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The Trip
by Fallen

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*** CHAPTER 10 ***

Paul woke up with a pounding headache and it felt like fuzz was growing in his mouth. Someone was in the bathroom with the door locked. He was sure it was Karen but she wouldn't talk to him or unlock the door. He couldn't remember much of last night just bits and pieces. He knew that they had fought and because of her, he had been thrown out of the club. He also remembered most of what had happened in the limo on the way home. Paul dressed and went down to the restaurant for breakfast and coffee. Tim and Joe were at a table but left when they saw Paul come in. Paul sat drinking coffee till his head quit pounding and knew he should check on Karen. He wondered why Karen had gotten so drunk and had sex with the two guys. He knew that he had helped set it up by letting them peek at her but couldn't believe that she would do it, even mad and drunk. He wasn't happy about how he had acted in the limo but it had been like waking up in a fantasy, maybe not one he would admit to having, even if it was one of his favorite scenarios.

He went back up to the room after an hour but Karen was still in the shower and wouldn't speak to him. He let her stay in the shower till it was time to check out so they could catch their flight home. Paul had packed all the bags except for Karen's suitcase and makeup case. He told her he was going down to arrange for the limo to the airport and if she was still in there when he got back he would have them bring a key.

Karen came out while Paul was gone. She had cut up the black dress and showered till she was red and wrinkled. She put on no makeup or jewelry, not even her wedding ring. Karen felt dirty and betrayed. Paul, who she had loved and trusted, had hurt her not once but several times. She felt that she could never forgive Paul. How could he have treated her like he did? He had displayed her to men she didn't even know and then had arranged for them to go out partying together. When she had found out, he wouldn't even take her back to their room. Paul had abandoned her at the club, getting drunk while she was being raped. While the gang had raped her at the club, the one thing that had kept her hopes up was the fact that Paul was out there looking for her. To find out that he didn't even care if she was gone, had broken her heart and when he joined his "friends" in raping her in the limo, she had promised herself to find a way out of this marriage. Thoughts of revenge had crossed her mind but he was the father of her children. She would go back home because of the kids but she didn't need to speak to him or anything else.

She was ashamed of herself too, how could she have let this happen? She...she had even enjoyed some of it...but how could it be? She had known the guys were peeking and had flirted with them, letting them look. She had even enjoyed the attention, knowing that they still found her attractive. Why had she ever gone up on that balcony at the club? She had been mad at Paul but was that the real reason she stood at the railing, displayed like some slut. The limo driver had warned her about the club but she had been mad and forgotten to be careful. She would gladly kill that piece of shit, Raulo, if she ever got the chance, not that she ever wanted to see him again. He had raped her twice and used her as a fuck toy for the gang. Who knows what he would have done to her if Juan hadn't liked her? Juan, Juan had left her with a strange mix of feelings. He was part of the gang, leader even, but he had saved her from Raulo and the mob that was raping her. He had raped her but never in her life had she felt as completely satisfied. She could almost feel his monster cock stretching and filling her. No! How could she think about it that way? She had cum not once but many times with Juan. It had been a mix of pleasure and pain but her body had responded to it. She looked down and rubbed the tit he had bitten. It had bruised and you could still see the teeth marks. Yes, she would remember him for this. She could barely get a whisper through her raw throat. She gathered her things and waited for Paul to return.

Paul returned and tried to talk to Karen but she just sat there not even looking at him. They left and went to the airport in silence. Karen never spoke or responded to Paul, Karen's thoughts on the plane ride home only seemed to condemn herself. Karen sat and tried not to think. She only wanted to get home and hide.

Paul didn't know what to think about Karen. If she was that mad at him why wasn't she yelling and screaming. Was she feeling that badly about what had happened in the limo? She hadn't acted like she was sorry about it or even mentioned it. He decided it was best to wait and let her make the first move. He glanced at her and was glad to see she had fallen asleep.

Karen dreamed. Raulo was chasing her through a laughing crowd. The faster she tried to run the slower her legs moved. Karen could feel him reaching for her as she tried to make it to the exit. No one in the crowd would help, even with her pleading with them to save her. Karen burst through the door only to find an army of dicks waiting. Her feet froze to the spot as the leader of this army crawled up to her. The huge black cock rose and she hugged and kissed it. Karen's fear left, replaced by a need to be filled by this huge phallus. She stood legs spread as the monster began to spread her cunt lips. She could feel her body tearing open while more and more of this huge cock filled her. She could see the rest of the army gather watching and waiting. The huge black dick kept stuffing itself inside her till it had all disappeared and lay coiled in a knot in her belly waiting to leap back out. The army began to attack her plugging every hole in her body. She couldn't breathe or see. She struggled but could not fight back the sea of dicks. Suddenly the head of the black cock leaped forth from her cunt and sprayed a stream of cum over the army attacking her. They all disappeared but one that had her by the shoulder and was shaking her.

"Karen, wake up Karen. You are having a bad dream. Are you okay?"

"Yes leave me alone." Karen was still mad at Paul and didn't want to talk to him but something else was making its way into her thoughts. It was something to do with the dream. She couldn't understand what it was but felt sure it was important.

They had been back from the trip for three weeks now and Karen was still not talking to Paul except when necessary. The trip had been a turning point in their lives and neither was sure what direction they were now pointed in. Karen was staying at home with the kids and went out in public as little as possible. Paul stayed at work, only coming home to sleep and change. They had yet to talk about what had happened on the trip and had no idea of how different their viewpoints were.

Karen had worries other than her husband at the moment. The meaning of the nightmare that she keep having, had begun to come clear. That huge black cock she had dreamed of was still coiled in her belly. She was late!! And as painful as it was to think about, Juan had been the only one to fill her belly with his seed.

She still thought of Juan occasionally and with very mixed emotions. Never before in her life, had she climbed to the heights of pleasure that she had experienced with him but he was the leader of the gang. He had stood by watching as Raulo and the others had used her so horribly. Karen knew that she had asked him to fuck her but he would have taken her no matter what. It helped to believe that he might have cared for her even just a little.

Her emotions about everyone and everything were all jumbled and confused. She didn't have a single person she could talk to about what had happened. Paul didn't even deserve to be considered, and that left out most of their friends, who would have run and told him anything she said. Karen's parents had always blamed her problems on her and they were sure to tell her that this was something that she had brought on herself. She wished more than anything for a friendly face that she could confide in. The next person she was going to talk to though, would be the clerk at the grocery store when she bought groceries and an early pregnancy test.



This story contains 14 chapters. Jump to any of the chapters from here:

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