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The Trip
by Fallen

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*** CHAPTER 5 ***

Paul woke Karen up as he was dressing to leave. He told her how much it turned him on to see her lying there with no panties on. Last night, he was just so horny from finding her asleep with only a top on that he had to jump her as soon as he got in the room. Karen told him it was all right and that it was about time that they had a little wild sex in their life. Paul had to leave and told her to be ready for the banquet. It was to start at 4 with cocktails.

Karen dressed and went down to have breakfast with Paul. The appointment for having her hair done was at 10 am. They had a quick breakfast and Karen went back up to the room, to bathe and lay out her outfits for today. Paul's last meeting is at 2 and then he will come up and change for the banquet. Karen took a long hot bath and while thinking about shaving her legs, she called the Paris Boutique. She found that they did waxing, pedicures and sculpting. Unsure what sculpting was she just said, "Give me the works," and asked to have it done with the appointment for her hair styling. After her bath, she dressed and wandered down to the Boutique.

Signing in, they told her to go to the back for her manicure and pedicure. About an hour later she went to another room where they do the waxing. While they were waxing her legs, she was given a notebook with pictures of different sculptings that they have done. "Oh my," she thought as she flipped though, they are talking about shaving me down there! The more she looked the better the idea seemed, if seeing her naked before had turned on Paul then imagine how much more if she had it shaved and trimmed. She finally picked a heart shaped design but wasn't sure about having someone else shave her down there. She asked to meet the person who would do it. Soon this sweet extremely gay guy came out and after talking to him, she felt that all would be fine. He told her that he had been doing this for years and that he made most of his money sculpting designs for ladies or just bikini trims. He told her that what he really liked was shaving the guys and that he would do that for free if the boutique let him.

She suffered through the waxing and moved to another room with mirrors all over, even on the ceiling, with a reclining barber's chair in the middle. In the corner was a vanity with a swivel stool and some hangers for clothes. John or Joan as he preferred to be called, had her remove everything from the waist down and sit in the chair with her legs apart. She was then asked to lean back and Joan sat on a little stool between her legs. He raised the chair till he could work easily and said, "Dear if you want to, you can watch what I'm doing in the mirrors." He then worked with scissors, trimming away till the outline of a heart appeared with the point starting just above her pussy lips.

Try as she might to ignore it she was getting aroused from all the attention down there. Joan seemed not to notice as he lathered her up and started to shave away the bush she had had since she was a teenager. He had to ask her to please try and hold still while he shaved around her lips. She told him she was sorry but that it was hard to hold still while he worked on such a sensitive area. Joan assured her it was a common problem and that many of his customers required some time by themselves to relax before dressing. "We even keep a few items to help them relax in the drawer by the dressing area. Soon she had no hair from her ass to her bellybutton except for a prefect little heart. Joan wiped her dry and stood up admiring his work. "A master piece," he said "Do you mind if I take a picture for my records?" Karen decided it would be fine as long as it didn't show her face. Joan or John left after taking the picture and told her to take as much time as she needed getting dressed that no one would disturb her.

Karen stood up and noticed that the shave had everything feeling much different. She walked over to the vanity to dress but stopped to admire how her new little blond heart looked. She reached down and fluffed the little heart with her fingers. She reached a little lower gently running her hand over the new bare area. She was already aroused and the feel of her fingers rubbing across her now super sensitive pussy almost made her come. "Wow," she thought, "maybe I do need to relax for just a little bit before I sit through having my hair done." The feel of walking and air on her bald cunt was about to drive her crazy. She went and locked the door to the sculpting area.

She stood for a moment just enjoying the feel of her own touch on her bare cunt lips. Her hand massaged the silky smooth lips while a finger dipped between the damping lips to caress the button hidden there. She moaned and looked for a place to sit down before she brought herself to a climax. The fuzzy pink stool at the vanity looked inviting and she was supposed to be getting dressed. She sat down and resumed playing with her clit feeling the heat build inside of her. She frigged herself with the middle finger of her left hand. She reached out with her other hand to steady herself, holding onto a drawer handle as she reached her first orgasm. When it passed, she noticed that the drawer had come open a little bit and it was the drawer Joan had mentioned. Karen was curious about just what items they had to help the customers relax and pulled the drawer out till she could see what was in it. Her pussy tightened around the two fingers she had in it, when she saw all the vibrators and dildos.

Karen almost shut the drawer but she just had to look. She had only seen this kind of stuff once or twice before and it really aroused her curiosity. She was aching to be filled and her hands seemed to have a mind of their own as they picked up several of the items in the drawer. She finally settled on a 7-inch vibrator and opened a fresh rubber to place over it. She turned the vibe on low and rubbed her clit till it became so sensitive that she moved the vibrator down sliding it between her glistening pussy lips. She slowly slipped it into her cunt with little circular motions. She could feel the building orgasm and decided it would feel even better if she turned up the vibe a little. The vibrator seemed to jump out of her hand when she turned the dial. It buzzed madly, and surprised, she let it slip out of her. The buzzing tip found her clit and started her cumming. Karen plunged it back in her tight hole pumping wildly. She pressed the vibrator in with both hands till she touched her clit. Her fingers became almost a blur as she tapped her love button and the end of the vibe. When she reached the climax of the orgasm she pressed hard against her clit, her fingers sinking deep into her dripping snatch. Her knees touched as she held the buzzing intruder deep inside her. The orgasm slowly faded and she withdrew the silver vibrator and turned it off. Karen threw away the rubber and replaced the vibe in the drawer.

She looked at the time and hurriedly dressed, already late for the next appointment. Her appointment was running past lunch and it was already 1pm, so while she was getting her hair done they served sandwiches and fruit with your choice of juices.

Karen got a little miffed when she was through with her appointment as they wouldn't charge everything to her room and she had to put it on one of her cards. Their explanation was that the Boutique, while in the hotel was not run as part of the hotel, also they said some of their charges had been refused by companies who were paying for rooms for employees.

Karen found that it was hard to walk back to her room without getting very aroused the sensations from her fresh shaved areas demanded her attention. She was sure everyone could tell, as it seemed they were all looking at her. The door to her room was a welcome sight as she got off the elevator and walked down the hall. One of the other guests winked as he walked by and said "Nice seeing you again." She couldn't remember meeting him before but she had seen a lot of people here in the hotel. Karen was relieved to get back to the privacy of her own room. She still had to get ready for the banquet tonight and if her panties had rubbed over her clit one more time she would have had an orgasm in the hall. Right now she needed to get out of these clothes and start putting on her makeup. Well maybe the makeup could wait just a little longer till she gave her clit the attention it was demanding.



This story contains 14 chapters. Jump to any of the chapters from here:

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