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The Seminar Pt. II
by Badger

Dedicated to my sexy Swedish friend EVA. (pus och kram)

This is to be read as a sequel to "The Seminar".

He was genuinely pleased to see her arrive home, he stood to kiss her as she entered the room then holding her hands to say hello he said:

"Where's your wedding ring?"

Just then the phone rang...

Her wedding ring - how could she have been so stupid - why hadn't she put it back on? The phone rang again - she answered it to avoid the persistent questioning in his eyes.

"H-Hello," she stammered.

"Hi sexy, this is the man you sucked and fucked last night and this morning - you know the friend of the other guy you sucked and fucked last night."

"Yes" she said hesitantly, immediately recognizing Dave's voice and also feeling her husband's intense stare burning into her.

"You left something behind didn't you - apart from all your tasty juices over my cock?"

She knew what the voice was going to say next and felt her heart leap into her mouth...

"I've got your wedding ring..."

She hesitated again before thinking as quickly as her whirling brain would allow, she turned this developing nightmare to a little advantage, although as she spoke she thought the nervousness in her voice might give her away.

"Okay, yes that's good news - when could I have it returned"

The voice at the other end immediately summed up the situation by the business like manner in which she spoke...

"Oh your husband's there isn't he? Well, you gorgeous woman, you can have it back as soon as we've been to bed again to indulge in more fantastic fucking. I have to bury my cock deep into your throat and that hot welcoming pussy of yours at least once more."

Her breathing became very heavy, mainly through the fear of her adultery being discovered but also by the recollection of such lustful sex.

"Yes, okay, please contact me as soon as you can."

"You can bet your sweet pussy lips, I'll phone you at work on Monday," he replied and hung up.

The line was already clear when she spoke again.

"Yes, thank you for calling," She said to no-one.

"So where's your ring? You never take it off," her husband questioned.

"Oh that was the hotel - they've found it in my room. I...I had to take it off on the Saturday I arrived...I knocked my finger on the bathroom door and it started to swell up - I just had time to get it off before it got too painful," she lied, and she could feel herself going red and getting very hot and flustered.

"Oh Jane.. show me," her concerned husband said as he motioned toward her.

"Oh it's fine now, I got some cream to rub into it - I just forgot to put the ring back on that's all."

He still wanted to look and although she tried to pull away he gazed at the flawless digit before him.

"Fine? I'd say that's almost a miraculous recovery - I mean there's not a hint of bruising there." She stared at the "damage", as he did, the only swelling that the finger had been involved in was when it was wrapped around a very stiff and angry penis. The only cream she had rubbed into it was some hot, thick and sticky sperm shot from a tightened ball sac - dirtily, she even thought that perhaps the "cream" had worked because she had taken it internally.

She told him not to make a fuss - she was fine and she would get the ring sometime next week as soon as she'd sorted out a date with the manager. She knew that it was not the manager of the hotel she meant but the "manager" of the situation - that bastard David.

She made love with her husband that night - more out of guilt than anything. He knew nothing of course and was delighted when she finished him off with a blow job - he hadn't had one in such a long time. Just prior to this she had faked orgasm, not uncommon when she wasn't really in the mood and wanted him to get it over with. He slept soundly while she thought about what had gone on in the last 36 hours. She was so ashamed of herself, not only at betraying her husband and her vows but that she could have got clean away with it if she hadn't have been so idiotic as to leave herself open now to this blackmail.

Her mind kept going over the events of the night before and she found herself getting wet when she thought of the two cocks pumping into her welcoming mouth and pussy. Would Dave want her to himself or did he want another threesome. No, it must be for himself she thought, he wasn't the slightest bit interested in Alan. Ok so she would do it with him one more time and that would be it - she would get back to her "safe" sexual life. She frigged herself gently imagining Dave's tongue lapping at her sex and hoped that when she jerked involuntarily as she climaxed she didn't wake her husband.

Sunday passed without event and things returned to as normal as possible although her husband's teasing about the ring was acutely embarrassing for her. Monday at work found her shaking every time the phone rang - only late on in the afternoon did Dave phone...

"Can you talk?" he asked.

"Yes, when can I have my ring back. Why didn't you give it to me on Saturday?"

She was angry that he'd taken it, she was angry that he made her suffer for the last couple of days and even more so that he'd now left it to the last minute to phone.

"Well I know we said that would be it, but you're such a fantastic fuck and that blow-job was out of this world that I just had to see you again."

He went on to explain how he'd got her home and work phone numbers (he'd gone through her handbag when she was asleep). Seeing her wedding ring on the dresser he decided that this would be a good bargaining chip if she was reluctant to have a further helping of his cock. She had played into his hands by forgetting to put it on that morning.

"So when can I have it!?" she demanded.

"You, my lovely, can have my hot stiff dick when and where you like," and he laughed.

The vision of his erect penis sprang into her mind... "Please Dave, you know what I mean."

"Friday at one o'clock - I'll meet you at the Gatefield Hotel, we'll have some lunch and then you can book us a room for the afternoon and you can show me how grateful you are to get the symbol of your undying love for your husband, back on your finger." He was almost mocking in his tone. "Oh and don't forget to wear your stockings," he added. The bastard, she thought as she hung up without reply. It was going to be a long week.

He made no further contact with her after that and Friday could not come soon enough. She wanted a speedy closure to this loose end in her life although the prospect of a long session of unbridled sex with a man almost a generation younger than her was still the sugar to a bitter pill. She booked a day off - her husband rarely phoned her at work anyway and as long as she was home before him he would be none the wiser to her misdemeanor. He left early in the morning as usual and she had time for a lie in before a long soak in the bath and then getting dressed. She actually started to get quite turned on by this time, Dave was certainly good in bed so this wouldn't be such a chore.

She decided on all white lingerie ensemble - she smiled to herself that she was the "good guy" here so why not white !. White sheer stockings and lacy white teddy, with a white silk blouse beneath a blue business suit with a medium short skirt, and blue high heels. The Gatefield Hotel was a watering hole for business so she didn't want to look out of place even if her motive for being there was a physical payment for crass stupidity.

She arrived just after one o'clock, she recognized Dave's car in the car park and her heartbeat increased, she thought this odd, after all they had been completely intimate with each other less than a week before. Was it the anticipation of more bedroom excitement, certainly she had the beginnings of the "itch" she got when she felt she wanted sex. Or was it that she was not in control of the situation - effectively he had her there by blackmail. As she was escorted through the dining room she had her first shock of the day.

She saw David long before he saw her, but to her complete confusion another woman sat with him. As she drew nearer she could see that she was of West Indian origin, elegant in dress and attractive but probably only a few years younger than herself. David saw Jane and typical of his good manners stood as she waited for the waiter to seat her. Dave leant over and kissed her on the cheek before introducing his other guest.

"Jane this is Margaret, Margaret - Jane," He said grinning.

The two women nodded a hello before Dave continued.

"Well ladies it seems that I've got something you want - apart from my hot stiff dick that is."

The women stared at him impassively.

"Wedding rings." He said succinctly and then continued, "And for a small and hopefully enjoyable payment of some really hot three-way sex, these precious items will be returned to you."

The women looked at each other as the realization of what he said dawned on them.

"I know you think I am out of order taking these for safe-keeping, but you see I knew the two of you only went to bed with me because I was in the right place at the right time. I knew conscience would get the better of you preventing a repeat performance but girls let me tell you that you are both too good in the sack to let it be a one-off."

Over lunch and a fair amount of wine he went on to give both women a resume of the circumstances leading up to their guilt ridden adultery. Jane found herself listening avidly to Margaret's downfall of how she was drunk on a Hen party and she had gone too far with her pursuit of a "white" cock when the other girls had a bet as to who could wank one first that night. Dave explained that not only had she wanked him, but had also "blown" him before taking him all the way doggie style at his flat. It transpired that, as Dave put it, she was a randy cow and her husband had rather left her "without" for a couple of weeks while he was away on business. He laughed at his own double entendre as he explained that he was "just filling the void". When it was her turn Jane cringed at his explanation of her demise, although Margaret secretly squeezed her hand under the table to provide some moral support.

"So ladies I realized that this was a heaven sent opportunity to live out a long held fantasy of mine to be sexually pampered in bed by two experienced cock hungry women. In fact let's not waste any more time, Margaret if you pay the bill, Jane can book a room and we can just go and enjoy ourselves"

The cheek of the guy - Jane thought - but she did as she was asked, part of her wishing to get this over with, the other, in truth just a little excited about having a threesome involving another woman.

The journey in the lift found David in a boisterous mood, no doubt excited at the prospect of bedding two women at once. He groped both women in turn who responded as much through the alcoholic stimulus as anything he was doing. They entered the room and he turned to face them...

"OK girls I'm all yours!" he grinned.

The women looked at each other and Jane said:

"Well we're here now, might as well make the best of it"

She strode up to him and kissed him as his arms enfolded her, then she started to unbutton his shirt, Margaret knelt on the floor and undid his trousers, pulling them and his boxer shorts down, before roughly grabbing his erect penis which brought a sharp intake of breath.

Jane caught on quickly, they were in a two on one situation and he was no Tarzan by any stretch of the imagination. Jane didn't bother with the last few buttons instead pulled his shirt apart and pulled his mouth onto hers to silence his half hearted protests. She nibbled and bit his tongue and lips just that little bit too hard. The women then steered him towards the bed and completed the task of stripping him. Margaret stepped away from the bed and taking Jane by the hand pulled her away as well. She turned to him and told him to lay back and relax. She then started to nuzzle Jane's ear and whispered that she had a plan, Jane was intrigued but played along as they started to strip, caressing each other's naked flesh as it came into view.

Jane closed her eyes as Margaret took control - Wow, she thought, Margaret had done this before as she felt her move behind her and kiss her neck as her hands fondled her breasts. Margaret then moved one down to Jane's groin and stroked her pussy through the thin fabric of her teddy before deftly pulling apart the poppers and caressing her rapidly moistening furrow.

"Very nice girls" Dave said "Just remember, I'm the one needing attention so get your arses over here please".

Margaret again whispered to Jane that when she gave the word she had to grab his arms. She then went straight over to David and lay on him in the classic sixty-nine position but pinning his arms with her legs. As she took his cock in her hand and started to wank it she asked Jane to get some baby oil from her bag. Jane thought this unusual but David was obviously and obliviously in heaven as the wet pussy pushed down on to his mouth and his cock was slowly devoured by the apparently eager Margaret. All became clear as Jane delved into the bag, sure enough there was the baby oil, but not only that there were two pairs of handcuffs. She removed them and Margaret signalled for her to get ready. They did not hesitate on the signal, Margaret pulled away from his cock and viciously grabbed his testicles, Dave was sufficiently shocked and incapacitated enough for Jane to grab both his wrists and secure him to the headboard. She then told him not to struggle or Margaret would tighten her grip on his "crown jewels", if indeed that were possible. He whimpered with the excruciating pain as his ankles were also "cuffed" and secured to the end of the bed. Margaret let go and then knelt beside him.

"Well my boy - it seems like we're in charge now." She said with no little amount of gloating.

His eyes were still closed, but as the pain gradually subsided his fear became apparent and he stuttered that it had just been a joke, if they didn't want to go through with it he would never had made them and would have given them their property back.

"Too late for that" Jane said "I think this is going to be fun".

They ignored his protests and as Margaret stood up she said that while all three of them were there they may as well not waste the afternoon. She then reached for the oil and continued...

"David you can wait, Jane first I think."

He watched amazed as the women kissed deeply and Margaret pushed Jane onto the edge of the bed. As she sat down, Margaret knelt before her and oiling her hands, tenderly massaged her now fully exposed breasts and very erect nipples. She worked her way down, trailing her fingernail caresses towards her pussy - the enticing aroma and wetness drew her like a moth to a flame. She badly needed to taste her spending and momentarily abandoned Jane's breasts to further ease apart the covering from those wet engorged lips. Bereft of any protection her hands returned to their original targets as her mouth found the beautiful folds of flesh surrounding the pleasure button and ever dampening tunnel of love. Jane widened her legs to allow better access and with her hands around Margaret's head encouraged her mouth, lips and tongue onto her sex. Margaret heard Jane's breathing deepen as the first tentative snake like flicks of her tongue ran the length of Jane's slit before concentrating on her swollen female prick. Margaret was no amateur and delayed Jane's orgasm by taking her to the brink several times before slowing down. The women both enjoyed the prolonged bout of oral pleasure until Margaret decided enough was enough and drove on relentlessly forcing Jane to a shuddering climax, as the waves flooded through her she toppled backwards and brushed against the mesmerised David.

On recovering Jane reached for Margaret's hands to pull her towards her, they kissed again before Jane whispered that she wanted Margaret to have her turn.

"Let's both have some pleasure" Margaret said and urged Jane to follow her lead.

It was time now for him as well, he was almost beside himself with the "show" they had performed. So while Margaret straddled his fully erect cock Jane sat on his face facing her "partner". This enabled the women to kiss and caress each other while taking their sexual enjoyment from the helpless David, although cleverly and through no little experience they climaxed without letting him do the same. They swapped positions and climaxed again, but yet again would not let him finish, in fact knowing that he was so close Jane would didn't even let him penetrate but just slid backwards and forwards over his hard flesh to stroke her clitoris. This was a double-edged delight for him - so much bliss yet so frustrating.

Duly sated they pondered on what to do with him, first off was to retrieve their jewellery of course. Jane sat beside him and leisurely stroked his throbbing penis.

"Do you know Dave I would have happily made love with you again if you had asked nicely", she briefly dipped his cock into her mouth before continuing " but you had to try to blackmail Margaret and myself and that is just not on".

He started to promise that nothing would happen but before he could finish Margaret stuffed her panties into his mouth and tied a stocking around his head to keep it in place. Jane did not ease up with her stimulation of his fit to burst prick, and yet just as she felt his balls tighten ready for the vinegar stroke she would stop. He thrust his hips into the air involuntarily to try to make that final contact which would push him over the edge, but Jane would literally not give him the satisfaction. As she toyed with him Margaret sat at the table writing something.

"Now my boy" Margaret said "I suppose you'd like to cum ?"

He nodded almost crying with the frustration.

"Ok, well you have to sign this piece of paper - it just says that you tried to blackmail us for sex so that if you pester us any more this will be handed to the police. Now as soon as you sign we'll both give you a hand job that you'll remember forever."

He nodded his agreement and frankly was so desperate to have his orgasm that he would have signed anything. They released his right hand so he could do the deed, before restraining him again.

"Good" Margaret said "This is the last we're going to hear from you isn't it ?"

He nodded, then the two women knelt either side of him. Jane liberally poured oil over wildly jerking cock before lightly stroking up and down the full length. Margaret massaged his balls which were as tight as any she had ever held, occasionally she let her fingers stray onto his anus to titillate him further. Jane then grabbed his penis and masturbated him with full sweeping movements up and down. As his climax approached his fists clenched, his eyes closed and his hips rose and fell to try to speed up her manipulation. Margaret could almost feel the sperm welling up and just as she sensed the point of ejaculation she pushed a finger fully into his anus, to press onto his prostate. Jane carried on wanking him and as the first drips of tell-tale pre-cum emerged she pointed his weapon towards his stomach.

The women watched enthralled as spurt after spurt of sticky spunk jetted onto his heaving guts as he convulsed with the long denied pleasure. He groaned through his gag such was his enjoyment and gradually the amount of emitted semen subsided to just a trickle in spite of the fact that his stiff member still jerked in Jane's hand. His breathing calmed as the two women pulled away and stood up. They both gave him a peck goodbye on the forehead before Jane wiped the excess cum from her fingers onto his top lip and nose.

As a parting shot, Margaret relieved David of some cash from his wallet to pay for the meal. The room was not yet paid for but Jane said to David that she'd booked it in his name so she was sure he could settle up as soon as the hotel staff had released him....they laughed as they left, and Margaret said he could have the panties as a souvenir although the handcuffs would probably have to be cut off by the fire brigade. On the way to their cars Jane telephoned the reception to say that room service was required in 202 and could they also send a cleaner to clean up some "mess".


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