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The Secret
by Marvin La' Master

I pulled up in front of the house, slid my keys under the seat and got out of the truck. I could hear the roar of a John Deer mower and in the back yard, however I walked up to the front door and rang the bell. From within I heard a familiar female voice saying "it's open".

I opened the door, stepped in and walked across the living room toward the kitchen. As I stepped around the corner, there stood Shelly at the sink, her back was to me. She was looking out the window at Jim as he made another pass around the yard. Shelly is a tall slender blonde with long legs and average size breast. Her eyes could make you melt and her ass cheeks looked like two ripe melons just waiting to be thumped. I had met them two months earlier and we had become good friends.

Sometimes between a man and woman there is this chemistry, a sexual chemistry that is hard to explain. Maybe lust is the word. Anyway it was there between Shelly and me. I stepped up behind her and slid my hands around her waist. Her reaction would determine my next move. She leaned her head back and I kissed her on the right cheek. About that time Jim made another pass under the window. My pants suddenly got tighter. The summer dress that she was wearing was loose fitting and I began to move my hands across her belly. I could feel a strange strap on her lower stomach and ran my fingers only- across her pubic area. Her body lunged backward as if I had struck a nerve. I quickly moved my hands straight up to her breast and found hardened nipples. Here came Jim again. I squeezed her tits real hard as he passed by and she let out a loud squeal. The mower drowned it out.

I licked her neck and ran my hands back down to that strange strap. I moved my hands around to her soft cheeks and spread them as I gently and gracefully lifted her up. I didn't feel any panty lines. I started to gradually lift up the dress and rub her thighs. We were making a circular motion with our hips and keeping a good rhythm. Her hands were on my rod which was unfortunately still locked away in my jeans. Her back was still to me and I had reached that patch of hair that my body had longed to see. It had a little piece of material covering it. I realized that she was wearing a thong.

Here came the mower. I must of been crazy doing this with his wife, in his kitchen while he was mowing his yard. Anyway, my fingers were now in the hair. I slid down and put my open mouth on the vee shaped masterpiece and gently yet forcefully bit into the flesh. She moaned and put her hands on the back of my head and pulled me in to her and rubbed my face into her wet slit. My tongue was fighting that little strap and suddenly I repelled it down to the floor and dug in as far as I could bury myself. She put her hands on the counter top and lifted herself on to it and opened her legs.

I was on my knees with my face literally eating up all manner of juices and anything else that was in there. Her clit was more like a small penis standing out from between her lips. I just sucked it. The roar of the mower was getting faint as Jim got farther away from the window. She was having massive orgasms and her twat was so juiced that I had her cum in my eyes, nose throat and on my neck. I pulled my face out of her and inserted two fingers, then three. Her vagina was contracting and was so wet that I started putting all my fingers and thumb in her. She let out a moan and spread her legs as wide as she could get them. I had always heard of fisting and now this is what she was wanting and I was not going to let her down. As the hole got bigger, more of my hand disappeared She was so wet. Then we started relaxing. I slowly finished that act.

I stood up and went for a nipple. Her juices were now all over the dress and her breast because of my face. She reached for my belt buckle and I stood up. Her eyes met mine and she kissed and licked my face like there was no tomorrow. Her hands were working all the time on getting my rod out. As she left my face and went down to my rod, her hands jerked my pants and shorts down . Her mouth was on my rod like Bee's on honey. I put my hands on the counter to brace myself and Looked straight out the window at Jim cruisin' round the yard. I had had all I could of this oral stuff I could stand, it was time to consummate this relationship!

I grabbed Shelly by the arms and lifted her up and sat her down on the counter. I put my hands on her waist and raised her up till her head almost touched the ceiling. Her pussy was in my face and I pulled her in close and gnawed at the patch of hair through her dress. I got hold of the dress material with my teeth and slowly started to let her down. As she went down the dress stayed up exposing her pussy and allowing my penis to engage her wet juicy cunt. My extended rod found her hole on the first attempted. She had opened her legs and now had them wrapped around my waste. Our eyes met, then our noses brushed against each other. That was like kissing. We did it again and then locked our lips together as our bodies began to prepare for that final flurry of orgasm's. She had another orgasm and then I came. I could hardly contain my groans and I had to set her down on the counter as I exploded all up inside of her. I was spitting profusely and jerking her up and down like a rag doll.

Suddenly it was over. I fell into a chair and she leaned back against the cabinet. I looked up at her face and there was a semi-smile and frown on it. She must have had fifteen orgasms. I said, "are you alright?"

She started coming back to reality and said "Oh Yea!" The clock behind her showed six twenty five. It was six ten when I walked into the kitchen. All that pleasure in only fifteen minutes! What could I do with this girl in an hour?

I picked up a dish towel and started to wipe the excess cum off my yielding rod and she said "no way!"" Not on my good towel!" She sounded mad but slid off the counter and down to my limp prod. She opened her mouth and gently cleaned it off. A moment later I had my pants up and my shirt tail back in place. She said Jim was in the back yard waiting for me and to go on out. She headed for the back of the house and I went out the front door, stepped out and around to the side gate. Jim saw me and motioned for me to come on in. He was about to wrap it up and soon we would go to the game. I really like this guy.

What happened next is another story.


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