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Talk Show
(Oil painting by Jaisini)
by Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb

Talk Show is a painting that proves the idea that we live in a postmodern world of the apparent loss of any reasonable hope for alternative to the present.

In Talk Show, immediacy unites with immortality, trivial with profound. In our days the long myth of immortality is replaced by the myth of immediacy. The substitution of the trivial for the profound for many was a loss, rather than a gain, although, the will to be immediate speaks more directly to our lives. Jaisini unites the two principles, searching for unique ways that can create this double effect of a physical lowland, united with the philosophical purity of mind. Talk Show has a significance of the biblical wisdom based on a street scene. In Talk Show, Jaisini pictures not the 'dark side' of people, but the substantial one, when sex became 'the lyricism of the masses'.

The picture shows that we live in a more cynical, realistic time by means of parody. The new cynicism is the old one. The work is timeless and can relate to anyone. Talk Show has the analogous environment as in the work called Show Time; the crowd representatives and the image that centers the crowd's attention. In Talk Show, it is the two dogs in an intercourse that attract the attention of different people of the crowd. In the painting we can clearly see the interlocked line of composition. This line flows freely as an unconscious line. The absence of an 'end' in Jaisini's composition may be the artist's revolt against the end of ideology and the general failures of social theory, obsessed with 'ends', with visions of finished worlds and finalities. Modern society was once based on a principle of expansion, but having reached a certain 'critical mass' it has begun to recoil. Is this why jaisini creates his secluded line composition?

What we are witnessing in the domain of the social is a kind of inverse explosion. The artist avoids to break the line because any attempt to save the principle of expansion is not 'archaic' and regressive. The principle of enclosure is the radical inquiry for continuance. Jaisini has found his way to avoid the end-state. His closed circle of composition creates a new visual code which guarantees the 'addressee,' a recognizable meaning.The Talk Show mockery reflects the contemporary condition of Byzantizm. It could be mentioned here that even in Cicero's time, the ancient world was becoming stupid.

Talk Show may symbolize the mass communication as an enclosing circle connecting mass culture and its audiences of 'mass conformist,' the picture's title can be attributed to the fact that consequently television, along with the rest of mass culture, has become an undreamed-of medium of psychological control. We become part of mass communication circuits, part of a realm and era of connection, contact, feedback, an era that is 'obscene,' yet lunar cold. The reason why the artist prescribes the emerald color to his painting may be to symbolize the coldness of the contemporary world of communications which contacts penetrate without resistance.

In the picture, we see the dogs' intercourse as the critique of the talk show.

"Talk Show" Oil Painting by Jaisini
New York 1999, Text Copyright;Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb


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