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The Succubus
by Carl East

Detective Frank Johnson had seen some things in his time, but nothing could prepare him for the sight that he was confronted with. He'd been called out on a homicide investigation, to a local poolroom. When he arrived he found three fellow officers throwing up outside. With a little trepidation he walked into the poolroom, and found the bodies of fourteen men strewn about the room. Most of them had parts of their anatomy removed. He stood stunned at the carnage, wondering what on earth could have happened here. Then he was tapped on the shoulder making him jump.

"Sorry sir, but we have a survivor." Said an officer.

"What, someone actually survived this?" Frank said, pointing around the room.

"Yes sir, he's over there." The officer said, pointing to the man being seen too, by the paramedics.

Detective Johnson walked over and asked if the man could talk.

"He's in shock at the moment detective, he's lost a lot of blood, I suggest you let us get him stable before interrogating him." Replied one of the paramedics.

"Ok, Smith!" He shouted, "Go with him, and inform me as soon as he can talk."

Later that day the forensic preliminary report showed up on detective Johnson's desk. Reading through it, he couldn't believe the statements being made, he picked up the phone and dialed the pathology lab.

"Hello, Simon here."

"Simon, Frank here, did you write this report about the pool hall murders?"

"Yes, it's only a preliminary report you understand, but it is quite accurate."

"Then your telling me that the limbs missing from the corpses were torn off with brute force." Asked Frank.

"That's correct." Came the reply.

"Tell me, how strong would you have to be in order to achieve this?"

"Well, you who I couldn't do it, so whoever it was had to be built like a tank." Replied Simon, meaning every word.

Frank said thanks, then put down the phone only to find it ringing straight away.

"Johnson here."

"Frank, its smith here, the witness has come round and is ready to talk."

"I'm on my way." Said Frank, putting the phone down.

It wasn't long, before he found himself beside the bed of the only living witness to this horrendous crime.

"Right start talking, from the beginning, what happened in that poolroom?"

The man in the bed, whose name was Philip sat up slightly, looking positively aged beyond his years, he coughed then started to talk.

"I'd been in the poolroom for half an hour, when this drop dead gorgeous brunette came in." Explained Phil.

The story proceeded to unfold.

Having won a couple of games I was in a good mood, so I decided to stick around. The brunette crossed over to the bar ordering a drink, then sat down to watch the various games that were being played. She was wearing a short skirt, and a tight top with no bra, you could tell because her nipples were clearly visible. She crossed her legs, revealing the fact that she wasn't wearing any panties. Some of the men were almost swarming around her table, offering her a drink. She was putting on a show that was hard to resist; her skirt was well up her thighs, not leaving anything to the imagination. It was when she unzipped one of the guys and started to give him head that everything started to happen. We were all amazed at how she could take this mans cock down her throat with no effort at all. At that point there was only thirteen guys in the room including myself, each one was trying to get in on the act. We cleared an area around one of the pool tables, then picked her up gently and placed her on it. She suggested that someone lay on the table first, then she would mount it.

Jack hawkings, a well-known pool shark was first to get up, she then lowered herself onto his waiting cock. Then she suggested that someone came around the front, while someone else went around the back. So there she was with three guys filling three different holes, a few of us including myself was just content to watch the show. But at least nine of the guys wanted a piece of the action, and she was giving it to them. No sooner had one dropped his load, than another would replace him. But she wasn't normal, at one stage she was giving two guys head at the same time. Also she seemed to know when anyone was about to cum, like the two guys in her mouth. When she stretched her mouth over the pair of them they started to cum together, their seed was going all over her face. She just lapped it up like it was food.

As for the two fucking her pussy and ass, they weren't having any trouble getting in. Now I've seen porno's, a lot of them, and I know that you can't fuck a woman in both holes simultaneously, without at least some resistance from the other guy. But she was taking them in like she had abnormally large and accommodating holes. Another thing that struck me as strange, was the fact that men were coming within seconds of starting. Within ten minutes all nine of the guys had come and she was begging for more, she was absolutely covered in sperm. They all proceeded to try and satisfy her, all of them went through her again. Still she hadn't had enough, which's when the trouble started. Two local hoods came into the poolroom, saw what was going on and decided to join in. At first she accommodated them, but then they started to get rough with her, with one of them wanting to tie her down. When she told them no, one of the guys slapped her. She suddenly went dead quiet, then told him that she wanted his big cock in her. He must have thought his luck was in, for he mounted the table and put his cock into her pussy.

Then he started to scream, I mean a blood-curdling scream. The other hood pulled his friend away, only to find that his cock had been pulled off. Blood was going every where, they tried to stop it, but it was useless. Then the second hood thought he'd teach her a lesson and pulled a gun on her. At this point everybody else headed for the door, but all the doors were locked. We heard the first shot ring out through out the poolroom, turning around we found that she had hold of this guy by his head, and literally pulled it off. The panic that ensued after that will forever be embedded in my memory. We pleaded with her to let us go, but one by one she killed the other guys. She kept shouting how none of us were man enough to stand up to the thugs that mistreated her, in fact she asked each one of her victims why they had allowed them to take over. I think it was my answer that saved my life, because when she had a hold of me, she asked the same question. I told her it was because I was scared, she threw me against the wall then left.

"Do you expect me to believe, that a woman was responsible for the carnage I saw in that poolroom?" Said Frank.

"I'm telling you, that's what happened." Replied Phil.

Frank got up and left the room with smith.

"What do you think," asked Frank, "could he be telling the truth?"

"Well, he didn't injure himself, and he is our only witness, so unless he tells us otherwise we probably won't find out." Replied smith.

"What am I supposed to do, put out an APB for a brunette of average build with super human strength, they'd lock me up."

The case remained open for several months before being relegated into the unsolved crime cabinet, but it was one case that would always baffle detective Johnson.

The End


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