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The Story of "L"
by The Torontonian

This is the first story I have written. A woman I know in Calgary requested this story. She wanted a safe rape to fantasize about and asked me if I could try to write her one. Here it is.

This is the story of "L". L was, at one time, a small town girl that moved to a big city in the mid west of Canada. Let me begin by just saying that L in her own right is a beautiful woman. She stands 5'6" tall and is, most times, a blonde with a body that measures a delicious 36" 27" 37" and it is a wonderful shape to watch sachet' across the room. Her sultry hips are usually dressed in tight jeans that I often wonder if they are just paint or are they real. I wish for the paint!!!! Her breasts are most times free but covered with a light top. Most times her nipples are pointing out and she never objects to a quick feel or a satisfying grope.

L came home from the supermarket with arms full of groceries and the mail struggling with the door to get inside and finally finish her day's chore. It would be a blessing to finally get inside and know that there would be at least 4-6 hours all to her self. She knew that everyone would be out for the afternoon at school and work so she could possibly take a hot soak in the tub and read some of the new porn stories she had received in the email. The stories were a delight when she received them from her friend in Toronto. The "Torontonian", she cutely named him, had threatened to visit time and time again but she knew that it wouldn't happen any time soon. She was happy though that she got his letters and was almost dripping in her jeans at the thoughts of was he was to write this time.

With a crumple of the bag the groceries were set on the kitchen table and L started to put them away. Opened the fridge she glanced back to the table where the letters laid on it. She wondered what was in store for her but needed to get the groceries in or they would thaw. Thus done, the last box of frozen ice cream went into the freezer. The door of the freezer closed and L turned to look into the eyes of a man covered in a ski mask and a wide evil grin. Stunned by this sudden appearance she had no chance to react as a large black bag was rifled over her head and chest and a thick heavy belt cinched around her arms pinning them to her side. L's mouth opened up and in one breath she was trying to let out an alarming scream for help. As her mouth opened she felt her attacker stuff the leather gag into her mouth and stifle her then and there.

Blind and confused L felt herself being dragged back into the other room. She didn't know where her attacker had taken her until she was shoved down onto the bed. L kicked but didn't connect. She wanted to scream but the gag stopped her. Rough hands grabbed hold of her and she was slapped on her ass by a resounding crack. Why did she have to wear these jeans today, so tight that she felt everything especially the hard slap on her ass.

For the first time the attacker spoke to her. "Listen up Bitch" A hand slammed across her ass cheek again. "I've been watching you for a while now and I think it is time we got better acquainted. I'm going to make this real easy on you. You are going to do whatever you are told to do and no harm will come to you. You have not seen my face and don't know who I am so this will make it easier for me to disappear when I am finished with your body." The bag was starting to get real hot inside and the gag was starting to cut off her air supply. L was frightened to death, she had fantasized about this many times but now that there was a man in control of her she was ready to pass out with fear. "If you do what I say and don't fuck up then I will untie you at the end and you will not be harmed.........much."

He laughed low and wicked making L know that her life was in danger. "Who knows, " he whispered close into her ear, " at the end I might even have a surprise for you!' Strong hands pushed L onto her back and she felt a weight spread over her chest pushing her down into the bed. His weight was being pressed down on her as if he was kneeling over her. Hands grabbed at her levis and the button of her jeans popped open. Terrified L knew that he meant to pull off her pants, the darkness of the bag only made it worse and she could not see a thing. With a swift pull the zipper on her jeans ripped open. L fought to get out from underneath the rapist but she was pinned down and in the dark. She heard him laugh and knew it was making him only hornier as she struggled. She tried to kick at him and her knee came up off the bed and was clamped down in one swift motion as her jeans were slipped off her ass. Only her small G-string, a little pink silk pair with lace on the fringes covered her now.

With her legs pulled up to her chest and her jeans off the rapist looked down between her legs at her scantily clad pussy. Through the struggle some of her fur had pushed its way out from under the silk and lace and a sweet aroma wafted up to his nose. L fought to keep herself under control. Pinned, in the dark, not able to see and with her legs spread wide for him to look at her as much as he wished, she felt the wetness inside her begin to spread. Looking down a small wet spot was soaking through making the silk dark and moist.

She heard him inhale and felt his breath on her thighs. He could see her. He could smell her and then she felt a thick finger run down her silky slit rubbing against the dampness and slipping across her wet lips and slightly exposed fur. L bucked in terror, "ENOUGH BITCH, either you let me have some fun or else!" the chill of cold metal was placed against her thigh, "I'll slice you up and fuck what's left." He would kill her and she knew it then if she did not do exactly what he demanded of her. Slowly L's muscles relaxed as much as they could and she settled into the bag covering her torso and head.

"Now I am going to take off the covers and then we'll have a little party!"

L felt the bag slip off her head and the lights burned into her eyes. The leather strap still held her arms pinned to her side but she could see she was in the bedroom lying sideways on the bed. The rapist was indeed on her chest and was taking off his clothes as he looked at her. In his hand was a long knife that was touching the inside of her thigh. L gasped for air and her bindings tightened. The rapist rolled her over and clasped her hands together behind her in a pair of padded handcuffs. A chain was then fed under the bed and was attached to her other side so that she was completely tied to the bed.

Reaching up, "Now I think it is about time we got to see your tits bitch." Her shirt and bra were stripped from her and her breasts pushed out from beneath their confinements. The nipples were hard as pebbles when they hit the cool open air. Her nipples tingled with the thoughts of having this man she did not know see parts of her sex so open and bare. His hands pressed against her breasts, kneading them and squeezing the soft globes of her chest. His fingers pressed into her nipples and closed on the hard buds, pulling and twisting them lightly to make them ache even more. Stretching them out from her tits her attacker touched his tongue to the taunt pinkness of her twisted areolas. Her chest heaved as he slowly licked across each pink bud and slowly sucked each one into his hot wet mouth. She could feel his teeth bite lightly around her buds and cursed herself as her chest rose of its own accord to meet his baiting mouth.

Wishing he would stop and not stop at the same time, his hands slowly glided down her tummy to the silk and lace panties that covered the last of her covered sex. Pushing up to throw off his hands she found that this only excited him even more. Sitting across her chest and facing down towards her cunt she had a clear view of his rapidly growing shaft. The more she squirmed the faster his cock thickened and lengthened. L's fear grew as she looked upon this massive piston growing to 3 inches thick and a full 9 or 10 inches long. The head was dark red and almost purple and glistened with a thick vicious liquid that seeped from its tip. His dark hairy balls hung directly over her face and she could see that with the size of them his load would be huge when he shot it.

L thought to herself that if she could get his balls into her mouth and bite down hard she might be able to force him to free her from her ties and binds. As if by pure thought her captor's hands slipped into her panties and she felt fingers press roughly through the hair that she left on her pussy once shaved. All of a sudden with one massive pull L's panties where shredded from her crotch, the icy cold of metal was laid on to the thatch between her legs and she knew the knife was resting against her slit.

"If you have thoughts of biting me or trying to sever my cock with your mouth I would think twice" Fingers slipped between the lips of her pussy and the slippery juice of her hole made it easy for him to find what he wanted. With and surge of ecstasy his fingers tugged on her clit and her legs tried to seal shut. His arms holding her legs wide made it easy for him to pull on her clit and with absolute terror L felt the hard cold metal press down across her clit. " One bite and you will be wearing your clit as an earring, GOT IT!" " I'll slice it off and you'll pay for every bite you try to take!"

Fear ripped through her body and she knew that she would not have any way of stopping him from killing her if he chose. " Do everything you are told without hesitation and I will leave you alive and unharmed. You have not seen my face so you will have no way of identifying me. I know exactly whom you are and can get you at any time if you ever tell the cops. Now lets have a little fun!"

His body moved further up towards her head. The tip of his enormous prick rested on the end of her nose. She could smell the precum and feel its stickiness as it touched her. Slowly he pushed it forward until it touched her lips. Tightening up her mouth she felt the cold metal slide across her pussy. "Open up Bitch!" closing her eyes and with no resolve left she released her lips to him. The thick engorged tip of his cock pressed down onto her tongue. She could taste the salty sweetness of him and could feel her mouth be stretched apart as he forced it deeper into her gaping mouth. Moving her tongue to get it to the side of her mouth she was forced to brush it against his shaft.

"Mmmmmph oh yea baby that feels good lick me some more." His cock slid deeper into her mouth and then he pulled it back almost out again. Her tongue licked around the head and he pressed it again back into her wet mouth going deeper than he did before, almost gagging her, she had never had her mouth so full before. Her tongue playing back and forth around his cock only quickened his thrusts into her mouth. Pumping back and forth into her mouth he fucked her face like a cunt and thrust his pole back into the furthest part of her throat. She had no control.

She could not force him off or out of her mouth, again and again he thrust his thick tube down her throat his balls slamming against the bridge of her nose, she gasped for air and then with one final thrust deep into the back of her throat he exploded in a thick river of sticky sperm. His cock was so far back into her throat and she needed to breath soon so she had no choice but to swallow and swallow until the river of jism lessened. As his cock finally started to lessen its stream he slipped it out of her throat. L gasped for air, his cock still in her mouth but only the tip rested on her tongue. She could hear his panting breath and the ruff groans bellowing from his chest. She prayed that she would now be set free.

The rapist rolled off L's body and on to the side of the bed. She could see that his face was still hidden behind the ski mask and his chest was heaving with the force of a prize bull. She had never been forced to complete an act like that before and she was always allowed to spit it out. Although scared L's body was now reacting like it had never reacted before. She could feel the slickness between he legs and knew that the sheets below her were drenched with her own lust. The saltiness of him was still on her lips and she could feel a small bit of it slide from the corner of her mouth and across he cheek down on to the bed.

Breathing slower her attacker rose up to kneel beside her, his semi hard cock still stiff enough to be the size of most men she had loved. He could see her chest heaving and her legs squeezing together. Her nipples stood out off her chest as hard as diamonds, he reached for them to feel them as they sprung forcefully back up to point up to the ceiling. She moaned softly.

Laughing in a low tone and smiling to her " You like this don't you. It makes you crazy with lust because you have no control of what is happening to you." His hand slipped down to her waist and glided past her bellybutton. His thumbs pressed down into her flesh and she tried to close her legs but they would not listen. With a will of their own, driven by a desperate need, her legs parted and began to spread. His thumbs continued down to the top of her sparse brown mound. A small strip of hair in the shape of a Mohawk covered her puffy, hot snatch.

Never before had she known that her legs could be spread so far apart. His fingers slipped down into her moist lips spreading them apart and opening her up for him to see. Embarrassed and ashamed she knew that he could see right inside of her. His fingers wandered over her sex spreading, pushing and pulling her slick flesh however he pleased. There was nothing she could do to stop him. She wanted him to continue. She needed him to. Desperate for him to use her as he saw fit, a wave of orgasm shot through her body and willingly she gasped out a loud moan filling the bedroom. Her legs quaked as she felt him begin to slip his fingers into her sopping cunt. Upward he thrust with his first and middle fingers, burying them into her up to the second knuckles. Back and forth he thrust them into her. L's head swayed from side to side each time the fingers drove themselves deeper into her flesh. Her eyes caught sight of his cock only inched away from her face and her tongue lapped out to lick its tip. With each thrust his fingers and each lick of her tongue on his dick she watched it grow to enormous size.

"Oh yeah you cunt lick my tip, you know where you want it!" L knew that she did. Her body told her that she did even if this was not by her will and it being rape, she knew she had to be filled with his engorged shaft. Her legs pressed onto the bed hoping he would sense her yearning. She did not want to admit defeat by pleading for his massive cock.

"Do you want it slut?" his thumb pressed hard against her clit. "Do you?" his face slit down to her slit the juices flowing from her pussy screamed that she did. L desperately tried not to speak locking her lips together but a small moan escaped and she thrust her head back into the pillows and her chest high into the air. " Do you want to feel me push it into you?" his tongue slid across her clitoris and buried itself down into her hole. Wetly it pushed her lips apart and wiggled down her slit only to reverse course and quickly make small circles on the hard bud and delightful G spots up and down her sopping slit. L plunged her mouth over the tip of his massive tool hoping she would not speak if she were sucking him off. Plunging her mouth down on him she felt his fingers squeeze and dig into the cheeks of her tight ass. Her hips leapt off the bed and buried her vagina onto his mouth. She couldn't hold on much longer. The stirring of another orgasm began to burn deep inside of her and her legs started to quiver again.

Clenching her ass he squeezed and forced her body back down to the bed, robbing her at the last moment of the ripping lusty orgasm she needed so much.

Tightening her lips around his thick rod she fought for some control of herself and sucked. With a loud pop her masked attacker wrenched his cock from her greedy sucking mouth, her nipples rubbing hard against him, he slashed down with the flatness of his wide long tongue and licked her yearning gash from top in one lick completely to the bottom. "Do you want it?"

L's head snapped back into the pillows, the cock sprang from her lips and robbed her of the last bit of control she had ever had. The tongue hot and wet drove her past the point of desperation and she could not control herself any longer. "YESSSS!" she screamed "FUCK ME", "OH GOD FUCK ME PLEASE' her voice almost giving out. "I need it inside me, deep inside me, all of it now, PLEASSSE." Her head swayed back and forth like an animal chained in heat desperate to mate.

As fast as she could have wanted he swiveled around on her and with one tremendously fast thrust he buried himself deep inside her craving desperate soaking gash. The thickness of his member stretched her beyond any lover she had ever had, but her absolute need for his cock inside her drove her to take it all. Deeper and deeper, faster and faster he thrust into her cunt, the thick head pressing and pushing inside her filling her completely. "UUUNGH! UUUNGH! UUUNGH!" Hard and full each thrust forced the sounds of her groans from her lips, There was no masking it, and she wanted to be fucked. She needed to be filled with his cock. She had no hope of ever going back on her actions. Her body took over and she exploded with the hardest orgasm she had ever been rocked with. With each thrust of his monstrous organ a new orgasm quaked her body. Her legs her arms her tortured snatch all quivered with the wondrous orgasms that left her entire body shaking.

With a final massive thrust she was impaled completely. The head of his snake buried itself deep inside her womb. "AAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!" bellowed from his throat and thick streams of glistening white cum gushed into her cavity. She could feel the warm liquid flow seep into her belly. Pump after pump she could feel, what felt like gallons, of his seed fill her up. His balls tightened and spurt after spurt erupted from her filled hole to spread down onto the inside of her inner thighs. With his last spurt her rapist collapsed on top of her, both of them gasping for air. Chests heaving breath bellowing L felt the last of her multiple orgasms wash through her body. All of her energy gone she lay there panting.

Rolling onto his side her rapist caringly stroked L's body. His hands softly caressed her breasts and his fingers slowly massaged her aching throbbing pussy lips. Small orgasms rippled through her flesh and she slowly began to come back to her self. His wandering fingers had a relaxing effect on her body. He caressed her until she calmed and then lightly kissed her on the mouth. The fibers of his mask tickled her nose and she almost sneezed. He looked into her eyes and pulled up the knife so she could see it. Terror filled her senses she knew she was probably to die.

"Do you remember when we started I told you if you did what you were told no harm would come to you?" L shook her head in terror. "And do you remember how I told you I might have a surprise for you if you did well?" The rapist slowly turned the blade in front of her. L nodded again slightly and almost started to cry. " Well here it is!"

In one quick thrust the rapist took the blade and slashed his ski mask in two and let it fall from his face. There all hot and sweaty, hair matted down with perspiration was the Torontonian. Smiling from ear to ear.

"I told you I would visit some time soon!"


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