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The Swimmers
by Dinghy(Jo)

He was 25 years old and gorgeous. Tall, slender, blue-eyed, wide shoulders, trim hips and waist, with the build of an athlete. He looked very good and very sexy in a business suit. I knew that he was a swimmer because I had seen the photographs on his desk that showed him receiving various medals in college.

I was also considered tall and not bad looking. At 40 I still managed to maintain my girlish figure by a strict regimen of diet and exercises which included swimming. 5 ft. 7 in., 140 pounds, 36 C, and generally well proportioned everywhere else. Because my legs were very nice I usually wore mini skirts to the office. I noticed that he noticed.

We often talked about his swimming career and how devastated he was when he had not been chosen by his coach at the University of Florida to represent them on the Olympics team tryouts. One Friday in the coffee room at the office he complained that the pool at his apartment had developed a leak and was going to be closed for quite some time.

This was the opening I had been looking for. I mentioned that since tomorrow was Saturday he could drop by my apartment and have a swim in our pool. He quickly accepted and I must say I was excited about the prospect and looked forward to tomorrow.

The next morning I awoke early, straightened up the apartment a bit, and after a quick breakfast of coffee and cereal, had a shower. It was almost 10 o'clock and I had just put on a bathing suit and robe and was drying my hair when the doorbell rang. After a quick dash of perfume I went to answer the door.

If I thought he looked good in the office he was even more handsome framed in my doorway. The cutoff jeans and polo shirt only went to accentuate the narrowness of his hips and the width of his shoulders. Flip-flop thongs and a pair of sunglasses on a string around his neck completed the picture of Joe college. He was carrying an athletic type bag which I assumed contained his bathing suit and other essentials.

I invited him in, but he declined coffee. He appeared slightly ill at ease and asked where he could change. I'm sure my face flushed and I know my heart began to race when he came out of the bathroom clad only bikini type bathing suit with the sunglasses still around his neck and a towel under his arm. I was surprised by how sleek his skin was and how little hair he had on his body.

My apartment was known as a building of late bloomers, so there was no one at the pool yet. I selected a chaise lounge in the sun, and bent over to spread my towel. When I turned around I could see that he had been watching me. I couldn't help but notice the large lump that had developed in his bathing suit. Looking self conscious he turned and dove into the pool and began to swim vigorously. After 10 or 15 laps he got out and picked up his towel. I noticed as he walked toward me drying his hair that the lump had disappeared.

Since I was laying face down on the chaise lounge in the sun, I asked him to apply some suntan oil to my back. He began to work, very cautiously at first and then with a little more vigor and I purred like a kitten under his hands. When he completed by upper body I told him that the back of my legs needed some too. He was a perfect gentleman never allowing his fingers to stray outside the accepted boundaries of propriety. That certainly didn't keep my mind from wandering well beyond those bounds. When I turned around to thank him, I could see that his mind must have been wandering too because the lump had reappeared only larger than before. His face was flushed as he stood up holding the towel in front of him. He turned and dove into the pool taking the towel with him.

After another 10 or 15 Hard laps he got out. The lump had diminished somewhat but was still there. I took my towel and began to dry him off. Within seconds I was able to bring the lump back to its maximum size. He eagerly accepted when I suggested that we go to my apartment and have some lunch.

I went into the kitchen and began to prepare a couple of salads for lunch while he went to change out of his suit. I would much rather that he kept the suit on but I didn't think it was my place to say so at this time. He came back into the kitchen and I knew he was looking over my shoulder. I could feel his breath on my neck.

I quickly turned around and although he looked startled he didn't resist when I kissed him. I offered him my tongue and he took it, slowly, gently, and then gave me his. The same lump that had been so vivid in the bathing suit had now manifested itself in his cutoff jeans and was pressing against my stomach. When he undid the top of my bathing suit I let him remove it. His hands felt like velvet as he caressed my breasts. It was a delirious feeling when he bent down and took the left nipple in his mouth. My entire body was shaking when he went to his knees in front of me. When he pulled my bathing suit bottom down I stepped out of it. He kissed my stomach and I pulled his head as hard as I could into me. I could feel the wet track of his lips and tongue as he kissed all over my tummy. His hands were exploring, running up and down my legs, feeling my bottom and exciting me beyond description.

I pulled his polo shirt off over his head and my hands began their own exploration of his well muscled, tanned and hairless torso. His hands, his mouth, and now his tongue was exploring the inter most secrets of my body. I pulled him up off the floor and kissed him. I could taste the wetness that came from between my legs on his lips.

I took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom there I repeated on him what he had done to my bathing suit. When his cutoffs came down I was surprised that he wasn't wearing any under clothes and was taken aback by the monstrous thing that jumped out at me. It was very much like the rest of him, long and slender with almost no hair at the base. I didn't let it overwhelm me. As he had done to me, I did to him, fondling, exploring, kissing and tasting.

I stood up and in mutual agreement we moved to the bed. In the bed we kissed and fondled until we worked around into the 69 position with me on top. It was difficult for me to concentrate on my part of this bargain because of what he was doing to me with his tongue. With renewed vigor I attacked my job, using my mouth and tongue to circle, lick, caress and suck until I could feel that now he was having trouble concentrating.

Supporting myself on one hand I used the other to massage his testicles. I felt his entire body stiffen when my fingers brushed against his anus. He got the idea and began to do the same thing to me only using is tongue. He was swapping back and forth between my two pleasure spots and filling the vacant area with his fingers.

I knew that I would not last long at this pace, so I turned around and straddled him. With minor anxiety I lowered myself onto his long slender implement. There was no problem and in fact it felt exotic. I began to stir, sliding up and down and back and forth. At the very bottom of the downward slide he was rubbing against the most sensitive part of my sexuality. Soon he began to participate in this sensual game. Our movements became wilder and wilder until I knew that the goal we were seeking would be reached very soon. With an animal like cry he arched his back and plunged as deep into me as possible. The feeling of his semen spewing inside me was the trigger I needed and I reached my climax. I collapsed in a crouch still on top of him with him still inside me.

We lay like that for quite some time until I noticed that he had completely wilted and had begun to snore. Carefully and quietly so as not to awaken him I got out of bed, went to the bath room and cleaned up a bit. When I returned the he was still asleep and spread wide on his back. I couldn't resist, and very gently took his very soft penis in my mouth. Although he didn't awaken, he made some contented sounds and almost immediately began to harden. After he a few minutes I knew that he was awake because he was guiding my head up-and-down by holding onto my hair. He made no outward indication of his climax except for the warm gush of liquid that filled my mouth.

Still using my hair as a handle he brought me up so we could kiss. Then he had me assume the same position I found him in when I returned from the bathroom. With most of his body off the bed and his head in position between my legs he began to administer the most erotic kisses I had ever experienced. His tongue licked and probed, his mouth sucked, and his hands caressed until I was on the verge of my second orgasm. Unlike him, I am sure that the neighbors knew when I came. I was thrashing wildly, holding his head tight against me as his tongue plunged in and out. At one point I held his head in place by squeezing and capturing it with my legs. When it was over I could scarcely move, but he continued to caress this most sensitive area with his tongue and lips.

When lunch was over and we went for another swim, I noticed that the lump had disappeared completely and he swam with a much more relaxed and even stroke.

I think tomorrow when we swim again I can make the lump reappear. I hope so.

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