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The Slut Factory
by JLpearl

Jennifer was an 18 year old. She had just finished college, and was having trouble deciding what to do with her life. The thought of college bored her. She wanted a way to make a lot of money quickly, so she could easily afford her own apartment and necessities. She was a virgin, the closest she had even come to sex was when her boyfriend had dry-humped her when she was 17. She dumped him when she found him with another girl the next day.

She was at a chat room on AOL. A person said, "Any girls interested in making $2K a night, IM me."

Jennifer thought to herself, "Why not, it wouldn't hurt to try." She quickly im'ed FantasyEscorts69 and said, "I'm interested". They worked out the details.

On Monday Jennifer arrived at Fantasy Escorts located in New York. She was nervous. It was time for her appointment. I guess I should describe her a bit. She was 5'6", 120 pounds, a blonde, and had bountiful breasts, at least a size C. She wasn't the type to do this sort of thing ­ she just decided to, on a whim. To see if she could pull it off. Jennifer was a shy girl. Once inside, she found a front desk. She came closer to it and said the secretary, "I'm Jennifer Wallace, for the 3:30 appointment." The secretary replied with a "Follow me."

As she walked along the corridors, she kept thinking about running away. "It isn't too late, the door's right there", she thought. As she was just about to turn away, the secretary announced, "OK, here we are. Wait inside."

Jennifer went into the large room. It contained only a king-sized bed. She sat at the foot of the bed and waited for a few minutes. Then, she heard the knob turning and a woman stepped inside. Brown hair, nice figure with large breasts, about 5'9". She was wearing a tank top and very short shorts. She began talking. "Hi, I'm Lucy, I'm in charge of this place. You are.... Jennifer, right? OK, let's get started. You know we don't want any ugly girls here, or girls with weird bodies. I'm going to have to ask you to strip."

Jennifer was startled by the frankness, but she knew that it they wouldn't hire her unless they saw her body first. She took off her tee shirt first, then removed her skirt. Her white lace bra came next, followed by her panties. After she was finished, Lucy began circling her. She looked up and down, and spent a long time looking at her ass and chest. Jennifer couldn't help but feel a little self-conscious. After a lot of "hmm..."s, she finally spoke.

"Okay, Jennifer. You seem to have a really nice body. But it's only as far as my eyes can see. Lie down on the bed there."


"I have to check your pussy and ass."

"Umm.... Okay..."

Jennifer slowly lied down on the bed face up. Lucy walked towards her and began probing her hairy pussy. She put her finger inside and circled it. Lucy discovered her hymen. "Oh, are you a virgin? We'll take care of that later." Jennifer wondered what Lucy meant by that. She began to feel hot. After a few minutes of her wandering finger, Lucy said, "Okay, now turn around, face down." She did so, and once again, the probing started in her ass. She had to control herself not to pound Lucy's finger. She wanted relief. At home she'd be masturbating with two fingers. She knew she couldn't do that here.

"Okay, pussy and ass check complete. You know, since you're a virgin, we're going to have to pop your cherry. You can't work here if you're a virgin." Lucy spoke on an intercom on the wall. "Stacy, please call Jake to room 17." Jennifer was feeling excited, but had moral dilemmas. Should she lose her virginity in some escort building, with a complete stranger? Just as she was about to stop everything, Jake came in.

Jake had the body of a god, with a killer smile. Jennifer thought to herself, "Hey, it won't be so bad losing it to this guy." Lucy said, "I'll be watching your performance, to see if you'll be good with other people." She then took out a pair of handcuffs. "Just to make it interesting."

Jake took the handcuffs and put Jennifer's arms over her head and locked it onto the bedpost. Two more handcuffs appeared, and he used one for each foot for each post. Jennifer then realized what he was doing. "Hey, what are the handcuffs for?" He replied, "I'm not risking you running away. Most virgins get scared when they see..... me." He then took off his clothes. Damn, was she scared. He had at least a 9 inch cock, and already it was erect. He straddled her and started to coat his cock with her juices. Although she was scared, she couldn't help but be excited. Then he started to push his way in. He quickly jammed in half the 9 inches. She didn't even notice the tearing until after a few seconds. Jennifer screamed in pain. Jake slowly withdrew, then slammed 3/4 in. Jennifer was feeling so full, but really good. She had a sensation inside her that she had never felt before, and it was driving her crazy. Then he pulled out again. Jennifer was dying from the loss of it but was quickly more than satisfied after he had pushed up to his balls.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" Jennifer moaned loudly. She began to wonder why she didn't lose it earlier. Rhythmically, he started to pump back and forth. After a few strokes, Jennifer exploded with the best orgasm she ever had in her life. Jake, however, wasn't finished. He continued pumping. Jennifer came again and again. His cock was thrusting into her so hard that she bounced violently on the bed with each thrust. She was very tired but still wanted more. Jake had the ability to control when he would cum and was told to continue. Jake continued for an hour. Jennifer had come about 20 times, each stronger than the last. Finally, Jake exploded into her. She thought she would burst from the huge amount of cum he was pumping into her.

"Did you have fun?" asked Lucy.

"That was amazing."

"Well then, you won't mind what's about to happen next", she replied.

The door opened and 7 men came in.

"I'm sorry I had to do this, but we do this to all our soon-to-be employees. Nothing wrong with making a little money while you're at it, is there? Let's just call this a 'test'."

Jennifer's mind was reeling. Seven? Test? She hadn't even finished thinking when another man straddled her, a black man, and pushed his 10 inches into her. She screamed in surprise and began moaning again. It wasn't as painful this time, more enjoyable. She came 3 times and finally, he pumped his cum into her. A man had pushed his 7 inches into her mouth, and since she had no other option, she began sucking and licking. Fingers played with her erect nipples and twirled them. Someone pushed a vibrating butt plug up her ass. Another man, this time Asian, now straddled her and started to thrust into her. His cock wasn't that long but it was fat. She learned soon that contracting her pussy muscles made them more excited. She was feeling pleasure at every part of her body, and soon she came violently. But it didn't stop. The Asian man still hadn't cum, the butt plug was vibrating away, and someone was still in her mouth. She began to feel very worn out but the men still hadn't stopped; she had 5 more to go! The Asian man was now pumping furiously into the tired Jennifer and she thought she didn't even have enough energy to come again. She was wrong. She came harder than ever, and finally the Asian man had too. As each man straddled her face and pussy, she began to get used to the feeling.

Another black man jumped on her and began to pound away. His 8 inches or so was very thick. Jennifer hated feeling like a slut but had to contract her pussy muscles to get him to cum faster. It helped a little. She came violently after 3 minutes but the black man was still thrusting and pushing. Each time he went a little deeper and a little faster, and each time he was about to cum, he slowed down to make it last as long as possible. He amazingly became even bigger inside Jennifer. Jennifer very badly wanted to cum again but his fast-slow method was depriving her of that. Finally, she came at the same time the black man did. After each man had fucked her in the face, missionary, and doggy style, they all left satisfied. Lucy was still in the room.

"How was that? If you can't handle that, you might as well go home now. You're going to get fucked who knows how many times, and much worse than that."

"I hate you for doing this to me, but that was honestly the most incredible experience in my life."

"Well then, we'd better get you a little more used to it." With that, Lucy placed a 10 inch vibrating dildo in her pussy. She then took out the butt plug and replaced it with a narrow 7 inch cock, which was also vibrating. Lucy had set the controls for both of them to low. Jennifer was still locked to the bed covered in sticky cum, so she couldn't do anything about it. Lucy left her like that, almost coming but not, for half an hour. After that, she came back, fucked her furiously with the dildo, and she came with the strongest orgasm that night.

"You look like you'll do well here at Fantasy Escorts. Come back tomorrow for a job... or two or seven...", said Lucy with a mischievous smile.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world", said Jennifer.

To Be Continued...


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