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The Switch

I woke up at 6:00 a.m. to get ready for my interview where I had to be "Julia". I just loved becoming a hot sexy girl. I took a quick shower, shaved my legs then began to transform. I put on a red lipstick, mascara, blush and then I put my shoulder length brown wig on. I then put a sexy pair of black lace thong panties on, nicely tucking my dick away. I then put on a black lace bra and put my fake rubber tits in that feel so real. I then put on a pair of smooth black thigh highs. I then put on a tight green button down satin blouse which showed off my 36C tits so well. I then put a very short and sexy black skirt on which made my ass look so good. I then put a pair of black high heels on. And took a purse to hold some make up for touch ups. I then walked to the office building and told the receptionist that I was here. She told me that Mr. Smith was ready for me. He welcomed me and asked me to sit. I sat and slowly crossed my legs so he would see my panties. As he was asking me questions he was staring at my big tits so I moved in my chair often so they would bounce and give him a show. He then stood up and walked behind me and started to massage my shoulders and said, "don't be nervous you have the job." I said, "thank you very much." Before I could say anything else he moved his hand slowly down my front and rubbed his hands over my breasts. I let him go since they felt real and I moved and moaned as I enjoyed it. He was about to unbutton my shirt when I turned to him and looked at his bulging cock and said come to my place for dinner at 9 as I gave a quick rub to his enormous penis. He said, "I'll be there," and then said, "let me introduce you to everyone." He called for everyone to come out of their offices and meet me. All of the guy employees were staring at me and I saw some of their pants begin to bulge. There was one other women in the group who was extraordinarily sexy and was looking at me also. Then the boss said to wonder around a bit and for everyone else to go to their offices. I watched were Cara went and I went to her office to meet her. As soon as I walked in she asked me if Mr. Smith tried to get some from and I said yes and she smiled. She closed the door and started to talk to me. I said I was having him over for dinner tonight. She said to dress real sexy and have some erotic lingerie ready and also to get ready to be fucked by a 12'' cock. We each caught each other staring at each other's body and she walked over to me and started to kiss me. I was so excited cause I was able to get a girl by being a girl. I started to rub her pussy for her when I felt a penis. I jumped back and Cara said you thought I was a girl didn't you Julia. I said yes but I don't care. She said why would a girl like you care. I then started to feel her tits and then began to suck her cock when she pushed me into a 69 position and stuck her head in my crotch and saw my penis and she jumped. I said I tricked you to. Now that we both found each other out we shared some tricks of the trade after blowing each other. I asked her what Mr. Smith said when he found out. He said I don't care you are just as good as a girl just don't tell the staff. So only he knows. So I went home and prepared a great dinner and then went to put some sexy clothes on. I put on a strapless green satin bra and thong panties. Smooth black thigh highs and a really tight one piece dress that came to mid thigh. I then heard the bell ring and I went to the door and opened it. I welcomed him with a big hug and a deep wet kiss. He squeezed me hard getting a nice grip on my firm ass. During dinner I kept playing with his cock with my foot and purposely dropping things so he could see my ass. When we were done we went right over to the couch and started to kiss and he started to feel my tits. I said let me go change into something a bit more comfortable. So I went to my room and got undressed. I then put on thong satin panties and a satin strapless bra and a short sexy satin chemise that made me look so sexy. I then went back out and his jaw dropped. As I was walking over I saw his cock bulge. So I went to it and started to play with it and unzipped his pants. I pulled it out. It was huge, at least 12 inches. I started to suck on it but I would not let him cum. He really wanted to though. I then bent over in front of him and said, "fuck me." As he was fucking me I was moaning and screaming for it harder. He then came in my ass and pulled in out. I could not believe he still thought I was a girl. After about five minutes he started to lift my chemise up and rub my tits through my bra and he then slide his hand under the bra and down my panties at the same time and screamed. He then said, "that I was so good," and I looked like such a good women. He then said that all I had to do was dress to real sexy to work with sexy lingerie and let him fuck me. I had the time of my life. The next morning I woke up and knew I had to dress real sexy after getting fucked by the boss. After shaving and putting on my make up I began to get dressed. I put on a pair of red satin g-string panties and a red satin demi-bra with my fake 36C rubber tits. I then put on by silky smooth black thigh highs with lace top. I then took an extremely tight red velvet shirt that made my tits look so big and suckable. Next I put on my shortest and tight skirt that had a two-inch slit and only came down less then half way on my thigh. I also put on a pair of 4-inch pumps. When I got to work I was instantly called into the boss's office. He looked at me and said I was the sexiest girl he has ever seen. He began to suck on my fake tits and grab my ass under my skirt. I then began to unzip his pants and pulled his already hard cock out and I began to suck on it when he pulled it out and said bend over. I did and he shoved his cock into my ass as I moaned with joy until he came in my ass. I then adjusted my tits and skirt and went to my office. Once I sat down Cara walked into my office. She sat down right in front of me on my desk and spread her legs wide open. She was wearing shiny black thigh highs, black satin thong panties a black satin bra which I could see through her very very tight white button down shirt and a very tight and short black leather skirt. She then moved and straddled herself across my waist and we both began to rub on each other's fake tits while we kissed. We both could feel each other's cocks getting hard in each other's skirts. Cara then took her head and began to suck on my hard cock while I moaned like a horny girl. Once I came she said that she wanted to cum so I put my ass in the air and let her fuck me hard till she came. We then adjusted ourselves and went to the cafeteria to lunch. While we were eating I could not help but notice that Steve was staring at my legs and tits. I decided that I had to tease him. I went to throw something out and purposely dropped it. I then bent over so my skirt was completely lifted over my ass exposing my firm ass. On my way back to my table I walked over to Steve and since he was sitting and I was standing my huge firm tits right in front of his face. I keep moving them closer to his face and made them jiggle as I noticed a hard cock in his pants. Since I was so horny I just had to straddle him and I did. He began to rub my tits above my shirt and I slid my hand below his pants and found a plastic dildo and he then smiled as he placed his hands under my bra and found I was a man and said how interesting. I then unbuttoned his shirt in the middle of the cafeteria exposing his 34B tits with big brown nipples. He then took off his dildo and said stick your cock in me Julia. I ripped my panties off and slowly inserted my cock into Steve's pussy. I quickly came and we both redressed and went back to the office. I went home that saying this is the greatest job ever.
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