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The Start of Something
by Thalia

It seemed to start innocently enough... a misdialed call to my desk was our first contact. The person's name he requested was familiar - turned out to be someone one floor down. He had such a nice voice as was so apologetic I kept talking to him long after we determined what number it was he was trying to reach. He was funny and friendly and before hanging up he teased he would call me back - wrong number and all. It wasn't until after I hung up I realized I didn't even know his name.

So that's how it started.

A few days later he called back 'just to say hello' and commented on the beautiful weather. His voice was deep and had a quality about it that made me wiggle my toes. I chided myself for feeling like a teenager when I heard it. We chitchatted and then he asked, "Thalia, what are you wearing today?"

At first shocked by the question, I started to chuckle. Looking down at my short brown suit skirt and crisp white blouse I answered, "A red silk blouse and black suit pants."

There was a pause before he answered, "I'm surprised at you, I didn't expect you to lie to me. You looked wonderful this morning in brown.... are you still wearing your suit jacket or did you take it off?"

"What!? How did you..."

"Don't lie to me again. You always seem so in control, Thalia, but there is something about you that begs me to take over, take you over. Do not be afraid, I have admired you for a while and I know I can make you happy," his voice had deepened.

I spun around in my chair and looked at the closed door behind me. I knew I didn't recognize the voice, that I would know if I had heard before. The phone trembled slightly and I was totally unnerved but I did not hang up.

"What do you want? Are you some kind of pervert? sicko?" I demanded. "I can defend myself, so consider yourself warned." Throwing in that last bit of bravado, I listened.

He laughed softly, "I think I'm your kind, Thalia, the kind you want. You haven't hung up, and that proves my point to me, to some degree. You have a choice, hang up now and I will never call again, or listen. You have 10 seconds."

"Freak", I thought, "asshole", staring at the phone. I was angry for myself for allowing myself to chat so much to such a person...... but yet strangely excited by his words.

I put my lips to the receiver, ready to blast this jerk before slamming down the phone. I nerved myself to berate him. "I'm here," was all that escaped my lips.

I could almost hear him smile. "You will do as I say, from now on. You will never be harmed my sweet, never pained beyond what you can endure, so put all fears from your mind. I will punish if you disobey. Tomorrow you shall wear that beautiful black suit you have, no stockings, no blouse. No panties, though I suspect you often go without. Just a push-up bra beneath the suit jacket. I'll let you choose your own shoes. Do not disappoint me." With that, he hung up.

My suit? It had been weeks since I'd worn it. Then I finally realized the misdialed call was not misdialed. The next morning I critically stare at myself naked in the mirror. Fresh from the shower, I'm rubbing scented baby oil into my skin, morning ritual. Behind me on my bed lie two outfits, one a simple blouse and skirt, the other, a black suit I made long ago but classic. I look at my face, knowing I am not a beauty but have certain appeal to some men. I am short, smallish build but no matter how low I get my weight I still have hips, curves. I sigh, genetics! Cupping my breasts, I wonder what drew him to me, what made him think he could get away with controlling me.... what made him know. Startled, I realize I'm playing with my nipples. Damn! I have to get dressed.

Turning around I went straight to the black suit. Who was I kidding even thinking I'd wear anything else? The work was torture. I jumped at every ring of the phone and could not concentrate at all. My small cleavage, now prominently presented and my bare legs drew looks which I tried to ignore.

No call came, the bastard! Now convinced this was some stupid joke I was trying to get at least one thing completed before the day ended when one of the mail clerks brought by a plain box.

"Just your name on it, sorry, don't know who delivered it."

He left and I opened the box. Pulling back the tissue paper, I stop, get up and close my door. I walk back, hesitantly, as if it might bite. Beneath the tissue is a note: 'Good girl, tomorrow you choose but this is all I ask.' Underneath the note is a beautiful demi-bra and tiny matching panties. I raise my eyebrow, the bra is even the correct size. Hmmmm, the price of obedience is not bad.

I have to smile, I had been hoping for a phone call from him, or more precisely, wanted a phone call, to hear his voice. Perhaps tomorrow.

My choice, my choice. It was casual day and I was pushing the dress guidelines a bit but I did not care. Over the bra I had pulled on a simple, fitted smooth cotton top and had tied my simple wrap skirt over my hips. Thigh-high stay-up stockings, no garter belt to ruin the line of the skirt over my body. I had scented my skin, simply styled my hair and face. I was ready for his call. My reward came promptly, the phone rang as soon as I was at my desk. "I approve. You look lovely, next time you can go without the panties. Your ass looked beautiful in that skirt." He purred into my ear. "There will be a car waiting for you outside at 4:30 when you finish work."

All common sense out the window, I could feel my nipples crinkle at the thought of a meeting. "No, I can't work on this tonight... I have plans!" I protested.

"Sorry, Thalia, the original report was lost and some data is missing. They need the information tomorrow, the administrator has a flight to Ottawa at 9 am, when it is ready, leave it in the conference room, he has an early morning meeting there and can get it then."

"But you don't understand, I don't know.. I can't cancel."

"Like I said, I'm sorry, Thalia, but there is no choice in the matter. I'll approve your overtime."

SHIT! At 5, my phone rings. Biting my lip I answer.

"Where are you? I told you 4:30 and I meant 4:30. Promptness is expected." he growled.

"I'm so sorry, please don't be angry. I had no choice, I have to get this done. If I could have contacted you, I would have. Please, I'm sorry." I couldn't believe how apologetic I felt. "Please, I think I will be done by 7:30, is that alright?"

"You do not yet understand, Thalia. I tell you what to do, and if you continue this route, punishment is inevitable with this type of behaviour." With that, he hung up.

I nervously chew on my lip... what the hell had I gotten myself into? Punishment? I stared at the computer, acutely aware of the door behind me. "I'm switching my desk around tomorrow, first thing," I think. I force myself back to work. Ah, done! I hole-punch the report and put it in binder. The sweet sense of satisfaction having done a good job. But niggling at the back of my head was the price of the report, it appeared to have cost me a very interesting night. Idiot! I scolded myself, what were you thinking? Going with a stranger to who knows where, it was probably a blessing that I had to work.

Walking through the darkened building to the conference room, I wished there were some staff about, it was so quiet. It was Friday, and no one had stayed late, "Lucky buggers", I whispered to myself. I placed the report on the table and did a final flip-through, praying to not catch any errors.

Suddenly I think I hear a noise. I freeze, straining my head towards where I thought the noise was coming from. I listen, but after a few minutes, hear nothing, I decide the past few days' events have gotten to me. "Just check this over and go home," I mutter to myself. I sit down in front of the paperwork and become engrossed with the report. When the hand comes over my mouth, I never have a chance to scream.

I begin to struggle, terrified. The hand at my mouth squeezes harder. I stop struggling, fearful he will break my jaw. I breathe heavily with fear and feel a mouth lean in towards my ear.

"Do not struggle. Do not be afraid. You offended me by not showing up but I am not going to hurt you."

It is him! I want to fight back, to strike, but the strength in his hand made me think twice. Despite technique I knew I could be overpowered by a stronger or larger opponent. I would wait this out.... What could I do? I do not move a muscle as the hand was removed and stayed perfectly still as I feel some sort of silky cloth cover my eyes and tie at the back of my head. I sit still in the chair, trembling with fear. Again I heard his whispered voice.

"Do not be afraid. I promise I will not hurt you unless I sense you desire it. What I shall do with you is drive you mad with desire for me alone. It shall be I you turn to when you want to cum, it shall be I who will decide when you cum as well."

With a sharp intake of breath on hearing those words I feel frightened and incredibly aroused. I have never let anyone take control of a situation to this degree and thinking about having this man, this stranger, Him, do things to me made me dizzy.

With that, I felt myself being lifted up from the chair, his hands under my arms helping me to stand. I was walked around to the end of the table. I was shaking so badly, I almost fell. He turned me around so that my back was against the table. I was still shaking and I could feel nervous tears form in my eyes beneath the blindfold.

"Do not be afraid," the voice whispers. "I have wanted you for so some time."

He moves closer to me. I feel his breath on my cheek and he rubs his cheek against mine. Slowly and softly he brushes my lips with his, placing his hand in my hair, pulling back my head and kissing my neck.

Still holding my head, he moves his other hand around my back, pulling me closer to him. I can feel his entire body against me.

He whispers, "I am going to make love to you. There will be no rape here. But I am going to tie you up. I blindfolded you so you will not be distracted, you will feel everything more keenly. You have nothing to fear."

Upon hearing "tied up", I grow frightened. I start to move, try to push him away. He just holds me closer and tighter, my struggles stop. Pulling away from me, he grabs me by the waist, lifts me up and sits me on the table. He moves his hands to my upper arms and holds them tightly as he leans into my mouth, kissing me gently. I keep my mouth closed, still struggling as his tongue traces my lips. The tip of his tongue gently but forcefully opens my lips. Running his tongue across my closed teeth, he brings up one hand to my cheek and caresses it. He traces my ear with his fingertip, all the while moving his tongue across my teeth. I feel myself stop struggling as I open my mouth wide to accept his tongue. The minute his tongue touched mine my breath stops.

We stay in that position, me sitting on the edge of the table, he standing between my legs, kissing me slowly. The sensation of his finger tracing my ear, pushing my hair behind my ear while he kissed me deeply with his tongue was more than I could bear. I suck his tongue deep into my mouth and feel my tongue move along the tip of his, slowly. As he continues to kiss me, he pushes me down on my back. I start to struggle again. I feel my legs try to kick him as I try to sit up. He grabs my hands and holds them above my head, forcing his body down on me. Again I hear that voice.

"Let me do this, afterwards, you will want no other."

He sounded so gentle and sincere that I stopped struggling. Deeply, I knew this was desireable to me, the growing wetness I felt betrayed that. And by him taking me in this way, I could rationalize letting go of my emotions through the knowledge that I have no other choice but to love the feelings. I am not able to feel indignation or fear. My mind and body are on fire!

Again, I feel his mouth against mine. I stop struggling as he was on top of me. I cannot escape if I wanted to. The sensations his mouth create in me keep me from struggling. His tongue probes so deeply into my mouth. I can feel my breath quicken as the tips of our tongues meet in another passionate kiss.

I am so lost in the kiss. He pulls away. "You must lie perfectly still. I am going to tie you up. It has to be this way. I will not hurt you." I hear him stand, keeping a hand on my stomach as he stoops towards the floor. Being blindfolded seems to heighten my hearing as I hear a zippered bag open. Standing up, he leans over between my legs and caresses my face, taking his time to trace it with the tips of his fingers. He then put his hands against my waist and slides me up higher on the table. When I stop, I am lying in the middle of the table.

I bite my lips nervously, furiously blinking nervous tears away, it takes everything in me to not get up and run, tearing off the blindfold. I feel him take my left wrist and pull it upwards. I feel a soft piece of rope slide over my wrist as he ties it to the top left table leg. He walks around the other end of the table. Leaning over my from the right, he again kisses me with such slow passion, it takes my breath away. My heart pounds as he takes my right wrist and ties it high against the right table leg. He moves towards the bottom of the table and lifts my right leg. His fingers slide up my stockinged calf, massaging it for what seems like hours. He moves his hand up my thigh.

His fingers play with the top of my stocking, stoking my inner thigh. I can feel my muscles trembling as he touches me. I can feel my pussy getting wet. Again, I feel a soft loop of rope being pulled over my ankle. He pulls my ankle out towards the bottom right table leg and ties it down. Moving towards my left leg, he holds it up and slowly kisses my calf, soft kisses from the bottom of my ankle to the back of my knee. I feel like I am going out of my mind as he moves his mouth towards my inner thigh. He bathes my thigh with his tongue as he again places soft rope over my ankle and ties it down to the left leg. He moves his mouth away from my thigh and I can feel him stand. He slowly walks around the table, never touching me, but I swear, his eyes felt like hands as he inspects me, fully clothed.

I feel him stop at the head of the table. He leans over me and kisses the side of my neck. If my hands had been free, I would have held him close, kissed back this stranger. I do not know what has come over me, but all my fears leave as he moves his hands to the top of my shirt. He walks to the side of the table and sits down next to me, his thighs against my side.

I hear the soft whisper of scissors opening and I tense. The cool metal tips touch my skin as they slowly slide under my shirt, slowly, deliberately, he cuts my shirt away. He does not open my shirt, just leaves it as it is. He gets off the table and moves toward the end where my ankles are tied. He slides both his hands up from my ankles past my calves to my thighs. The palms of his hands caress my pussy through my panties. My skirt is still on, intact. His hands are underneath my skirt as he massages my pussy and ass. I feel my pussy get wetter through my panties as his hand holds my pussy, gently stroking the lips through the silky material. I am embarrassed because I know he can feel my dampness. Pulling his hands out from under my skirt, he slowly unties and opens it.

I hear his breath catch as he sees the panties he gave me, "Sweet Thalia," he almost growls in approval, his voice taking on a rougher sound, like sandpaper velvet.

He gently cuts away his gift. He lifts my ass and pulls the panties away from me, leaving me with only my stockings.

"Ahhhh," he purrs, "it is good you are shaved... no, waxed! Wonderful, that saves you doing this for our next encounter."

"Next encounter?" I think.

Sliding his hands up my body from the waist, he unsnaps my bra but does not open it right away. And I am grateful, conscious of my nipples, harder than they have ever been.

He uses the scissors to cut the straps on both sides. I hear the scissors as he tosses it back into his bag. He stands up and, by the sound of it, he undresses. In my heat, I long to see what this man looks like. My ass starts moving slowly, I can not contain the wetness in my pussy. He crawls on the table between my thighs and again lies on top of me. He takes my face in both hands and kisses my eyelids through the blindfold. He kisses my cheek. He moves his mouth to my ear and traces it with his tongue while his other hand caresses and traces my other ear.

As his tongue runs along the inside edges of my ear, he whispers, "This is only the start, tonight, I shall win you. After, you will do my bidding, willingly, happly, whenever I request and whatever I desire. This night is for you, this night will convince what you are and what you desire, and I will show you more of what it can be like, the ways you can be pleasured and can pleasure."

My heart pounds as he moves towards my arms, kissing, stroking and nibbling my upper arms and shoulders. He uses the flat of his tongue to wash my skin. My bra is open but still closed as he moves his mouth towards my right nipple. He grabs that nipple with his teeth and flutters his tongue against it. His other hand traces the area all around my nipple, never touching it. I can feel the material of my bra get wet from his mouth as he sucks my entire breast into his mouth, never letting his tongue stop flicking my nipple. I start moaning as his other hand moves over my other breast, his palm slowly making circles on my nipple. He moves his face back towards my mouth and thrust his tongue hard into my tongue. I am straining to lift my head up so I can kiss him deeply. I am out of my mind with lust for this man I do not know.

He slowly pulls his mouth away from mine. I imagine him looking at my nipples, one stuck to the material of my bra from his wet mouth, both of them hard and sticking through the material. Slowly he pulls my bra apart. When my nipples were finally exposed, I hear a gasp of delight.

Moving his body down, he licks my left nipple, slowly, lovingly. Heightening my desire. He moves his hands to both breasts and tugs and pulls my nipples. He holds them between two fingers as his thumbs slowly scratch them gently. I feel myself growing wild. I can not move but I strain against my bonds as my nipples grow even harder!

He moves his mouth slowly down my body. His tongue plays with my navel ring, tickling my navel. He slides his hands down from my breasts slowly, moving slowly down my sides to caress my hips. His mouth moves towards my inner thighs. He licks his tongue at the place where my thigh meets my pussy. Slowly, achingly, he licks. Closer and closer he comes to my wide open pussy.

"Please," I sigh.

Lifting his head up, he asks, "Please what, my captive?"

"Please, kiss my pussy. Suck my clit. Finger my pussy. Please make me cum. I beg of you." I plead, the buildup has been too much, I need release.

I feel his breath blow warm against my open lips. Using two fingers, I can feel his eyes on my pussy as his fingers trace the outside edges of my cunt. Slowly, he moves his fingers up and down, never touching my inner lips or clit but I can feel it stiffen and harden. I try to move my hips, encouraging him to enter. He will not let me have my way. I can feel his fingers pull my lips out away from my opening. Holding the lips open with two fingers, he traces my inner cunt, from the top just above my clit, to my clit and down to the opening with the fingers of his other hand, past my pussy opening and to my ass. Up and down, slowly, never lingering at any one spot, just moving slowly up and down.

"Please, please put your fingers in my pussy," I sob, this was too much, this loss of control the slowness, deliberateness of his touch. He is not listening to me.

"Be patient sweet love. It is just as hard for me as it is for you. But I want to enjoy you for as long as I can. Be patient." Though filled with passion, his voice is a growl. I am silenced.

This time, when he moves his fingers up towards my clit, he lingers there. Taking my clit between two fingers, he rolls it and massages it. Slowly he squeezes it and massages it. I am biting on my lip, trying not to moan as my hips move back and forth, limited by my bonds. He knows my moment is close, and he moves his fingers down and slowly teases my opening. He inserts a finger just inside and pulls it out, teasing me. I know he can see my pussy opening and closing around his finger. "I cannot take any more, please..." I moan.

He takes two fingers and slowly, so slowly, inserts them into my pussy. He does not pull them out but merely leaves them inside without moving them. He can feel my pussy grabbing his fingers tight but he will not move them. Then, I can feel his hand turn as the fingers push to the area over my pubic bone.

While his fingers move to find my g-spot, his thumb touches my clit. My body stiffens with the pleasure of waves rolling over me. His fingers move along the ridge of my spot as his thumb pushes my clit down hard. He does not move his thumb as his fingers slowly move out of my pussy, only to push back in and massage that g-spot. He is fucking me with his fingers while his thumb never lets up on the clit he holds down so firmly. I try hard to make my pussy meet his fingers. He places his upper arm and elbow down on my stomach to keep me from moving.

"I want you to just lay back and let yourself cum on my fingers," he commands.

"Not possible" I think, knowing I have never been able to relax and just let myself go while my partner remains composed. I always drive him over the brink first before I allow my release.

"Let yourself cum, let yourself go," he whispers at me.

His fingers push harder in and out, all the time searching for my g-spot. I swear he knows the moment when I will cum. He keeps his fingers inside of me, pushes against the hard ridge under my pubic bone and almost lifts me, he is massaging it so hard! His thumb starts to slowly move in gently circles on my clit! My body stiffens as I feel my insides grab his fingers. My nipples become so hard and my clit feels so incredible. I cannot get those fingers deep enough into my pussy.

I grab my bonds with my hands pulling against them fiercely as I start to cum. Not able to form words, I just moan and half sob and laugh. The laughter coming from not believing this, it was so surreal.

As his fingers slowly move out of me, he drags them up and out towards my clit in a gentle touch. I can feel him move up on my body and lean down, looking at me. I turn my head to face him and he put his fingers in my mouth, letting me taste my cum. In my mind, it feels like his cock. I kiss and lick his fingers. I can feel his excitement build as his mouth moves to my left nipple to gently nip and tongue it while my tongue is caressing and sucking his fingers. I can feel his cock as he uses his other hand to work his hard shaft up and down my slickened pussy.

His chest hair tickles my aching nipples and I move to make them brush more against him. He pushes his cock into my pussy and the sensation, so soon after cumming, takes my breath away. Moving his mouth to my lips, he plunges his tongue deep. Fucking me with his cock, he pushes his tongue in and out of my mouth in the exact same rhythm his cock is pushing into my pussy! Raising his body a little, I feel his fingers brush my clit while he strokes his cock in and out of my tightening pussy.

His fingers move harder against my clit as his cock moves faster into my pussy. I can feel his balls tighten against my ass. Then, he slows his pace, not wanting to come yet, he has something else in mind. Slowly, reluctantly, he withdraws, and I moan in frustration. It felt so good to have his weight on me, his body against mine, to smell his musk and feel his lips.

He moves away and I hear him untie my bonds. Gently, he sits me up, knowing I'm in a cum-filled daze. He slides me carefully off the table and holds me gently against him, his throbbing, erect cock against my stomach, my face buried in his chest. My arms and legs are weak and he has to keep me upright. I nuzzle his chest, and gently, not knowing how he will react, flick my tongue against his right nipple, swirling it slowly around the soft skin and hair before moving back to the hardening nub. Emboldened, I move to the right, using my tongue as my guide, gently teasing and nibbling the tiny nipple to hardness. I hear him moan softly as I wriggle my body gently, pressing his cock harder between us. I smile to myself, this is more like it, some control at last! Ropes still around my wrist I slowly work them up his sides, across his belly and down towards his cock.

As I do so, he grabs my shoulders and spins me around, pushing me over the top of one of the conference chairs.

"Tsk, tsk, Thalia... you are a minx! But you will learn." he scolds.

My ass is on the backrest and my head is on the edge of the seat. I struggle but he leans over me, pressing his cock between my ass cheeks as he ties my wrists to the arms of the chair. I struggle with my bound hands to push myself up and back, but he presses into the small of my back, and I am effectively pinned, legs widespread, standing on tiptoe, my pussy spread wide at the top of the chair. I am completely exposed, and he begins to stroke and knead my buttocks. Every few strokes his hand would slip between my legs. He leans down and starts to tie my ankles to the bottom of the chair. Annoyed, I start moving my feet, making it harder for him to grab.

SMACK!!! Right on my left bum cheek. I jump and moan. He reaches under me and gently pinches a nipple, rolling it slightly, moaning, I smile. SMACK!!! I jump and painfully pull the nipple out from his fingers with my movement. He grabs my right nipples and plays with it again. This time, I brace myself and when the SMACK!!! comes I don't jump. SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACK!!! My ass feels hot and tender but I know I won't jump with the next smack. Somehow he seems to know, for with the next spank he hits lower, firmly on my exposed, swollen pussy lips and clit. I yell!!! The pain!!! An electric shock right to the stomach from my pussy. SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACK!!! I have reached the breaking point, I start to sob.

Quickly, he is behind me, gently stroking my tender ass, following each stroke with a kiss. Slowly, he works his way to the lips of my soaked, swollen, aching pussy and licks me gently, kissing my clit.

The back of the chair presses into my hips and I can feel the weave of the cloth against my cheek, which is soaked with my sweat and tears. I am broken, despite my spanking, his gentle ministrations to my cunt are having their effect. The air is cool all around me, hardening my nipples and cooling the slick heat I can feel seeping from my pussy lips. Then, his lips are gone and are replaced by a spot of warmth as I feel his cockhead as he rubs it all over my cunt, down to my clit and then back down to my opening. The rhythm continues, up and down across my clitoris until I feel my hips rocking in the same motion. I start to moan and my upper body goes limp as he forces the head of it in.

I cannot deny how good it feels to be so completely taken by this man. Here I am, on my tiptoes, bent over the top of a chair, spreading my legs as to allow him to go as deeply as possible. I hear his breathing grow heavier and his hands are kneading my sore asscheeks as he starts working his cock in and out of me, and I start to push back to meet his thrusts. He picks up his pace, fucking me in long strokes, each stroke ending with me quivering.

He grasps my hips and slides deeper into me, I feel his balls brushing against my clit as he pumps with a rhythmic motion, and an agonizing pace that was driving me mad. He reaches around and toys with my sore nipples, as an orgasm rushes to my brain, making my bound naked body stiffen.

He moves faster and faster. My legs are again weak and I rest all my weight on the chair and can feel his arms around me as his thrusts increase in tempo. I am pulling at my restraints when the last orgasm hits, I feel him cumming deep inside me, his warm load filling me as I go limp. My mind is reeling. He rests on me for a few minutes before getting up. I hear him getting dressed before he comes over to me and unties my wrists and ankles, as he removes the binds, he kisses and licks my upper arms, wrists and ankles, as if in benediction.

Gently lifting my face he kisses my lips so slowly and softly I could barely feel it. "There clothes for you on a chair. You were everything I hoped for."

He kisses my cheek, "Wait for my call, it won't be long. We have much to learn about one another."

With those comments, he left. I am so drained I can barely move. It felt like I had been dreaming.

Pushing myself off the chair, I confirmed what I already really knew. Taking off the blindfold, I can see the clothes on a chair as he said they would be. And, of course, I hold the blindfold in my hand as further proof, as if I needed any.

As I pull the clothes on, I wonder what in hell had happened? And why do I feel so content?

I hear a noise, "Oh no," I think, caught between hoping and not hoping he had returned but it was nothing.

And so I wait for his call.

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