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Toy Store
by Stump

It was a slow morning; I was sitting behind the counter reading the latest issue of Daily Voyeur when you walked in. You were so sexy; it caught me by surprise to see such a classy lady walk in. I knew right then that I had to have you. I could feel my cock begin to stir as you swayed past the counter. You looked around at various items. I could tell you were nervous. Not wanting to run you off, I was content to sit and watch your beautiful body. You looked around for a bit and it was driving me mad. Watching the outline of your gorgeous ass as you bent over to look at the toys. I couldn't take it any longer; I just had to talk to you. I had to smell your perfume and hear your voice. As I approached you I could hear your breathing deepen. I knew you were worried about explaining what you were looking for.

Good morning, I said as I approached you, drinking in your sexy shape and sweet smell. Your answer was tentative and quick. "Hello" I'm just looking. I offered to help, asking what type of item you wanted. You said that your boyfriend had been out of town and you were interested in a dildo but didn't see any you liked. You told me he wouldn't be gone much longer and you would just wait for the real thing.

I suggest that you check out the sexy underwear as a surprise for him. You say that your not sure what size to get because the are cut different from regular panties. No problem, pick a few pair and you can go into the back room and try them on. You're not sure about this, but after some coaxing you agree. I take you to the room and turn on the light. In the corner of the room you see a king-size bed in the corner. Your heart jumps as your mind thinks of what I might be up to. Just as you begin to think the worse, I turn and leave the room, closing the door behind me. I race to the front door, flipping the closed sign and locking the door. Then I slip behind the counter and turn on the camera that is mounted in the corner of the storeroom. You are just starting to undress as I get comfortable. I can't take my eyes off of your hot round ass. You start to slide your tight jeans over your hips. You slip them down and then off, revealing just what I had suspected. Your ass was beautiful, so round and delicious. Your panties were the next to go I was drooling as they revealed your soft skin. My cock was rock hard and I couldn't wait on you to turn around so I could get a glimpse of your sweet pussy.

You sat on the edge of the bed to put on the first pair. As you put them on, your legs parted revealing a beautifully trimmed pussy. I sat in awe as you tried pair after pair, trying to find just the right ones. You noticed the full length mirror and began to model them in it.

I couldn't take another second of this teasing, my cock was hard and needed to feel your wet pussy wrapped around it. I knew that I would have to convince you that I wasn't up to something. I walked to the back of the store and knocked on the door and opened it. You jumped to cover yourself as I walked in. I asked if you had made a decision on which ones you wanted. You said they all felt so good and you wished you could buy them all. I said you could have them for free, plus anything else you wanted, if you would pose in them for me. You were very reluctant and declined my offer. You said that your boyfriend would be upset if he ever found out.

That's when it hit me, the idea of all ideas. Why don't you model then and I will take some pictures of you, you can tell him you went to a studio with a woman photographer and made them for him. When you heard my suggestion, your eyes light up and your nipples began to stiffen with excitement. What if someone walks in, you ask. Don't worry, I said, I locked the store. After some thought you agree, but you are sure to tell me that it's only pictures and nothing else. I agree, knowing that once I have you on the bed you will be mine.

As we begin our photo session, I suggest that you remove your top. I tell you that a real photographer would have you topless to showcase the panties. You agree and slowly remove your shirt. You are topless and I all but explode in my pants at the sight of your perfect tits and hard nipples. You climb on the bed and I start clicking away. After a few shots you agree to switch panties. Watching you so close is pure torture on me. I snap a few more of you in each pair.

I suggest that we try some posed shots just for fun. Being comfortable with me and not suspecting a thing, you agree. I have you lie back on the bed. I reach above you and tie your hands to the headboard. When you realize how tight I have them tied, it's too late. You have been captured and there is nothing you can do about it. I lean forward and kiss you hard pushing my tongue past your lips. You struggle under me trying to get free. I kiss my way down your body to your nipples. I suck one then the other into my mouth running my tongue all over them. You are still struggling to get free and it excites me even more. I begin to bite and nibble your hard points as my fingers slide down your stomach. When they reach the top of your panties you begin to kick, trying to keep me from invading your hot pussy. They slip under the thin material and to my surprise, you are soaking wet. Your body has betrayed you as your sweet juices flow from between your clean shave lips and down the crack of your hot ass.

I work my way down your body till I reach your panties. I pull at the thin strings in the side and tear them free. You begin to scream telling me to stop. I remind you where you are and leave the room. You can hear me in the store and you are wondering what I am doing as you struggle to get free. Then you hear me reenter the room. You cry out in agony as you see the collection of toys that I grabbed form the shelves. The first is a little red ball on a leather strap. Your eyes widen as you relax what I am about to do. I lean forward and order you to open your mouth. You refuse, clenching your mouth tightly shut. I climb on your stomach and bounce just enough to make you cough. When your lips open I shove the ball in deep tying it behind your head.

Now that you are bound and gagged and there is no fear of being heard. I strip my clothes off. Your eyes widen as you see my cock hanging between my legs. It has gone limp but is still six inches long and wider than anything you have ever seen. .

I grab first one leg then the other and tie them to the bedposts. Now you are lying spread eagle, your pussy is open and glistening wet. I can't resist; I have to taste you. I climb between your legs and run my tongue on your inner thighs. A moan escapes your lips as you start to relax and enjoy the touch of a man after so long. Knowing that you are totally submissive at this point, I take the ball from your mouth. You are moaning as my mouth gets closer and closer to your hard clit. Ever so slowly I run the tip of my tongue over your outer lips to your clit. You explode in a massive orgasm as you feel the heat of my mouth.

Reaching behind me, I grab on of the dildos I had gotten earlier and run it up and down over your pussy. It is wet and glistening as I bring it to your lips and order you to lick it clean. You take it into your mouth as if it were the real thing. Seeing you suck it clean is too much for me and I know I have to feel myself deep inside you. I climb on top of you and rub my hard cock over your wetness. You gasp as I slip the head inside you. Your mouth releases the dildo and you ask me not to do this. You are not on the pill and don't want to get pregnant. I ignore you and plunge deep inside you. A shriek leaves your lips; I begin slow in and out movements. You can't take it anymore and your hips begin to thrust up to meet me as you feel another orgasm building inside you. Your pussy clenches me hard as you explode, your juices running out of you and all over my cock.

I know I won't last much longer and after seeing your ass so many times I just have to have it. I reach down and untie your legs then remove your hands from the headboard. You know what I want and turn over without being told. I grab your beautiful ass in my hands as my sloppy wet cock pushes against your tight ass. You let out a squeal as you feel it invade your back door. You have never experienced this before and to your surprise you cum hard as you feel it deep inside you. I thrust hard and fast as I feel my balls tighten and gallons of cum pour deep inside you.

As my cock slides out, you turn and kiss me, thanking me for the best experience of your life. I help you get cleaned up and dressed. Then I lead you back into the store and tell you that you can have anything you want on the house. You accept and take the dildo and all of the panties. I thank you for shopping and tell you to come again. You smile back at me and assure me that you will be back.


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