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The Ancient Prophecy
Part IV - The Slave Of War
by Viper

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The town of Tiras was a small border town south of the Kingdom of Aragon. It served as a trading post for many adjacent towns. It was also the closest town to Labrador. The land was hilly and inappropriate for farming. South of this town was a vast range of volcanoes, one of the Forbidden Lands. Nobody who traveled through Forbidden Lands had ever returned back alive. The people of the town were mostly traders and crafters. Tiras ceramics were very famous across the land. The skills possessed by the town people were extremely rare and unique. They were skilled in making smooth sculptures on the ceramic surface. Rumors said that the clays used were only available in the volcanic areas south of the town. However, today was a very special day for the people. It was the time for the annual fair in Tiras. The merchants opened their store very early in the morning to attract customers who would like to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine. In every corner of the marketplaces people gathered, browsing and spending their money. Cries of joy of children playing with their new toys could be heard clearly. The whole people from many cultures and ethnic were merged with peaceful harmony. It felt like heaven had arrived in Tiras that morning.

However, it's no heaven for Maya. She curled on the cold floor of her cell, trying to enjoy the sunshine passing through the small caged window on the wall. She could hear the cheers and laughter of the people outside. She could hear the joyous children walking around and singing merrily. But she couldn't experience it for herself. She could only imagine she could. Maya was a slave of war. Moreover, she was now a sex slave, the lowest status a human could ever reach in the kingdom. She was a human, eighteen years old. She wore nothing but her manacles. Heavy cuffs circled her wrists and ankles together. A big steel ball was chained to her ankle cuffs, preventing her from escaping. A thick rubber collar choked her neck. All manacles were securely locked with steel padlocks. Her black hair was pony-tailed behind her head with a simple rubber band. Her cell was one of many cells in the biggest whorehouse in the town. It was a small room with no comfort at all. The floor and walls were made of hard stone. A small window with steel cages was put high on one side of the wall, facing east. The room was damp and chilly during nighttime, but the stone could be really hot after in contact with sunshine too long. On one corner of the room was her bed. It was a wooden panel strapped on the floor. A pile of hay was spread around her bed, and a dusty old pillow lay on one side.

On the other side of the room, covered by a high stone wall, was her toilet. It was poorly maintained and hadn't been cleaned for a long time. All things in her room made her look more like an animal rather than a human being. But she was supposed to be an animal. It was in her contract. She had been sentenced to be an animal for her entire life. Moreover, she had been sentenced for the crime she didn't do. Maya had been the only daughter of John Murdock, or John the Plunderer, one of the greatest bandit-kings in the south. She had once lived in the taste of royalty from his father, who had worked with Baron Stoke, the governor of Southern Aragon. However, her father had been the supreme leader of a bandit band. He had been plundering the nearby towns, a fact that she still couldn't believe. The greatest man she had ever admired was actually a criminal.

Then the tragedy had came. When Maya was only seventeen, Baron Stoke discovered her father's business and involvement with the bandits. In a skirmish near the city of Bangor, her hometown, her father had been killed by Baron's army. Then the soldiers came to her house and arrested her. The Baron, who hated her father so much, ordered that she would become a sex slave for her entire life. She had been sentenced for a crime she didn't do. For a year she had been trained to become a sex slave by Baron's own men. The training was harsh. She had been chained. She had been whipped. She had been violated. She had been abused. Her freedom was taken away. Her pride was destroyed. Her dignity was stripped. Even her cherry was popped. She had absolutely nothing, but she hadn't given up. And here she was; an unwilling sex slave. She had been sold to the finest brothel in the town of Tiras. She had been sold to many men, but they preferred to sell her back to the brothel after using her because of her bad service. The brothel master had been annoyed, but he had made a lot of money by selling her

Sometimes Maya felt sorry of herself. Her body had been repeatedly used and abused. The training had taught her to obey her masters, but being a stubborn girl, she didn't give up, yet. She kept on hoping that someday somebody would grant her independence. She hoped that someday she would get out of this filthy place. However, even now her hope was beginning to fade. Deep in her heart she felt the hatred to her father, who had driven her into this condemned place. She was very disappointed with her father, whom she had admired so much. But now everything was useless. She had been trapped in this place, and she felt she's going to stay here for a long time. Sometimes she would cry all night, wondering why she had to endure this treatment. She wished she had been born as a normal girl. She wished she could grow mature and fell in love and made a family. She wished... only wishes she could make.

Suddenly she heard footsteps coming from the hallway. Her fear returned to life. Then the heavy metal door in front of her was unlocked and opened. Her master, wearing his usual formal attire, stood in front of her. Unwillingly, she knelt and put her head down, afraid to stare directly to her master. A mistake in greeting her master could grant her harsh punishments she couldn't bear.

"I see you are awake. Good. You have a customer. There's a guy who are looking for a slave." She stayed silent. She was not supposed to talk unless she was given a question. "He has been meeting many other slaves, but are unsatisfied. He said he wants the youngest one around, and I believe you can meet his expectation." She could hear a sardonic chuckle from him. "You'd better, for I'm getting tired of having you here... You must please him, so he will buy you, you hear me?

"Yes, master..." She answered. "If you fail to please him, I'm telling you... I will torture you ALL NIGHT LONG! UNDERSTAND?" "Y...yes master..." She answered again. Her voice was trembling. Her master unlocked her ball and ordered her to follow him. She quickly walked right behind him out of her cell and along the dark hallway. Walking was difficult with her ankle cuffs, but she managed to keep her pace. Her mind raced. This man who wanted to buy her had rejected many other slaves. But she was the clumsiest slave around here! Her stubbornness had prevented her from serving her masters well. She hated to act like an animal no matter what she would face. She knew that her master hated her, and he knew she couldn't do this job well. Then he would surely torture her to the death. Finally he found an effective way to get rid of her. She felt really hopeless and scared. Her stubbornness had finally rewarded her independence, but not the way she wanted.

Soon, they arrived in the guestroom. The room was bigger, with better furniture. Bondage utilities filled the walls and chains hung from the ceiling. The light was dim and several candles created scary fantasies in her mind. On the center of the room was a table with straps. On that table she had been violated many times against her will. She began to tremble in fear. She knew she would not survive another day. Unless... if he was willing to buy her. She only had one last chance. She would beg him, if necessary. She would beg him to buy her. "Take off her cuffs."

She noticed her guest on one corner of the room, sitting on a chair. He was wearing a dark cloak, preventing her from seeing his face. But from his appearance she knew he was a tall and well-shaped man. Her master usually protested at such request, but this time he obeyed. "Of course, sir." The manager took off her manacles, then left them in the room. She didn't move an inch, afraid of what's going to happen to her. She didn't even dare to stare at her guest. She tried to stand still, but her body was trembling. Her hands attempted to cover her nakedness, but no avail.

"Don't be afraid. I'm not going to eat you." His voice was full with dignity, making her shiver. She didn't know what to do. She was confused. "Why didn't you answer me?" he asked. "I... I thought you're going to rape me now..." Her answer was weak. "Should I?" His answer surprised her. "Look at me. I won't hurt you." Slowly she raised her head and looked at her guest. He had taken off his cloak. He was a tall young man. He wore a brown leather jacket and a pair of leather trousers. His chest was broad and his arms were muscular. He was also strikingly handsome! His smile was warm and friendly, and for sometime she just stared at him. Then she realized that it was a fatal mistake. She quickly threw off her sight. "I'm sorry, master... I stared at you in the eyes..." She heard him coming closer. She was finished, she thought. He was going to spank or whip her mercilessly...

But she felt him took her trembling hand. She tried to pull it back, but he held it firmly. Then suddenly she felt something warm covered her body. Her guest just covered her naked body with his cloak! "Look at me, my dear. Look into my eyes." That's an order, she thought. Slowly, she turned to see her guest again. His eyes were gazing at her, but his expression was calm and friendly. "You are different." He said. "I can see fear in your eyes. I can see despair in your gaze. Do you want to tell me what's bothering you?" His question startled her. She was a sex slave. She existed only for the pleasure of her master. But this man wanted her to tell all of her sorrows. She was now totally confused. He just smiled and let her hand go. Then he walked toward the examination table. She began to panic, but then she saw that he climbed and sat on the corner of the table.

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This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

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