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The Song
by Endlessly

When I went off to college, I was ready for a fresh start, a new beginning. I wanted to explore my options and settle on someone as close to my ideal as possible. Little did I know where that ideal was.

I got to college, and after a few months, I wasn't necessarily feeling homesick; it was my friends I missed, namely, one of my closest friends, Chris. I went to Santa Clare college in California, and genius that he was, he ended up at MIT with a very nice scholarship. Don't mistake me; with his sparking blue eyes and unruly brown hair, he was definitely not a typical science nerd. No, he wanted to go into engineering, build a better world with his own two strong hands. That's just the kind of guy he was. I missed him terribly, and we kept in touch with E-mail.. I'd rush home from my classes each night to read whatever witty thought he'd decided to leave with me. Nothing romantic ever happened between us, not in the years we'd known each other-- he always was casually dating 2 or 3 women, and I was always in some screwed up relationship or another. Besides, secretly at least, I cared too much for him to be another one of his flings. So, we carried on as we always had, only from a continent away.

I couldn't wait for him to come back on break.. His parents had moved, but many of his friends remained here, and so here he decided to come. With no place for him to stay, I offered him use of my dorm.

When I saw him come off the plane, my heart leapt uncomfortably in my throat.. Those sparking ice-blue eyes, that same unkempt brown hair.. The lean, muscular build that was beautiful without being showy. My Chris. He came up to me, spinning me around, and kissed me on the cheek. "I didn't realize how much I missed you."

I smiled, my heart hammering, barely able to speak. "Neither did I."

We got some coffee at the school cafeteria, caught up on each other's lives.. we'd both been dating casually, had a few flings, and were none too impressed by the selection. His flight had been an evening flight, and the cafeteria was about to close, so we went back to the parking lot, thinking we'd go out to a local club and dance the night away.

We climbed into my '84 Ford LTD, which usually turned on easier than a 14-year-old boy, and it refused to start. I turned to Chris sheepishly. "Dammit! I'm really sorry about this."

He smiled, his eyes sparkling in the dark, two frozen sapphires. I couldn't get over his incredible masculine beauty, like Michelangelo's David. "Oh, it's all right. Let's go back to your dorm."

"All right." We got out and walked to my dorm. It had started to rain lightly, but neither one of us minded. We both loved the rain, used to go for walks in it on our lunch break in High School. We came back to the room. "Well," I asked, sitting on my bed in defeat, "what do you want to do?"

He sat the wrong way in the chair at my computer desk. "Hmmmm. Let me think." He sort of stared at the ground for a moment, then looked up at me, a smile lighting his face, his eyes sparking. He turned around, switching on my computer.

"Ummm.. Chris? What are you doing?"

I could hear a smile in his voice. "You'll see, hon." I stood up, walked over to him to see what he was doing. He opened Winamp, which was filled with my collection of MP3 music files. He looked up at me and grinned. "May I have this dance?"

I blushed. "Chris, you're ridiculous."

He chuckled, stood up, flipped off the lights.. The only light came trailing through my one draped window from a full moon. "I know." He extended his hand. "Shall we?"

I giggled. "You haven't turned on the music."

"Oh!" He spun around. "Let's see what you've got." He scrolled through, then laughed in delight. "Perfect! I've always wanted to hear this song, ever since you told me about it."

I turned bright red as "If I ever fall in love" by Shai came on. I'd told him that it was the sexiest song I'd ever heard.. I rarely listened to it because it was such a turn on, the way it started as a slow groove and then built into a slow a cappella masterpiece.

He put his arms around my waist, holding me close.. I closed my eyes and our hips swayed in time with the slow groove. God, it was heaven.. The intro groove went in to its main melody, and we just held each other close, dancing slowly.. I couldn't believe it. I could feel him getting hard, pressed against my thigh. Could it be this was turning him on as much as it was me?

He nestled his face against my neck.. Oh, God, my neck! There are few other places that turn me on so much. It was all I could do to keep from moaning. His voice was a half-whisper as he spoke, I was unsure if it was because of the rooms around us at such a late hour, or passion. I could feel his warm breath on my neck.. "I can feel your heart hammering." His rich voice was tinted with amusement.

My mouth was dry, but I managed a wise-crack of my own. "Yeah? Well, I'm not even going to tell you what -I- can feel, buddy." He chuckled, I could feel the vibration against my neck, I nearly cried out. Now this was the definition of turned on. He was two inches taller than me, I was getting a kick out of the way he laid his head on my shoulder instead of the other way around.

And all the time, that song...

It felt as if the room was turning with us. I was getting dizzy with lust; our breath was not quickening, but instead slowing, in time with the groove of the music. I swallowed thickly, trying to regain my ability to think. But with his rhythmic breathing against my neck, the pulse and sway of our bodies, the pulse and sway of the music.. When he moved his head to look me in the eyes, instinct took over and my hungry lips found his, wanting, desiring, 5 years of pent-up, seemingly unrequited need overflowing in warm, wet breath..

To my mind's surprise, but not my body's, he returned the kiss with equal passion, tightly leashed. His lips and tongue, dominating.. He was in total control of his ecstasy and I was gone, in total abandon. It was much like our friendship; he was always in control, I was always the one who reacted too quickly. Only this time, instead of pulling me away from the brink like he had in every other situation, he was pushing me toward it.

Not only was he pushing me towards the brink of ecstasy, but as he massaged the small of my back and probed my mouth with his tongue, he was backing me up to the bed.. Somehow I ended up on my back, and he climbed on top of me, kissing my chin, nudging it back with his nose, as his lips and teeth came down possessively on my exposed, arched throat..

He had put the song on repeat.

I noticed this because the beginning harmony slides started up again, and he licked my neck in time to them. I couldn't have told him what my name was if he asked me. Perhaps this was the reason I decided I was going to make him call it out.

I felt his hands roughly massaging my breasts as his tongue trailed back up to lick my lips and seal them in a passionate kiss. My hands went to the buttons of his denim shirt without a thought, nimble fingers doing their work. It was off in no time. He broke the kiss long enough to slip my sweater over my head, making me sit halfway up to expertly unhook my bra.

I was entranced by his lean, well-sculpted torso, each line and curve and shadow begging to be kissed, licked, touched. Usually I wasn't very dominating when it came to sex, but I'd waited so long, and Chris was so inspiring.. As his hands came down roughly on my now-bare breasts, I leaned forward, putting myself on top.

I licked his neck, tasting his smooth skin between my teeth as I sucked lightly. Trailing my tongue over his collarbone, down his chest, nibbling his nipples lightly.. Fingernails tracing light patterns of desire on his ribs. He let out a low moan that was half growl, and my knees nearly collapsed beneath me. It was a sound even more erotic than the song.

I reached his abdomen, and swear that I could have spent eternity tracing its lines with my tongue. I nibbled lightly on the hard, smooth surface, though it didn't really lend itself to nibbling, and then traced my tongue around each hollow, kissing it lightly, absolutely amazed by its beauty and the fact that I was actually doing it.

But then, like a path to oblivion, I spotted the thin line of hair some men have going from their navel down to their nether regions.. I was helpless but to follow.

Unzipping the fly of his khakis with the utmost reverence, I gently helped to slip them off his hips. Next came his boxers, and the tip of my tongue traced the downward slide of the waistband, along the contour of his hip and down his leg.. Eyes flickering only momentarily to his cock. For now.

He kicked his legs and flicked his ankles, and his boxers slid down the opposite wall with a satisfyingly erotic whisper, the perfect compliment to this profoundly hypnotizing, sexy song that never ended.

I kissed his sensitive inner thighs lovingly, nipping only sometimes, small areas between my teeth, and licked the joints of his thighs, slightly damp with anticipatory sweat. And then.. Running my fingernails over his balls, I kissed the head of his cock softly, barely parting my lips and applying gentle suction, pressing the back of my tongue on it firmly.

Finally, with a gentle push from his hips, I allowed it into my mouth.. Scraping my teeth along the shaft ever so slightly, inching slowly down, tantalizing friction as I slid to his base. I moved my mouth up a few centimeters, wrapping my tongue tightly around his shaft, and then back down. Moving up slightly more, and back, always a tight seal and a gentle suction.. By the time I was moving all the way to his head, I stopped to swirl my tongue around it, caress it gently, and then move back down with an increased urgency, all the while my fingertips gently massaging his balls.

I felt a quiver in the base of his spine, and as I was wondering if I should allow him to climax in my mouth, he gently lifted my chin, drawing my mouth away from his cock. In one fluid movement, he was on top of me, and my legs were either being spread by him or spreading themselves, at this point it seemed instinct.

Finally, his cock entered me, a perfect, passionate fit. The slick slap of flesh on flesh was the perfect accompaniment to the snaps in the music.. My fingernails raking his spine none-too-softly, legs wrapped around him, low purring sighs urging him on.. He pumped relentlessly, each thrust more intense and urgent, his guttural moans eliciting more from me, tension building beyond belief, nearly beyond relief..


With a loud groan he emptied himself within me, and I began to cum, the contractions of my walls only intensifying his orgasm. He sighed deeply and closed his eyes, lying his head between my breasts. I arched my neck, trying to control my ragged breath, and stroked his damp hair.

He spoke, half-whisper. "I missed you."

I smiled faintly in the dark, entwining my fingers in his hair. "I missed you too."

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