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The Swim Academy
by Leslie

I was a junior counselor at a swim school last summer. I served as a helper to the life guards and to the swimming instructors. The school hired 4 of us from an ad they posted at the high school. All of us were on the swim team and I also was spring board diver.

The school was a very well known one in the San Fernando Valley that had been in business for more than 30 years. The school catered to different sports camps and to individual swim and diving lessons for children and adults. During the week, bus loads of kids spent an hour or two just playing in the water to cool off, while the lifeguards and the junior counselors watched carefully to prevent accidents and trouble in the water.

Working at Woodbridge Swim Academy was great. It gave me a chance to earn some money for college, get some sun and also credit toward my WSI (Water Safety Instructor) certificate. With that certificate, I could be a real life guard at a pool or at the beach next year. The school had three pools. One of the pools was 8 feet deep straight across and was 40 feet wide and 80 feet long. It was set up for swimming laps and for testing. People taking swimming lessons would progress through a series of tests for endurance and for the quality of the strokes they used in freestyle, butterfly, breast stroke, and back stroke.

The second pool was smaller and was 12-15 feet deep. It had three diving boards. Two on the sides were 3 meter spring boards and the one in the center was a 5 meter one. The last pool was a wading pool for toddlers and their mothers in the "Mommy and me" program.

The place was built in the 1960's specifically as a swim academy. It had a main room that seated about 100 for meetings and lectures. Then at the back is a reception desk and offices. There are also 2 small rooms that the staff uses for briefings and as a make shift cafeteria. Behind the diving pool are two locker rooms and a staff room between them. The locker rooms are each divided up into a large locker room, dressing area, bathroom and showers. The locker rooms surrounded the staff room and the shower portions worked there way around the staff room and butted up to each other at the rear.

Through the old style crank glass louvers that were about 8-10 feet high, you could routinely hear the spray of the showers and overhear a word or two if you happened to be in the staff room.

The first camper bus usually shows up at 10:30. Many of the employees come in earlier and swim or dive for a while after the clean up from the day before. About two weeks into the summer I arrived very early so that I could swim some laps for exercise. It was

8 a.m. and I was surprised to see one of the lifeguards named Nick just getting out of the lap pool. We both exchanged a few pleasantries as we walked toward the locker rooms. He pointed to the tape that was stretched across the men's facilities and said that the plumbing had sprung a leak late last night and that the plumbers would be there and have it repaired before the first bus arrived. "I need to take a shower and change before the plumbers get here and I have to use the ladies shower room. "Leslie, would you please

stand guard for me so that none of the girls comes in until I am finished?" "Sure Nick, I will change and get ready for my swim while you are showering and I'll guard the entrance to the shower area for you."

He grabbed a towel and his duffel bag from a bench and we walked into the ladies locker room together. I went off to my locker in the corner and Nick made a bee line for the showers. I heard the water start to flow as I began to undress and put on my official "Woodbridge" swim suit. I glanced over my right shoulder as I slipped out of my panties and bra and noticed that part of the shower area was visible from my locker position. But the part where Nick was showering was out of view. I could see the water hitting the tile floor, but not Nick.

Nick Talbot was a real physical specimen and he had been the program manager for around three years. Everyone liked Nick. At 6'2" inches tall with a narrow waist and broad shoulders, he had the typical "swimmers body" that is always so appealing to women. Add to the fact that he was handsome and moonlighted doing some television commercials and extra work made him even more desirable. He was 26 years old and I was 18. I stepped into my one piece suit and pulled the straps up to my shoulder and positioned my breasts in the slightly low cut bodice portion. I also like to hike up the sides of the suit at my hips to accentuate the length of my legs. The strip of material covering my vagina is narrow and I always have to do a nice shaving job to keep looking well-groomed.

I had to go to the bathroom and walked over toward the stalls. It was then that I noticed that I could see Nick in the bathroom mirror. He was facing slightly away from my vantage point and his tanned body was covered with soap and he was applying shampoo to his hair. His eyes were closed and he was lightly humming. I could see his penis in what seemed to be a partially erect status as it swung from side to side as he applied the shampoo to his head. I was mesmerized for short while and when he turned to faced me fully and lean his head back to wash the shampoo off, I marveled at his physique and left quickly so as not to be noticed. I sat near my locker until he came out in his suit.

"Thanks for guarding my privacy Leslie, maybe I can do the same for you some time." As he walked past me I could not get the vision of his thick manhood out of my mind. I had done my share of heavy petting and had wrapped my hand around a penis or two, but Nick's was in a different league. Maybe because he was older and more mature that the sight of his penis affected me that way. I kept reliving the view in my mind and felt my nipples harden and had a dampness starting between my legs.

I grabbed my towel and headed for the lap pool. Nick was checking the chemicals in the diving pool. I swam for about 10 minutes and then decided to dive a few times just for the feeling of being airborne. I climbed the ladder up to the 5 meter board and tested the flexibility of the board. I found it a bit too loose and adjusted it with the big adjustment wheel to a firmer flex. I took a measured approach and hit the end of the board smartly. I sprang upward and grabbed a tight tuck. I completed an easy 1 1/2 front somersault and

entered the water with little or no splash. Nick gave me a mock round of applause and pretended to hold up a scoring sign. He said, "It is unanimous ladies and gentleman, Leslie has just received a score of 10 from every judge." Then he laughed and continued with his work. I toweled off and started to pick up trash and straighten out the area as the other counselors and lifeguards started to arrive.

The day went along well, but with one hitch. The plumbing could not be fixed. A main line under the men's bathroom had broken and it would have to be fixed over the weekend. For the rest of today and Friday, we decided to allow both sexes to use the facilities in a regular rotating schedule. It worked out well and everyone knew it was a special circumstance. After the last bus pulled away, one of the female lifeguards named Becky came over to me to ask a favor. She wanted to know if I could stick around and give a private lesson to Mrs. Brodsky at 6 p.m. because she had a appointment with her accountant that she had forgot about and could not change.

I said, "Sure, but you know that I am not certified yet."

Becky relied, "That is all right, Mrs. Brodsky is a beginner and I am sure that with your experience it will be no problem."

So at 4:30 and having an hour and a half to kill, I decided to take a nap in the locker room. Everyone was gone but me and Nick. He was in the staff room doing some paperwork and planning for the next day. I awoke after only about a 15 minute nap and decided to take a shower to cool off before Mrs. Brodsky arrived. I stripped off my suit and towel in hand, padded off to the showers. I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the large mirror that was on the opposite wall from the showers and stopped for a moment. I looked critically at my 18 year old female form. I was pleased with the size of my breasts and the narrow turn my torso took at my waistline. I really had almost no body fat. I bet when I am 30, I will look back at this time as the time I was in the best shape of my life.

I ran my hand over my flat stomach and brushed my pubic hair slightly, sending chills through my upper body which made my nipples stand out at attention. I turned and walked into the shower area and adjusted the temperature so that it felt warm and comfortable. I lathered up and when my body was more or less covered with soap, I let my hands slide over the curves that celebrated my womanhood. I gently stroked my breasts and then let my hands slip under my belly and onto my curved mound. My finger slipped down and came into contact with my clit and I shuddered. I stopped right then because I did not think that masturbating in a locker room shower was too bright an idea.

I reached for the shampoo bottle and caught a slight movement out of the corner of my eye. I tried not to react to it because I quickly realized that Nick and I were the only people left and he would not be peeping in on me. Then I thought....what if he was? I had done the same thing to him earlier in the day. I applied the shampoo to my hair and squinted out through eyes that had to look closed from a distance to see if anyone was there. I did not see anyone. Then still squinting I looked into the mirror that reflected into the locker room and saw a figure. It was Nick. I couldn't make out any details, but it was

him. I closed my eyes completely and turned in his direction while lathering. Then I let my hands slide over my breasts and massaged in the soap. It must have looked pretty sensual from the vantage point that Nick had. When I finished rinsing off the soap and shampoo, he was gone. After I put my suit back on, I walked out into the sunlight that was now fairly low on the horizon and laid down on a lounge chair just outside the pool gates. I felt aroused by the events of the day and gently stroked my fingers over my breasts outside of the swim suit. My nipples were so erect that it looked almost obscene through the thin fabric. Then I dozed off.

I had a wild sexual dream of me and Nick. He was down between my legs and was nibbling so wonderfully on my clit as the juices poured out onto his cheeks. He looked up at me and said, "Wake up Leslie. Mrs. Brodsky is here for her lesson." I apologized to her as she walked toward me with a smile on her face. I hope she did not notice the dampness of my suit were it joined between my legs. I really think she did not notice, but maybe Nick had.

The lesson went well and Mrs. Brodsky learned a few new things from me about arm position during the back stroke and how to breathe in a more rhythmic way that allowed her to stoke more cleanly and in a better tempo. When 7 p.m. rolled around, we exited the pool just as Nick was about to leave. He said, "Lock up for me will you?' "I will see you bright and early tomorrow." " O.K.", I replied, taking a quick glance at his crotch and then back to his smiling white teeth.

Mrs. Brodsky and I went into the locker room together. She walked over to an empty locker and set down her gym back that must have contained her clothes. She was wearing a bikini, but it was of the larger variety for women of her age. Her shape was still nice and she had full breasts that showed quite a bit of curve that overflowed the top of the suit. I went over to my locker that faced hers from about 25 feet away as she casually reached behind her to unsnap the top to her suit. Out tumbled some large and beautifully shaped breasts with large pink nipples that accented her pale skin. Her skin must have been 20 shades light than mine. She had not been laying out in the sun, probably to stop any wrinkling that might occur. I was too young to think about that, but I know some day I would have to consider it.

As I pulled my suit off, Mrs Brodsky smiled and said, "I used to have a body like you when I was in my twenties." She pushed down the bottoms of her suit and stepped out of them. With her legs spread just slightly, I could see her large clit poking out through the pubic hair that covered her pussy. She continued, "These breasts used to stand up pretty high on my chest, now they would not pass the pencil test."

I replied, "What is the pencil test?" " Oh, you know," she said, "that is when you take a pencil and place it under your breast and see if it falls. If it does not fall, then you tits are sagging down and hold it in place." She reached into her back and pulled out a pen. She walked toward me completely naked and as she walked, she placed the pen under her right breast and then let go. The pen stayed in place. "See what happens with age? Gravity becomes your enemy."

I said, "But you lifted your breast and forced it under there, of course it would stay." Mrs. Brodsky then removed the pen and then without lifting her breast placed it underneath and it still remained. "I bet that you could pass the test though." She boldly walked a step or two closer and touched my breast with one hand and placed the pen underneath it with the other. When she let go, it fell to the ground. "I told you that you would pass. Not too many years ago, I passed too, but my breasts seemed to have gotten larger over the years and the combination of big and old have made my pencil test passing days a thing of the past."

As she bent down to pick up the pen I replied quickly and without thinking, "I think your breasts are beautiful. They're much larger than mine and have a real nice shape to them."

"Thanks, sweetheart. The men in my life have always liked them and I have been pawed by them since I was 14. She returned her hand to my left breast and stroked it and seemed to be measuring its density and weight. "Now those are lovely breasts. They are so firm and smooth. Would you mind if I kissed them?"

I mumbled something and before I knew it, her mouth was lightly locked onto one of my nipples. I moaned a moan that came from deep in my lungs as she nibbled at my nipples, one after the other. "Sit down on the bench my beauty" she breathed. I sat on the bench and she dropped to her knees and as she slid my legs apart, she leaned forward quickly and covered my vagina with her hot lips. With the fingers of both hands she spread my pussy lips and licked my clit and labia. I was wet, wet, wet. She slurped and licked until I came with a rush and a shudder. Twenty minutes and three more orgasms later she stopped, licked her lips and kissed me. She smiled and headed off to the shower. I changed and got ready to go. I was still in a daze when Mrs. Brodsky walked up to me at the locker room entrance and said, "Thanks for the dessert my sweet. Not only are you a better teacher than Becky, but your breasts are nicer and you taste like candy."

She walked ahead and out the gate. I followed and locked it and turned on the safety lights. What a day! I felt weak but still aroused. I felt sexual and alive...Nick was next.


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