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The Slut I Married
by Chuck Wood

When I married Jane, I knew she was no virgin. She was easy to get in the sack and had no inhibitions. But little did I know she was as experienced as I later found out she was. We were both in college and fell madly in love and married after our junior year. When we returned to school after our marriage, everything seemed normal as we got to know each other better. It turned us both on to talk about our prior sex adventures as foreplay to love making.

Jane gradually began to open up and I learned that she had been quite a party girl. She told me that her panties had become trophies for many horny guys. I imagined her panties hanging on the wall of more than one dorm room. She hinted at being the center attraction at a gang bang, but I could not tell if it was fantasy or reality. I found that the thought of her fucking a room full of guys excited me immensely. Jane had a great ass -- one of those that was soft and round and made for fucking. Her tits had enormous nipples that stuck out when she got horny. She kept her blond bush well trimmed.

Sometimes when we would go to the bars she would point somebody out and tell me that he had fucked her before we got married. Sometimes this irritated me and sometimes it turned me on, but it was always the prelude to a wild night of fucking. One night we found ourselves in a bar in a nearby town. We were about to graduate and we were in a party mood. We got separated from the friends we came with. I did not recognize anyone, but Jane seemed to know several guys. The music was loud and it was hard to hear what they said to her or what she said to them. It was spring time and it was hot and muggy. Jane was wearing a sun dress with just a pair of white string bikini panties on underneath.

We were sitting at the bar. Once when I came back from the rest room, I was sure that I saw a guy's hand under her dress but it was dark and I was a little drunk. When I approached and sat down, the guy just smiled at me and remained seated. Jane introduced me to Dirk. He said he played football for a nearby college. Jane excused herself to go to the restroom and we ordered another round. Dirk told me that he had dated Jane a couple of years ago. I immediately wondered whether this guy had fucked Jane. Later, I wondered how many times this guy had banged Jane! He told me that he and some of his friends were going back to their place to celebrate the end of the spring football season and invited Jane and I to return to his place also.

When Jane returned Dirk told her that he wanted us to come to his place so he could introduce me to some of his friends. Jane looked startled and said she did not think we should because we had to find our friends to get home and it was late. I was drunk and ready to party. I told Jane I wanted to go and it would be fine. Dirk whispered something in her ear, but I could not hear. I noticed that her nipples were sticking out and you could see them poking through the fabric of her sun dress. Dirk left to round up his friends and told us to meet him in the back parking lot in fifteen minutes.

Jane asked me if I was sure that I wanted to go to this party. She told me that some of the guys that would be there had fucked her before we were married and she thought it might embarrass me to party with them. I told her that, to the contrary, it turned me on. As I told her that, I slid my hand between her legs and right up to her pussy.

Her panties were soaked and slimy. I almost wondered whether somebody else had already fucked her but I knew I had been with her all night and that was impossible. I asked her if she was turned on and she admitted that it had excited her to see some of these guys that she had fucked before she knew me. They all told her how good she looked and how sad they were that she was out of action now that she was married. She did look good. Her blond hair was extra curly with all the heat and humidity. Her dress was just short enough that when she was sitting on the bar stool, one could about see all the way up her dress. When I watched her walk to the restroom earlier, I thought to myself that her ass looked especially soft and bouncy under that little sun dress.

We wandered out back and saw Dirk and about ten other guys standing at the end of the parking lot. As we approached a few guys whistled and approached to greet Jane. A few familiar hugs and I could see that any reluctance that Jane felt before had disappeared. One guy was less than discreet as he kissed Jane and groped her ass at the same time. I quickly broke his grip on her and told him that Jane and I were married. He looked at me funny but backed off. Dirk announced that we should go and suddenly Jane and I were separated. I thought Jane was in the same car that I got into but when I looked around in the car it was just guys. I asked where Jane was and one of the guys told me not to worry, because he saw her get in the car in front of us.

It suddenly dawned on me that Jane was the only female in a group of at least 10 - 15 guys. One of the guys in my car asked me how long Jane and I had been married. When I told him 8 months, he laughed and said something to the effect that he bet I had not had a good night's sleep in 8 months with a hottie like that. One of the other guys wondered if she still fucked and sucked like she had freshman year. I was a bit surprised that this guy was so forward about Jane's sex life and I was not sure how to respond. He would not let it rest though and asked again if she still liked it up the ass. I told him that it was none of his business. Everybody got silent.

Then somebody asked me if I knew what they were planning for Jane at Dirk's house. It dawned on me that my wife was going to be the entertainment when we got to Dirk's house. It must have been the booze and the fact that I had been so turned on watching Jane at the bar that it came as a total surprise that these guys were planning on gang fucking my wife. One of the guys said that he bet Jane was already being fucked by one of the studs in the other car. He said he hoped it was not Bull that was fucking her in the other car or she would be so stretched out that the rest of them would have to fuck her up the ass. About that time I saw somebody hold something white out the window. A cheer went up in my car and I realized it was Jane's panties.

The other car pulled to the side of the road and we pulled in behind them. The guy with Jane's panties jumped out and came back. He stuck his head in the window and looked around. When he saw me he asked me to come with him because my wife wanted to speak with me. When I got out of the car, my legs were wobbly. I don't know if it was the booze or the excitement. As I approached the other car, the back window went down and I stuck my head in the window. It smelled like sex and my wife was the only girl in the car. Jane was completely naked and her lipstick was smeared. I wasn't sure if she had been sucking somebody's dick or what.

She looked me in the face and told me that these guys wanted to fuck her but she would not do it without my permission. She later told me that she had not intended to get separated from me but she suddenly found herself in a car full of guys and I was nowhere around. As they drove, everybody was fondling her and she reminded me how turned on she was when we left the bar. She said that the guys were hooting and hollering about the condition of her panties and it wasn't long before they were finger banging her and sticking their tongues down her throat. She said that her dress and panties were quickly and unceremoniously removed and suddenly she was sitting naked in the midst of five guys. She begged them not to fuck her because she was married and was not sure what I would think.

They wondered if I would like to watch her get fucked. She begged them no to fuck her but one guy was already finger banging her with three large fingers and she was sloppy wet. Finally she talked them out of fucking her right then and there by agreeing to suck one of the guys who was intent on getting his dick in her snatch. While she was blowing him, she heard the driver say that he was going to pull over and ask me if they could fuck her. I told Jane that she could fuck them if that is what she wanted but I wanted to watch. Suddenly the front passenger door opened and the guy that had been sitting next to the door went flying out onto the ground. He protested but a big arm grabbed me and pulled me in and we were off.

I turned around and Jane was already straddling some guy's lap and I could see his big cock impaling her cunt. Her plump round ass was humping up and down for all she was worth. I could smell the juices flowing. The excitement was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The guy next to me introduced himself as Bull and thanked me for being a sport and letting them fuck my wife. Jane was in her own world groaning and grunting. I could hear her have her first orgasm and suddenly the guy she was fucking said he was cumming. He grabbed her ass and unloaded in her. About that time we came to a stop and I could see that we were in the driveway of a house. We were at Dirk's place. Everybody started piling out. One guy threw Jane over his shoulder. I could see a rope of semen leaking from her fresh fucked pussy.

By the time I got inside, Jane was sprawled face down over the back of a chair and another guy was pounding her from behind. Somebody turned up the music and everybody was offering their critique of the fucking that was taking place in front of them. I could not believe that I was watching a guy fucking my wife. The guy that was fucking her was hung like a horse. She was really getting a fucking and she seemed to enjoy every moment of it. After a few minutes he unloaded what appeared to be a hell of load of cum in her snatch. Suddenly it was coming out around the edges and he was still unloading in her.

Everybody was starting to line up for their turn. One of the guys motioned for me to approach. He asked me if I liked what I was seeing. Then he told me to grab his cock and put it in my wife's pussy. I was not going to grab some guy's cock, but I reached out and did it. This guy was also huge and I felt his throbbing cock in my hand. I rubbed it around Jane's pink opening that was oozing cum from the last guy and pushed it in. I was helping a guy fuck my wife! By now somebody had moved to Jane's head and was skull fucking her. I could hear the slurping and grunting she was making while getting it from both ends. Both guys exploded in her. This went on until nearly everybody had their turn with her.

Then Bull unzipped his pants. Out came a cock that looked fake because it was so large. It wasn't even hard yet. He started stroking it. He turned Jane around and spread her legs while she was balanced on the back of the sofa. Everybody was cheering him on because they wanted to see that cock impale her. Jane's eyes were concentrating on the size of this sausage that was soon to be inside her. She looked at me and I could see the lust in her eyes. She was well oiled but it still looked like it would be a tight fit. The head rubbed around her pussy and she moaned. She grabbed his shoulders and thrust herself at him. The head disappeared and she groaned as he met her thrust and pushed deep into her cunt. As he pushed his monster cock into her the cum of the other men that had fucked her came squishing out around the edges. Now he was banging her in and out, in and out. She was screaming and grunting. His balls were slapping against her crotch with every thrust. After a half hour or more of grinding and grunting Bull was ready to fill her up. He tensed and then I could see his balls spasming as the torrents of cum started filling her pussy. After about three thrusts I could see the cum oozing out. She had truly been gang banged. Everybody cheered.

Dirk took us home. Jane fell asleep on the way. Dirk told me that when he was dating Jane she was insatiable. She always wanted him to fuck her one more time before he took her home. He knew she had fucked some of his friends and he finally wondered if she would take on more than one guy at a time. One night at a party, he gave one of his friends the green light to see if she would let somebody else get in her panties. Sure enough, she gave the guy a blow job after he had finger banged her in the bathroom. When she returned to the party, Dirk took her aside and told her that he knew what she had done. She was embarrassed and promised to make it up to him. He told her that she was going to have to pull a train for he and his friends and she immediately agreed.

After she and Dirk went their separate ways he said he heard rumors about her partying ways. He even heard that one of the coaches had lined her up to party with some high school prospects that were in town to check out the program. Well, that is another story.


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