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The Shark
Pt. II: The Shark Swims Again!
by English Bob

Three uneventful weeks had passed since the afternoon that Ted had spent with Roger and Janice Holmes. Of course he had made love to several of his girlfriends during that time, but none of his customers had made it necessary for him or his assistants to cause them any harm or sexual humiliation by not paying what they owed. But Ted felt that all that was likely to change today.

James "Jim" Beech had borrowed money from Ted 12 weeks ago, and despite several "reminders" during one of which Carl had been instructed to break Jim's little finger, Ted had still not received so much as a penny. Ted was pissed off now. Jim was an arrogant little bastard, a racist and very homophobic and had been shouting his mouth off that he had got the better of Ted. Ted had to set the record straight and protect his reputation.

Pulling up smoothly in his Merc outside the house that Jim still shared with his mother, Ted told Freddo to watch the back door in case Jim ran that way. The ring on the doorbell was answered by Jim's mother Patricia. A good looking woman in her mid thirties, Patricia had given birth to Jim at a young age. Ted noted that she still maintained a nice trim body with long black hair in a straight pony tail, green eyes and a pretty face. As Carl and Ted pushed their way into the house they were met in the hall by Freddo with his arm locked around Jim's neck.

"You were right boss" said Freddo "the cowardly little shit tried to run out the back, but I got him!"

"Well done Freddo" replied Ted "now you two sit there and shut the fuck up" he said pointing at Jim and Patricia and then at the sofa.

"This is very simple" continued Ted to Jim when the two were seated. "Either you give me my money or ... I take both your arms."

Jim just sat there with an arrogant smirk on his face as Patricia started to plead with Ted.

"Ted p..p..p..please" she stammered "He doesn't have any money...please don't hurt my little boy...please..can't we do anything? I heard what happened with Janice Holmes a few weeks ago....maybe..maybe I could settle Jim's debt for him that way?"

Ted's anger was showing on his face as Jim continued to smirk and let his mother try and bargain his way out for him.

"OK. Firstly.. If I take a customer sexually it is NOT to settle a is a punishment for repeated late payment.. The debt still remains. Secondly, Pat, you are a good woman and this is not your debt it's your useless son's."

"Oh PLEASE Ted" Pat continued "don't break his arms "give him one more chance?"

Ted thought to himself and remembered Jim's racism and homophobia. Maybe some ritual humiliation would have more effect than direct violence. After all, breaking his finger did not seem to have had much effect.

Ted signaled to Freddo to put Jim onto his knees on the floor. As Freddo reached for the surprised eighteen year old he was met with fierce resistance. One swift punch to the chest from Freddo did the trick. As Jim doubled over in pain, he was dragged from the sofa and placed on his knees in front of Ted and Carl.

Carl was a very large man. His family originated from Africa giving him a dark almost black complexion and he had a serious contempt for all racism. Carl knew what was going to happen even if Jim didn't and swiftly unzipped his suit trousers.

As Jim began to complain, he felt the tip of a sharp knife placed against the back of his neck.

Ted spoke quietly to Jim "My associate is going to show you how to suck a black cock. If you refuse, the knife that you can feel at the back of your neck will be pushed into the base of your skull and as you open your mouth to scream he will fuck your mouth anyway. Do you understand?"

Jim was now terrified. He knew that if he refused further he may well be killed today. Jim nodded his reluctant agreement as he watched with horror and some fascination as Carl fished inside his trousers and released a monster penis. Even slack it must have been at least 8 inches long, and as he started to pull on the heavy foreskin, it began to swell to unbelievable proportions.

Freddo continued to hold the back of Jim's head with the knife still touching his skin as Carl began to slide his enormous cock over Jim's sobbing face.

Carl started to moan "Mmmmmm ...I gonna fuck your face with my big black gonna suck it down like a whore, little white boy.. You gonna be my bitch today"

Jim had his eyes tight shut as Carl started to feed his now erect tool into the boys mouth.

"Aaaahhhhhh oh yesssss" continued Carl "you gonna suck me gonna love my thick meat down your throat"

With this Carl pushed his cock to the entrance of Jim's throat. He felt Jim gag trying not to let his head get pushed back onto the point of the knife as Carl pushed his tool deep in to the boy's throat.

As Carl grabbed Jims hair and started to fuck his face, Ted pulled out a small camera and started to take pictures of the luckless Jim in this obviously homosexual situation. As Ted clicked away he looked over to see Pat. She was not, as he had expected, horrified or disgusted. She was staring intently at her son sucking on the huge cock with obvious lust in her eyes.

Carl, meanwhile, had built up quite a head of steam and was pistoning his giant cock in and out of Jim's throat. Jim, for his part, seemed to have changed his opinion, his eyes were now open and he had both his hands around Carl's huge hanging balls, pulling them and massaging them.

Carl was now shouting obscenities at Jim as he continued to use his throat and mouth.

"Aaahhhh yes that's it my little bitch boy. Cup my balls.....suck my big cock...AAAhhhhh oh yesssss want my cum don't you, you little whore?.....gonna get it soon....soon... soon... ahhh... ahhh... YYYYEEEEESSSSSS SUCK IT BITCH"

Ted, Freddo and Patricia watched as Carls cock exploded in Jim's throat. They could clearly see Jim's throat convulse and bulge as he attempted to swallow Jims copious amount of seed that now dribbled out of the corner of his mouth and down over his chin.

Carl pulled his cock out of Jim's throat and mouth with a *pop*, totally spent.

"Hey boss" he laughed to Ted "He sucks cock like a Pro now Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Jim seemed now a changed person and totally submissive. Gone was the arrogant, sneering attitude as he looked up at Ted with cum glistening on his abused lips trying to get his breath back and breathing hard.

Ted again looked over at Patricia, he could see that her nipples were hard beneath her dress. He suddenly realized that since the premature death of her husband two years ago in a car wreck, he could not remember her having a single boyfriend. Ted assumed that she must spend many nights with the "Battery Prince!"

Ted sat next to Patricia on the sofa and let his hand rest on her leg. "How long is it since you had sex with a man, Pat?" he asked.

Patricia was surprised at his forwardness but was in a state of sexual excitement. "Well....I guess it must be over a year now" she replied.

" lie back and we will see what we can do about that" said Ted, comforting her.

Patricia lay back against the sofa as Ted slowly undid the buttons of her dress letting it fall open. He slipped a hand inside the top of her dress and, realising she was not wearing a bra, cupped a large warm breast gently. Patricia closed her eyes and moaned slightly as she felt Ted's expert fingers start to roll her distended nipple. With her eyes closed she could still imagine her son, on his knees with Carl's long hard cock in his mouth. As Ted slowly stroked and occasionally pinched her nipples she continued to imagine her son and Carl together. Since the death of her husband she had often fantasised about fucking Jim in all sorts of situations. As her thoughts continued she was brought back to reality by the feel of two hands on her knees. She realised that with her dress unbuttoned and open she was exposed to all the men in the room. Part of her wanted to open her eyes and find out who the hands belonged to, but for some reason she kept them tightly shut and just enjoyed the sensations she was feeling.

Ted had silently indicated to the now submissive Jim, to crawl on his knees towards his mother. Without needing further direction, Jim seemed to know what Ted wanted and was happy to oblige. Even if it was his own mother, he thought, at least it was a woman and not a man. Jim thought about this again. He had at first been disgusted as Carl's cock had invaded his mouth, but after getting used to the taste and the texture of it, he found that it wasn't as bad as he thought and started to actually quite enjoy the sensations. He just wished it hadn't been quite so fucking big!

As Jim knelt between his mothers legs, he instinctively knew what to do. Sliding his hands up the outside of her legs, he firmly gripped the elastic waistband of her small pink panties and started to pull them down. To his surprise, his mom lifter her ass from the sofa slightly to help him pull them past her ass and then over her knees and off her bare feet. Jim returned his hands to his mom's knees and gently parted them. There was no resistance and Jim saw her trimmed pussy start to unfold before his eyes. Shuffling forward with his ass in the air, Jim started to lick up the inside of his mother's thigh's. He was about to place this tongue onto her protruding clitoris when he felt hands on his own ass.

As Jim looked over his shoulder he could see Freddo, his cock sticking out in front of him, undoing Jim's jeans and sliding them over his ass and down to his knees. The jeans were quickly followed by Jim's underwear until Jim's white ass was sticking up in front of Freddo. Jim could see Freddo rubbing some cream onto his cock and then felt it cold on his own asshole. Jim then felt his mothers hands on the back of his head pulling him back to her wet pussy. As Jim licked the little erect bud of her clit, he felt a searing pain from his rectum. Unable to move his head away from the wet slit he was licking, he screamed into his mom's pussy.


Patricia felt the vibration of the lips on her open cunt as Ted twisted her nipple hard.

"Aaaaaagggghhhhhhhh ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeesssssssssssssss.....goddddddd.....Im CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGG" she yelled

For what seemed like ages Jim had his face held tight into his mothers wet convulsing pussy as Freddo pushed his erect cock in and out of his ass. Jim could feel his flesh split and tear as Freddo's cock pumped viciously into his bowels. It hurt like hell, but something deep inside Jim told him that he was going to have to do this again with other men. He was concerned that he was turning into a "fag" but that thought soon left him as Freddo let out a cry of satisfaction and his cock, swelling larger, started to spurt its contents deep inside Jim's asshole.

Patricia was still trembling and shaking as she released the head between her legs. She opened her eyes to see her son's juice covered face smiling up at her. Behind her son she saw Freddo squeeze his last drops of cum out over her son's upturned ass and she realised that Jim was now completely submissive.

"That was great my darling" she said to Jim, "You will pay Ted his money next week without fail and then, as a reward, we can spend the whole day fucking each other. You can eat me again, I'll suck your cock for you and you can fuck me in the ass as Freddo has done to you. OK honey?"

"Yes mom.... I'll do what ever you say, from now on I'm yours"

As Ted and his associates got up to leave, Patricia was cuddling Jim on the sofa.

"Don't worry Ted" she said "You will be paid next week for sure!"

"You know what?" Thought Ted as he walked to the door. "I think she might just be right about that!

Watch our for more adventures from Ted the Loan Shark coming soon...

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