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The Student Nurses
by Leslie

It was a hot July in Los Angeles. Triple digit temperatures were reported all over the basin. Brad had been spending most afternoons, after his classes at UCLA Law School, at the beach. He tried to divide his time between reading, studying class notes, body surfing and volleyball. Brad had developed quite a nice tan and his body was as lean and hard as it ever would get. At 6' 2" tall and 170 lbs., he was both trim and strong. At the gym, when tested, his body fat percentage was 10%. The trainer said that he should not go too much lower than that because 6% fat is the minimum that the body needs to have in order to maintain without taking all kinds of pills.

At about 3 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon as Brad was paddling out on his boogie board to catch a wave, he felt a stinging on his thigh and leg. He looked down and saw a jelly fish wrapped around his thigh. It was stinging the hell out of him! He grabbed it to tear it off his leg and it tore off in a big piece in his hand. That piece started stinging his hand. By the time he had completely removed the remnants of the jelly fish, he had been stung on both legs, both hands and a little bit on his stomach. When Brad got out of the water, those areas were bright red and painful. He flopped down on his towel and opened a cooler and rubbed ice on the areas. He did not know if this was the correct procedure, but it sure made it feel better.

He gathered up his stuff and headed to the car and home. Brad thought about what to do and called a friend. She said to go to the doctor. There are some poisonous types of jelly fish out there and to go get checked out. He did not want to, but after his shower, he slipped on a baggy bathing suit and a T-shirt, then drove over to the campus health center. The health center was a part of the university hospital that took care of the more mundane health issues that students come across, like colds, sprains, and routine check ups. It was a teaching facility for interns and nurses. Brad gave them his I.D. card and explained to the receptionist what had happened. She stood up and looked over the counter at the redness and bumps that now looked like a hundred bee stings and told him to come right in. She took his paperwork from a file and showed Brad into an examination room. "A nurse will be right with you Mr. Leslie."

Brad waited for 2 or 3 minutes and a cute, young Asian nurse came in. She introduced herself as Miriam. "Now Brad, may I call you Brad?"

"Sure" he replied. " A jelly fish latched on to you pretty well, didn't it?" "I think we need to make sure that it was not poisonous."

She took a tongue depressor from a bottle on the counter and scraped a few of the bumps that were now blistering and smelled the secretion. "Well, she said, you are luck this time. These are not life threatening, but must be disinfected and treated. Where else were you stung?"

Brad showed her his hands and lifted his shirt and the edge of his shorts to expose some of the stings. "Please take off your clothes and put on this gown with the opening in the back. I will be right back. We rarely see this type of sting here and it would be a good case for our student nurses to observe. Would it be all right if a few were to view the treatment?"

Brad smiled and said, "O.K."

She left the room and Brad removed his shirt and shorts. As he was reaching for the little paper gown, he suddenly felt very naked. The idea of standing there in front of several young student nurses dressed only in a short paper gown made him a little uneasy. No sooner had he slipped into the gown with the open part in the back, there was a knock on the examining room door. Then the door opened slowly. The Asian nurse poked her head in and saw that Brad had the gown on and swung the door open.

She entered the room followed by four young student nurse trainees all dressed in white uniforms. Three of the four looked to be younger than Brad and the fourth was in her late twenties. The head nurse then began to explain about the jelly fish stings and how it occurred. The talk went on about the potential for a poisonous bite and how to tell that from what Brad had encountered. While she was instructing, Brad was surveying the faces and bodies of the students. It was just a thing that men do. Two of the girls were simply beautiful and filled out their uniforms inn a way that made Brad feel a slight sensual twinge. He was not becoming aroused, but his dick shifted slightly as a little extra blood flow started to flow in that direction. The other two were pleasant looking but were nothing special.

The head nurse then reached over and lifted the hem of his gown a few inches to show the stings that were higher up on his thigh. When she did this, one of the cute ones seemed to dip a little so the she might get a better view. Brad was wondering if she was looking at his thigh or trying to see his dick. his eyes and her eyes made contact, and she smiled. "Brad also has several stings on his abdomen to go along with the thigh and hand stings."

"We will be treating all of theses areas this afternoon Brad, could you please show the nurses the stings on your abdomen?"

Brad thought about the request for a moment and said, "Umm, how should I do that? I mean should I take the gown down from my shoulders or what?"

The head nurse replied in a matter of fact manner, "Brad, we are all professionals and see naked people all day every day. Since you have stings on your thighs and stomach and both areas need to be treated, just slip off the gown and put it on the table."

Brad was certainly not a prude, but he was not an exhibitionist either. He looked at the intent faces of the nurses and slowly stood up from the table and let the gown slip down his arms and off. He held it at his side and stood naked in front of the five women. If these women see naked bodies all the time and it was nothing special, then why were they all staring at his dick? Brad suddenly felt like he was giving a show and not getting treatment. His dick was now partially engorged as the head nurse walked over to him with a smile on her face.

"Who would like to assist me with Brad?" All of the women started to move in his direction at once, but one of the prettier ones made the boldest move and the other ones retreated. "Take the tongue depressor and gently scrape all the areas that have been affected, making sure that you do not apply too much pressure. After that, we will rub some disinfectant cream into the wounds." The young nurse, with tongue depressor in hand knelt down in front of Brad to start the treatment."

Having a beautiful and young woman kneeling in front of his naked body while four other women watched, took on a surreal quality and when she first started scraping, Brad fantasized that she was about to give him a blow job. This did wonders for his already semi-erect dick and it sprung into full bloom. All of the women giggled as the student nurse looked back at them and blushed. Brad stammered something and the head nurse told him that it was natural and not to feel too embarrassed. His dick jumped every time the scrapper touched his thigh. He could feel her hot breath on his dick as she moved closer. The other nurses shifted positions so that they could get a better view. Brad scanned their faces as they smiled at one another and spoke in hushed tones.

When the scraping was done and his penis was straining to a very full erection, Brad thought he was going to explode. The oldest of the group, who had big breasts and a tight uniform then came up to Brad with a tube of ointment. The head nurse told her, "Make sure you apply a fair amount of cream and rub it into the areas well." Again the nurse went down on her knees and when she did, her shoulder brushed against the engorged penis. Brad moaned and the nurses giggled. Then the nurse turned to the instructor and said, "With him in this condition, it is not easy getting close enough to spread the cream comfortably on him." "Would it be all right if I took care of this other problem first?" The head nurse smiled at her and looked at Brad. "Would that be all right with you Brad?"

Brad moaned and managed a weak "Yes". The nurse quickly reached up and took his dick in her hand and started to slide her hand up and down the shaft. The other nurses gathered around in a small semi-circle to watch the proceedings. They started to encourage their classmate. Brad had his eyes slightly closed and felt weak from the sheer sexuality of the moment.

He heard someone say, "Suck on it."

Another voice said, "Go on....give him the full treatment." He felt her hot breath on his dick and he looked down at her. Her eyes were riveted on his as she licked the tip of his dick and then let her lips mold their way around the head. Then she took him into her mouth and sucked and nibbled on him. Brad thought he was going to faint and the room started to spin. He heard female voices. He scanned their excited faces.

He glanced down at the top of her head with the nurses cap on it moving back and forth on his dick. She picked up the pace and started to increase the pressure on him with her lips. She chewed a little with her teeth and then started pumping her mouth on him for all she was worth. Brad felt a tingling in his legs and then in his balls.

He felt a finger probing his ass and some other hands on his balls and chest. He shivered and bucked. He came with a jolt and a shudder. His come filled her mouth and she swallowed as much as she could and licked her lips hungrily. She sank her mouth back down on him completely and continued sliding back and forth until he was drained. Brad kept his eyes closed until he felt a warm cloth being applied to his genitals. He opened his eyes to see the head nurse on her knees cleaning him up.

She turned and looked at the students and said, "That will be all for now ladies. I will finish the treatment on this young man myself. Please go to the library and study the next chapter."

As the door closed behind the students, the instructor latched the door from the inside. As she turned back toward Brad, she slid the zipper on her uniform down revealing a low cut white bra. She reached into the bra and tilted her breast up and out of the confinement. As she rolled the nipple between her fingers, her suddenly husky voice permeated the air. "Let me explain the rest of your therapy, my sweet."


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