teasing her already hard nipples. The rattle of the metal chain reached her ears as she held her breath in anticipation of what was to come. The first clamp bite into her nipple, she wiggled trying to adjust to the bite of it against her swelling bud. Once the second clip was in place it was all she could do to remain still. The burning reaching to the base of her tits.

Removing his condom, Master lay on the bed with his legs hanging over the side. "To me bitch, I want you to use your tongue to give my ass hole, balls and cock a bath. If at any time your tongue leaves my body I will add weights that will stretch those nipple to the point you think they will pull from your body. Little one is going to help encourage you to do your best by using the crop on your ass and cunt." said Master.

Each stroke of the crop send Sheila working feverishly to lap Master with her tongue. Soon her ass was a bring red, her cunt afire from the blows it had received as well. It was all she could do not to fail again and cum without permission. "Enough pet, I want you do lay down on the bed with Sheila above you in a sixty nine position, its time I take that tight ass hole of hers. while I fuck her ass hole pet, I want you to use the vibrator in her cunt and the bullet on her clit. You are to start it on low and when I am ready to cum in her ass hole, you will turn it on high. You may cum with me Slave, but not before!"

Lubricating his cock well, Master squirting some lube on Sheila's ass hole and slowly begin to work his finger into her virgin hole. Sheila squirmed against the new pressure as Master continued to work in another finger, stretching her ass hole in preparation for his soon to follow cock. Three fingers were now embedded in her, the tight inner rings burning and yet she was growing more and more excited at the thought of being ass fucked. "Pet go to work on her slowly now." Turning on the vibrator, I slowly eased it in her cunt, working it back and forward. Leaving it planted within her, I pried her pussy lips apart and pressed the bullet to her clit. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head from all the stimulation, her cunt was filled, her ass hole and now her clit was being tormented by the vibration. Easing his cock to her ass hole, Master slowly begging to work the thick head in. Her moans of pleasure were mixed with that of the pain of being stretched so widely. Inch after inch entered her ass hole as I continued to fuck her cunt with the vibrator and tease her clit. She was shaking with excitement, as Masters rhythm increased I increased my fucking motion and turned up the bullet as well as the vibrator.

"Oh please Sir, Please may I cum?" Sheila cried out.

"Not yet slave, not till I'm ready to fill your ass with my hot sticky cum," he said as he continued to fuck her. She was almost in tears, fighting cumin was becoming harder by the second. "Now pet, full force on the toys and yes Slave you may cum. As the full force of the vibrator and bullet hit her, Sheila lost all control. Shaking wildly she erupted, her pleasure turning Master on even more. Grasping her tender red ass cheeks, Master exploded within her. His cock still buried within her, I eased out from beneath her and quickly removed the clips from her nipples. As the blood flooded back in she erupted again. Cum oozing from her well used cunt. Master holding her tightly to keep her from falling face first. Pulling from her, he smiled at me. Sheila collapsed on the bed. A bead of sweat covered her body. "Thank you both for a wonderful afternoon. Is there anything I can do to repay you?" I giggled, yea you can wash the toys they are covered in cum. Smiling she trotted off to the bathroom to clean them and herself.

Master rolled over facing me. "Pet would you like to cum now?"

I smiled, "The night is young Sir, the night is young, there is plenty of time for me later."


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