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The Triad
by Don

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

When better than a half block from our house Rene was reaching for the garage door opener. She was acting more like a woman who had to pee real bad than extremely horny. We pulled into the garage and before the overhead had closed she had me out of my pants and was beginning to kiss and stroke it to fullness. Once hard, she was teasing me with kisses to the shaft. I reached for the lever beside the seat and slowly let the seat back recline as I moaned my approval.

I could feel an urgency to Renes oral but did not want to come this way, I wanted to feel her next to me. "What do you say we take this upstairs?" She seemed oblivious to my question and continued to suck and stroke me. "I'm about to come,' I told her.

"Your choice Baby, here or upstairs, all I know is I want your orgasm."

"Umm, nice, Let's go upstairs because I want you're orgasm too."

We both scrambled out of the car and stopped at the door leading to the house, kissing and touching passionately before heading upstairs. Leaving a trail of clothes along the steps we reached the bedroom and fell in an embrace onto the large bed. Rene reached down and squeezed me hard as I turned my attention to her breasts, teasing and licking her erect nipples. I began to make my way down her abdomen when she let go.

"Where you going Baby?"

"It's your turn, I'm going to steal an orgasm."

"How about I just give it to you," as she pushed lightly on the top of my head until my view was filled with her, full of hair and thick with her juices. She smelled wonderful and I took a deep breath of her. I just looked at her swollen lips before licking the outer most edge with the very tip of my tongue. Up and down, my tongue made it's way teasing her clitoral hood with each pass. She indicated her eagerness by quietly sighing and raising her hips, wanting stronger contact.

Using my fingers I gently separated her lips. Starting at the bottom, in the tiny space between vagina and anus I traced small circles, ascending until I reached her entrance where I paused to dart and swirl. She reached down and pulled my head in closer. From there with her clit now mostly exposed, I flattened my tongue and drew it up and completely across her clit. She shuddered and nearly cried out. I now took to her clit, proceeding to get her off.

Her clit was indeed swollen. I circled it clock and counter-clock wise several times as my hands began to slide up her torso to her breasts. As my technique turned to light but fast flicking, my fingers found and teased her hard nipples. She arched her hips closer when I took her clit into my mouth and began to suck it, my tongue flicks getting stronger and fingers now pulling on her nipples. Suddenly her knees came up and her thighs tightened as several waves of orgasm overtook her. I tightened my lips on her clit and worked my tongue stronger, coaxing every deserved impact of her orgasm. Her laughter signaled it's ending.

She pulled my head up and motioned me forward wanting me to enter her. I snaked upward in the same manner as I went down poised at her entrance. I lowered my outstretched arms and began to kiss her. She responded by inviting my tongue to join hers as simultaneously I easily entered her. She used her well toned muscles to caress me with squeezes then raised her hips as her hands grabbed my ass, pulling me deep into her. Our kiss became increasingly passionate as our hips began to sort of slow dance.

I knew that our built up passion would render me helpless in delaying my orgasm. Her squeezing muscles had me on the fire's edge and she knew it. Rolling me off of her, she swiftly took the top and finished me, rocking me into orgasm. Sensing I was drained she slid off and down, letting my semi-hard cock trace a damp path along her torso, between her breasts to her open mouth when she made certain she had drained me thoroughly. Looking up she smiled, then suggested we shower before going to get the kids. A wonderful idea.

We soaped each other and washed each others hair in silence. Rene finally broke the silence with a question.

"Would you like to make love to Kabbie?"

We had talked about a threesome before. We were only talking though and I suggested, at that time, that it would be a real turn on for me to have a threesome that included another woman. I didn't think it would ever pass the talking stage but I had to admit that Kabbie would be an excellent choice for the third.

"I would enjoy that, but only if you were equally involved."

"That's what I meant. The threesome we talked about some time ago. Do you think she would, I do."

"She might, who knows, she seems to be an open spirit and has made no attempts to suppress it", I added. "Who would ask her though?"

"Oh, I would. We talked pretty openly about your erection in the kitchen so I know she's comfortable with me about sex talk."

"I suspected you two were talking about me," I said.

"All good baby, all good. She said you had a gorgeous cock."

We left the warm water of the shower and without further discussion headed out to Grandma's to retrieve our children. I believe a silent agreement had been reached.

Nothing more was said about the threesome for the remainder of the week. Saturday morning arrived and we took the kids and Grandma out to breakfast. Later Grandma took the kids for an extended spoiling trip to Kids R Us leaving Rene and I to ourselves. We had no particular plans to follow and in anticipation of the evenings posing session went back home and took a lengthy nap. We awoke around 3 and went to a restaurant near Kabbie's loft for a late lunch then to an early afternoon movie. During the movie I asked Rene if she was going to approach Kabbie about the threesome.

"Yea, I thought I would wait until you found an excuse to leave the room, then I would bring it up."

"Sounds good, I'll be sure and have to pee. How do you plan to approach it?"

"I thought I'd let her know we had talked about a threesome recently and let it develop from there. Chances are she'll extend the invitation once she's aware of our interest."

The movie was a French sub-titled one having to do with three university students. To be honest, I don't think either of us had our thoughts on the plot. We finally left the theater about a half hour prior to our appointment with Kabbie and decided to browse the bookstore again.

We began to climb the staircase and again Kabbie beat our knock by opening the loft door, only this time she was fully and beautifully naked. She was also very wet, dripping from head to toe.

"Hey, your all wet", I exclaimed.

"I just got out of the shower. I never dry off, you know, it's best for your skin to air dry."

"Really," Rene questioned. "I have to try that."

"Can I watch you dry?" I asked.

"So, how long can you guys stay tonight?" Kabbie asked. "I really feel good and could work all night."

"Well, the kids are with Grandma for the weekend and we took a great nap today so we're probably good for the night," Rene volunteered. What a great opportunity for us. If Kabbie was up for an all-nighter, then this would be a perfect night for more than posing.

"Good deal, why don't you guys get naked and I'll get things ready." Kabbie waltzed away, her gorgeous ass teasing me to follow. I noticed Rene was getting undressed and watching Kabbie walk away also. I began to undress, eager to begin and wondering at what opportunity Rene might broach the subject with Kabbie. I was excited and knew Rene was just as hungry to experience a threesome. But what if Kabbie declined and was offended? Somehow I didn't think she would be, at least I hoped not.

Hand in hand we made our way to the platform and put ourselves right into position. Kabbie remarked that we both looked great tonight, she was obviously in a great mood. I couldn't help but notice more had been done on the project than was completed last time. Details were beginning to show in torso's and butts, Renes figure was nearly complete. I wanted to look closer to see if I had a hard-on in my figure. Kabbie went right to work with bare hands and sculpting tools. I loved watching her work and her being nude made it all that much nicer. Her skin was vibrant and her musculature resembled a sculpture come to life. Most outstanding tonight was the long cone between her thighs. I imagined a scoop of freshness and a scoop of clean, both with a hint of vanilla bean sitting on top of that cone. We had sat for about 45 minutes when Kabbie suggested a break. Wiping her hands clean she asked "Since you guys have the night, how about we work late and you just stay over tonight? I have plenty of room and we can have breakfast. A final session after breakfast and we should be able to wrap up the sitting."

Rene and I look at each other in surprise and Rene answered "That sound like a great idea. My mom has the kids through tomorrow evening." "I'm game," I said.

"Tell ya' what, you guys take the bed, I'll sleep on the couch."

"I think we'd rather you take the bed with us Kabbie," Rene confessed.

"Really?" Kabbie was silent for a moment, then continued, "I fantasized a lot about you two but wasn't sure if you would be into threesomes."

"It's something we've never done but have talked about experimenting with. I was going to ask you tonight." Rene walked over and began to hug her. Kabbie responded and soon their embrace involved a passionate kiss. The sight of these two wonderful women in this passionate togetherness was beyond my fascination. Their breasts melding and molding into each others, their lips reaching and tongues tasting was tender. Rene moved her hand down the center of Kabbie's side, touching each rib with fingertips until it reached her hip. She pulled her closer and met Kabbie's pelvis with her own. Rene began to move her fingers as if petting the tattooed Siamese Cat on Kabbie's ass. Kabbie's left hand followed the same journey and then simply rested fully on Renes hip, near the bottom, cupping it and lightly squeezing. I couldn't see but knew her right hand was cupping Renes left breast.

I had seemed to forget for a moment that this was my wife standing before me in passionate embrace with a woman. The scene was too priceless, almost ethereal to allow reality to upset or let the boundary of emotion enter it. Rene was a passionate woman, I had always known that and seeing her now made me understand that her passion wanted to explore newness, the inexperienced. I kind of had the feeling that I should quietly sneak away to leave them alone. I enjoyed watching ,but I wanted to leave them, for just a moment or two. My erection lead the way to the bathroom. When I returned they were sitting on the platform quietly talking, holding hands. Kabbie was explaining that she had known she was bisexual since her early teens. She had also confessed that she had never done a threesome either but her attraction to us brought about fantasies and a desire to experiment. I walked over and sat next to Kabbie.

"So, what's next guys, do we go back to work or what?"

"I'm voting for what," Rene said, followed by Kabbie's "Sounds wonderful, lets start right here."

With that Kabbie reached over and placed her hand on my thigh, slowly beginning to move it up. Rene decided she wanted to watch another woman suck her man to get things going. "Do you mind if I watch you suck him Kabbie?" she asked. Without answering Kabbie pushed on my chest until I was lying down on the platform, legs over the side. She moved around to her knees and using both hands began to stroke me to full hardness. Rene leaned back to rest her head on her arm, watching Kabbie work.

Kabbie's hands were wonderfully strong, warm and soft. She stroked my shaft and used her thumbs to caress the head. Then with one thumb pressed the head against my stomach, lowered her head and beginning at my balls licked me all the way to the bluish head. She did this up and down, on both sides and the middle. Her free hand was rubbing my chest and stomach. With delightful swiftness she stood it back up and began to kiss the head, giving gentle sucks at the opening as pre-cum began to form. Rene began to stroke my hair, quietly watching Kabbie's technique. Kabbie then began to take the head into her mouth just to the outer most rim, teasing with her tongue before slowly drawing it back out. Rene leaned her head down and began to kiss me on the lips. Slowly, but with some force Kabbie began drawing more and more of me into her mouth. With Renes tongue and Kabbie's wonderful technique I was afraid of coming, but I wanted to enjoy both women so asked Kabbie to trade with Rene. I motioned her up to me, indicating I wanted to taste her. As Kabbie raised up to her knees she inched upwards to my face. Rene moved down to my cock and began rubbing Kabbie's saliva around it' head. Kabbie, in all her shaven glory was now over my mouth and I had to take time to look before she lowered herself.

I was right, fresh and clean with a hint of vanilla bean. I had never been this close to a shaved pussy before. It was beautiful, slightly darker around the lips than it's outer edges. She was not wet to the point of thickness but nicely coated and shiny. I reached up and parted her lips to expose a light pink fieriness inside. Her clitoral hood strained against a wanting clit. My hand moved out and back around to her ass and I snugly motioned her to approach my mouth so I could explore her. Rene by this time was nearly gobbling me. My attention to Kabbie, and Renes attention to me was unbelievable. I had always had a fantasy of eating pussy while getting a blow job.

My tongue began to reach out to Kabbie's glistening wetness. I ran it along her outer edges, close to the thighs and with each pass brought it closer until I was using my tongue to open her lips. Reaching her clit, she lowered herself closer, giving me full control of her.

Renes experience with my cock told her that much more oral and I would come. She eased off, giving it a rest to let the fire cool down. I could tell she was watching my tongue caress Kabbie's clit. After a few moments of watching she got up and straddled me, at first just rubbing herself along the length of my shaft.

Kabbie was close to coming. She reached behind her and took my hands and guided them to her breasts. Her nipples were hard and she pressed my palms onto them, guiding my hands in circles. I was flicking and circling her clit and I noticed her moisture had increased, smearing my beard and mouth.

Rene stopped stroking me with her lips and reached down to insert me into her. Once at her teasing entrance she sat back, engulfing my cock and began to ride and squeeze me. Eating pussy and being fucked is the ultimate sensation. My tongue increased speed and pressure on Kabbie's clit as I drew it into my mouth, beginning to lightly suck it. Rene kept her thrusts even and squeezed less. She knew I was about to come and clearly did not want me to, not yet anyway. Kabbie's head was thrown back and her pussy was literally smashed against my mouth. I began to suck and flick her clit to match her fierceness and with wild hands she grabbed my head and began to climax hard, her thighs and stomach quivering with each wave. She cried out and Rene stopped to watch the event overtaking Kabbie. Her orgasm lasted longer that I thought possible, it must have been a long time since she had one. As it began to subside she released my head and slumped forward onto her arms. She said "Wow, what a tongue. That's the wildest orgasm I've ever had. Whew." Her eyes were red and I could see tears.

"Did I hurt you?" I asked. "No, no, it's just that the orgasm was powerful and it had been so long since I'd been eaten. I want you in me now."

She looked behind her and saw Rene smiling at her. "Could I talk you into a trade Rene?" "I've been saving him for you," Rene replied. With that, Rene gave me a final squeeze then rode me out slowly. Kabbie composed herself then got up as Rene began to slide up to take Kabbie's place.

"Take him slow and easy and he'll last awhile longer," Rene advised Kabbie. Kabbie took a reverse position on my cock, giving me a wonderful view of her great ass. Rene had moved up and turned around to watch Kabbie take me in. I reached up to my wife's equally magnificent ass and pulled her down to my rested eager tongue. Kabbie reached under and began to place my cock to her swollen, pouting lips, then lowered herself all the way down. Once she had all of me there was to take, she simply sat there and moaned. Rene joined her in chorus as soon as my tongue found her clit.

Kabbie was well toned and tight. Her pussy gripped equally as well as Renes. She heeded Renes advise and began to plunge slowly, almost calculatedly . As she did Rene lowered herself in closer. Rene, in not wanting me to come too quickly had denied herself orgasm and was clearly eager for her first. I knew just how to trigger her release by sucking her clit into my mouth and running the flat of my tongue back and forth while I grabbed her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, twisting gently and pulling at the same time. As her orgasm approached, Kabbie began to quicken her pace. I pulled back on Kabbie's hips to increase contact with her clit. My hopes were that the three of us would come at the same time but this wasn't going to happen as Rene released an overpowering orgasm. Moments later Kabbie began to reach her second and just before hers, I unloaded deep into Kabbie. As the last of my cum shot out she wrapped me tightly inside of her, clutching me tightly. Her orgasm was finished but she held me in her, letting me soften. A few slippery minutes later I fell free. She got up and laid down, followed by Rene. We were three spent and very satisfied lovers, quiet in the wake of our first threesome.

A mutual decision was made to move this threesome to bed. We were not really tired though and did not go to sleep. I lay in the middle and both girls were trying to harden me up again but as is my usual custom, I rarely achieve a successive erection, and if I do I almost never come twice in the same night. I must say though that Kabbie and Renes hands on me, stroking me together felt wonderful.

"Would you like to watch me eat your wife?" asked Kabbie. "After all, she saved you for me and deserves a second orgasm."

"I would love that, if Rene is not too sensitive and wants a second."

"I'm always up for two and no, my clit is fine now. I've never been eaten by a woman and would love to have Kabbie be the first." Rene eagerly responded. "Have you ever touched or eaten a woman?" Kabbie asked Rene.

"No, I have touched one but never performed oral on a woman." Rene replied.

"Then how about we excite your husband by sixty-nining?"

"Great idea Kabbie. That way I can experience both eating and being eaten, woman to woman, for the first time at the same time." Rene was ready.

Both of them raised to their knees as I rolled under Rene to give more room. They began with embracing and kissing each other. Kabbie then began to fondle and kiss Renes breasts as Renes hands moved to Kabbie's ass, clutching and stroking it with care. Rene rolled Kabbie onto her back and moved her head down to her breasts to return the fondling and sucking of nipples. Rene then turned sideways and kissed Kabbie all the way down to her pussy. Kabbie reached out to Renes thigh and guided it over her head. The were in position to give me a very erotic and tender display of oral sex, woman style.

There must be something instinctive about women when it comes to oral sex. Rene, being the inexperienced one, to my surprise, looked like an expert who had a lifetime of experience. Her gentle hands handled Kabbie with care, caressing and stroking her inner thighs and outer portion of her pussy. As Renes hands explored, her kisses landed softly about the tops of Kabbie's thighs and around the small triangle of pubic hair. As this was taking place, Kabbie closed her eyes as her hands cupped and explored Renes ass. She ran her hands all about each hip and ran two fingers down the middle, at one point circling the perimeter of her anus. Pulling Rene down a little closer, Kabbie began to run her tongue tip along the triangle formed by Renes thighs where they met the outermost region of her pussy, down to between anus and pussy and along the top. Neither woman seemed to be in any hurry to bring orgasm along. They were patient and caring, exploring and tasting each other.

After several minutes of this Rene began to kiss Kabbie's shaved outer lips. Using her hands on the inside of Kabbie's thighs, Rene pushed her legs wide open, giving her better access. Renes finger tips ran up and down Kabbie's inner thighs while as she administered well placed kisses. Kabbie was purring and cooing from Renes tickling fingers and tasting lips. Kabbie then brought her two index fingers to Renes lips and separated them. She placed one finger at Renes slippery entrance and circled it several times before inserting the finger into her. Kabbie's finger began to plunge in and out, evenly paced. Her other hand reached under and began to caress Renes dangling breasts.

Renes stomach and hips were beginning to shake in response to Kabbie's fingers. She now opened Kabbie expertly with two fingers of one hand and began to kiss the inner portions of Kabbie. Neither woman had begun to make contact with the others clitoris. I could swear both were on the very edge of orgasm but their ministrations continued patiently and carefully.


This is a 4 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by Don.

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