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The Stool
by Snakedanz

An air of expectancy fills the room. Dinner is over and he simply says, "It's time!"

She smiles demurely and leaves the room. He goes through the house, making his rounds-making sure the chain is on the door, both Margarita glasses are filled, and the shades are drawn. Then, he programs the CD player, and dims the lights. He can hear her in the shower and he begins to smile, he loves to see her slightly damp from the shower and she knows it. The living room is fully furnished but all a visitor would notice is the light from the stereo system, a dim glow from the Halogen lamp in the corner, and a tall stool in the middle of the floor.

The stool is the center of his focus. He sits on the couch in his undershorts and smiles to himself, "Everything is ready for my baby", he thinks to himself. She emerges from the bedroom in high heels, and a wrap of some kind.

She climbs on the stool and asks, "Do you like it?" All he can do is nod his head while the jazz pulses through his brain. Suddenly the music changes to slow love ballads, and a change seems to come over her. She begins to twist and turn on the stool but only allows him glimpses of her body behind the wrap. He relaxes on the love seat and waits patiently, for what, he has no idea.

She closes her eyes and starts to touch herself all over, her stomach, her hair, she caresses her arms and just smiles at him. Slowly she lets her head fall over the back of the stool and she opens her beautiful, shapely legs and reveals the tight white panties that are his favorite. The glow from his ever present cigarette shakes slightly while he arranges himself more comfortably. He refuses to touch himself. She has never done this before and he doesn't know what to expect, but, he does know that so far, he likes it - he likes it very, very much.

She began to slowly writhe on the stool and her soft moans actually excited him more than her actions. She started opening and closing the wrap sensuously so he got longer and longer views of her body. Suddenly, one of her favorite slow records played and she reacted so swiftly he was actually paralyzed by her reaction. "O-o-o-o-o-o-h, it's so good," she purred and threw the wrap across the room. Her breasts seemed to heave instead of breathe. He had seen her body before, but, he had never appreciated it like he was doing now. She pulled on her panties and his attention was directed to her crotch. The white panties contrasted against her dark skin and made the whole encounter more erotic than anything he had ever imagined.

Her pubic hair escaped parts of the panties and showed itself . Above the panties, the pubic hair line reached for her navel, while the rest of it seemed to be trying to escape through the sides. Meanwhile, she began to pull and stretch the panties like he had never before seen in his life. When she wasn't pulling the panties, her fat pussy lips bulged against them and the outline gave him shivers. He could actually see the entire image of her cunt, straining against the confinement. She pulled the panties taut against her slit and it appeared visibly swollen, while the dampness started to show through. She clasped the panties together at the top and pulled them up. The view was magnificent.

He watched her cunt feverishly because this made it seem like two cunts on one woman. One hidden behind the panties with pubic hair partially visible, and when she pulled them tight, he saw the other one. This was the actual cunt, lips visible, hair all around it and the panties pulled so tight they were almost non-existent. The white strip of panty appeared to be part of her slit and he moaned. When he moaned, he broke himself out of the semi-trance he was in and she smiled as if she understood. He still had not touched himself, but, he was hard as a rock. His shorts were actually being bounced up and down by his erection and she only smiled.

Surprisingly, she stopped, opened her eyes and took a sip from her Margarita. She shyly asked, "Are you enjoying yourself?" He was so excited he couldn't talk, instead he shook his head up and down and pointed to his erection. She smiled and said, "Well, I guess you're ready for the show now."

He said, "Show- I thought I just had the show."

She giggled softly and said, "Baby, that was the opening act."

She then asked him to play particular songs in a very specific order and he almost stumbled in his anxiousness to please her. When the first song began to play, she languorously began to remove her panties, showing him everything. She threw the panties at him and they both laughed. Then she made a transformation that both shocked and excited him. She seemed to forget he was there and began to play with herself as if she were alone. She began slowly, just pulling her pussy hair and touching the swollen lips of her vagina.

Instead of closing her eyes, she stared at him while she continued. Now and then she would insert one or two fingers into her cunt and pump deeply against them, then, pull them out and start it all over again . He reached for his cock and her negative reaction was so swift, he dropped his hands and continued to watch. She said, "Baby, this is a performance for you and the only price you have to pay is not to touch yourself. If you do, the show is over. Can you handle it?" He could only nod his head. Then she began to finger fuck herself so sensuously he wanted to scream. He could smell her cunt across the room and he had never been so horny in his entire life.

After a few minutes of her fingering herself, she beckoned to him with a finger. He slowly left the love seat and stood between her legs. The front of his shorts was wet with his excitement. She reached for him and kissed him deeply and slowly. While they kissed, she began to rub the back of his head and his neck. Slowly she guided him down her body where he feasted like a starving man.. He kissed and sucked her neck, which gave her immense pleasure by her reaction, and then he sucked her titties. She squirmed on the stool like he had never seen anyone do in his life. Then she guided his head further down and he kissed and tongued her navel.

Once she guided his head to her hot slit, he took over. He kissed her pussy, her thighs, her pussy, her legs, everything he could reach. He lifted her legs and kissed her asshole, he licked her entire slit and then began to search for her clit. She cupped his head in her hands and pushed his face into her pussy. He had found the magic spot and she screamed, "Baby, don't stop, I'm coming."

After she pumped violently against his face she released him. Surprisingly, he returned to the love seat and smiled at her. Then he beckoned her to join him. When she walked over she expected him to fuck her like she needed to be fucked. Instead, he pulled her over his face and began to eat her again. She moved slowly with him until he said, "I want you to fuck my face." The glint of understanding dawned in her eyes and she thrust herself on him again and again, while she pulled his head into her steaming cunt. Finally she could take no more and she stood up and moved to the side of him. She leaned on the love seat to catch her breath, but, she didn't know he wasn't finished.

Her beautiful ass was sticking out while she gasped at the window trying to get some air. Suddenly he thrust his hard dick into her cunt from the back. She could only gasp at the sudden intrusion. He seemed to be filling her entire being with his hardness. She could only reach out the window and hold on while he fucked her masterfully. Neither of them had experienced the intensity of this type of encounter before but instincts took over. His hardness filled her pussy and she gave him all he could handle. Sounds of fucking filled the room, 'fuck me, give me that pussy, give me that dick, fuck me, fuck me hard'. His dick reached enormous proportions as it filled with come. He said, "I'm coming baby". She said, "Give it to me Boo!"

The eruption from his cock was tremendous. He came, she came, he came some more, her entire being was engulfed in orgasmic frenzy. Finally, they lay spent on the love seat, basking in the glow of aftershocks.

The stool stood in the middle of the floor as a silent witness

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