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The Shower
by Bambiaqui

Waking up with him next to her, still in a sleepy daze she if wondering if she is dreaming the evening before runs through her mind as she lies there watching him sleep. A smile comes to her face, she is where she belongs again....with him. Kissing him lightly on the face she gets up to shower, letting him sleep.

She enters the bathroom with all of all last nights love making running through her mind, just thinking of it was getting her so excited, she turns on the shower and drops her robe to the floor, running her hands down her body as remembers feeling his hands on her last night, tracing every inch of her with first his hands, then his mouth with his soft lips and teasing tongue, the thoughts of this are making her crazy with she watches herself in the mirror running her hands down, brushing them across her breasts, feeling how hard her nipples have already become just from the thoughts.

She continues to tease her own body with her hands tracing lightly down her stomach sliding them down her hips then to her inner thighs, just letting them run lightly over her V and back up her stomach to her breast, taking each nipple between her finger tips twisting and teasing as she watches her self, she grows so wet watching herself in the mirror. She lets one of her hands find its way back down, running lightly across her clit, swollen from the excitement of watching herself in the mirror and thinking of him...her hand slides further between her legs feeling the moistness there letting her finger slide in to moisten it as she moves back up and then down again as she moves her other hand to her mouth seductively taking her fingers in her mouth wetting them then back down to breasts she continues to twist her nipples, her wet fingers moving across her chest from breast to breast.

Little did she know, that all this time she had an audience, she had no idea he was watching her in the mirror standing at an angle outside the bathroom where she could not see him. Watching her...and knowing she had no idea that he was there was driving him wild, he had grown hard, finding it difficult not to enter the bathroom and join her erotic activities. But being the voyeur was exciting in and of itself.

She stops and decides to continue her activities in the warmth of the shower, feeling the warm water run down her body she decides to leave the shower curtain open so she can continue watching herself as she brings herself pleasure. He can still see her every move as her hand finds it way back down rubbing her clit up and down, she feels how wet she is as she lets her finger slide in, moving in and out....slowly at first then faster and she grows closer and closer to orgasm he sees that familiar flush that comes over her, that look on her face, the look in her eyes he has seen so many times before. He can no longer just watch he enters the bathroom and steps into the shower kissing her on the back of the neck... she is slightly startled but too into the moment to stop what she is doing.

She feels how hard he is as he holds himself close to her, as she briefly wonders how long he has been watching her, a slight smile comes to her face at the thought. She slowly takes her free hand and takes his hand down to join the other that is still playfully at work, she is so close, but holding back, not allowing herself to reach orgasm yet, she is enjoying this much too much. He slowly turns her around to face him kissing her face, her neck, he finds his way to her mouth passionately kissing her feeling her tongue brush across his, feeling her teeth as she gently bites his bottom lip.

His kisses drive her so much closer.....his kisses move from her mouth down her neck to her shoulders then to her breasts as he takes one of her nipples in-between his teeth gently biting as his tongue teases her. He removes her hand from herself as he drops to his knees kissing and nibbling her stomach as he goes....feeling the warm water as runs over both of their bodies, he takes his hands moving her legs further apart as his mouth finds her clit so swollen he takes it his mouth gently biting.....he hears her moans....he knows this drives her wild...his hands are on her hips pulling her in closer.

He takes his tongue licking her all the way down he lets his tongue enter just slightly then works his way up again and then down....up again taking her clit into his mouth sucking and nibbling he moves one hand down from her waist to her inner thigh and up to her wetness inserting a finger as he continues licking and biting her, he can feel her beginning to contract, he sees the flush in her skin, hears her moan as she explodes in pleasure wrapping herself around his finger her orgasm so intense it seems to go on forever as he feels her warm wetness run down his hand, her legs still trembling..... she pulls him up from his knees wanting to kiss him, wanting to feel his body against hers, they embrace each other the warm water still running down their bodies, she reaches for the soap and begins to lather his chest...running her hands over him, his body slippery wet, her hands find their way down to his hardness, taking his soapy shaft in her hand, sliding it up and down as her other hand is teasing a pinching his nipples, she feels him growing ever harder as she strokes faster and faster.

She turns away slightly letting the water run over him, rinsing him as she moves to her knees tasting every inch of him with her mouth on the travels downward, his hands on her shoulders then running through her hair as she lowers her mouth onto him, taking him deep into her mouth wrapping her lips so tightly around his shaft teasing the tip with stroke as her hands are on his cheeks pulling him in to meet the thrusts of her mouth, as she moves faster and faster she senses he is so close.....but he pulls her up from knees not wanting this to end yet....he gently kisses her and soaps her body all over massaging as he bathes her.....she loves his touch the feel of his hands on her body.

He lets the water run over them both rinsing off all the soap, he turns off the water silently taking her by the hand leading her out of the bathroom, they cross the room and sits down on the burgundy wing chair in the corner, he pulls her to him kissing her stomach his hands on her hips, licking nibbling, she straddles him on her knees in the chair slowing lowering herself, she feels his tip touching her clit, sliding herself back and forth feeling his hardness, she is so wet he slides right in......she slides down him taking him in deeply, loving the feeling of him inside of her she holds her position for a moment just enjoying him....kissing him with her soft wet mouth feeling their tongues meet and tease each other, she kisses his neck letting he feel her hot breath as she teases her way up to his ear licking and nibbling and breathing.

She begins to ride him up and down slowly at first, increasing in speed she can feel herself wrapping around his hardness. Faster and faster, she is so wet and getting so close to another orgasm....oh what this man does to her, she can sense he is close too, she moves a hand behind her as she continues riding him in a steady but fierce rhythm, his hips moving to meet each thrust, she takes his balls in her hands squeezing and massaging, she feels them tightening as he gets closer.

She is so close, the thought of him exploding inside of her drives her over the edge as the waves of ecstasy take over he feels her contractions he can hold back no longer, her squeezing his balls as she feels his warm wet cum inside of her as they reach the ultimate climax together, he pulls her to him and holds her close as she lays her head on his shoulder...both of them just enjoying the closeness, both of them thinking how they never want this moment to end....they drift off to sleep.

The Next morning....

Feeling his soft kisses on the back of her neck she slowly awakens...the scent of gardenias filling the air...she wonders where it's coming from, she hears the water running in the other room. His kisses now traveling down her back, she feels his hand running lightly over her body...down her side over her butt, teasingly between her thighs...mmmmm what a wake up. He rises and takes her hand....leading her towards the sound of the running water.

Candles burning is the only light in the room, he helps her to step into the tub, the water rich with bath oil....knowing now where the scent was coming from...she sits in the tub, thinking he is going to join her but, he sits on the edge and takes some bath gel and begins to wash her back...slowly seductively, his hands travel to her shoulders massaging her shoulders, her neck.....then down to her breasts, gently bathing and massaging her nipples... he travels down her stomach, to her thighs, bathing every inch of her with the utmost attention...she is loving every minute of his attention to her body, she feels as if she is melting to every touch of his hands, she feels herself becoming so aroused... he begins to rinse her off....he lets the water begin to drain from the tub as he continues rinsing her... she is wondering what he is up to...she assumed he was going to join her in the bath...he turns the water back just slightly running ...testing the temperature making sure it is just right.....he slides her down, placing a mound of towels behind her he leans her back his hands on her knees holding her thighs apart...letting the water run over her most sensitive parts...the sensation of the water running over her clit is amazing...he can see how much this arouses her as her hands begin to travel across her body massaging and twisting her nipples...he slowly slides his hands down her thighs...teasingly exploring her sensitive folds of flesh as the water continues to dance over her he parts her lips and enters her with his finger...slowly sliding in and out of her....the sensation is driving her wild....he sees that familiar look on her face as she grows close... his finger feeling the contractions begin as she moans with pleasure, cumming with intesnsity...her body writhing with pleasure.

Then he rises from the edge of the tub and kneels over her...he places some bath gel in his hand...taking his already erect cock in his hand he begins to stroke himself right above her face...watching him do this gets her soooo hot her hand traveling up and down her body, teasing and twisting her nipples, never taking her eyes off of him as he continues pleasing himself... watching as his head swells and he grows harder and harder with each stroke.

Her hands slide up his thighs to his balls taking them in her hand gently massing him, massing his balls with one hand the other running over his ass teasingly...his stroke begin to get faster as she hears his breathing grow more intense, she continues massaging and teasing the sensitive areas surrounding his cock, wanting him to cum...wanting to see him explode, his juices splashing all over her face...she feels his balls begin to tighten as his strokes grow increasingly faster and more determined...his slight moans signaling her....she sees the cum begin to spill from him as his moans grow louder....she replaces his hand with hers and rises up taking him her mouth, feeling his hot cum splashing in her mouth as his body convulses with pleasure, she continues sucking and stroking...her other hands squeezing and massaging his balls as if to make sure she squeezes out every last drop as she swallows him up...

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