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The Slutress : Episode II
by Trevor Zachary

[The Slutress is a series of sexual encounters by Cynthia Haygood, the wife of Benjamin Haygood, a wealthy and influential political figure on the West Coast of the United States. All comments, questions, concerns and/or ideas may be sent to]

Cythia Haygood pulled into the parking garage of the Downtown Hilton an hour and a half late. She knew Charles would not be happy. After reapplying some make-up and lipstick that was rubbed off by the officers dicks, she stepped out of the car and straightened her dress, still wrinkled from her recent fuck.

The clicking of her heels echoed as she walked. Damn Anthony for not fucking her, her mouth still watering thinking about the black cock hanging over her, dripping its precum onto her wanton body, only to be pulled into his pants and zipped up out of sight. How being teased drives one to want so much more.

Cynthia took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Voices on the other side grew quiet. Charles opend the door, "about time woman, get in here!" He moved to the side.

"I'm so sorry I am late sir, I was stopped for speeding," Cynthia bit her bottom lip and smiled sheepishly in an attempt to ease any frustration her late arrival caused.

"There is time to make up for your lateness," Charles assured her, "come meet my friends" said Charles as he grabbed Cynthia's arm, and walked her down the small hall that led to the main room.

The two black men giggling on the couch became quiet as Cynthia and Charles came in. The room was quite large and well furnished with the works. "Kneel at my side now," instructed Charles.

She stared at the two men as she slowly went to her knees, her pussy growing aroused at the knowledge of three black cocks waiting to take her The soft carpet grabbed at her knees. Charles grabbed a hand full of hair and forced her head backwards, so her chin would be raised and pointed upward.

She heard the two men move and soon saw them standing on either side of her. "This is Vonnie," from the left a cock slapped against Cynthia's face, surprised her face jumped toward the right where her lips met another dick. "and that would be Ernest" said Charles.

The two men began rubbing their cocks on Cynthia's face as Charles held her hair tightly. She could feel drops of precum leaving warm trails of liquid across her cheeks, her eyes, her lips. The smell of cock filled the air and Cynthia felt the deep desires awakening again.

"Nice to meet you Sir Ernest and Sir Vonnie" she whispered, almost to weak to talk normal due to the lust building within her. Moans escaped Her lips as her hands shot out and grabbed the growing flesh that teased her every desire. Both cocks slowly grew in her hands, expanding her fingers with each stroke.

Charles spoke, "Boys, this is one of the nastiest white girls you will ever have service your black cocks. Isn't that correct my pet?" He jerked on her hair to emphasize his point.

"Oh yes sirrrrrr, so correct. I do need black dick around me all the time, I'll do, say, or act in any way to have the honor of your cocks fucking and using me, Sirs." Cynthia could only imagine what her friends and family would say if they knew about her inner desires, the inner cravings for black men, the insatiable thirst she carries with her 24 hours a day.

"Stand up slut." Instructed Charles.

Cynthia did as she was told while continuing to hold onto the now two hard cocks. The smell of dick and men filled her senses, her knees weak with anticipation and need. Suddenly the three men surrounding her began pulling on her dress. One rip, two rips, a few more, and she was only left with heels.

With each rip, her breath left her again. Her breathing now short and choppy, filled with hints of the lust she will soon unleash.

"The bitch isnt wearing any undergarments," Ernest said. "Because she is a good girl, she was told not to wear any this evening, come my pet." Assured Charles.

She followed Charles to the bedroom and heard the other two men walking behind her, so she walked with a more sexier attitude knowing they were looking at her ass and legs. Her calf's looked awesome as she walked in her heels.

In the room were more than 50 lit candles, a huge king sized bed and many other extras expected of such places like the Hilton.

"Stand at the edge of the bed facing the pillows Cynthia."

"Yes Sir Charles," She moved into position as Ernest and Vonnie smiled at their soon to be sex toy. The bed was an iron cast frame, with the poles running up for support.

Cynthia moaned seductively and licked her lips as she felt the first of the leather restraints being wrapped around her ankle. Her heels were left on. Slowly Charles stretched out her other leg and repeated the procedure. Now having a hard time keeping her balance, Cynthia leaned forward and placed her hands on the mattress exposing her wet pussy and ass. The feeling of the leather firmly wrapped on her skin sent pulses of desire, like a wild fire, spreading through her body. Nothing was intoxicating as being totally taken, used, and dominated. She felt totally exposed, but loved it.

Charles traced his fingers up her inner thigh and dipped two deep into her pussy. Her knees buckled and she gasped. "My My, aren't you the soaked one, look at this boys." Charles takes his fingers from her cunt and rubs her juices on her tanned ass, then spanking her playfully.

Cynthia's mind raced with lust. "Oh yes Sir, spank my slut ass." She arched her back and pressed her tits against the bed, opening herself up to the black cocks surrounding her. She looked from side to side, unable to see enough cock, the more she saw the more she needed, "please may I taste a cock Sir?" she whimpered.

Vonnie moved up behind Cynthia and began slapping his 8 inch cock on her ass. "So You want some black dick bitch?"

"Oh yes, please, please Sir, I need it," she panted in response, swaying her hips, trying to free herself from her binds, "my pussy lives to service black meat Sir, please use me as you wish." She arched her back again and grabbed two hand fulls of sheet. The coolness of the iron cast frame laid against her upper thighs and the heat from Vonnie's cock melted the opening of her oozing cunt.

Instinctively she pushed back the best she could in her position.

"Give it to her Von," Charles teased, "look at her, she cant wait."

The black cock slid in slowly, it's large head parting her wet pussy lips. The shaft disappearing deep within her as a low moan rumbled throughout her body.

"Oooooooooohhhhhh yesssssss, that feels soooooo wonderful Sir," Cynthia squeezed on his cock with her inner muscles and begged for more. "See how wet my pussy gets for you Sir, how my cunt lips wrap around your shaft and pull you in?"

Cynthia watched Charle's dick sway toward her as he knelt on the bed. "Time for some chocolate dessert baby."

Instinctively she reached out toward his 9 inch cock as Vonnie began pumping into her hard from behind with encouragement from Ernest who pinched away at her nipples. "Oh yes Sir, I need your cock in my mouth, I want to feel your hot tool slide across my tongue and down into my throat. I love the feel of a cock in my hand, staring at the veins and watching as the pre cum drips over the head and onto my fingers." The size of his cock stretching her lips, Cynthia took him deep into her mouth trailing her tongue over the length of his cock, in and out of her mouth her lips caressed his sensitive flesh as her fingers danced over his balls in slow, delicate circles.

Charles grabbed two handfuls of hair and forced his cock all the way into her mouth, gagging her and momentarily cutting off her air. The men chuckled as they watched her body jerk as she gagged and tried to move away. After a few seconds, he eased his grip, allowing Cynthia to move off his cock and breath, but she does not.

Instead she only rises a few inches and looks up at him with a few tears in her eyes, "mmmmmmm" she moans and continues sucking away. She was not going to let him out from between her lips for any reason.

"Oh yea baby, here I cum you fucking slut," Vonnie pulls out and begins cumming all over her back, the sensation sends Cynthia over the edge as well, "Oh yes, oh yes, oh my god, I am cumming Sir, yes lets cum togetherrrrrrrrrr, AHHHHOHHHHHshhhhhhit."

Both bodies convulsed with eroticism as their cum mixed and began dripping down the insides of Cynthia's thighs. Her mind was numb with lust as Ernest slid his cock into her and Vonnie came around to her mouth so she could lick him clean.

Cynthia hungrily lapped up the mixture of their juices as Ernest's modest sized cock eased into her easily. She pulled frantically to escape her ankle restraints but nothing worked.

"Guess it is time for the surprise boys." Charles said.

What? Surprise? What did that mean? Cynthia began looking over her shoulders and looking around the room, "what surprise Sir Charles?"

Footsteps could be heard entering the room as black man after black man entered, all exchanging high fives and unzipping their pants.

Cynthia looked up at Charles and pleaded for him not to do this. Sure she loved to be fucked, and controlled, but the sight of at least 15 men scared her a bit.

"Do not worry my pet, they know to take good care of you, I shall return later and clean you up, enjoy" He chuckled as he got off the bed and walked out to the cheers of the room.

"No Nooooo, you cant do this," Cynthia pleaded, cussing herself out for letting them bound her.

"We can do whatever we want slut," was the response as her cries were soon muffled out by a large cock inserted into her mouth. Her restraints were removed and she was forced onto the bed, each limb held down by a different man, her legs stretched high and wide.

The cock was stuffed back into her mouth as the first of what would be many cocks began to pump into her pussy.

Her cries and insults soon turned into moans of lust as the reality of her not going anywhere soon was accepted. At last, her fantasy of a gang rape was taking place. After a few hours, her body dripped cum from every crevice and every hole had been stretched wide open. As the men left one by one Cynthia dozed off into a deep sleep.

*** Episode III coming soon ***
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