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The Sister
by Zero

I would like to tell you about one of my most fun experiences. It was with a girl named Stacey while watching a tape of me and her sister Amanda. Amanda and I had broken up several months before so I wasn't cheating. Stacey was very attractive. She was 5'8", a slim 125, green eyes, long blonde hair, and 36C tits. If I hadn't of met her sister first I would have banged her instead.

Well, any way to the story. One day I got a call from Stacey out of the blue. She said she hadn't seem me in a long time and wanted to watch a movie with me. I had no idea what movie she wanted to watch so I agreed to come over. When I got there she was in another part of the house. I went into the living room and heard her tell me to turn on the TV and press play and she was going to be right there. I did as I was told and nearly died when I saw me getting a blow job from Amanda. I was transfixed by the image on the screen. I had seen it a million times before but not with Stacey. I was wondering what Stacey had in mind when I felt her walk up behind me and put her arms around me and her hands went straight to my cock witch was rock hard.

I spun around to see Stacey standing there completely naked. My jaw nearly dropped to the floor. Here was the very hot sister for my ex-girlfriend standing there watching me get all hard watching me fuck her sister and starring at her tits. Before I could react she dropped to her knees and started to undo my shorts. I was amassed how fast she got my pants down. She started to rub my cock through my underwear feeling it getting harder. She squeezed the shaft and massaged my balls. Finally she pulled down my boxers and stuck my dick into her mouth. The feeling was incredible she gave better head than her sister. Witch was cool because that's what I was watching on the TV. Stacey was kissing the head and licking the tip with her tongue tasting my precum. Then she slowly took more and more of it into her hot mouth. On the screen I was eating Amanda's pussy. Stacey was now dee-throating me I could feel her nose bumping my stomach. I grabbed two hand-fulls of Stacey's long blonde hair and began to fuck her mouth like I was her sister's pussy. She started to moan which felt terrific. I was so turned on that I came down her throat for what seemed like a hole min. Stacey tried to swallow every drop of my cum but a lot of it leaked out the corners of her mouth. I finally pulled my cock out of her mouth and she looked into my eyes and licked the cum off her face. She stood up and said," wasn't that the best head you have ever had."

I could only nod my head. Stacey then took me over to the couch and we finished watching me fuck her sister till she passed out. (Amanda not Stacey)

When the video was done I was rock hard again and ready for more. Stacey was fingering herself the hole time so I decided to help. I reached my hand down to her pubic hair and played with it. I was surprised how wet it was. I then slid my hand under hers and started to rub her clit. Stacey had two of her fingers deep into her pussy while I massaged her clit with a motion her sister loved. She came in five seconds with a body shattering orgasm. Her hole body tensed, she arched her back and she shook with intense pleasure. I then rolled over on top of her and she put her ass up into the air begging me to bang her as I did her sister. What could I do she slid her fingers out of her tight twat and I slid my rod in. I began to fuck her with slow long strokes. Sliding all most all the way out the pressed all the way back in. She began to press back into me and I picked up speed. She began to moan as her second orgasm began to build. Then I got a devilish idea. In one stroke I slid my cock out of her pussy and right into her ass. It went in so easy it couldn't have been her first anal. She exploded into another orgasm and clomped her ass down on my cock I couldn't move. I nearly passed out from the pain. She finally relaxed her ass muscles just enough so I could continue fucking her. She defiantly knew what to do. Her butt acted like a cock ring keeping me from cumming. I kept banging her for an hour as hard and fast as I could. I slowed down and whispered into her ear begging her to let me cum. She relaxed her ass the rest of the way and I shot a wad of cum in her ass. I then pulled my rocketing cock out of her ass and shot lode after lode of my cum all over her back. It went all over, it landed in her blonde hair, on her back, all over her very nice ass, and on her right cheek when she looked back to see how much more I had. I quickly shoved my cock back into her pussy as I shot my final lode. I pulled out and sat back and Stacey rolled over and sat down too.

She looked at me and said," want to do that again some time" with an evil grin on her face.

Before I could answer she leaned over and began to clean my cock off with her mouth. She could taste my and her cum and loved it. I just stroked her pretty cum soaked hair and said," any time. Any time"

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