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The Triad
by Don

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

Over the next few days leading to Wednesday, nothing was said concerning Kabbie's peep show or of the upcoming session. On Wednesday morning however, a renewed excitement blossomed as we took the kids to their grandmother's and headed to Kabbie's loft.

Passing through the bookstore we had some time to kill so browsed the shelves. Rene found a wonderful title on sculpture with several large color plates. We bought the book and talked with the bookstore owner who was very friendly and talked highly of Kabbie's talents and smiled knowingly, it seemed ,as we departed for upstairs. Rene thought the smile might have been a knowing hint that we had no underwear on, Renes idea of not having lines in our skin during the pose.

Kabbie heard us coming and her loft door opened before we ascended the stairs. She stood in the doorway, a striking sight, wearing a mid thigh robe of the material a smoking jacket would be made, aqua colored with a passion flower pattern.

"Hey you two, welcome back."

Hugs were given and I could tell Kabbie wore no bra from the feel of her nipples against my chest. I had the feeling this would be another day of failed attempts to shun erections. Kabbie had tea prepared and filled our cups on the make shift plywood work table where the photo's of the chosen pose were laid out. This was the first time I looked closely at them and I did like the pose they choose. My attention was drawn to my fully exposed, fully erect penis in each photo. Man, how embarrassing. As I was looking at them Rene told me I was turning red. Both women laughed as I put the photo's back on the table.

Kabbie asked to see our book and explained some of the art as we sipped our tea. But time was getting away from us and it was time to go to work. Rene and I removed our clothing without waiting for Kabbie to leave the room this time. After all, she'd seen and photographed us capturing my erection in all it's pulsing glory, so her leaving the room seemed silly. The room temperature was a little warmer than last session. We stepped onto the platform and took our places. Kabbie, with the aid of the photo's made some final adjustments to our position.

An addition to the room was another smaller, more square platform on caster rollers on top of which was a large hunk of clay. Kabbie wheeled it into position and looked up at us to explain, "I began work on our project two days ago by preparing the base shapes which you see here, and with the photo's as a guide removed more clay. Today I will remove some more clay, add a little to different areas and in about four hours or so you should be able to make out rough shaped human forms. Over the next two or three sessions the figures will begin to look like you two. Then in a final session, and probably the longest they will become you in every detail."

"Fascinating," I said.

"Are you warm enough?", Kabbie asked as she picked up a tool from the table. "If not I can turn the heat up some more."

"I'm fine" said Rene. I felt it a little warm but if Rene was comfortable, I wouldn't say anything. Rene and I remained motionless except for our eyes which watched Kabbie's deft hands. Kabbie remained standing all this time so no sneak peeks were offered. However, from the way she swayed back and forth and with arms almost in constant motion, her breasts swayed about causing her nipples to harden, revealing themselves beneath the smoothness of her robe. I was pleasantly relieved that I remained flaccid despite the observation and my wife's warm skin against me.

As time wore on, Kabbie was beginning to form small beads of perspiration on her forehead. She laid her sculpting tool down and reached for a nearby towel. Wiping her forehead, she looked up at us.

"Listen, this work coupled with the room heat makes me a little warm and uncomfortable. Would you guys mind if I took my robe off and joined you in being naked?"

"Not at all" chimed Rene, "You don't mind do you Dean?" I was not at all opposed, but a little surprised at Renes impromptu answer.

"No, please do Kabbie," I said.

"Thank you." Kabbie did not turn around or in any way attempt modesty, but simply untied her robe, letting it fall open. It slipped neatly off her shoulders into an accordion pile at her feet. She hooked it with one foot and expertly flipped it into a wooden chair perhaps 8 feet away.

"There, that's better", she said, standing totally naked before us. "Would you like a break for a light snack?"

Rene indicated yes "A break and something to eat would be nice" As for myself, as you might have guessed, I was becoming stiff and began to poke Rene in the back. She reached back and touched me in acknowledgment and very boldly said "It's Ok dear, a normal male response. Besides, Kabbie and I agree that it's beautiful and wouldn't mind you walking around with a hard-on. Would you Kabbie?"

"No, not at all, if you don't mind my straying eyes Rene. She's right Dean, it's beautiful." Rene simply smiled at Kabbie's teasing remark and stood up to reveal my swollen cock which bounced proudly as she stood. What could I say except thanks to their admiring comments and try not to turn red.

I would by no means put Kabbie above my wife who is a tremendous woman with a remarkably sexy body. Breasts of a woman much younger even after having breast fed two children and an ass that I still love to watch walk away. Also after two vaginal deliveries she knows the value of Kegal's. Our lovemaking only gets more passionate. Kabbie, being a different build was a little thinner than Rene. Her breasts were high on her chest with nipples of perfection. A tattoo of a rose adorned her right breast with it's stem and leaves with a few thorns twined around the aureole. Yoga kept her torso tight and as revealed previously, was shaved with the exception of a lovely little triangle of public hair just at the top. Another tattoo of a hummingbird, it's beak reaching into the small patch of hair.

"Come on Rene, let's go to the kitchen, I have some finger sandwiches and juice ready. "Make yourself at home Dean, we'll be right back."

They weren't exactly right back, but gone almost 15 minutes. I was beginning to wonder what was taking them. They returned laughing and talking, Rene carrying a tray of sandwiches and Kabbie a tray of the same juice she served before. I knew not to question the length of their absence and took a sandwich quarter from the tray Rene offered. Kabbie placed a drink in my hand. I could feel a drop of pre-come beginning to dangle from my now soft but thickened penis and hoped she wouldn't notice.

But I knew she did, her glance down as she offered me a napkin. Calmly, but not sure of her intention I used it to wipe my mouth. Kabbie turned to observe the progress of the clay and Rene stepped to my side and taking her finger, caught the drip of pre-cum, placing it to her lips just as Kabbie turned back around. The smile on Renes lips and the missing droplet no doubt caught Kabbie's interest. She looked at Rene with a wonderful wanting smile. I couldn't help but notice that these two women were very comfortable with each other, this being just our third visit and Rene didn't appear the least bit jealous of my response to Kabbie's nudity or comments. I thought it wise to just go with the flow, then Rene asked me a most surprising question.

"Dean, you know the display of penises on the shelf behind that divider? Well, Kabbie asked me if I would mind yours being added to the collection. Do you. I don't. It would be kind of immortalized and deservedly so. What do you say?"

Kabbie was looking at me waiting for my response. "Dean, not only as a female but also as an artist I am fascinated by the different characteristics of penis's. Small, large, soft, hard, semi-hard, each has it's own uniqueness. As I have seen, and your wife so openly volunteered, ours has a quality of strength to match your body. I would love to add yours to the "Hall of Fame" if you will."

"Well, yea, I suppose if Rene doesn't care, it's ok with me." Man, what were they talking about in the kitchen and just how was she planning to do a sculpture of my penis. Of course the hall of fame idea sounded good to me.

After nearly finishing the snack and drink Kabbie suggested we return for a short session so she could take care of some items on her mind. Returning to the platform, again she made some minor corrections. This time she came around to my back and bent down. As I looked up I found her breasts fully in my face. I was in heaven and quickly hardening again. She reached down and positioned me saying "Just a little while longer and you'll be able to take this beauty home and put it to good use."

Rene giggled and said "We'll have to go home again before picking up the kids."

"Must be nice Rene," Kabbie said. "I haven't been laid in weeks. The vibrator can only substitute for so long."

"That's a shame Kabbie," Rene replied.

"It'll happen soon enough. Sex after a long drought with the right man is always worth waiting for." Kabbie's hand was caressing my hair as she said it.

Perhaps I could be of some assistance," I interjected. Renes elbow found my ribs but she smiled as she jabbed me.

"Yes, perhaps," Kabbie said as she stood to return to her clay. As she walked away from us my eyes fell immediately to her ass. Just like Renes, apple shaped, muscles firm and smoothly exciting. She had a tattoo of a Siamese cat with it's back arched, hair standing on it's back and mouth open in the midst of a warning hiss. To me this said treat me right or incur my wrath, or simply, don't touch. I think more the former.

Kabbie went back to her clay only this time her breasts bobbed and weaved freely with her shoulders and arms. Her triangle was tremendous, boldly and artfully augmented with clean shaven smoothness and the erotic tattoo. My erection thought so too.

About 45 minutes later her work stopped again. Wiping her hands on a towel she looked at the days work, nodded approvingly and said "Let's call it a day guys. Must not rush, better to take our time and make it perfect."

"Well said Kabbie," Rene added. "Not only that, I'm stiff and so is Dean." All of us laughed out loud.

"Well listen, can we go again this Saturday night, say eight in the evening? I have to be out of town to visit friends during the day."

Rene had anticipated this weekend and arranged for Grandma to take the kids for the entire weekend. I bet Grandma was wondering why she got the grand kids so often lately. "That'll be great," Rene exclaimed. "A little night work."

"Yes, so to speak," Kabbie agreed, smiling at us.

We gave hugs all around . We didn't even stop to think about our nudity, Rene and Kabbie hugging an extra few seconds. I found that embrace both tender and erotic, their breasts crushed together and hands nearly down to each others ass. Kabbie came over to me. We hugged and she very deliberately stood on her tip toes to get as close to me as possible, knowing I was still hard, evidenced by an obvious tent. Rene only smiled with her head cocked slightly to one side. Kabbie's breasts felt good against my chest.

"Well love, we'd better get dressed and go. I hope this hard-on gets put away before we get to the bottom of the stairs.

"Just don't forget where it gets put away because I wanna go home first." Rene's comment was said to me but in Kabbie's direction.

"Now you two stop it, that's not fair. See you Saturday night."

While driving home Rene asked if she and Kabbie's goodbye embrace bothered me.

"No, not at all, in fact it was touching and if I were to admit, more than a little erotic. Does that bother you?"

"Not really. There's something about Kabbie. She's warm and open, easy to talk to and I find her exciting." Rene turned her head back front and in a lower voice admitted that she wanted to kiss her.

"Don't be ashamed Sweetheart." I told her. "Just as my erections are normal, your attraction to her is also natural. Again, to be more exact, I found it a real turn on. And while on the subject, Kabbie's hug with me was a pure invitation to a fuck, did you catch that?"

"Yes and as with you, I found it exciting. Baby, you had a hard-on most of the time, but believe me, I was just short of dripping. I'm so comfortable with her, in a trusting way, so what she did to you, touching your dick and the hug didn't bother me. So what'cha say we step on it. I wanna get you home"

"You got it."


This is a 4 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by Don.

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