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The Sex Virus
by Carl East

The hospital was buzzing with activity that day, being a nurse, I was rushed off my feet, but I didn't mind, in fact it was a challenge to me. We had had several accident victims in that morning, and not lost one of them, so I was feeling good about myself. The real fun started in the afternoon when a young woman was brought in half conscious, she had her hands down her knickers playing with herself. We could see she had a fever, for she was burning up, what we didn't know at the time was that she had contracted a virus, or how virulent it was. After running various tests and coming up empty we tried to ask her questions, hoping that the answers might give us some clue, but she was too busy working on herself to even notice our presence. When we tried to stop her from fingering herself she became hysterical. After about an hour she calmed down a little, and we asked her how this all started.

"I was in the garden, when I started to feel really horny," she said, putting her hand back down the sheets. "I needed sex, so I fucked my husband four times, but still wasn't satisfied. Then I went over to the neighbour's house, and fucked Sam three times, but I still hadn't got enough," she said, starting to get stressed again.

We left that line of questioning there for the time being, having not got any clues as to why she should feel this way.

"How does a person become a nymphomaniac?" I asked.

"Well, I know that a bang on the head can bring these symptoms on, but she hasn't been hurt in any physical way, so I don't know," replied the head nurse.

Just then I started to feel quite horny myself, at first I imagined it was the circumstances involving the patient that was doing it to me, but then I had this urge to rub myself. While I still had all my faculties I quickly explained what I was feeling.

"Damn, it's a virus, and a pretty quick acting one at that," said the only doctor there.

He picked up the phone and informed the powers that be, within minutes twenty-five of the staff were isolated from the rest of the hospital. We only had two rooms in which to wait it out, while they took blood and ran more tests. By now I wasn't the only one that could feel they needed sex. The doctor took charge at that point telling us that whoever had the urges should go into the other room. One by one we started to fill the other room up until it was obvious that no one was going to escape this event. I couldn't prevent it any longer; I put my hand down my panties and forced my finger into my womb. I didn't care what the others thought, I had to cum and nothing was going to stop me. But looking around the room I could see that they were all starting to do the same thing. Some of the men were rubbing their cocks, not in the slightest bit embarrassed. The nurses out numbered the men two to one, and seeing their cocks being played with made me want one or two in me.

I crossed over to the doctor and started to get undressed, he copied me, pretty soon we were going at it like animals on the floor. I could feel hands caressing my body as he started to fuck me, they were pretty much all joining in on the action. The room was suddenly filled with naked bodies, all having some form of sex, weather it was by them selves or with others. I felt a cock at my arse, telling the owner to push harder. Lying on top of the doctor made this easier for him; pretty soon I was being fucked in both holes and begging for more. The grunts and groans alone, were enough to turn you on in that room, but the sight of all those heaving bodies while being pleasured like I was well, lets just say that I was coming more than I thought possible.

I thought to myself 'if only you could bottle what is causing this, you'd make a fortune,' then the doctor started to cum. I gripped his cock with the muscles of my pussy squeezing every last drop out; I then felt a burst of spunk in my arse. Screams of pleasure were flowing from my mouth, but it wasn't enough I needed to fuck again. Sitting up I started to ride the doctor's cock, my feelings of lust totally taking over. Any thoughts of fighting back the desires that were gripping me had long since vanished. Looking around the room, seeing naked bodies all having orgasms, it was almost surreal.

Five of the nurses were all in a circle on the floor licking each other's pussies, their bodies writhing in wanton lust. Three others were fighting over the cocks of two male nurses, while they stood jerking themselves off. The male nurse that had fucked me from behind came around to the front presenting me with his hard cock. I was riding the doctor for all I was worth, when I placed my mouth over the nurse's member. Sucking the end and trying to shout push it in harder; I felt his cock hit the back of my throat.

All inhibitions in this room were by now history; the sex was all that mattered. The doctor started to cum again, I could feel it running down my legs as I tried to keep his cock in me. He broke free wanting to fuck someone else, so I turned my attention back to the male nurse. Sucking and slurping his cock I was possessed by my desire to make him cum, I didn't have to wait long, for he suddenly started to moan out loud. Gripping his ass I buried his cock as far as it would go, feeling the first shot of steaming hot sperm hit the back of my throat. It tried to escape the sides of my mouth, but I licked it up sucking harder and faster, I managed to swallow every last drop.

We then proceeded to get in on the act around the room, kissing touching and fingering any body and every body. Then people wearing protective clothing entered the room and started to drag us away, we all kicked and screamed to be free. I grabbed one of them between the legs just to get at his cock, but he fought me off and dragged me out. We later discovered that all our endorphin levels had shot through the ceiling, it had been especially hard on the women, for this new strain of virus attacked the cells which produce the urges we feel during sex. But it was deemed to be dangerous as well for it effected the hypothalamus, which is located in the brain. A drug that suppresses these effects was already on the market so we were lucky.

The following week we were all back at work as normal, but I couldn't help thinking how this could never again be the same as it was. I mean each time I saw the doctor or male nurse, my eyes would hit the floor. I did eventually get over this; I am now the best of friends with every body involved.


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