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To Swallow The Dark Pt. II
by Aranian

Lisa allowed a final moan of desperation as she gave in and splayed her legs wide to the invader, inviting it, begging it to fill her with it's sizzling passion, silently begging it to shoot it's steaming load hard up between her thighs. She moved to its rhythm, its huge red member plunging deep in and out as though to make certain every last shred of her virginity was utterly annihilated. Lisa's eyes were clenched shut, trying to deny the exquisite ecstasy of the invasion and ravaging of her body but failing miserably. The sounds of it's balls slapping against her skin, the whisper of silk skin gliding against grease laden hide and sound of human coupling rose to a cacophonous accompaniment to the girl's gasps.

With a shudder, Lisa abandoned the crumbling walls of resistance, "Please, I can't fight you anymore, take me! Show me!" The demon let out a deafening roar and sank his gigantic engorged phallus deep into her body. Lisa moaned as it stretched her womanhood wider than her own fist. She wrapped her legs around it's back, encouraging it to enter her in all it's might. With his entire steel rod buried deep within her, the demon roared again in triumph as he loosed his control and let his viscous black semen jet into her loins, blending with the blood of her shattered maidenhead and spurting out of her full womanhood into the crevices of the altar.

The Djinn hissed in envy as it watched the demon release it's foul black semen into the girl. In a fury, his long muscular arm flicked out and smashed through the crystal ball which he had contained the swirling images not moments before. She, the innocent one was to have been his. That meddling demon and his pathetic minions had seized his prize and had taken her himself upon the altar of desecration!

Seething in anger, the djinn clapped it's clawed paws sharply. Immediately one of his minions separated itself from the pack waiting on him.

"Yesss, massster?" It's forked tongue flickered languidly along the creature's fangs.

"The hounds will be prepared in a candle mark. Release them into the over world with the army when they are prepared." The djinn growled, it's ivory ram horns reflected the spectral light of the nether.

"And who ssshall I sssend them after, massster?"

"The twin princesses of course. They must be claimed as my own before others interfere." The djinn paused for a beat, "fetch the satyrs from their pit. I have a new task for them. I must also have my own claim placed on the innocent one, already despoiled or not."

Lisa whimpered. Her loins ached, warm and throbbing. Trickles of blood and black semen had rolled down her legs and left the inside of her thighs sticky. She hadn't bothered to brush away the excess. She was alone now, smelling strongly of sweat and sex. Not such an unpleasant combination to bask in, her perverse thoughts defended. The altar hummed quietly to itself, it's grooves once again filled. She reveled in the afterglow of their intense coupling. The demon had withdrawn it's erect cock from her clinging womanhood generating a wet sucking sound. It remained upright and stiff at an angle, a triumphant salute to a conquered opponent. Then the demon had vanished. It was through with her. Lisa shivered although the air had no touch of chill. From the corner of her eye, she noticed a hole in the black pillar near the base of the altar where none had been before. Then she gasped, recollecting the words the demon had spoken to her in his human form.

Training. He means to train me like the other girls. To give me to his minions so that they might have me as well. He wants to twist me into his own plaything! At the throbbing of her broken in womanhood, another thought stole into her mind as she recollected the bliss of the past candle mark, "Maybe willingly becoming what it wants isn't such a terrible prospect as all that. I've tried to resist it but it's too strong. Fighting against it will do no good. Giving in to it might just make it easier." Her womanhood throbbed again. Gods! What am I saying? Willingly let it take me again? Like a prostitute? Yet am I that much better than a prostitute? It took me like a slut and left after it was done using me. I am not a virgin any longer, by all the gods, I may as well let it fuck me to it's desire. And admit that I want it at least as much. Wouldn't father be proud of his brave little girl now. It will have it's way, and the sooner it does, the sooner it will allow me to return home as it promised. She placed her legs over the edge, and slid her lithe, sinuous body down into the hole. The hole wasn't deep. Naked, she slid for a short way down the wall which was smoothed almost to a polish. Lisa abruptly stumbled out onto the floor of a small square room. The walls were of the same black onyx as the rest of the pillar. This must be the interior. I'm directly below the altar. She thought to herself. The little light glowed from an unidentifiable source in the ceiling, Lisa made out two figures only paces from her position.

"Is this her?" came one high pitched voice, quavering almost like that of a goat.

"That's her." the other voice came from second direction but sounded identical.

"The master wants you." The first said, this time directed at her.

"The master wants to do you." Said the other.

"The master wants us to do you." The first responded.

As they hopped closer, she made out their profiles in the dim light. Shorter than most average men, their entire lower half of their bodies were entirely covered in hair. Their legs were those of a goat but their fur-covered pricks stood out erect for her to see.

"You aren't human! You're---satyrs!"

They both made identical goat like hee-hawing sounds and continued their advance on the prostrate girl. She thought she might be ready to take anything the demon could throw at her, but this was different. Satyrs were the lowest of the low, they lived in their own waste, scorned even by the barbarous ogres of the north. Supposedly endowed with unsatiable lust, the thought of a satyr copulating with her was more than Lisa could stomach. Would it be any different from the demon? A voice from deep inside her spoke, it has already had you, tasted of your body and your body has known of it's vile seed as well. These are no different, and no matter the circumstances, you must do as it commands. Curse that oath!

"Please, no!" She begged the creatures. Their manroots stood out, long and purple veined, the only part of their lower bodies not covered in coarse fur.

Lisa resisted with all her crumbling resolve, but she was no match for the djinn's talented minions. They toyed with her, building a craving in her voluptuous feminine body with their long pricks, alternately making her beg and grovel for culmination and teasingly taking turns fucking her wantonly craving body.

"Once they're broken, they give in so easy." The satyr informed it's counterpart.

In several candle marks, Lisa lay humbly at their feet, completely exhausted, her womanhood dribbled evidence of the satyrs lust.

The satyrs hee-hawed their victory before disappearing into the darkness of the passage, leaving Lisa sprawled on the floor exhausted and alone, her disheveled hair spread on the floor like a halo around her head. She smelled of wet satyr fur and the satyr cum that was running between her thighs. Deep somewhere in her treacherous loins she wanted more.

The light was gone from the cavern and the warm darkness pulsed before her, waiting.

Finally understanding, Lisa opened her legs and beckoned.


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