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The Trip
by Fallen

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*** CHAPTER 11 ***

Paul just could not believe that he deserved this treatment over him "accidentally" letting the guys see her naked. She had worn that dress with no panties and had given peep shots to his friends and most of the guys at the bar. She even had him thrown out of the club and while he was passed out, she had sex with his two friends. Karen had even given one of them head, something that she wouldn't do for him. No if anyone should be mad, it was him.

Paul threw himself into his work. He was needed more than ever on the job because Sam was gone on indefinite sick leave and might not come back. Joyce, his assistant had left the company to get married the week he got back from New York. Paul's only help now was Laurie, the boss's niece and she was becoming his right arm and more. She could only work after school but that had its benefits. He did most of the paperwork and errands in the mornings then they worked on reprogramming and wiring in the evenings. They had been spending many a late evening at work and the time had not all been spent on computers.

Laurie was under a desk now connecting a new workstation to the net. She kept wiggling her cute little but, knowing that it would drive Paul crazy. She was such a tease. They would never get any work done if she had it her way. Paul knew that soon he would have to give in to the desires and make love to her, as he had done every night since the first time. Paul's balls ached as he remembered that night.

Laurie had come to work that day in a short denim skirt and a tight sweater. A real change from the jeans and sweatshirts that she normally wore. He asked her about the change and Laurie said her uncle wanted her to dress a little more businesslike. He shrugged and they had gone to work on tracking down a problem between the print room and the main computer. She was very attentive, watching over his shoulder as he ran test after test trying to find the problem with sending information to the printer. He had loved the attention as she commented and made suggestions on his efforts to solve the problem. Laurie would lean over and point to the different screens asking him about what each error message meant. Paul had wondered if she knew that each time she leaned over and pointed, it put her firm young titties just an inch or two from his face.

He finally had to get up to trace the wiring for bad connections as there seemed to be nothing wrong with the computer. He tried to hide the bulge in his pants but Laurie had seen and teased him about it, "Why Paul, I never knew that you liked computers that much." Blushing, he told her to get to work and save that kind of talk for her boyfriend.

"Don't have one anymore. He dumped me a couple of weeks ago."

"Well...You start checking the lines at the back of the computer and I'll start from the printer." He hurried off trying to get somewhere so he could rearrange the hardon that was showing down his pants leg.

Laurie quickly checked the connections at the computer and then softly walked back to the printer room. Paul had the back off the main printer and was down on his hands and knees checking the wiring connectors. She knelt down behind him and reached between his legs saying, "Oh look I found something that needs to be plugged in." He had banged his head so hard on the printer that he almost passed out. He collapsed on the floor and rolled over, only to have her crawl on top of him. She had kissed him with hot teenage passion and he burned with desire for her. They were like two animals in heat. There was no stopping or slowing them until they lay exhausted and sweaty on the carpet. She excited him more than he had been for years. Laurie was a little sex machine whose batteries never ran down. Paul felt like a kid with his first porn magazine, turned on beyond belief and scared to death that he might get caught with it. They had screwed in almost every room in the building and twice in his car in the parking lot. She had done things for him and to him that no one else ever had.

He could wait no longer, that cute little ass called him and daydreams would wait. Paul walked over and ran his hands up her smooth thighs. He lingered over the silk covered bottom that was pressing against his touch before lifting the skirt up. He knelt and placed a kiss on both cheeks of the firm ass before lowering the silk panties to Laurie's knees.

"Come on Lover, don't keep this bad little girl waiting." Laurie loved to be spanked and wanted you to talk dirty while you warmed her ass. Paul stood and undressed, amazed that he would do this in the secretarial pool. It had one wall that was just glass and was one of the largest rooms in the building. Laurie had kicked her panties off while urging him to hurry up and punish his naughty little girl. Paul smacked her a good one leaving a red hand imprint on her bottom.

"Oh Daddy please don't hurt me, I promise to be good."

Smack "Shut up you little slut." Smack "You have been sucking cock Smack and screwing every boy in town." Smack "Now you little whore Smack you are going to get what you deserve." Smack Smack Smack Smack The cheeks of her ass glowed red and she was moaning, not from pain but from pleasure. Smack "Now tell me what Daddy should do with you." Smack

"I have been so bad Daddy. You should take that big dick and punish my little pussy with it and then make me suck it till you squirt cum all over my face."

Paul reached between her legs and felt the wetness there. "Why you little tramp, you enjoyed that. Daddy will have to punish you some more. Now get up here and lean over this desk." Laurie came out from under the desk and pulled her dress off over her head. She shook her reddish blonde hair back and pinched her nipples. "Punish me, I've been very bad Daddy," Laurie said as she leaned over the desk. He gave her one more playful little smack and then guided his shaft into the blonde bush. Parting the wet lips there with the soft head of his dick, he made one short little stroke and then buried it to the hilt. She raised her head up off the desk, "Oooohh damn I needed that. Beat me with that big stick Lover." He started with a long slow stoke pulling out till the head just nestled between the lips in the curly blond forest. He would slide it in her tight little cunt till the warm cheeks of her ass pressed against his stomach. He loved the naughty feeling of fucking such a tight firm young girl that was calling him Daddy.

"Daddy, please I need it hard and fast. I have been so bad." She had begun to push back meeting his strokes but increasing the tempo. She had positioned herself so that her clit pressed down on the edge of the desk and their movements rubbed it back and forth across that edge. Paul was fucking like a wild animal, making grunts and groans as he hung onto her hips. Sweat was pouring off him as he furiously pounded away. He could feel the edge of the desk pressing into Laurie as she fucked him and it at the same time.

She was pinching and rolling her nipples as the multiple stimulation brought her to the edge of a massive orgasm. Paul knew she was close and began to slap her ass as he told her what a naughty girl she was. This pushed her over the edge and she screamed out, "Daddy I'm aaaaahh there." She slowed to just a slight rocking motion. Paul slowed too and made little circular motions while buried as deep as possible. He could feel the pressure as she ground herself into the edge of the desk. " Did you save it for me?" Laurie asked as the peak of her orgasm passed.

"Yes, but I can't hold off for much longer," Paul responded. A movement in the window caught his attention. "Oh shit it's the security patrol. Quick get down." They ducked down behind the desk and grabbed at their clothes as they crawled for the nearest door. It was the door that led to the front entrance area with only the receptionist station for cover. Paul peered around the corner of the door and said, "Come on it's clear. If we hurry the security guards won't catch us."

Laurie was giggling and asked what he thought they would charge them with, "Screwing after hours? What's the penalty for that anyway?"

They had only made it halfway across when the patrol car pulled up in the front parking area. There was no where else to go. They had to hide in the little island that was the receptionist station. Paul tried to get dressed and managed to get his shirt on before the guards rattled the front doors and yelled out, "Is there anyone in there?" Paul knew that they had a key to the building as they had let him in once when he had gotten locked out. Paul's pants were tangled around his ankles as he heard the key in the lock. Nothing to do now but try and bluff it out. Paul raised up and sat in the chair, scooting it as far under the counter as possible.

"Hey guys I thought I heard someone. What's wrong?" He asked the guards as they came in the door.

"Well we thought we saw someone in one of the rooms but they ducked down as we drove up. It got our attention and seemed a little suspicious." The guards were looking around but hadn't walked up close to the counter yet. Paul really hoped they wouldn't because Laurie had moved over and was under the counter eyeing him and his limp dick. She watched him for a little bit and then began pumping his meat bringing it back to life as he sat there talking to the guards.

"It was probably my assistant. We are trying to hookup a new station to the front here and there is a lot of new wiring we have to do under the desks. If I see anything wrong I can buzz you from the console right here. Oookk?" Laurie had just managed to get him into her mouth and he wasn't sure he could keep this conversation going.

"Bob why don't you go around and check all the outside doors. I'll stay here and talk till you get back." The older man winked at Paul and said, "New man but a good one. Now where is your assistant?"

"Uh, I think she went to the ladies room but she was working over there in that room. I'm waiting on the system to reboot." A little bead of sweat ran down the side of Paul's face. He had a computer screen in front of him that had just come on and it was flashing the message "insert disk." Laurie licked up and down on the stiff dick he had hidden under the counter. She would run her tongue all over his dick and then take the head and suck on it licking the droplets off as they formed. She kept trying to find a position so she could take all of him into her mouth. She knew he wouldn't last long before cumming once she did that.

"Is that young one your assistant now, the little strawberry blonde? I thought that Joyce was working with you before?" The guard looked out the front door for his partner.

"Laurie, oh yes she is helping me now. She knows a lot about computers and likes to play with the ah hardware. She started just before Joyce got married." Paul could barely sit still. Laurie was running his cock in and out of her mouth while she played with his balls. He was on the verge of erupting.

"Well I'll just check that room where we saw somebody and then we'll leave." The older guard walked back into the secretarial pool. He walked around the room checking to see if everything looked okay. One desk had several items knocked off onto the floor and there were a pair of panties, a sock and a pair of shoes by it. "More going on here than just playing with computers," he thought to himself. "I should make them sweat a little before I go." He picked up the silk tidbit and chuckled to himself.

Paul knew he should make Laurie stop, they needed to try and get their clothes on before the guards came back. He rolled the chair back from the counter a little. It was the chance Laurie had waited for and she took all of him into her mouth. He must be crazy, the boss's niece giving him head at the receptionist's counter with two guards here. He didn't care, nothing mattered right now but the feel of those lips as they slid up and down. "I'm cumming," Paul whispered between clinched teeth.

Laurie increased her suction as she ran her tongue along the bottom of his dick. She greedily swallowed every drop that poured from him. She sucked and licked at the now super sensitive head of his dick. Laurie loved being in control. She enjoyed watching him squirm and knew he was in her power at the moment. She pulled his shrinking cock form her mouth with a plop as it broke the suction. "I need something to drink," she whispered.

"In a minute I'll get you one." Paul admired the view of Laurie between his legs her head propped on her arms as she looked up at him. She was a wet dream come to life, better than any dream he had ever had while asleep. The front door opening caught his eye and Paul looked up to see Bob come in. "Where is " Bob started.

"He's in there," Paul said pointing to the door where the older guard had gone.


Paul waited till the guard was gone and then, "Laurie we have to get dressed."

"No, not until I get a drink. It feels like I have snot running down my throat." Pouting Laurie looked like a little girl and Paul knew better than to try and argue with her when she pouted. "Don't you love me? I did all that for you and I just want a little drink of water."

"Okay, I'll get you a drink of water." Paul grabbed his pants and looked for his shoes. "The guards will be back any minute, so stay down and don't let them see you." He looked at the door to the room where the guards were as he put on his pants. Paul ran from the front area to the break room and got a cold bottle of spring water from the machine for Laurie. He entered the front area just as the security guards came in from the other direction.

"Dressed mighty casual for work aren't you?" they asked Paul. "We didn't find your assistant but we did find these," the older guard said as he held up the silk panties. "Where is that pretty little helper of yours anyway? She should be through with anything she was doing." They walked toward him as they talked, stopping when they saw Laurie under the counter.

Paul stood petrified, unable to decide what to do or say. Laurie smiled and said, "Those are mine. Can I have them back now?" She came out from under the counter and walked naked toward the guards. "Paul, I want my drink. All that exercise made me thirsty." Paul walked over to Laurie with the bottle of cold water. He was in shock, his mind occupied with all the ways he was ruined.

"Bob and I thought that a little trade was in order here. We got something you want and you got something we want. A little sharing between friends. Right, hey you, what's your name?" Don asked looking at Paul.

"Paul, my name is Paul" He felt that he should do something for Laurie to try and protect her. "You guys leave her alone. We haven't done anything wrong."

"Maybe not but it sure will make a pretty report with these attached to it."

Laurie took a drink of water and asked the guards, "Can I have those now?"

"I don't know. We might need them for evidence when we make our report."

"Report? You don't need to make any reports about this do you?" Laurie batted her eyes and walked up to the guards. Their eyes never left her firm young sexy body. She reached for the silk tidbit and Don the older guard put it in her hand. She noticed that Don had developed a large bulge in his pants and he was pretty good looking for someone that old. "Why he must be over 40," she thought.

"Paul, you are taking this way too seriously," Don said. "If you are going to run around naked, after the office closes, don't do it in front of a big window or by the front door unless you want to get caught. What did you think we were going to do, arrest you for sex after office hours?"

Laurie started to giggle and then laugh. She managed to get out "Oh shit I can't believe you said that. What is the penalty for that anyway?"

"I don't know but I'm sure we can make one up if you want us too," Don replied. "What's so funny?"

"She had teased me about getting arrested for screwing after hours when we were hiding from you." Paul couldn't believe the way things were turning out. "You guys really aren't going to say anything about this?" Don and Laurie were trading quips on what they should do for this crime while laughing so hard they had to hold their sides or lean on the counter.

Don answered, "Hell no, I guess we could put up your pictures at the post office with, Wanted After Hours Sex Fiends, Warning One Known to Carry Loaded Weapon." Laurie just had to add, "Oh no it's been unloaded once already tonight so the punishment can't be too stiff."

Paul was having a hard time seeing what was so damn funny and figured that it was time to get out before something else happened. "Laurie, I'll go and get the rest of our stuff, maybe we should get dressed." Paul left to get his shoes while Don and Laurie talked and laughed. Bob had moved over and was watching Laurie and adding a few one liners himself.



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