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The Surprise
by Mil-Man

It was a long day at work, he was sure glad the workweek was over. As he made he way through the traffic all he could think about was getting home to her. By the time he arrived home it was late, the commute from that office takes 2 hours on Friday rush hour. As he walked in the door he could smell the aroma of Italian food filled the air and he could see a glow coming from the dining room with soft relaxing music filling the void of silence. Honey I'm home he called out. He heard I'll be down in a minute he heard.

As he put his briefcase up and loosened his tie, he started to smell a familiar smell getting stronger. As she approached from behind he could not see what she was wearing. Come sit dinner will be a ready in a little while. Not yet there is something I need to do first he said. With that he turned around to hug and kiss his wife. As he did he realized how beautiful she looked this evening. His jaw dropped at the sight of his wife.

She was wearing a long black velvet evening dress that is cut up to the mid thigh. Black stockings and matching pumps. Her hair was perfect, curled and hanging where she wanted it. Her lips were full and were a deep luscious red, just as her nail were. Her dress fit in all the right places and she knew it. He could feel himself getting hard.

Surprise she purred, I thought you would like a special evening a real special evening. Just sit there and relax, with that she took his shoes off and began to rub his feet. Her hands worked miracles on his feet. He was in heaven and was falling into a trance. All of a sudden he felt a hot breath on his neck. This brought him out of the trance but only for a minute as she started to massage his neck and shoulders.

How does this feel she asked? All he could do was moan in pleasure. I thought so she whispered in his ear, the hot breath triggered a lion stirring response, which she could see developing in his pants. As she worked her magic on his neck and back she moved her hands around to the front and began massaging his chest, which now his nipples had gotten hard. She lightly brushed past them, which made them harder. As she was doing this she started to kiss his neck and nibble on his ear. She knew she was on the right track as his breathing was getting heavier and heavier.

Now she could see a wet spot developing on his pants. She moved around to the front so she could massage his chest. As she did this she straddled his lap and ground her hips just a little bit to make him squirm. He pulled her close and they exchanged a long passionate kiss. She could feel him getting harder the longer they kissed. She also knew that she was getting wet from the attention she had been giving him, the kiss just confirmed that.

His hands started to slowly move around and caress his loving wife. He slowly unzipped her velvety dress and pulled it down past her shoulders. He strained to kiss them and her neck. As he did this, he released the clasp holding her breast confined to there prison. With one movement they were free and in his hands and mouth. He could not remember when he had seen or felt a finer pair of breast.

By this point she was grinding her pelvis into his growing manhood. She said in a throaty voice lets explore each other. With that they both got up and they undressed each other slowly and purposefully just to tease. He was first. His shirt came off one arm then the other slowly showing off his chest then stomach. Then the pants ever so slowly past his rod that was standing at full attention. Then for no reason he turned around so she could not see what he was doing. All she could see was his firm ass wiggling out of their confined spaces. As he turned back around she gasped at the sight that she saw. I don't remember it looking that big before she commented. It's been a long time since we have been close he said.

As she slowly shimmied out of the dress to a seductive beat only she heard, she could see a drop of cum oozing from his cock. She stood there dressed only in her stockings, garters & pumps. As they pulled each other closer they fell to the floor in a passionate embrace, there hand roved all over their bodies like it was the first time for both of them. She found his rock hard cock and he found her dripping pussy.

After a few minutes they moved into a 69 position and savored the prize they sought in each other, he was about to cum when he pulled out and said not yet. So he moved himself between her legs and placed her nylon encased legs around his neck and back and did what he did best... EAT PUSSY.

As he was doing this she was moaning in pleasure and grabbing his ears and pulling is hair. He knew he was getting her hotter and hotter cause she was starting to pull his face into her dripping cunt more and more frequently. So he slowed down the pace just a little to tease, but not to stop the feeling she was having. All of a sudden her legs were tightening around his head as she was pulling his face to meet her pelvic thrust, she was cumming and they both knew it. She let out a scream that made his cock drip and twitch like never before. I CUMMING she screamed, he drank all the love that was cumming his way. As the orgasm subsided she said I NEED YOU IN ME NOW!!!! With that he quickly placed his dripping cock at her lips and pressed slowly.

As he entered her all he could say was GOD THIS IS HEAVEN!!. Just get inside and FUCK me you bastard. Once inside he did not move so he could get used to the best feeling in his life. He then slowly started to move back and forth like a steam train starting out. She said she wanted it deeper so he placed her legs up by his neck and this sensation drove her wild with passion. GOD that is so fucking deep it feels wonderful don't stop baby. As they fell into a rhythm they met each others thrust.

He could feel her tightening and loosening her cunt around his dick, it felt good. She could feel every vein and every contour on his mammoth cock and he moved back and forth. He could tell she was going to come again by the way she was clawing at his back so he increased the tempo they were at. As she started to cum again she said cum with me baby. With that he pumped like a steam train out of control going for all he was worth. As she began to scream in pleasure and ecstasy, he yelled OH MY GOD BABY HERE I CUM. With that he came for what seemed like hours.

They both collapsed in each other's arms from what they agreed was the best night of sex they have ever had.

A fine story by Mil-Man.
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