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The Trip
by Fallen

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*** CHAPTER 3 ***

Karen felt better than she had in weeks. She was a little sore from all the sex with Lucy but a lot of the frustration that had been building inside her was gone. She talked to Paul that morning about final preparations for the trip. She was leaving tomorrow to take the kids to her parents and would spend the night. Back on Thursday morning, they would fly out on the one o'clock flight. She had them both packed and ready to go. Paul had not seen her little black number yet and it would be a surprise for when they went out Saturday night. After what had happened last time she had it on, she just knew that it would lead her and Paul into a night of hot wild sex.

Finally the long awaited day arrived and they were off to the airport. Paul asked about her parents and if the kids had been good on the trip. He seemed to have a weight lifted off of his shoulders.

The plane was slow to arrive, by the time it was refueled, and all the passengers were loaded, it was already 30 minutes behind schedule. Then they were told while waiting to take off, that another plane was limping back in and they would have to wait to use the runway till it had landed safely. Paul was fuming as they only had an hour layover in Phoenix to catch their connecting flight. Karen tried to calm him down, after all there was nothing they could do.

They landed at the Phoenix airport with maybe enough time to catch the connecting flight if they could find the other gate. Karen tried to keep up but had to stop and use the restroom and they missed their flight by about 8 minutes. Paul was sure that if she could have held it they could have made the flight. Paul checked and their luggage showed to have made the plane even if they hadn't. The next flight was at 7pm and arrived in New York at 12:35am. Paul called the hotel in New York, told them his situation, and asked them to hold his room. "No problem," said the desk clerk, "We will have a limo there to pick you up too." Paul finished on the phone and told Karen that he had fixed her screw up but that they needed to find a place to wait for the later flight.

They waited at an airport lounge and Paul had several drinks. He wouldn't talk to her at first but after they had been in the lounge for a couple of hours, he mellowed out. Karen began to worry that if they stayed in the lounge any longer, he would be too drunk to get on the next plane. She convinced him to go and walk around the airport with her instead of sitting on a barstool. As they walked, Paul couldn't keep his hands to himself and though embarrassed Karen was getting turned on by all the attention. They finally came to an area of the airport where there was no one around. Taking a big chance, she opened the door to the ladies restroom and peeked inside. It appeared to be empty so they went in and got into one of the stalls. Karen leaned over the toilet while Paul dropped his pants. He raised the back of her skirt and lowered her pantyhose, leaving him a clear shot at all his wife had to offer. Paul put a little spit on the head of his dick and aimed for the blonde bush before him. Karen's hand helped to guide the meaty arrow to its mark. She gasped as he rammed the hard pole to its hilt. They were both teasing and laughing as they enjoyed a little sex with the added element of danger. Karen was moaning and had reached an orgasm when Paul began to stiffen. He pulled out and was just shooting a load on her ass when the bathroom door opened. They tried hard to be quiet but the giggles and snickers coming from outside of the, proved that everyone knew what was happening. Paul and Karen got dressed but couldn't seem to keep from laughing themselves. With an "Excuse us ladies," they opened the door to the stall and headed for the exit. As they walked through the small group of stewardesses, several giggled and asked if he was passing out free samples.

The 7pm flight was on time and they made it to their seats with lots of time to spare. They both were embarrassed when two of the stews were ones they had seen in the bathroom. Paul had more drinks on the plane while Karen read a magazine she had brought. When Paul got up to go to the restroom, he even had one of the stews ask him if he was going to need a little help in there. They finally made it to JFK and eventually found their luggage.

The driver and Karen poured Paul into the limo and talked as they were on their way to the hotel. The driver asked if their flight had been good and Karen told him about the missed connection. "Pretty common when you have to make connecting flights with a short layover," observed the driver. She told him of their plan to go out on Saturday and of some of the places that people had recommended to them. One of the clubs that she named, The Red Baron, the driver told her was no place for a lady. It had been a very nice club with great jazz bands till the gangs had moved in and claimed it as their turf. Paul snored away in the back seat as he slowly fell over.

At the hotel Karen checked in and got their room key. She and the driver helped Paul to the room and then the driver brought up their luggage. Karen thanked him for all his trouble and gave him a $50. She wondered if that was enough and decided it probably wasn't. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and asked if there was someway that she could get him for a driver, if she needed to go somewhere in the city. He gave her a card and said she could request him Fred, for her driver from the limo service if he was available. She thanked him again, closed, and locked the door. Now all she had to do was get Paul undressed and into bed. She finally got him undressed but left him to sleep on top of the covers, as his 178 pounds was too hard to move by herself.

Karen checked the mini bar and found a small bottle of white wine. She took the bottle and turned on the television. She flipped through the channels and finally settled for an old movie. "Here's to a romantic weekend in New York" she told herself. When the show was over and the bottle empty, Karen turned off all the lights and went to sleep to the sound of Paul snoring.

Paul was in a foul mood the next morning. He had gotten up with a hangover and late for his first meeting. Karen heard him fuss and just stayed in bed. She told him she would try and meet him for dinner that evening. Around the middle of the morning, she ordered room service and asked for coffee, a bagel, and some juice. After breakfast in bed, she checked to see what other services the hotel had to offer. She called down to the beauty saloon, or the Paris Boutique of Hair Styling and Makeovers, making an appointment for Saturday morning at 10 to get ready for the banquet. She called down to the main desk and left a message for Paul to call when he was dining for lunch. She also asked if they could restock the mini bar with extra white wine and Paul's favorite beer. Paul called back at 12 and asked what she needed. She asked him about dinner plans. Paul told her he had several late meetings, one at 9 PM and that while she could join him for dinner, he was committed before and after to these meetings. She decided to pass and told him that she thought she would take in a show and have dinner out. He told her to be careful, that he loved her and was that he was sorry about how he had been acting. Karen called the limo service and asked if Fred was available for the evening. They stated that yes he was and would she like to reserve a limo and driver. She said yes, and left her name, hotel and what time she wanted to be picked up.

She spent the rest of the afternoon just enjoying the hotel and being alone. Karen had checked with the main desk about shows for the evening and gotten a ticket to one they recommended. She tried out the sauna and Jacuzzi before spending the last of the afternoon primping and getting dressed to go out.

Fred picked her up at the appointed time and asked "Where to?" She asked him if he had any recommendations or favorite restaurants she could go to for dinner. Fred told her there were many good places and he would have to know what she liked before he could help. She said she wasn't sure what she wanted but that she had to be at the show by 9. "Which show is that?" Fred asked. She showed him her ticket to the off Broadway show. Fred had heard it was a good show but a little controversial because of the nudity and sex in some of the scenes.

Fred found her a nice Italian restaurant not far from the theater. She finally convinced him to join her for dinner even if it was against the rules for the driver to leave the limo parked and empty. They had a great time. She found out that at 42, he was trying to upgrade his pilot's license so he could fly bigger planes. She told him about her two beautiful kids and asked if he had any. Fred said yes but both of his sons were gone, one to college and the other lived in southern New Mexico. He told her that his wife had left back when the boys were still in high school. The empty house was one of the reasons he drove a limo, being on call 24 hours a day on weekends. They talked and laughed finding out much about each other's lives. They even exchanged addresses and phone numbers. Karen told Fred that if he ever flew into Arizona to call her and maybe they could have lunch. Fred laughed and said, "When I get hired on to the commercial lines I will try and fly there first. Lunch will be on me though, you just have to promise that you will call and request me for your driver when you come back to New York."

The time passed rapidly and suddenly it was time for them to leave for the show. Karen wished that Fred could go to the show with her but knew that he couldn't. She told him she would tell him all about the play when it was over.

Fred and the limo were waiting in front of the theater when the show let out. He asked her if she had enjoyed the show. She told him that while it had been a good show, it had been a bit strange. The plot centered on a man leading a normal life, who has terrible things happen to him, leaving him alone and destitute. He winds up having to make money by selling his body and finally finds true happiness with another man. Karen blushed, "I was amazed by the sex scenes. Lots of nude bodies and gay sex displayed right in front on stage." Fred laughing said that it takes all kinds. Karen agreed, "But I'm not sure I want to watch it all on stage." They both laughed.

When she got out at the hotel she gave him a $100 and a kiss on the cheek. "Your husband is a very lucky man," Fred said as they walked into the hotel. She left Fred at the front desk, where the limo charges were being added to the room.



This story contains 14 chapters. Jump to any of the chapters from here:

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