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The Storm
by White Knight

The old air conditioner was just a machine, it couldn't have known it picked the worst day of the year to break down. Still, Claire gave it a murderous look as the compressor coughed and died.

It hadn't been able to keep up for a while, really. As a result, the apartment that Claire shared with her husband, John, was already too warm to be truly comfortable. Now that the A/C had died, the temperature was sure to skyrocket.

John sat in an armchair on the other side of the living room, occasionally glaring at Claire over the top of his magazine. Tempers had risen today with the temperatures; the oppressive humidity of the past week had frayed nerves to the breaking point. Neither of them could really remember what the argument had been about, but neither was ready to apologize either.

Claire unfolded her long legs from under her and very carefully straightened the hem of her loose, flowing summer dress. She stood and left John to his magazine, and busied herself in the kitchen with the supper dishes. As she worked, the temperature in the apartment climbed quickly. She bound her long dark hair up on top of her head in a loose bun to keep it off her neck Small drops of sweat slid down her neck and her back. She hadn't worn anything under the dress in an effort to keep cool; soon the light fabric was clinging to her body from a sheen of sweat. She absently pulled the thin material from her skin and fanned herself.

I need some fresh air, she thought

Claire slid open the glass door and stepped out onto the balcony. The humidity hit her like a wall when she stepped through. The last glimmer of sunset was lost in a murky haze, with dark clouds looming overhead. Far off in the distance, she could see a distant flicker of lightning. The air was still, pensive. Nature seemed to be holding her breath, waiting for the cooling rain. The only sounds were the faint buzz of Sunday night traffic and a few indistinct human voices. The city, too, was waiting, hoping for relief.

The clouds darkened, the lightning coming closer, faster. The distant rumble of thunder was giving way to louder crashes. The lights in the parking lot flickered on, bathing the balcony in their faintly orange glow. A faint breeze stirred a few stray wisps of her hair around her face.

Claire turned her head slightly as she heard John step out onto the balcony with her. He stayed by the door, not venturing over by the rail with her, refusing even to meet her gaze. She sighed and returned to the view before her.

The wind gusted again, stronger this time, lifting a discarded shopping bag and skittering it across the empty parking lot. A few drops of rain spattered across Claire's bare arms. She turned her face into the increasing wind, relishing the feel of the cooling air flowing over her skin.

Claire heard a scrape of a bare foot on the balcony as John stepped forward to the rail. He followed Claire's gaze to the gathering storm. Finally, he opened his mouth to speak. "Honey, I-"

She silenced him by placing a finger against his lip. "I know," she answered softly, "Me too."

Nothing more needed to be said between them; this is the way of love.

The rain seemed to stall for a moment, but the wind still grew. John stood behind Claire and wrapped his arms around her, hugging her to him. She lifted her hand from the rail and stroked the forearm he had wrapped gently around her trim stomach. He kissed her neck tenderly, and for a long time they both stood silently in the breeze. The sky blackened as night fell around them and the storm gathered itself

The sudden flash of a bolt of lightning startled John out of his reverie. It was close, the storm would be breaking soon. He kissed her again, more firmly, his tongue tracing a line along the junction of her neck and shoulder. She leaned her head back into him and sighed happily. Rain fell again, not the halting drops of before, but a steady, constant drumming. His kisses became more passionate, nipping playfully at her shoulder with his teeth.

Claire moaned and pushed her hips back against him. John's body responded instantly, growing against her. He released her from his embrace, his hands roaming over her body, feeling the heat she was generating through her dress. He cupped her breasts, squeezing them in his fingers, massaging them through the thin fabric as he pulled her back against his chest. The rain, whipped by the growing wind, was beginning to pool in rivulets on the parking lot. John pressed forward with his hips, grinding his growing erection against Claire's firm ass.

She gasped, almost losing her balance as he pressed forward. She steadied herself with both hands on the rail, arching her back and spreading her legs apart

"Take me, John," she whispered breathlessly, "Please, take me now!" The rain became a downpour, lightning flashing and thunder crashing all around them as the storm broke with a sudden fury.

"What? Here, now?" John stammered. "But... we're in plain sight, and the storm...." His voice trailed off as she ground her hips against him again. The rain had soaked through her thin dress almost instantly; it clung to her body, accentuating its graceful curves.

She reached back and pulled the wet fabric up over her bare hips and spread her legs further apart. "I don't care," she gasped, "Please, fuck me now!"

John fumbled for a moment before managing to pull his shorts down, freeing his swollen cock. He thrust forward, burying his erection in her pussy in one smooth stroke. The wind and thunder drowned out her cry of pleasure.

John thrust against Claire with a growing intensity, each stroke harder and more powerful than the last. His hands pulled her hips to his with each stroke, filling her completely. His lips kissed the back of her neck passionately. Her moans and cries were torn from her by the storm's wrath as her husband fucked her savagely. She felt a burning ember grow inside her with each stroke until an orgasm exploded from the center of her being.

John groaned into her neck as Claire's pussy suddenly gripped him tighter, squeezing his erection. His hands slide from her hips and reached around to her breasts, tweaking her nipples as he slammed his hips against her, again, and again. His teeth sank into the skin of her neck.

His sudden touch on her breasts sent her over the edge again, her orgasm coinciding with a flash of lightning so bright and so close that the thunder was simultaneous. The balcony was plunged into darkness as the power failed; the latest bolt had hit a nearby transformer. Claire began pumping her hips back and forth along his hardness, her pussy tight on his cock as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. The lightning stuck close again, the sudden flash dazzling John as his wife's pussy slid along the length of his cock again and again.

With a shout, John exploded inside her, filling her with his hot cum. He kept pounding into her as his cock throbbed and pulsed inside her again. His pace slowed as his erection softened inside her, her pussy still massaging its length. He collapsed forward against her as she steadied both of them against the rail.

"I love you..."

The storm continued unabated, unconcerned with the doings of man or nature beneath it. Two souls, united once again, stood in defiance of it's fury, content in each other's arms.


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