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The Trip
by Fallen

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**** CHAPTER 4 ***

Karen found the note on the bed when she got back to her room. It was from Paul and said that he and several people from the conference were down at the lounge and she should join them when she got in. Karen called down and had Paul paged. She told him that she would prefer it if he came up and they spent the time alone in bed. Paul said that he was in the middle of a big dart game and that as soon as it was finished he would come on up.

She decided to get ready for bed and looked through her things for something sexy. She found the little baby blue teddy she knew Paul liked seeing her in. Stripping, she put on some perfume and the little teddy. It tied in the front and just came down past her waist, feeling daring, she left off the bottom that went with it. She checked the mini bar before she got in bed and grabbed a bottle of white wine. Opening the bottle she poured a glass and turned on the television. Karen kept thinking of the show she had seen and the main character. He had the biggest dick she had ever seen except in porno movies. The television listings showed a porno channel so she clicked over to it. She finished the first bottle and got another, making the toast "Here's to another romantic night in New York." She was getting turned on watching the movie and wished Paul would show up. She started to finger herself as she imagined having that huge dick from the show in her now. She stopped and got up to go pee. The two bottles of wine had made her real tipsy but she grabbed another one while she was up.

She crawled back into the bed and turned up the sound on the television. A well endowed red-haired biker was pounding the meat to his girlfriend while she was giving another leather-jacketed stud a blow job. Karen's hand found its way to her damp mound. Her fingers burrowed into the wet curls as she tried to get relief from the longing she felt. She found no relief from the need to be filled by a large hard dick from just her fingers. Karen reached for her wine but grabbed an empty bottle instead. The bottle with its long sloping neck looked like it had been made for just such an occasion. She watched the biker slide his huge pole in and out of the shaved cunt. The scene and sounds had Karen so hot and wet that she was willing to try any substitute for her man. She raised up on her knees and placed the bottle under her, it's neck just parting her dripping lips. Karen slowly lowered herself on the bottle as she imagined being filled with the dick she was watching on the screen. She squeezed one breast, moaning as she closed her eyes.

"Baby that feels so good, I'm going to cum any minute."

Karen felt like the biker was talking to her and humped the bottle, like it was a piece of stiff man flesh. Her eyes still closed her fingers beat a rapid tattoo on the stiff clit that peeked out with each downward stroke. Karen's face flushed and she bit her lower lip as she tried to keep from making too much noise. The biker yelled "I'm cumming," and Karen opened her eyes to watch, as he pumped hot cum all over the rear of his girlfriend. She reached her climax as he reached his. Temporally sated she gave her nipple a last loving twirl and raised up off the bottle. She placed it by the bed and stretched out on top of the covers, gently playing with her sensitive nipples. Karen tried to finish the third bottle of wine but fell asleep with the television on.

Paul and his friends finally finished up a couple of hours after he had talked to Karen. It seemed that it took several rounds of drinks and several games of darts to come up with a winner. Paul and three of the guys from the lounge rode up the elevator together since they were all staying on the same floor. Paul got ribbed about all the trouble he was going to be in when he got to his room. He assured them that he had it all under control, "Why don't you guys just come in and have a beer? You'll see who wears the pants in my family." They all laughed and said sure, they would love to have another beer and see him get yelled at.

Paul unlocked the door and heard the TV, "Honey we have visitors." He swung the door open and the guys went in first. Paul followed and found the guys standing there staring at Karen asleep on the bed with her legs parted. "Oh shit, you guys get out," Paul said and shut the door to the bedroom. They protested and wanted the promised beers. Paul grabbed three beers from the fridge in the bar and tried to shove the fellows out the door. They all laughed and sat down around a small table. Tim took out a deck of cards and soon all four of them were playing poker and drinking. Paul and two of the guys decided to rent a stretch limo together on Saturday night to go out clubbing in. The guys teased Paul about how unfair it was that he had a beautiful half-naked woman in the next room. He laughed and bragged that they hadn't even seen her best features yet. By the third round of beer, they needed to pee but the bathroom was in the bedroom with Karen. Paul asked them to wait till he could cover her up.

The TV was on in the bedroom and it showed a beautiful woman tied spread-eagle to a bed. She was blindfolded and people were standing around the bed. Paul turned off the television and tried to move Karen off the covers. She was sleeping very soundly and only mumbled as he shifted her around. He remembered his bragging and came to a sudden decision. The bed faced the sitting room but with the bathroom door open it blocked the view. Karen was lying with her legs open and one of her arms over her eyes. Paul carefully untied the top of Karen's teddy and exposed as much as possible of his wife's tits. He turned off the lights but left the bathroom light on. The light from the open door to the bathroom fell right on Karen as she lay passed out on the bed. Paul came back and told the guys that they could go and piss now but that it was time to call it a night. They each came out with a big smile. Saying goodbye they went to their rooms but first they had to kid Paul about who didn't wear the pants in his family. "You guys better not say anything or she will kill me," Paul said as he closed the door.

Paul thanked his lucky stars that Karen had slept through it all as he grabbed another beer from the fridge. Looking at his wife spread out for the world to see and thinking about the guys was really getting Paul hard. He rubbed his dick through his pants, as he wondered, what it would be have been like if the guys had stayed and fucked his pretty wife. He took his clothes off and started to beat his meat. Paul put down his beer and climbed on top of Karen. He spread her legs even more and guided his stiff shaft to her sweet little hole. Karen started to wake as he forced his dick into her dry hole. "Oh, oh, you are hurting me," Karen said as she tried to move and ease the pain.

"This big dick of mine is just too much for you. It will get better soon." Paul said. He pumped till her juices flowed and then pulled out to rub her puckered little asshole with the slimy head of his dick. He spit in his hand and used it for lubrication before pressing into her tight rear. Paul lifted Karen's legs upon his shoulders and pumped his hips. The slick shaft entered into the hot tunnel and went deeper with each stroke. Karen endured the attack on her rear but finally suggested that she get on top, another one of his favorite positions.

Karen's hand gripped Paul's shaft as she knelt above him. She maneuvered the stiff pole between the swollen lips of her pussy, eager to have it fill her. Karen's hand slid up to her damp forest seeking the clit hidden within the blond curls. She rode the pole under her as she teased the clit between her fingers. Paul reached up and fondled the bouncing tits. He played with her nipples till they turned to rocks perched on puffy pink areolas. Karen's moans increased as she neared an orgasm. Paul knew that he could not last much longer. He had her lift up while he guided his dick back to her tight brown eye. Karen slowly let herself back down as his slick pole entered the small opening. Paul pressed his pole into the hot tight tunnel. He made several small strokes before he got it all buried inside her ass. The feeling of being buried to the hilt was too much for Paul and he shot his load deep within her bowels. Karen felt the hot cum spurting inside her and it sent her over the edge. She slowed her fluttering fingers and applied a firm pressure to her twitching clit.

They waited till his shrunken dick slid from her ass. Karen then stretched out beside Paul to cuddle and kiss. She was glad that they were finally doing some of what they had planned to do on the trip. Karen hoped that tomorrow would be even better, with that sexy little black dress and Paul in a good mood. Sex two days in a row already! Yes this might be a trip to remember.



This story contains 14 chapters. Jump to any of the chapters from here:

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