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The Ski Trip
by Leslie

Frank and I have always loved our trips to the snow. His corporation owned two time- share condos in Mammoth and he was offered one of them for the first time. I guess it must have been his promotion last year that put him in line for some new perks. At first, we were going to ask some friends to come along since it was a two bedroom and a loft, but we decided to go it alone and make it a romantic vacation. Frank said that he'd heard that the place had a beautiful deck with a hot tub, and wonderful views of the mountains.

When we arrived, the place was everything we thought it would be. All eight buildings were in a semicircle with 2 units in each building. The units were side by side and were on slightly different levels. There was a beautiful entry area and living room, a spacious kitchen, fireplace in the master bedroom and French doors that led to the deck. The unit next door was unoccupied and that would lend us a bit more privacy out in the Hot Tub.

We unpacked and had a glass of wine by the fireplace in the living room. Frank called the slopes and purchased tickets for us at for the afternoon. We had about an hour to kill and so I made some sandwiches and we ate, drank, laughed and had a nice time just talking. I had some Major romance planned for my loving husband that evening. We changed into our ski outfits and drove off to the slopes. The lift lines were short and the snow was a pure packed powder with a base of 4 feet. Perfect for spring skiing. We went down a few runs and headed up for another. Frank was feeling unusually spry and took off, daring me to catch him. I cut my angles sharply and began to gain on him. The cold and crisp wind rushing past my face brought tears out of my eyes and down my cheeks. It was a wonderful rush of adrenaline. Just as I was about to pass him with a deft cut on the edges of my skis, I caught a tip and started to tumble. I felt a searing pain in my shoulder and back and finally came to a stop in a heap. Frank trudged up to see if I was ok and helped me to my feet. He was laughing and that made me start to laugh. However, the laughter hurt. My left shoulder and my lower back were sending spasms of pain to my brain and I winced. Frank and I skied down to the bottom slowly and headed to the first aid cabin.

The doctor examined me and gave me a prescription for muscle relaxants and some deep heat ointment. He told me that my skiing was over with for at least a week and that I was to take it easy and to keep moist heat on it as much as possible. Frank told him we had a hot tub at the Condo and he said that would be perfect. He suggested 20 minutes of each hour in the tub would do wonders for my back and shoulders. I started to cry. I wanted this long weekend to be just perfect and I screwed it up in less than an hour. Frank put his arms around me and told me to forget it. We'd still have a great time. I sniffled all the way to the pharmacy and kept telling myself it was an accident. My shoulder was really sore and I found myself walking at a slight tilt to ease the pain I was also having in my lower back.

Frank helped me out of my clothes and turned up the temperature on the Hot Tub. He was being so sweet. He came back into the bedroom and kissed me. He reached over and fondled my breasts in a playful sort of way as I slipped into a robe. Frank busied himself in the kitchen. As I walked out onto the deck, the view of the snow covered pine trees, the smell of the pine needles permeating my sinuses made the deck such a beautiful place to be.

I noticed that there were still no lights on in the unit next door, so I slipped off my robe and placed it in the hook next to the tub and naked to the world, I climbed in. Frank came out of the kitchen with a glass of wine and a towel for me. He turned on the jets and told me to lean my back and shoulders as close as possible to them without hurting myself. He stood behind me and rubbed my shoulders and kissed the back of my neck. I told him that I wanted to make love later. He responded with care and concern, saying that maybe tomorrow would be better and that I needed some therapy not sex. His hands wandered down onto my breasts caressing them lovingly and gently pinched the nipples. He led a trail of kisses from my ear down my neck. He looked into my eyes and smiled. Frank turned and walked through the French doors through the master bedroom and then into the kitchen saying he was going to have a quick bite to eat.

I took a sip of the wine and found it smooth and flavorful. I leaned back and felt the swirling water rush past my back and onto my neck. It felt so good. I remembered some of the romantic times Frank and I have had in Hot Tubs and Jacuzzis. Something about warm water and a hot man.........mmmmmmmmm. I was starting to feel a little sorry for myself as the ache in my lower back was still there. I finished the wine and placed the glass on the attached side table. I was 30 years old and feeling like 60 right now. I stayed in shape playing tennis and working out. I still got some looks from the young studs at the gym from time to time. I honestly think I deserved their appreciative glances. I was 5'7", 128 pounds, 34C and a true redhead. I was trying to stay as young physically as possible and then this happens.

I sat up higher in the tub and let the jets pound away a little at my lower back. My breasts were floating on the surface and I looked down at them and smiled. Not bad.... I thought to myself. I leaned back a little further and found the exact spot of the discomfort and let the jets try to loosen it up. In doing this, my breasts rose completely out of the water. I closed my eyes and eased into the feeling. I was almost about to drift off to sleep when I opened my eyes for some reason and saw the sun almost down and the deck in a dull darkness. I stood up to look into the window of the condo and saw Frank sleeping on the couch in the living room.

Grabbing the towel I got out to make sure nothing in the kitchen was cooking. Nothing was and I poured myself another glass of wine and walked over to Frank and lightly kissed him on the cheek. He stirred slightly but did not wake up. I walked back out onto

the deck just as the sun disappeared from view and at the Hot Tub, only the light from the living room illuminated the deck. I put the towel back on the hook and climbed in again. Leaning my back into the jet, I began to close my eyes slowly.....just feeling the tension draining from my body. Just before my eyes closed completely, I noticed a faint light coming from the condo next door. My thought was that it was probably a nightlight that was on before, but was only visible now because of the darkness.

The combination of the muscle relaxants and the 2 glasses of wine were having a nice effect on my libido and my back and shoulders. I was feeling better. I was starting to really enjoy the warm water. The sensuality of it all was getting to me. I thought that maybe I should wake up Frank and beg him to make lover to me. I closed my eyes and leaned back into the jets. My hands reached back and massaged my sore muscles. The dull pain seemed somehow sensual. I moaned with pleasure and allowed my hands to slide down my shoulder and cupped my breasts. They seemed so soft and yet firm in the warm water. My nipples were hard. This felt great. I slid my hands down my chest and stomach and then found there way to my pubic hair. Sliding my legs apart, I found my clit with my fingers and toyed with it. My mouth hung open and my eyes closed slowly to the passionate feelings that were now taking over.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed some movement. I didn't know where. I was in the throes of passion and I was under the influence of alcohol and on medication that was not supposed to be mixed with alcohol. But.....I felt good. The source of the movement then became apparent. A young woman was standing in the window of the unit next door. She was naked from the waist up and stood there watching me. I made no motion at all that I had seen her in the very dimly lit room. I watched her through almost closed eyes and let my hands move up and cup my breasts. She turned away from the window and then back. A young man came up behind her and fondled her. Looking over her shoulder, he saw me and smiled and kissed her neck. His eyes glued to my breasts while he fondled hers.

They disappeared from the window. I took the opportunity to assault my clit again. Then slipping 2 fingers deep inside me, I began slide them in and out. An audible moan escaped my lips. Then I heard them. They were on the deck next to mine. They were both naked and he was visibly aroused. His penis was a full 8" long and thick. It bobbed up and down as though it had a life of its own. The woman was lovely, trim and sexy with full breasts and a shock of blond hair. She laughed as the man pushed her to her knees and she took his erection into her small hand. Looking directly at me she took the head of his penis into her mouth and made a sucking sound as 2 inches disappeared into the warm wetness. Soon the entire shaft was gone and her nose was pinned against his pubic hair and he was groaning deeply.

I stood up in the Hot Tub. The waterline was now just above my knees. I spread my legs and began to fuck myself with 2 fingers of my left hand. My right hand pushed 2 fingers into my mouth and I began to mirror the motions of the blond woman. I felt like I had his dick in my mouth. She slurped.....I slurped. My fingers in my pussy were a blur and I was feeling a tingling inside. She kept of sucking. Her hand was sliding and twisting on his shaft and her mouth was following the movements. Deeply in and out with the friction

of her hand and mouth trying to bring him swiftly to a climax. He started to shudder. He groaned a deep and sexy groan. That only made her increase her tempo. She wanted him to cum and to cum in her mouth. She looked up at him. His eyes were closed tightly. Then she looked at me. He began to shudder just as I felt a wave of pleasure sweep over my body and my clit tingled from my manipulations.

He let loose and started to cum in her mouth. She gagged and swallowed, and swallowed and swallowed. I began to shake and cum. I squealed and looked at the couple. She had cum dripping down the side of her mouth and onto her chin. He looked completely spent and his semi-erect penis was slowly dripping more cum onto the redwood deck. He opened his eyes and smiled at me and stroked his penis a few times. Then he put his arm around the woman, blew me a kiss and slowly they walked into their unit.

I weakly exited the Hot Tub and put the robe around me. I walked into the living room and kissed Frank. I reached down and slowly caressed his crotch. "Frank honey. Wake up. I need you."


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