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The Stinging Rain
by Cal Beau

It was a beautiful, hot and sunny day in a small town on the Gulf coast. I had decided to spend some time at a small amusement park about two blocks from the condo while my friends went into town to do a little shopping. When I got there I played a game of putt-putt with some people I had just met and then walked around the park playing a few games and looking at all the different faces.

After a couple of hours I'd seen almost all areas of the park except for the maze. In one corner of the park there was a maze made of tall dark green hedges. The walls were about 6 feet tall and so thick you couldn't see through them. As I walked toward the entrance of the maze, there she was! I had seen her earlier, laughing with some friends. She was wearing a cotton summer dress with buttons all the way down the front and thin straps over the shoulders. Her hair was brown and shoulder length and she looked to be in her mid to late 30s. As she turned away from her friends our eyes met, her smile gave me a feeling that I had never felt before.

I lost her in the crowd earlier and now there she was going into the maze. I waited a minute and entered the maze behind her. The clouds in the sky were getting a little darker and the wind blowing off the water had picked up. I could hear the sound of thunder off in the distance and a light rain had begun to fall. I could hear the sounds of people trying to find their way back out of the maze as the rain began to fall a little harder. I worked my way deeper into the maze trying to find her. Finally, I was in the center of the maze. It was a small clearing of soft green grass, with a small table and bench and a large water fountain along with a statue of a man and woman kissing passionately. The embrace the couple held was so tight it caught my eye and held it for a moment... and there she was, staring at the statue in the pouring rain. The park was about empty by then; the only sound I could hear was that of the rain.

I walked toward the statue and she turned and looked into my eyes, and smiled. We could both feel the attraction and were overcome by the embrace held by the only other two people around us. Not a word was spoken as I pull her toward my lips. I could taste the saltiness of sweat around her mouth from the hot day. "Lustfully good!" She sucked my tongue into her mouth and I hers as we kissed in a way we assumed the couple in the statue must have been. One hand was on her back, holding her tight, the other reached down behind her, under her knee and I pull her up onto my right thigh. She spread her legs apart and rested herself against me. We were in the same pose as that of the couple in the statue. The raindrops falling on us as it was on them. The rain was just hard enough to sting a little when it hit our skin. It only added to the stimulation we felt as our hands explored each other's bodies. Her wet dress clung to her skin showing every curve underneath.

We become lost in our kiss as my hands found their way to her breasts. I gently held each of them and began to feel their size and shape and I could see her nipples were waiting to be found. She slowly undid the buttons of her dress... my tongue made its way down her neck toward the soft little bumps around her nipples. I held each breast in my hands as I licked circles around them getting closer and closer to her nipples as they got harder and harder. As my warm mouth surrounded each nipple and I gently sucked and stroked them with my tongue I heard the sounds of approving moans telling me to continue my pleasing journey down her wet body. The rain was a steady stream of warm droplets as we undressed and I helped her to the ground. She laid on her back with me on my knees leaning over her as we kissed passionately again. Her fingers pinched my nipples and slid down my stomach toward my throbbing cock. She gently took my balls into her hand and massaged them as my dick swelled to it's fullest.

Still kissing, I eased first one leg and then the other over and in between hers. Our lips parted and I slid down her body licking and kissing as I went... first her neck, then down to her breasts. I took each nipple into my mouth and slowly brought it erect. I eased down her stomach stopping to tongue her navel... a little closer now I slid my tongue back and forth on the soft skin just above the hair line. Her stomach shivered from the sensations as her legs parted and she raised her knees to open herself for me. I kissed the insides of her legs first one and then the other slowly working my way closer and closer toward her sweet opening. I ran my tongue up and down each side of her outer lips as she lifted her hips closer to my mouth... I sucked each of her lips as my tongue explored the soft folds of outer skin. My tongue slipped inside, as her movements become rhythmic with mine. As our rhythm became faster and faster I eased my arms up under her hips and placed my thumbs so I could pull back the hood of skin hiding her clit. As I exposed her swollen love button and took it into my mouth, I could feel a shiver shake her body. I held my mouth in place and sucked and flicked my tongue as our movements again fell in sync. I could feel her body begin to tighten, as she took hold of my arms and pressed her feet to the ground and lifted her hips.

Moaning, she told me she was getting close. I held her tight as I continued the rhythmic pleasure. The rain was falling harder and it stung as it hit our naked bodies. This added sensation was helping her cum... her orgasm released in waves as her body rocked with each one. I continued until I could feel her body starting to relax and then I slowed down my rhythm as we both came to rest for a few moments. Her sweet aroma surrounded me and she reached to pull me up and into her. Until then I had only penetrated her wet pussy with my tongue and no deeper. Now, we both had the urge to feel the depths of our sharing. I positioned myself between her legs and slid just the head of my swollen dick into her.

As I began my slow shallow thrusting my hands started to rub down her legs, over her stomach and up to her breasts, taking each nipple between my fingers and stroking. My thrusting became faster and deeper when all of a sudden I gave all of myself to her... a quick deep thrust and she moaned from the feeling of unanticipated fullness. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled closer to me as my thrusting became steady...every now and then giving her all I had. Our breathing had become faster as we held onto each other tightly. We became aware that our bodies had fit together such that we felt like one. As I slid in and out of her love opening... getting faster and faster we could feel my orgasm starting to build. I took hold of her hips and lifted her off the ground as each stroke went all the way in. We both were moaning and breathing short fast breaths as I got that feeling of my hot load starting its journey out. Spasm after spasm propelled my cum deep inside of her as I continued my thrusting giving up every drop of my warm juice.

As we slowed down and came to a stop neither of us could move. I used the last of my strength to lower myself next to her as we lay on the wet grass holding each other tight. After a few minutes we became aware it had stopped raining and the sun was coming out from behind the clouds. We got up and help each other with our wet clothes. She told me she must go and asked me to please not look for her. As she left she looked back and gave me that smile one last time. Even today years later, during a summer rain shower. I can smell her sweet aroma mixed with the smells of the rain and my mind drifts to thoughts of our encounter, and her smile!
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