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The Show
by Randy M.

My wife Chris and I have been married for two years now. Unlike most of the marriages you hear about - we like to communicate between each other. I am 32 and she is 27. Our sex life is outstanding. She is never one to turn down something new (within reason). She also realizes that she has married a man with a very strong sex drive. So on those rare occasions when she is not in the mood, she never hesitates to enjoy a private show of me masturbating. While I'm busy stroking and playing with my cock she'll sometimes help out a little by playing with my balls or urging me to cum for her. Other times she'll ask me what I am thinking about while I'm masturbating. I usually tell her that knowing that she is watching me or the possibility that another woman is watching me.

My wife is the type of woman that likes to throw those women parties. You know, like Tupperware, home decorating, cooking utensil, lingerie, and other types. Most of the time I like to get out of the house when she has these events just to avoid "the hen party". There have been a couple of times when I had stayed home and kept myself in the den or family room. The women that she invites are mostly friends and co-workers. So a majority of them are close to our age. A few of these women I know because we go out with them and their husbands on occasion.

This particular party that she had last summer was a lingerie party. My wife had made this one a Mexican theme party. What in the world lingerie has to do with Mexican is beyond me. Anyway, there was good food and plenty of margaritas to indulge in. Seven girls showed up and soon I was on my way to the family room. But I had to check out the girls first. All of them were wearing shorts. A couple of them had on halter-tops. One with no bra, that was Sherri. I knew all of them but two and two others were wives of couples that we went out with.

After I said my hellos, I promised that I would go away and not be in their way. However, they did not seem to believe me. I grabbed some food and a good-sized margarita and headed off to the family room. About twenty minutes later I had run dry of my margarita so I went to the kitchen to get another one. I also wanted to see how the party was doing. In the living room I saw two hanger stacks full of lingerie and other sexy female attire. The hostess was holding up two teddies in front of the girls sitting on the floor in front of her. She was explaining that they could go and try them on if they were interested in seeing how they would look on them.

One of my wives best friends who is named Katie, came into the kitchen and asked if I would be a good boy and make another pitcher of margaritas for them. As I started to make the drinks, two more girls and my wife came in to get refills. My wife walked around me and grabbed my ass through my jeans shorts and said, "Hey sexy, she's got some stuff for guys that I would like you to try on for size!" The other girls saw my wife grab my ass, looked at each other and agreed that they too would like to see that. I finished blending the drinks and poured them all another. Katie looked me up and down and said, "I sure hope that there is a lot more of this for later". My wife replied, "Oh, we can make him do more." I knew by looking at my wife that she wasn't talking about the margarita's. I took my drink and went back to the family room.

Another hour later I heard someone call to me, "Hey bar slave, we need some more drinks here!" I returned to the kitchen to find my wife waiting with Katie and Sherri. I started making another batch. My wife reached around me and ran her hand over my groin. Sherri caught a glimpse of this and said to my wife, "It's not nice to tease a man like that. Besides, the rest of us girls don't have anything to play with." Katie looked at me and told Sherri, "Hmmm, I heard from Chris that playing with it is his favorite thing to do and she gets to watch too!" I looked over to my wife and she gave me a sheepish smile. Obviously she and her friends talk about me. Then Sherri said, "I can't get my husband to jerk off for me but he likes it when I do it for him. You're lucky Chris." I finished making the pitcher and asked my wife, "Is there anything else you ladies need?" My wife kissed me on the lips and slid me her tongue, pulled back and replied, "Need? Or want? Hmmmmm oh well the night is still young!" and she winked at me and they all returned to the living room.

I went back to the family room and felt my cock begin to twitch. I knew that something was up. I had always fantasized about jerking off in front of a room full of women but I never told my wife about it. I didn't know if she would get mad or think that I was a little too weird. I always thought that the possibilities of it happening were as close to nil as you can get. I guess that's why they call it fantasizing.

Thirty minutes later I needed another drink. So I returned to the kitchen and got myself a margarita. I looked into the living room and noticed that Katie and Sherri were sitting on the floor. Katie had changed into a teddy and so had my wife. The party hostess, one other girl and my wife were sitting on the couch and the others must have left already. I couldn't help but overhear that they were talking about sex. They were talking about oral sex and techniques they use when sucking off a guy. My cock was getting harder by the second hearing this. My glass clinked on the counter when I put it down and they heard me.

I heard Katie order, "Hey bar slave, we all need a drink and we need a male body to try on some of these sexy male boxers and thongs!" Then my wife came into the kitchen in that sexy teddy holding a couple of items for me to try on. "Why don't you be a good boy and try these on for us." she asked. She had a very devious look in her eyes. I declined anyway but then she said, "I promise to make it up to you later." She reached down and grabbed my cock through my shorts and rubbed the shaft. I took the items from her and finished making the pitcher. I went to change. When I came out I heard that they continued their conversation but Katie had began talking about making her husband jerk off for her. Sherri and the hostess just listened with their jaws open.

I picked up the pitcher and went into the living room. I had put on the silk boxers and I also had the thong underneath. As I reached Katie first, the other girls and my wife were cheering me on in my silk boxers. As I filled Katie's glass she looked right at my crotch and said, "These are nice but where is the thong?" Katie said looking at my wife. My wife said, "Yeah, I like those too now go and try on the thong I gave you." The girls again began to cheer on. I knew right away that these girls have had more than enough of their share of drinking for the night. I turned and faced my wife as I filled her glass. She reached up and cupped the front of my boxers and felt my growing hardness through the thong. "Oh, he has them on. He's wearing it under the boxers."

"Come on, take em off", Katie shouted. The others began cheering me on again.

"Go on honey," my wife requested, "let me have a look at the thong you have on." I looked around the room and all eyes were on me. My wife reached up and took hold of the waste of the boxers and thrust them down to my feet with one swift move. My hard cock was inches from her face. The room was filled with female voices shouting and cheering. "My, my, my" my wife cooed, "We definitely have something to show here!" "Hey, let's have a look!" Katie yelled. I slowly turned around and stood in front of all the girls with my hard cock being concealed by this thin small piece of material. Just then my wife reached up and around to the front of me and cupped my balls.

"Yes, he is definitely turned on. You know girls, I bet if we try hard enough we might be able to get my husband here to show you just how a guy plays with himself. Honey, why don't you go over to Sherri and the others and fill their glasses and tell us how much you want to play with your hard cock." I turned toward Sherri and noticed her nipples were pointing through her halter top and she was sitting crossed legged on the floor and her short shorts were gapping in the crotch. I could just see where her trim would start but not enough to see her panties. She was staring up at the bulge in front of me. She held out her glass and her hand was trembling just a little or maybe it was mine. My cock was so fucking hard I thought it would explode.

Katie began to urge me on first. "Come on baby, dance for us and show us what you got!" I returned to face my wife again and she said, "Good idea. Let's have our own private stripper. Come on honey, pretend you're a Chippendale dancer for us and give us a show. Here I'll even get some music going for ya." She got up and turned on the stereo and selected a disco type beat CD. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and the excitement was building inside of me. I just stood there frozen for a bit. Katie and Sherri got up off of the floor and sat on the love seat, which was placed at right angles to the couch. They all started to cheer me on now. They were getting more rowdy. The hostess and the other girl who I did not know were even cheering on. Then Sherri says, "Hey why aren't you stripping. I'm glad I didn't pay for this show"

"Well that's the problem." replied Katie. "I think he needs some incentive."

After that remark Sherri lifted her halter-top to show me her bare tits. "Is this enough incentive for ya?"

"No, not that kind." my wife said, "I'm sure he doesn't mind but I think we should play into it good and give him dollars for a dance." Katie got into her purse and found a hand full of dollar bills. "Come here, I wanna see ya dance for us." Katie said. I walked over toward her and she stuck the dollar down the front of my thong.

"Now I wanna see you dance and strip. I want my moneys worth!" I began to dance around and the girls cheered on and watched. My wife was waving a dollar and motioned for me to come to her. When I got to her she said, "If you want this you have to show me what's under there." She took her dollar and folded it and stuffed it down my thong and she rubbed my cock while doing this. Next I heard the hostess calling for me. I went to her and got a little bold and straddled her lap. She wasn't expecting this and the other girls went wild. I raised my hips so that her face was just inches from my crotch. She inserted the dollar while her eyes were glued to my bulge.

Katie called to me and said she had another dollar for me. I went back to Katie and saw that Sherri who was next to her still had her halter top up exposing her tits. Her nipples were hard. I got up and straddled Katie's lap and moved my hips about. She held out the dollar and said, "I wanna see more!" Katie reached up with the hand that held the dollar and slowly shoved it under my thong down to my cock while her other hand went up the back side of my thigh just below the cheek of my ass. This caused my cock to twitch. "Ohhhhh, I like what I see here!" she announced. She looked next to her to Sherri who was watching her. "Did you see that?" she asked Sherri. Sherri just nodded. "What happened?", my wife asked.

"His cock just twitched for me." Katie replied.

"Hey baby, come here for me, I have some money for ya." my wife beckoned. I danced over to her. "Turn around." she ordered. I turned around to face Katie and Sherri. My wife touched both of my legs and slowly ran her hands up to my ass and then around to the front to my aching cock. Then she reached under my thong and grabbed my cock with one hand while stuffing a dollar with the other. Now Sherri was waving a dollar.

I went to her and she said, "Take em off!" My cock was throbbing uncontrollably. I was so hot knowing they were all watching me. I reached down and began to rub myself in front of Katie and Sherri as they looked on. As I did so I gyrated my hips around to the beat of the music. I was standing in front of Sherri and she reached out and took hold of the front of my thong and pulled the material away from my cock. Then she slid the folded dollar across my cock and let go of the material. She took hold of both ends of the dollar bill and moved it side to side rubbing it against the under side of my cock. Soon my cock head was peeking out of the top of the thong. I began dancing around again until I was in front of my wife. She took her dollar and put it in the back of my thong while she stroked the exposed head of my cock. Then she announced, "Who all wants to see him take the rest off and jerk off for us?"

All the girls started yelling and cheering, urging for me to take it off. I couldn't take it any more. I went to the middle of the floor in front of them and lay down on my back. I began to fondle myself. I slowly pulled off the thong leaving myself totally naked in front of five women with a raging hard on. Katie leaned down and looked closer at my cock and noted to everyone, "My god, he even shaves his cock and balls!" I stayed on my back and spread my legs apart and grabbed my aching shaft and began to slowly stroke it while my other hand massaged my balls. I looked around and saw that all of their eyes were glued on me. Sherri was rubbing her nipples and now my wife was rubbing herself through her teddy.

I had to close my eyes or I was going to cum right then and there. I eased off a bit and just played with my nuts. When I opened my eyes I noticed that my wife was gone. I looked around and nobody seemed to really care. Then she returned with our bottle of sex oil. She tossed me the bottle and said, "Show us how you make yourself cum when I get to watch you." I open the bottle and let small droplets cover the head of my cock until it started running down my hard shaft. Both of my hands were busy at my groin while I masturbated for my audience. I could feel the head of my cock grow and grow until the ridge under the head was as hard as a rock. I felt the base of my cock twitch so I had to ease off again so I wouldn't shoot off yet.

I looked up again to look at the girls. My wife was rubbing her breasts. Katie had her hand under her teddy. Then my wife unsnapped the crotch of her teddy. Katie looked content just watching me. I continued stroking myself with long slow strokes while my other hand began to rub the oil farther down into the crack of my ass. I started to move my hips with the beat of the music that was playing. My wife was busy fingering her wet pussy while watching me as was Sherri. The others just looked on. My cock began to twitch again and this time a big drop of pre cum formed on the tip of my cock head. I squeezed my shaft to bring up more of the clear liquid. Katie said, "I think he's going to cum already!" Then my wife replied, "No, he's really good at this. He can tease himself for over an hour and not cum. But when he finally does - it could put Peter North to shame."

I reached around my leg and began to play with my ass hole while I stroked the head of my cock. I raised and lowered my hips off of the floor while fucking my fist. I looked up at Sherri just as she screamed and came all over her fingers. My wife was finger fucking herself too and shouted, "Oh baby, we wanna see you cum. We wanna see you shoot you hot cum all over yourself." I continued to watch Sherri as she was closing in on another orgasm. The head of my cock felt so sensitive and I could feel the muscles slowly begin to twitch in my ass hole. I rapidly stroked myself. Warmth filled my nuts as my cum started its journey to my cock. My wife began to cum and so did Sherri. The others girls were so quiet just watching me and the others.

I tightened the grip around my shaft as I jerked up and down. "Ahhhh yeah, I'm gonna cum!" I announced. No sooner than I said that, the first thick rope of cream shot out and flew about three feet into the air and landed on my stomach with a loud smack. Then my cock twitched again and again spewing gobs of juice on my legs, stomach, and groin. When the twitching subsided my wife got down on her hands and knees and rubbed the hot liquid all over me and my cock. Something she had never done before. When she was finished she got up and got me a towel. I cleaned myself off and got dressed. The party was over and everyone went home.

When my wife and I got to bed she begged for me to eat her pussy but that's another story for later.
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