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Two Sons
by Tidewater

My husband died in November leaving me with two teen-age sons to raise by myself. He also left us well off. Enough so that I would never have to work again. However, I am young enough to miss him badly. I loved my husband but for sometime before his untimely death.

We had not done much in the husband wife department. I had always enjoyed sex; I was easy to climax and somewhat adventurous. During our sixteen years of marriage I had read a few books that suggested that there were more than one way to have sex. I tried to tell my husband I wanted to try something different, but he simply ignored me. I lived with that, as he was in so many other ways a good man and a good father. Every Spring he would load the boys up for two weeks and take then high up into the Bitterroot's and spend the whole time fishing and living under the stars as he called it.

The boys had come to look forward to this outing and it was fast approaching, I did not know just what to do. I felt I should take the boys on the trip and let them show me what camping out was all about. After dinner I called them both into the Den and ask them if they wanted to go on the trip like always. David, age sixteen and Paul age fourteen were both in favor of going just like they always had. I let them show me want we needed and how to pack up every thing. I had no idea that it took so much food and clothing for three people for two weeks. Over the years they had made a campsite, where there was now a pole shelter.

A Stone fireplace and many plastic containers had been left from one year to the next. So in fact we did not have to carry as much as they had in previous years. The drive was nearly two hundred miles up into the hills. We parked the wagon a good ten miles past the last ranger station. We had a radio just in case we needed it. The packs were large and heavy, if I had not been going to the local gym; I would have been down and out in side the first five miles. However, each of us carried a pack, I know the boys carried more than I did, but I let them think there Mom, was a helpless old lady.

David had to return to the car for one last pack while Paul and I set up camp. These boys were very wish and careful about all they did. I was proud of them both. I was also happy to see they had been well trained. They showed me how to fix a bed out of pine brows and straw. It turned out to be very comfortable. They fixed up a corner where they hung blankets so I could wash and change my cloths out of sight of here young eyes. Our beds were arranged around a fire pit. Once all was set up on the first day it was late. I set out to fix a light meal and get my sons fed.

Oh, yes, they had shown we where the bathroom was. About fifty feet from the camp was a small clearing where they had dug a trench, We would all use the same place so it was up to me to let the boys know when I went there. We had a small oil lamp set up on a pole to give us a little light at night if we had to get up. I found I had drank to much coffee with my meal and had to get up about two hours into sleep. Both boys were sound asleep so I did not bother to tell then where I was going.

It was cool, so I was wearing a long flannel nightgown. I slipped on my boots and made my way out of sight of camp. I found the clearing and hiked up my gown, the cool night air felt good on my bare ass. I laughed to myself and did my business. Just as I was about done, I heard a noise; it scared me and I forgot every thing the boys had told me. I moved over to one side and hid behind a bush. There was just enough moonlight to see that it was not a bear or anything else. It was David, my oldest.

He walked right up to the trench and started to take a pee. I know I should not have watched, but I wondered why he had come out, when he got up he must have seen I was not there. But no matter there he was and I was watching him. I took note of the fact that he had about half a hard on. I guess boys his age always have hard one's at night. And during the day for that matter. It also caught my eye that his cock was very long for his age. Seeing his cock took me back a few years to the first time I ever saw a hard-on. I smiled about that, it had been a long time ago. He shook it and it seemed to grow as he did. It must have been bigger than his father's. For I did not remember his being that long. For an instant I felt a pang of some kind in my guts. I also rolled my tongue around inside my mouth. It had been a long time for me. I followed David; back to camp he was in his bed and sound asleep by the time it got there.

The sun was just a low scant lighting of the sky when the boys were up and ready to go fishing. I had never fished in my life so I bagged off and told them to be careful and I would come down to the lake's edge later. I quickly fixed them eggs and bacon and headed them off. They assured me they would be back by noon. I sat in the still of the forest and listened to nothing, Oh my, that was so nice. But then as the sun rose there came all kinds of strange sounds. I was having my second cup of coffee. When I noticed a small plastic container that looked like it had something in it.

I guessed that something was left for last year. I pulled it out from under a small collection of stuff left from other years. I popped the lid and found it full of sex magazines. One was called "Incest for the whole family" I looked at it. There were pictures of older men fucking young girls that were supposed to be theirs daughters. There was a whole section of true stories of mothers that seduced their sons.

I looked at the pictures of older ladies. Some that were very old like Grandmothers, that were both sucking young hard cocks and being fucked by the same young hard cocks. One picture in particular seemed to catch my eye. It was a slim young man, with a very long and thick cock, holding it in his hand right up in front of a ladies face she had her mouth open and was about to take it in her mouth. I don't know why but I wished that was I and I could suck that young hard cock. I had enjoyed sucking cock for as long as I could remember. There has always been something about holding a cock in my mouth that has given me a thrill and often I would climax in my panties whenever I would feel the boy cum in my mouth.

Oh, yes I had given a few blowjobs in my school girl years. Long before I had met my boy's father. In fact it was laughable that my husband wanted to name our first son David, because that was the name of the boy that not only took my cherry, but he was also the first boy I gave a blowjob too. I had found early I like to suck cock and I liked the warm salty taste of cum in my mouth. That some how reminded me of last night when I saw my David's long hard cock. I wondered it I still had that ability to suck a cock and make it cum in my mouth. There was that pang again in my belly, God was I getting horny over my own son. Hell yes I was. It was strange but there I was thinking about sucking my son's cock. Somehow it did not seem dirty. I know that most states have laws about incest, but what I was thinking seemed right to me. I put the book away and walked down to the lake. There about a hundred yards down the lake were my sons. They did not see me so I decided to take a dip.

I returned to the camp and put on my bikini. I really did not have a figure for this thing any more. I had gained a few pounds on the old hips, that is why I was at the gym working out. The sun was over my shoulder so it was still not noon. I slipped in the water and it felt cold at first. It took a few minutes to get use to the cold mountain water. My nipples got hard and that felt kind of good. I played around for a while and then came out and laid on a large rock. There was no one around for fifty miles so I took off my top to get a little sun all over. Before I knew it I had fallen asleep for twenty minutes or so. The next thing I knew there were voices near by. I knew it was my sons, so my first thought was to get my top back on.

Then I relaxed and lay there like I was asleep. The first voice I hear up close was Paul, he said, "Holly fuck, David, Mom's sunning her tits." The young shit had a mouth on him I had never heard before. David told him to be quiet. I knew they were both looking at my tits. This turned me on and I felt my nipples getting hard. I knew I could not hide that. David, said, "Mom's got a great body, better than that girl from school I was screwing." Paul, joined in to say," I saw that fucking, skinny thing, she did not have half the body Mom ha s." Then I could feel their eyes on my tits. Paul, said, "Gee David, the way your looking at Mom, I bet you would fuck her too." David, said, 'Paul, and you wouldn't?" My fourteen had a dirty mouth like I would not believe. Paul, said, " David, look at her fucking nipples I bit she would love for me to suck on those nipples again."

David, said, 'Paul, your fucking nuts you ass hole, Let's get the fuck out of here before Mom wakes up." Paul, said, " Well OK, but I can see you got a fucking hard-on, " David, said, " Listen. Paul, I said, lets go, and I see you got a fucking hard-on too. Now lets go." My sons were talking dirty and I was so damn hot I could feel the wetness building in my cunt. I heard them moving away. Thank God, if they had stayed one second longer they surely would have seem the wet spot on my bikini bottom. A few minutes later I heard their voices at a greater distance. "Mom, where are you, Mom". They were yelling. I got up put on my top and walked to the camp. I said, 'Here I am I fell asleep on a rock down by the lake. Paul said, " well, OK, so what's for lunch. I had already made sandwiches and a salad. Paul jumped on lunch and had his mouth full. But David, was slow to start eating, I noticed he still had a hard-on. Nice I thought, very nice.

After lunch, Paul wanted to go back to the lake, David, said, 'You go down and fish off the bank over at the point. You'll do well there, but I need to work on this shelter or we'll be sleeping in the rain. I think it is going to rain tonight. Paul got his fishing pole and walked off toward the point. I yelled after him to be careful he grunted an answer and was gone out of sight. I took the dirty dishes and started to wash them in hot water from the small fire. I had my back to David, when I heard him say, " Mom, I know you were not asleep on that rock. I know you heard Paul and I talking about you." I turned to face him, I smiled at him, then I told him that he and his brother talked so dirty. He said, he was sorry, but what the fuck was I doing showing my tits to him and Paul. I told him I did not show my tits, as he called them to anyone, you boys just came up so fast I had no choice but to pretend I was asleep and hope you were gentlemen enough to no look at your Mom's bare breasts. Then I ask why they had used such dirty language.

David, walked up close and told me that when Dad, had brought them up here, anything goes. We could do any thing we wanted to or talk any way we wanted to. It was a guy's get away and we could just be guys. I ask, him if any of what was said, was true. He lowered his head and said, " Sure I guess, I mean, your kind of nice and Paul and I both think of you sometimes when we are alone. We talk, you know, kid stuff. I told him I knew what he meant. I put my arm around his shoulder and told him it was OK. I hugged him and he hugged me back. My bikini, top was very thin and my nipples were pressed into his chest. David stood back an inch or two and looked at my tits again.

He said, Mom, I hope you don't get mad, but I have to tell you, that if your going to wear that bikini, around camp them he was going to have to go around with a hard-on all the time. I smiled at him and told him I would not want to for him to have to go around with a hard-on all the time so I would put on a T-shirt. David looked straight at me and told me he liked to look at my tits and he could not help but think about, well sex when I was around. I told him that if he really was horny, and his cock was so hard it hurt, I could help him with that little matter.

He said, "Mom, my cock, is so fucking hard right now it hurts real bad. " I said, 'You poor boy, come over here and sit on this log." We had a log for a bench at a little make shift table. David did as I ask he stood close in front of me. I loosened his belt and pulled down his shorts along with his underwear at the same time. I pushed him back and he sat on the log. I dropped to my knees in front of him and took hold of his very nice large cock.

He knew what I was going to do before I did it, "Oh, my god, Mom, Oh," was all he could say before I had his long cock deep in my mouth. I said, I had not sucked a cock for a very long time and I had loved to suck cock from the first time I ever saw a cock. So here I was sucking my son's very nice cock and loving it, I did not care about incest, right or wrong, I just wanted to feel a hot cock in my mouth again. It felt good too, I tasted every inch of it, I rolled it on my tongue, and I let the head go back in my mouth. I felt the head pressuring at the back of my throat. It had been so long, It felt wonderful, I loved my son and I loved sucking his man size cock. I let my mouth glide up and down the hardened shaft. The taste of the lubrication juices reminded me of some wonderful times of long ago. He was shuttering, shaking, and his hips were starting to bounce meeting my motion.

Cupping his young balls in my hand told me he was very close to cumming. I wanted to taste his cum I wanted to feel the hot juice fill my mouth. I wanted to have him cum in my mouth. Lowering my head I took the bulbous head into my throat, just as his cock jerked spewing a thick creamy load of cum directly into my belly. Oh, god it was so hot and it tasted so good, I was sucking my son's cock and he was cumming in my mouth. I loved it. I sucked his lovely cock until I had harvested all his sperm.

A well spent soft cock, slipped from my mouth. I stood and David rapped his arms around me waist and rested his head on my belly. He said, in a voice so soft I hardly heard it, " Mom, I love you" I moved away David, pulled up hi shorts and we stood looking at one another. I told him, that I wanted to do that and I thanked him for allowing me to do it. He asks if he could do any thing for me. I told her maybe later, but right now I wanted him to go check on his brother. He said, I still need to work on the shelter. We laughed and I told him that now maybe he could without any pain in his balls. He ran off to look for his brother. Once he was out of sight I laughed out loud. I had sucked my son off and I knew then I would also get him to fuck me. I wanted him to fuck me. What a wonderful trip this was turning out to be.

The boys were so good; they cleaned the fish and brought them to me to fry up for supper. I cooked and they washed up and turned up the lantern so I could read. I had brought a few books. It was not long before Paul showed signs of being sleepy. He rolled over in his sleeping bag and he was gone in seconds. David came over and sat next to me. I ask him whom the little girl was that he had been fucking. He moved closer and said, it was our friends daughter little Grace Fillmore. I ask if he had taken her cherry, he said, no she had been fucking a lot of guys. I ask him if he liked to fuck girls and he said, " Yes, it was great " I ask him if he had cum in her and he said, yes. I ask about what happened if she had a baby. He did not think of that. So we had a long talk about safety in sex and not making babies. Till he was ready to be a full time father. David, seem to be very responsible and said, he would not do that any more. He said, Mom, I really liked the blowjob you gave me today. I thanked him and said, " Any time he was in need." He said, Mom, I got a hard-on and it sure would be nice if you wanted to suck me off again. I reached for him and found he was almost fully erect.

I said, David, I think I would like you to fuck me. "Wow, Mom, could I really fuck you?" Yes, David, I want you to fuck me and fill my cunt with hot cum, and I can not have a baby anymore so you can just cum in me all you want. We stood and our clothing fell silently to the ground. He reached between my legs and ran a fingertip along my cunt; he found it wet and hot. I held his lovely cock in my hand. We kissed and I said, David have you ever licked a pussy. He said, Yes and he wanted to lick me. So I laid on my sleeping bag and opened my legs wide for him. He kneeled between my legs and I pulled his face into my hot wet crotch. David had a warm active tongue and I bounced my hips up into her face.

He was very good; he licked my clitoris and darted his long tongue into my pussy. I was hot and he was good, I cried out for him to lick my cunt I was about to cum. I told him to eat me, to make me cum, that is when I heard Paul's voice, " God, all fucking mighty David, lick her fucking cunt make Mom cum in your fucking mouth. David jerked his head up and I looked up to see Paul standing there naked with his own handsome cock hard-on in his hand. I held out a hand and told him to come to me. Paul came over close and kneeled down next to me. I reached for his cock and pulled it into my mouth. Paul, said, "Oh, wow, Mom's a hot cocksucker, suck it Mom, suck my fucking cock.

" Paul was talking dirty and it somehow turned me on. I had never been talked to like that and I found it very arousing. This little shit, was a real turn on and he knew it. My youngest son was wise and adventurous kind of like I had wanted to be years ago. I pulled him close, letting his cock slide deep into my throat. Mean while David was not detoured from his business he kept licking my pussy and I was getting very hot, I was on fire. I was going to explode very soon. I pulled Paul's awesome cock from my mouth and told David to let me get up. I got up on all fours and told David to fuck me doggie style and for Paul to get in front of me. So there I was on all fours, with my oldest son fucking me doggie style and my younger son fucking me in the mouth.

The boys were looking at one another across my back by firelight and Paul told his brother to " Fuck the shit out of her." David, said, 'Oh, Hell I can not hold it, I am going go cum" Paul said, " Me to David, I am going to cum in Mom's hot fucking mouth. Suck it Mom, suck it." David, pulled hard on my hips pulling me back into his wonderful cock, I felt the cum flow into my cunt, I also tasted the first shot of Paul's cum across my tongue. This was so exciting, I started to cum myself, and I shook, jerked and pulled Paul's cock into my throat. David cock was so far up my cunt that I could feel it in my belly. This was the greatest thrill I had ever had. This was so exciting I was afraid I would die right there. David bucked into me and Paul did the same into my mouth, I passed out and collapsed on to my bed.

When I came to a few seconds later, I was laying on my back with both boys sitting next to my bed looking down at me. We were all still naked. David, ask " Mom, are you all right?" I told him I was fine. It was just so wonderful that both of my boys were loving me I could not stand it. Paul, said," It was kind of exciting, I never had my cock sucked before, Mom, I am glad it was you that did it first." Me too, I said. David said, "Mom, you got a great pussy, it was so great to cum in I you." I told them that what we had just done, no one must ever know about because I could get in a lot of trouble. They said, they would never tell. Paul said, " Mom, can I fuck you too?" I said, We would have the whole day tomorrow to be together, now we should sleep. We would have a wonderful life from now on...


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