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To Swallow The Dark
by Aranian

When the day of reckoning comes, we have but one hope,
The innocent one shall be our champion of light,
to struggle against the dark invaders,
the ones who hail from the abyss,
who would see our people debased.

The innocent one was the gods' final gift to this world,
living dormant until the time comes,
unaware of the trials ahead.

But if humanity yields to it's own malevolence,
the gods' avatar too shall falter and fall into dark hands,
and humanity shall be taken again to the level of it's kindred.
  -Oracle of the west tide

Lumps of wet dung-colored mud catapulted into the air from beneath the iron shod hooves of the exhausted mare. The ground was wet but not saturated and the mare's hooves alternately clapped and squelched on the uneven ground. Tree limbs flashed by like enormous pieces of debris in a gale force wind. Above, bird song droned on from the green canopy overhead that blanketed the forest uninterrupted by the clattering of many hooves.

"Come on, girl. Just a little farther," Lisa pleaded desperately to her mount, " We only need to make it to the town bailey. We'll be safe there." But she could feel the mare's flanks heaving beneath her bared legs. Lisa knew her fatigued mare could not make it much farther. "Please?"

The mare caught her mistress' urgency and managed to break into a half-hearted stumbling canter for several paces and gave up. With a sigh of resignation Lisa dismounted and slapped the horse on the rear. At least her father would know something was amiss when Prenodie arrived in the stables riderless and exhausted. She could make out a thin cloud of dust floating through the treetops as the bandits rapidly closed on her.

He finally had her. For generations, he had searched for her in her various incarnations but always had she eluded his grasp. The magi council called her "The Innocent One". They strived to protect her from the hands of those like himself who followed the darker paths. One by one he had hunted down and disposed of the meddling magi council. Without their tricks to hide her from his view, she was his. The demon would be pleased, perhaps even raise him to archmage after such an achievement.

The magi fools had called him a lackey to the greater forces of darkness. He had shown them the real meaning of force, and now they were dead. He chuckled to himself. The smug bastards, thinking themselves righteous paladins of justice. He wasn't subservient to anyone, the agreement that he had with the demon was nothing more--an agreement. He fulfilled his end of the bargain because it would result in their mutual benefit...

Shaken from his thoughts by a sharp sound, the black sorcerer looked at his captive. She was gorgeous. Captured by a band of his outlaws this morning, her riding skirt was torn on one side, exposing a long expanse of thigh. Her long blond hair cascaded down her back like a golden waterfall and she had the almond eyes and sharp features of an angel. Her soft feminine curves hinted immodestly at what lay beneath. Her shapely thighs promised boundless pleasure to the man to claim them. He was amazed that his hired cohorts had not ravished her the moment they laid their filthy hands on her. But then, he was paying them very well. Her long smooth legs unintentionally sprawled apart practically begged a man to crawl between and...

"Stop staring at me. And please let me go." Lisa's silken voice broke the silence.

"Gahaha! Just you wait, little girl. You have no idea of what's coming do you?" The sorcerer cackled reveling in his victory.

"My father is a nobleman in these parts and if you don't let me go soon, he'll have our knights raking the countryside for you." She countered weakly.

"For so long you've evaded my colleagues and I, but now we have you..." Losing control of himself in glee, the sorcerer nearly broke into another fit of giggling.

"I don't know what you're talking about, you're crazy. Please, let me go!"

The sorcerer merely turned around and removed an aged leather bag from his pouch. Making subtle gestures with his hands, he began chanting in a low voice. His robes began to flutter violently in an unfelt wind. Lisa looked on curiously but with wary in her eyes. As his chanting grew louder he cast a handful of powder from the pouch over Lisa. She flinched. The powder glittered darkly even in the night air. Immediately, Lisa's senses grew distant as the world seemed to fade away.

She would be back, he knew. But he would be in no danger. The demon would shape her, change her to it's liking. It would corrupt her beyond human understanding, so deep that she would no longer resemble her former innocent self in spirit or mind. He had seen some of the demon's past playthings returned to the mortal world...women, or more often girls of unsurpassed beauty whose very thoughts and presence were seductive beyond imagination. They drew men like a lodestone draws iron. He had seen an instance where a gang of thieves had tried to rape a girl returned from the abyss only they turned on each other fighting over who would be the first at her. She patiently waited for them to finish hacking at one another and then, one by one she willingly gave the surviving five an experience like none they would ever have again.

It was said that the demon trained the girls in the abyss. Stories to be told around a campfire at midnight, he had heard that the girls were forced or tricked into unspeakable acts with the demon's pets or accomplices...tricked into willingly surrendering themselves. The girls were defenseless against the painful pleasure that would be brought about.

She was "The Innocent One". The demon had pursued her for many hundreds of years. She wasn't an ordinary girl sent to the demon to be trained as one of the demon's avatars, she was something special. She represented all that was still pure in this world. When the demon was done with her 'training' she would be released, unleashed back to the mortal realm carrying the demon's foul taint...

As she became fully conscious, Lisa sat up and gazed around at her surroundings. She was in a vast cavern, the domed rock ceiling hundreds of feet above her shone a dim green reflected from a source below. Over the edge of the precipice on which she was seated, Lisa beheld a lake of brightly glowing, bubbling green ooze which was the cavern's only source of illumination. She was at the base of an enormous black stone spire shaped like a spike which reached up nearly to the ceiling of the mammoth cavern from the dead center of the green lake.

"And what might you, a mortal, be doing here?" A pleasant voice from behind her asked. Startled, Lisa nearly jumped off the cliff into the slime below. She swiveled around and faced the owner of the voice, a puggy man who appeared to be in his mid thirties wearing a brown robe and carrying an oak staff. He seemed completely out of place in so sinister a setting.

"Please, you've got to help me!" Lisa blurted out desperately to the kindly looking man, "I don't know where I am but I don't want to be here, I want to go home!" The fat man nodded his understanding with sympathy in his eyes.

"I see. This is the Abyss, the demon's domain. If you are not here willingly, he must not find you or he'll subject you to unspeakable acts, his methods of training and perhaps even his pets..." the man spoke out loud more to himself than to her, "I think that your departure can be arranged with the pulling of some strings around here, but it could be dangerous. I will help you, but I'll need something from you first if I'm going to do this for you." The man said softly.

"What? Please, I need to get away from here! I think the mage sent me here as an offering to the demon. I'll do anything." Lisa's soft voice was growing frantic.

"I need you to make an oath. Swear that no matter the circumstances, you'll do exactly as I tell you without question. If it is the demon indeed that we're dealing with, it could be doubly dangerous for both of us. Swear it and I promise I'll get you out alive." "I swear it, please, I'll do anything you need me to do. I can't be here." "Excellent. Done then, follow me. Hurry."

They climbed a stair way embedded into the onyx spire, spiraling toward the high pinnacle at the center of the immense cavern.

Lisa spoke up first, "This is a terribly exposed area, are you sure the demon won't notice us?"

"He probably noticed you the moment you arrived here."

Lisa flinched at that cryptic remark. The question of what they might be doing hanging on her lips. Instead she held her peace and continued their ascent of the pinnacle.

"Come along, your ticket to freedom may lie at the summit."

The greenish slime bubbled ominously hundreds of feet below. At the highest point of the summit, a wide round altar stood. An intricate design was engraved in the material which looked to be an enormous slab of white marble of amazing purity. Lisa gasped as she spotted spatterings of dried blood at the center of the design filling the grooves.

"Oh gods! Does the demon...?"

"Do sacrifices? Oh, it relishes them in a manner of speaking. Now take off your clothing and lie down on the altar."

"What? That's insane. You said you would get me out of here--"

"Do you not you remember the oath you swore not five minutes ago? No questions, no hesitation." The man cut her off, his voice changing, growing deeper with a sinister hollow echo.

Lisa quietly slipped out of her skirt, blouse and underwear. Her hands shook as she undressed, bareing her body before the strange man. She stood in front of the man naked, trying to keep her back to him, her arms across her breasts.

"Now go lie faceup on the altar. Be quick about it." The man intoned impatiently.

The man's grin encompassed his entire face. Without argument, Lisa laid down face up on the cold stone altar, trying to avoid the blood spattered sections. Her breathing came in ragged gasps of fear. The man's clothing was gone. He stood over Lisa, his fat hanging in bulges from his stomach and his oversized erection at a hard angle, a salute to her beauty and vulnerability.

The man crouched over her. "Good," he cackled, the friendliness absent from his voice suddenly gone cold, "wrap your arms around my shoulders and your legs around my waist...remember your oath."

Lisa complied, wrapping her wet, naked dancer's body around the fat man. Her blood heated in her veins and her heart raced as her body knew it's time had come. A rogue part of her yearned for him to touch her inside. His meaty hands clamped down on her sides, preventing Lisa from moving.

"Beg me to plow you, girl," He hissed at her, one meaty hand tangling in her long hair, "plead for my hardness to crush your chastity from existence. I want to hear you implore me to take you like a common prostitute, to roughly dip into and ransack your depths of innocence at my leisure."

Compelled by her oath, Lisa uttered the words that he demanded. Desperately reminding herself that they were empty husks, shells of words with no inner meaning. "Take me you bastard, drive it into me with the skill of a carpenter driving a nail into his most beloved work. Despoil me with your fat cock, ram every inch of it inside me. I want you to coat my insides with your slime. Sheath your rapier deep in my trembling body. Fill me with your steaming load, pump every last drop of your filthy jism into my cunt." Her voice grew husky as she realized that this was exactly what the naked man moving over her was just about to do.

She felt the man's penis spread her and slowly push in, stretching her, expanding her to take him. Lisa clenched her eyes, already feeling the penetration of her body as he finally drew back slightly. His eyes winked a flaming red as prepared to thrust into her tightness, claiming her for the darkness, pulverizing her last shield from complete debauchery, paving the passage for her descent to blissful surrender. Lisa felt a sharp flash of pain as her maidenhead gave in to his violating phallus. Her eyes opened wide in reflex.

What she beheld before her in the place of the fat man was a creature straight out of her darkest nightmares. Almost human, and heavily muscled figure lay over her, it's skin the color of red bricks and covered in a thin layer of grease. It's inhuman grin revealed layers of dagger sharp teeth. Lisa's stunned gaze lowered to between it's legs. It's cock was thicker than her two fists put together and a section of the red, steel hard rod, longer than her forearm, protruded from her own body. Lisa released her hold of the demon and desperately tried to wriggle free of the weapon impaling her.

"Honor your oath." Its snakelike voice whispered.

Horror stricken, Lisa replaced her sleek legs around it's slippery powerful back and allowed it to plow deeper into her expanding her yet further. Lisa felt her grasp on sanity slipping away like water from a goblet of sand, her anxieties begin dry up and blow away in the wind. Her body was urging her to stop resisting, to succumb to the power of the invader. Her mind's violent rejection of the situation collapsed against the onslaught of treacherous thoughts. Lisa experienced the sudden insane urge to give in and sheath it's rock hard red phallus inside of her tight body. She felt stretched beyond limits, in a moment of irrational thought she realized that her opening would never be small again. And then the demon rammed more of it's pole into her. The creature heaved massive grunts as it plowed her, it's hot breath surprisingly sweet to her senses. Lisa opened her eyes again to see it still grinning at her with it's hideous face. She felt their bodies connected. More than half of it's long cock, hard as the marble beneath them, buried deep inside of her.

His corded muscles rippled as he delved into her tightness, his brute strength forcing more into her. The demon gloried in plundering her angelic body, his own body in ecstasy preparing for the action to come to a head. His loins gathering force for the torrent of pleasure that would spew his own vile seed deep into her, staining her, Lisa, as his forever.

She finally conceded victory to him, losing her sense of time and being to it's profane initiation of herself, Lisa gasped out, uncertain of what she was saying, "I can't fight you, take me! show me!"

The gates were smashed wide open and the demon plundered and ravaged the untouched city with it's oversized battering ram. Dimly aware that her glorious body had surrendered it's virginity and innocence to the sheer wicked pleasure of it's presence inside of her, Lisa found herself beginning to match it's deep thrusts with her own, trying to impale herself further on the purple veined thick rod.

Arching her bare back, she offered herself to it, begging for more, succumbing to it's presence deep within her. Relaxing her muscles to take more of it, daring the demon to force more into her. Her arms grasped it's waist, lending her strength to it's thrusts. Soft wet sounds of their coupling echoed throughout the enormous cavern. Lisa felt distantly sticky as streams of sweat ran down her back and between her breasts to mingle with the demon's grease. As Lisa felt her pleasure growing to a climax, the beast drew back so far that merely the head of it's enormous cock stayed inside of her and with a loud squelching sound, it thrust into her with all of it's inhuman strength which Lisa could only try to match.

Buried nearly to the balls in Lisa, the creature gave a deafening roar of it's triumph over her and unloaded it's black cream inside of her in long spurts. Conquered, Lisa felt it emptying it's balls inside of her, filling her with sticky jism as it erupted, shooting bursts of black pleasure deep into her. Bursts that might have reached the far side of the cavern had she not been there, clutching it's back, taking it all into her slight frame.

She sobbed into it's smooth iron-corded shoulder, clutching it as the cavern walls pulsed from green to purple in her vision, delirious in unsurpassable pleasure. Its seed pumped out in long repeated spouts filling her again and again like a river of lightning, coursing into her body and mingling with the blood of her broken maidenhead and desecrated virginity, overflowing down between her thighs through the crack of her tight ass and filling the grooves carved in the marble altar with the demon's cum and the spilt blood of shattered innocence.


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