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The Trip
by Fallen

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*** CHAPTER 6 ***

Karen was glad that she had gotten a chance to relieve some of the sexual tension and was hoping that she could make it through tonight. It was late enough that she had to start dressing for the banquet. Her new white bra with the front closure had half cups that let her nipples peek over. Taking it back off she found there was a little fringe of lace folded down at the top of the half cups. Putting the bra on with the lace unfolded, it just covered her nipples. "Thank goodness," she thought, "You can see down the front of this new dress if I bend over." She put on her robe and started to put on her makeup. She didn't think she could wear the white lace panties even if Paul had liked them on her, not now. Paul showed up running late and urging her to hurry. She decided if he was in that big a rush she would just wait to show him what she had done. They managed to be ready in plenty of time even with Paul stopping every ten minutes to tell her they were going to be late.

They made an outstanding couple with Paul dressed in a black suit with a black bow tie. Karen was in the white satin dress; white 5-inch heels, a small white purse, a thin gold belt, and a gold chain with a small diamond inlaid heart nestled in the valley between her breasts. When she walked, a long expanse of shapely leg was revealed and if she leaned over a little you could see the tops of her pink areolas above the lace on her bra.

The cocktails were fun, Paul and Karen both enjoyed all the attention they were getting. Karen told Paul that she had thought more of the men would bring their wives. There were very few women attending the conference although some of the older executives had brought their wives. The majority of those attending were men and most of them wanted to stand around and talk to Paul and Karen it seemed. They never had to wait for a drink and both had several before the meal. Karen had couple of glasses of wine with her meal and Paul had several so they were feeling quite sociable by the end of the banquet. Paul made the rounds, exchanged cards, and promised to call or get together with many of the people in the banquet hall. He and Karen finally left and went up to their room.

They were talking about the trip and how much each had enjoyed it so far. It was a shame that they hadn't had more time together but they had known that Paul would be busy till the end of the conference. Karen had gone into the bathroom to change, as Paul had not seen the new black dress and she had her new look to show him. Karen told him how she had really enjoyed going to the show last night. The banquet had been nice and with all the fuss made over her tonight it had felt like she was a teenager again. Paul had made many new contacts and was sure he had learned things that would help him advance in the company. Some of the guys he had met he already felt like were friends and this reminded him of last night. Paul told Karen that one of the things he had liked best was coming in last night with her laying on the bed waiting with no underwear on. He felt it best to leave out the part about his new friends seeing her too. Paul was ready to go before Karen was and told her that he needed go check on the limo.

Paul left and went to the lobby where two of the men from last night were waiting. They all talked about which clubs to go to first and how much fun it was going to be to go party on the town. They had rented a stretch limo so they could all sit in the back. It would have a bar in it so they could party on the way. Paul told them again not to say any thing about coming to his room last night. They promised but said they loved seeing Karen laid out like that. If she hadn't been married to Paul they swore they would have just locked the door and jumped her. "You guys better behave if you want me to bring her with us," Paul told them. "Well if she is going she better get here quick. The limo is due anytime now," said Joe. Paul left and went back to the room.

Paul opened the door to their room and yelled, " If you are going with me, you better hurry." Karen was ready but was trying to decide how she was going to wear these panties all night. She had only had them on for 15 minutes and they were driving her up the wall. She wished that she hadn't had it shaved down there, but it was too late now. "Paul, did you really like it last night when you saw me without panties?" "Honey it was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen, You can surprise me like that anytime." Paul told her thinking about coming in and finding her naked on the bed. Karen decided, what the hell, we are across the country from anyone we know and pulled off her black lace panties. She had to give her pussy a quick rub as it was really sensitive and needed some attention.

She told him she really liked spending time together and then said, "I have a surprise to show you." She walked out and Paul whistled. He loved the way she looked in that black dress. "You look like a goddess fallen from heaven" he said as she spun around. She did look great, her long blonde hair falling in waves down her back. The black dress accented her pale features and did little to conceal the swollen nipples on her large breasts. "Do you like?" she asked checking her earrings in the mirror. "I love it but the limo will be waiting," Paul said as he grabbed her and pulled her out the door.

They were alone on the way down in the elevator so Karen turned to Paul and whispered "I have one more surprise for you." Grabbing the front of her short dress she turned and faced Paul. She quickly raised the skirt so Paul could see the shaved pussy with a blond heart just above it, framed by the black garter belt and thigh high stockings. "I left off the panties just for you. Do you like it?" she asked as she lowered the skirt back down. They reached the ground floor at just that moment and Paul could only stand with his mouth open.

Joe was waiting as the door opened and hurried them out to the waiting limo. Karen surprised, told Paul that she thought they were going out by themselves. Joe interrupted with "Oh we were all going to go party and this way we could get a limo with a bar in it. Come on, Tim is waiting in the car." Karen was embarrassed as she got in the limo knowing that Tim would get a good look up her dress as she sat down. He was sitting right across from her so their seats were facing. A big grin was on his face as he looked at her outfit. When they were all in the car Joe started fixing drinks. Tim leaned forward and told Karen that it was a pleasure seeing her again and winked. Paul gave him a dirty look and put his arm around Karen. She moved a little closer to Paul and Joe handed her a drink. It was a screwdriver and it was at least a double. Karen decided she might need it to calm her nerves with the extra guys along. Joe was telling everyone to drink up, as the liquor was free with the car. The driver had the partition up and seemed to know where they were going, even if Karen didn't. The vodka soon had Karen feeling better and the guys were joking and cutting up.

They got to the first club and Karen waited till everyone else was out before she got out. They stayed till they had finished the two-drink minimum and then went back to the limo. Karen was beginning to get a little tipsy and as they drove to the next club she quit worrying about the guys peeking up her skirt. She was a little excited about the attention but was worried that Paul might get mad if he noticed what the guys were doing.

Joe had found the adjustable light for the foldout bar and was busy mixing drinks again. Joe had the light aimed low so that it lit up the spot where he was pouring drinks. When Joe handed Karen a drink, Tim nudged Joe and winked. You could see right up Karen's dress with the light at this angle and her fresh shaved cunt was almost glowing, outlined by her garter and stockings. They leaned back in the seat and Joe continued to fiddle with the bar and the light, adjusting it to the best advantage. Tim proposed a toast to New York and new friends. Both of the guys watched Karen's legs as she leaned her head back and finished off another double. Paul knew what they were looking at and it was making him stiff just thinking about it. Paul drew Karen up to him and gave her a long kiss, "I hope you are having a good time." Karen just smiled up at him, her hand in his lap with a hard cock under it. She laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. He hugged her again which made her skirt ride up even higher. Paul winked at the guys as they pretended not to stare at the beautiful sight just across from them. Paul and Karen got out first at the next club and both of the guys got quite an eyeful. Karen slid over to the door with the dress inching up till it was to the tops of her stockings and then spread her legs just as she got out.

This bar was one that had been recommended to Paul and Karen. It turned out to be one that had very dim lights and slow music. This wasn't what the guys were looking for but they were going to drink the two drinks they had paid for to get in. Karen and Paul danced a couple of dances and then Joe asked if he could have a dance. Joe wasn't a very good dancer. He started out holding her very close mashing her tits into his chest. When she pulled away making a little space between them, his hand dropped to her ass rubbing and squeezing it. Karen was glad when the song ended and Joe walked her back to the table. When they got there, Tim grabbed her arm and claimed the last dance pulling her to him as the song started. Tim was a very good dancer and Karen was enjoying the dance except for Tim's roving hands. Karen was feeling the effects of all the drinks though and didn't resist much. She could feel Tim's big hard cock as it rubbed against her while he pressed her to him with his hand on her ass. While not attracted to Tim, Karen was getting aroused. Her dress outlined her large tits with their swollen nipples as they burned holes in Tim's chest. The song ended and Tim whispered in her ear "God you are so hot. I knew you were one hot little number when I saw you last night."

She waited till they were in the limo and on their way to some jazz club before asking Tim when he had seen her last night. Paul almost choked on his drink and Joe was elbowing Tim, telling him to, "Be quiet." Karen waited looking back and forth between them. Joe started out by saying "Well last night we...." Paul told him to shut up but Karen grabbed Joe's hand and told him to go on, she wanted to hear what it was. Tim jumped in and told her " We came up to the room with Paul after darts and he invited us in." "But, but I didn't know you were lying on the bed," Paul put in. "Yeah we just got a beer and left," Joe said.

Karen turned to Paul glaring and said " God I can not believe that you let people in the room without checking or that you didn't say anything to me." The limo had pulled up to a club and after they were all out, Karen told Paul she wanted him to take her back to the hotel now! He pleaded and apologized but she resisted especially after noticing that the club was The Red Baron. Paul and the guys finally convinced her to let them go to this last club and then they could all go back. "So you like showing me off to strangers huh?" Karen asked Paul. Paul wasn't sure what to say and Karen stormed off into the crowd.

The guys weren't sure what to do and sat at the bar on the ground floor level watching for Karen and checking out all the other good looking women. Tim told Paul "You know I used to come to the Red Baron when I was in college." They could see the jazz group playing a set up on stage. Tim told them that you could see and hear the band from anywhere in the club and that the second floor had a balcony and railing all the way around it. It had been one of his favorite spots to hang out so that he could look down the girls' dresses.



This story contains 14 chapters. Jump to any of the chapters from here:

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