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The Shark
by English Bob

Ted was a hard man, and a professional gambler. A long winning streak on the tables and at the track had left him considerably wealthy. Not wishing to push his luck any further, Ted had retired from the gambling scene and now loaned money to whoever needed it.

Ted also possessed a massive sex drive which he enjoyed indulging as often as possible with both women and men. He was once asked if he was bisexual, his answer was simply that he was just very sexual!

Part of Ted's business was obviously to collect late payments on the loans that he made, and for this he employed two "assistants" Carl and Freddo. Both men, like Ted, were muscular and fit and both were completely loyal to their boss.

Pulling up outside the house with Carl & Freddo, Ted studied his collection book. Roger and Janice Holmes had borrowed a moderately large sum of money three months ago and had only paid one installment so far. Ted had issued them a stern warning the previous month, but since then, still no payment had been made.

Carl rang the doorbell and, without invitation pushed his way inside closely followed by Freddo and their boss. Once inside Freddo and Carl lost no time in locating both Janice and Roger and had them sit on the sofa in front of the formidable figure of Ted. Realizing why the three men were in their home, the frightened couple stared meekly at the floor in front of them not daring to meet Ted's eyes. Ted's reputation as a collector of late debts was well known and they knew they had no money to pay him.

Ted stared straight at Roger "I have one simple question" he said "where... is... my... fucking... money?"

"L..l..l..look Ted" stammered Roger "I'm sorry. I had a sure thing tip yesterday for the track...... but... but... it, well, sort of didn't work out.... you understand..."

Ted ignored Rogers pleas. "I warned you last month didn't I? What would happen if you didn't pay me again?"

Janice spoke up "Oh Ted we are so sorry...I had the money for you but.. but.. but... well you know.." her voice trailed off leaving a silence in the room.

"Don't fuck me around" shouted Ted "You gamble.. you lose.. you have to pay" Ted looked at Carl and Freddo "Gentlemen, break his left arm."

As Carl and Freddo moved from their position behind the sofa and took hold of Roger, Janice started to plead with Ted.

"Nnnnoooooo...please Ted please" she sobbed "Don't break his arm please....We'll do anything pleaseeeee...don't hurt him"

As Ted looked at Janice he signaled for his two assistants to hold back. Janice was a good looking woman. Around 36 years old with long blonde hair falling in curls down her back. She possessed a good enough figure with a tight little ass and nice perky breasts concealed behind a light sweater. She also had nice long shapely legs and small feet which Ted liked.

"Mmmmmm" thought Ted "Maybe there was an alternative to violence here."

"What did you have in mind Janice?" he asked.

" don't know.....maybe I can get a job as well and pay you that way." she replied.

"Listen you two. You WILL pay me next month, that is definite. But I have to make an example of you now... you see that don't you?"

Janice began to understand as she caught Ted's eyes looking at her legs. "Um...OK ...look...if its a choice between hurting Roger or...or... me being *nice*, then please let me do it? Please Ted?"

"Right" said Ted casually to his assistants and pointing at the astonished Roger. "Make sure that useless piece of crap is well held down. As a lesson he can watch his wife with a REAL man."

Carl and Freddo were used to this turn in events. Two strong hands were placed on Rogers shoulders and he found himself pushed down into a lounge chair and held there by the two men.

Apart from his sex drive, Ted had a few other little quirks. He insisted that all his sexual partners were meticulously clean and he rarely indulged in straight sexual intercourse. Ted ordered Janice to the bathroom.

"Take a good shower. Make sure you are clean and return to the lounge with nothing on but a pair of clean stockings. Do you understand? Now do it quickly"

As Janice scurried to the bathroom, Ted mixed some drinks for himself and his loyal assistants as they continued to hold Roger securely into the chair.

A few minutes passed as Ted relaxed on the sofa before Janice returned. Ted looked her up and down as she stood in front of him, head bowed. She had complied with Ted's order and was naked save for a new pair of black seamed stockings with grip tops. Her blonde hair was still wet as it fell down over her shoulders and her skin was flushed and red from the heat of the shower. Ted let his eyes roam up from her stocking tops, taking in a shaved pussy, a slim waist and then up to a pair of medium large breasts tipped with hard red nipples.

Ted motioned for Janice to sit next to him on the couch. As she sat Ted could feel the heat from her recent shower radiate out from her skin. Slowly Ted reached for her hands and removed her rings gently stroking her fingers and looking at her hands. He brought one of her hands to his lips and softly kissed her fingers and long red-painted nails.

"You have lovely hands Janice" he spoke softly "A woman's hands are so important you know, A really good hand job is something that a man will remember for a long time. You are going to show me how good you are with first your hands and then your feet."

Ted reached into his pocket and removed a jar of special cream that he liked to use for this sort of thing. As he sat back on the sofa he indicated to Janice to unzip his fly and to remove his penis.

Janice slowly complied. Easing down his zipper and creeping her hand inside she realized that Ted wore no underwear. Her cool long fingers touched the hot skin of Ted's cock and, gently circling it, she carefully pulled it out from the confines of his suit trousers. As Ted's long hard cock came into view before her eyes, Janice instinctively bent her head.

"NO" said Ted sternly "That is not what you are going to do. Everyone thinks that giving head is the only alternative to full sex. Here, I want you to show me how good you are with your fingers"

Janice opened the jar of cream that Ted passed her and coated her fingers with the white contents. Putting a dab on the head of Ted's cock she again closed her fingers around it's length and started to massage the cream into his member.

"Mmmmmmmm..... yes that's right...... Ahhhhhhhh... you have a good touch Janice. Now use the other hand under my balls and on the base of my shaft....go nice and slow."

Janice again complied, coating her other hand with the perfumed cream and sliding it under Ted's ball. As she did this Ted gasped in air, his hips and cock twitched pushing his cock through Janice's hand and increasing the tension. As Janice continued to gently work Ted's big cock between her hands, Ted took one of her red nipples between his finger and thumb and started to gently roll it slowly building up more pressure until the nipple started to throb and turn a deeper red color.

Janice could not help but let out a little moan of excitement "Ooohhhhh.....mmmmmmm...oh yes" as she gripped a little harder on Ted's solid erection.

Ted laughed "ha! ha!! ha! ha!!, I think Janice is starting to enjoy it a little, don't you Roger?"

Roger, still securely pinned down by Carl and Freddo, was red in the face but could not say anything as Ted appeared to be right, she WAS enjoying it! And as long as she was, this had got to be better than a smashed arm.

By now Janice was using both her hands and all her fingers slowly and sensually moving up and down Ted's cock. Ted released Janice's nipple when it was fully hard and let his hand trace a pattern down the front of her body. He tickled the underside of her breast as his hand passed down to her belly button. He swirled his finger in the little indent for a brief moment until his fingers slid further down and encountered the soft moist folds of her vaginal lips. Gently and slowly he moved his index finger along her lips, just penetrating the outer lips and grazing lightly over her clitoris.

Janice was now moaning loudly and had relaxed her grip slightly on Ted's throbbing cock.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh my god Ted....this is soooo nice... im gonna cum soon if you keep this up...mmmmm yessss oh yesssss"

"That's the idea baby" replied Ted "once you cum you can concentrate on the task "in hand" a little more ..ha! ha!..ha! ha!"

Ted continued his gentle assault on Janice's increasingly wet pussy as he let his finger go a little deeper and circled her hardening clitoris a little more firmly. Letting a second finger join the first, he slid it the length of her wet slit letting it gently tickle and massage the entrance to her anus.

As Teds finger touched on Janice's tight anal ring she could take no more.

"AAAAAAAaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhh ........ oooooohhhhhhhh goddddddd yessssss that's IT......I'm CUMMINGGGGGGG"

Janice bucked her hips sending Ted's finger deep in to her rectum. Her hands left his cock completely as they flew to her breasts pinching and squeezing the sensitive nipples as her orgasm ripped through her tight body. Janice, feeling her ass being invaded by Ted's finger bounced on his hand.

"Yesssssss OOOOHHHHH..... more...more.... fuck my ass with your finger....AAAGGGHHH."

Ted obliged the writhing woman as he pushed his finger in and out of her anus until her orgasm finally subsided and she was left sitting on the sofa with a satisfied glow.

As Janice came down from her orgasm, Ted eased her to the other end of the sofa so she was sitting with her feet up in front of her facing him. Without a word, Ted gently took hold of her stocking clad ankles and pulled her legs towards him. Ted's cock was still erect and streaked in the cream that Janice had applied earlier and twitched wildly as he looked at the very sexy legs and feet in front of his eyes.

Without removing her stockings, Ted placed one of Janice's dainty feet directly on top of his lubricated cock. He closed his eyes and sighed as he felt the silky smoothness of her stockinged toes slide the foreskin back and away from the base of his tool. Still holding just one ankle, Ted showed Janice the way that he wanted her to move her feet and legs. He pulled her foot all the way along the topside of his cock and then guided her toes to the underside and slide them back. Ted now took hold of her other ankle causing Janice to tip a little further back and expose her open wet pussy to his eyes again. Ted now placed one of her feet on top of his cock and the other below having the effect of sandwiching his erection between her feet and toes. Under Ted's guidance, Janice began to gently twist her feet and toes back and forward, rotating them over Ted's rapidly swelling cock.

As Janice continued the movement, Ted lay back and closed his eyes. This was heaven. He could feel the warm, gentle friction of a beautiful woman's stocking clad toes working his cock into an irretrievable situation. Back and forth, rotating round and round, Janice continued for another two or three minutes. She could feel the twitching and throbbing cock between her toes and realised that it gave her a real thrill. She was just starting to think that she would have to do this with Roger one day when suddenly Ted picked her up and flipped her onto her stomach on the sofa. It all happened so quickly as she realised that her stockings were being ripped off from behind her and felt Ted's strong hands on her naked ankles. Janice felt her bare feet being pushed together and back towards her body having the effect of spreading her thighs, ass and pussy whilst keeping her feet together. The next thing she felt was Ted's hot solid cock being pushed between her toes. As Ted gripped her ankles together, he started to push his cock back and forth between her pretty toes as Janice realised he was literally fucking her feet.

Ted was now moaning loudly as his cock throbbed between her naked toes. Faster and faster he pumped as Janice tried to wriggle her toes to give him more sensation.

As Janice held her own feet together for Ted to fuck, she felt two fingers start to push into her wet pussy from behind.

Ted's voice was becoming louder and his breath shorter as he fingered Janice's pussy and fucked his cock between her toes.

"Uggghhh...Uggghhh...yessss...yesss...I'm gonna cum on your feet with my fingers in your sweet cunt my little bitch...."

Suddenly Janice felt a sensation she had not felt before. Ted's warm cum was spurting over her feet and between her toes. She had to admit it felt soooo sexy! and the finger in her pussy had her so near the edge. Ted's cum continued to coat her toes and the back of her legs as, once again, Ted's finger hit the right button and Janice convulsed into her second orgasm.

The air was full of noise now. Ted was moaning and gasping for more air as his cock spurted stream after stream of hot cum over Janice and she was screaming Ted's name as her juices covered his pistoning fingers inside her wet pussy.

Janice realized that she not at all degraded (as she was sure she should be) as she sat back against the sofa with her legs open and trembling for the whole room to see her spread and glistening pussy as she watched Ted do up his suit trousers and straighten his tie.

Ted was now back in control of the situation.

"This has been a let off for you two" he said strictly. "Remember, next month I want my money or its time for BOTH of you to lose an arm"

Carl and Freddo released Roger and followed their boss out of the door adjusting their obvious erections as they went.

"Don't worry boys" said Ted as they left, "If there's no money next time, I'll let you guys have them both. Ha! ha!! ha! ha!! ha! ha!!."

The End

Watch our for more adventures from Ted the Loan Shark coming soon...

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